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Last month, Screen Rant reported that Ryan Reynolds would be spending some time working on an indie project titled, Buried. The film would star him literally buried alive in a coffin all by himself for most of the film.

The movie would certainly test Reynolds’ acting skills and would represent a something a lot different from some of the other roles we have seem him in this year.

Today, we have our first two images for the film thanks to Twitch, one behind-the-scenes with Reynolds and the director, the other of Reynolds actually in the coffin from the movie.

At the time we first heard about Buried, Reynolds described the story as a one-may show, and entire film just on him.

“‘Buried’ is the story about a guy who’s buried (laughs). It’s the only movie I’ve ever heard of with only one person in it. So it’s just me, I’m the only person in the whole movie so, I don’t know. We’ll see. It’s either going to be, you know, the greatest, most experimental cool movie ever made or god knows what”

Here’s the pics [Click to Enlarge]:

buried ryan reynolds in coffin First Look at Ryan Reynolds Buried
Ryan and his cellphone – that’s all, folks

buried ryan reynolds and director rodrigo cortes First Look at Ryan Reynolds Buried
Ryan Reynolds & Director Rodrigo Cortés

I’m a big supporter of Reynolds’ work and I love that he’s working on this project before he heads back to some massive-scale big budget fare in Green Lantern and