Ryan Reynolds Confirms ‘Deadpool’ Costume & Much More!

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deadpool x men origins Ryan Reynolds Confirms Deadpool Costume & Much More!

Two weeks ago, we reported that the Deadpool film is being designed to follow the comics closely and that Ryan Reynolds is intimately involved with the process. I’m a pretty big X-Men fan… I’m not a big of what’s happened with the latest X-Men movies however. X-Men Origins: Wolverine was disappointing and X-Men: The last Stand before it was terrible in my opinion.

One of the positives that came from the Wolverine solo flick was the introduction of Wade Wilson, played by none other than Ryan Reynolds who did a fantastic job. The character he played was mishandled in terms of the story and he wasn’t in the film long enough, but the thing it did to right, was help introduce him into the film world and open the doors for another spinoff film that would focus on the character.

Shortly after Wolverine’s successful (financially) opening, we learned that the production of the Deadpool film is being fast-tracked by Fox and that Ryan Reynolds seems to be the man in charge – somewhat of a relief after many months of worrying about how the character was to be treated.

Let’s look back at a bit of the history of the live-action adaptation of the character…

In February, the major marketing items for X-Men Origins: Wolverine were finally starting to show-up online as well as some early looks at some of the toys associated with the film. They gave us the first looks at several aspects of the film including how Wade Wilson would appear. This raised the immediate question of whether or not the filmmakers had ruined the character as they did with a few others in X-Men 3. It turns out that they kind of did, just as we expected. However, Ryan Reynolds was absolutely perfect as Wade Wilson in the few early scenes involving the character.

Unfortunately, Reynolds was busy with two other projects while Wolverine was shooting and as a result, his character wasn’t in the film much. This is why they decided to sew the character’s mouth shut after his weapon X augmentation so they wouldn’t need Reynolds to be on set for most of the shooting of the final battle and they instead could use a stunt actor with the same physical build to do the combat scenes. When asked about this in several interviews, Reynolds was clearly happy as can be about finally being able to play the character in a film and introduce him to the franchise in hopes of getting his own movie. He knew the character was different from the comics and he stated his hopes to one day make a Deadpool film translated directly from the comics and done justice on the silver screen.

In March, prior to the opening of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Reynolds was on the press tour, giving tidbits of information to the many news outlets throwing questions his way. Most of the questions focused in on the possibility of the Deadpool spinoff and asking him about how is character is portrayed in the Wolverine film. From his answers, you could tell he was apprehensive of how Deadpool was written in the film, and he continued to emphasize the point that he’s not playing Deadpool but the thing that will become him later, knowing full well that hardcore fans would not be impressed.

“I’ve had a couple of people approach me about meetings for a “Deadpool” movie but I think it’s absurd to think that way until this movie comes out. And I don’t even look at it like I play Deadpool in this movie. I really think I more or less play Wade Wilson, and I’m playing the creature that will eventually become Deadpool but in this movie it’s his newly formed version….so to speak.”

When asked about the trademark costume and mask as well as the scarring of Deadpool from the comics, Reynolds said:

“Ya, ya. Well, it’s an origin story, so again I don’t consider myself playing Deadpool. I’m the thing that will eventually become Deadpool. But ya, he’s scarred up. You’re gonna see the scars. That’s all in there.”

Again, what is he to do with these questions? He handled it all very well having to confirm that what we saw in the trailers was Deadpool, but not giving too much away. He definitely paid tribute to how the fans would feel about the character’s on-screen incarnation as he is a fan himself.

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  1. Good points,

    It’ll probably go something like that if they follow their continuity.

  2. Or his real body is in some vault somewhere and they had to clone him becuase the dumb enhancements were so tramatic it kept killing the clones until one passed thru with flying colors and made it into the wretchedly putrid film known as X-men Origins

  3. @Ken J

    lol well since you seem to know me very well from my post, i guess there’s nothing more for me to say then. :p

  4. I think we would all greatly appreciate that Anakin.

  5. LOL Daniel. Probably for the better huh?

  6. Exactly Ken exactly. I think we would all be a little better off for it. Including him.

  7. Daniel, how come you and I are the only ones to make any comment on that? I thought “we” (you know what I’m talking about) are supposed to be the “racist” ones… *rolls eyes*

  8. I can’t say for sure Ken. It’s one of the following I would guess.

    A. Some people didn’t notice they leave a comment and don’t read every other comment.

    B. Some people didn’t notice they read a couple of comments, but can’t be bothered to read a full two pages of postings.

    C. Some people choose to ignore it because they didn’t want to take the risk of starting a fight because some people are simply afraid of confrontation.

    D. Some people agreed with him, but didn’t want to say it because very few people have the balls to admit they are racist pricks.

  9. Um, D, that’s my final answer…

  10. LOL, just kidding, yah, I guess most likely most people didn’t notice it. Which is good anyway…

  11. I will say I think we all have our faults and even most of us have a minor prejudice and that we should be able to admit them. I’m not saying we are all as flat out racist as this guy, but we all have our issues. Maybe you don’t personally think it’s prejudice or racist, but maybe generally it is considered to be. Even if you won’t say your that way at least be able to admit that maybe some will consider you that and own up to it.

    HI I’m Daniel and some people might consider me to be a tad bit Sexist. I don’t find my self to be a sexist and I’ve never been accused of being overly sexist, but I’ve been told I come off a little sexist at times. That’s me I can admit it. I’m also very blunt and overly honest and tend to be a tad bit opinionated. Oh well. I believe I’m always right and have a hard time accepting the concept of opinions because what’s the point in having one if you don’t believe yours to be right. I don’t see any reason to have a thought on something if your gonna walk around thinking it could be wrong. I think opinions give people an excuses to not believe in anything anymore.

    Oh and I also rambel and go off topic… As seen above.

    Ken wanna give it a try? Maybe we can have a screenranters annon weekly session started on the site.

  12. Deadpool is a stupid idea…if they spend more than 50 mill on making this movie they will NOT make their money back, if they spend less than 50 mill the movie will have horrible cheezy effects. Honsetly, deadpool is a chracter for nerds and nobody really even knows who he is unless they are a comic fanatic. In addition, Ryan Reynolds cannot have teh lead in a action movie, he just isnt that type of actor. If this movie comes out it will tank one way or the other. DUMB DUMB DUMB idea

  13. Deadpool is not just a character for nerds. Deadpool can easily appeal to a massive audience as long as it’s marketed right.

    Quick question who here knew who the hell John Mcclain was before Die Hard? Did you still watch the movie and love the hell out of it?

    Watchmen may not of been the biggest block buster hit in the world, but it made over 100 mil in America alone. More people know who deadpool is than knew what watchmen was easily. Plus I doubt deadpool will have some of the things that turned alot of the people away from Watchmen like a big swinging blue cock.

  14. Deadpool is more recoignizable than Watchmen and Watchmen made over 100Mil in the US alone not including over seas. Deadpool has also been featured in a major motion picture already. Deadpool is also a very appealing and easy to market to the masses character. He’s funny and a bad A. Deadpool isn’t just for nerds.

  15. That’s odd sorry about the double posting guys. I made the first one like two hours before the second one, but it never popped up so two hours later I assumed it wouldn’t go through and I posted a new one. /Lame sorry about that.

  16. Deadpool will not make more than 100 million domestically…NO WAY…Hellboy and Blade are both better known characters than Deadpool and those movies didnt even make that. Watchmen, in trailers and previews looked amazon and had teh whole 300 visual look to it which is why it made all taht money…reviews of the movie actually hindered further success. Deadpool will BOMB in theaters…only way they shoudl do it is if it is if they can maintain a low budjet…take this movie’s production costs to 150million and say HELLO to disaster

  17. Actually they are only more well known now that the movies have been out. They were not actually more well known before their movies came out in fact more people knew of Deadpool. Lets also not forget that Blade and Hellboy push away a big amount of audience being a violent movie about vampires and then a movie about demons from hell the devil and his child.

  18. insanity, and it’s not even thursday!!! i’ll admit, deadpool fanatic? guilty. as long as they stick to there guns, this movie will be dead-cool(get it?)! easily better than any other marvel adaptation recently, though i liked iron man… i am curious about what they’ll do about Cable though…


    • I agree but dead pool is prety grusome so it will most likely be rated r. but if they deside to make it like x-men then there is no blood or gore then it will be pg13 owe and screw the dead pool in x-men oragins at the end.

  20. Did none of you people even read this page of information. He want a re-boot of Deadpool not a continuation of x-men and he says he will not let Fox ruin it. Also Deadpool has one of the biggest cult fan group I will see this movie because they will restart my favorite comic book character. I’m gonna be optimistic about this movie and I don’t think the money is there focus I think maybe fox wants to fix what it did to this wonderful character.

  21. I just dislike the fact that Reynolds carries the image of Green Lantern as well, who has a similar persona. I am also aware that X-Men was the first release. As an eager nerd I would love to see this filmed despite who plays him as long as the character stays true to the cunning, bad ass, skin-cancered, womanizing guy we all know as Deadpool; The theatres can have my money.

  22. Ok might be a little crazy and slightly impossible but I think Quinton Tarantino (think I misspelled it..) would be an awesome director for this! Oh and Taskmaster has to be in this, I dunno if it’s too be a villain or what, but he’s gotta be there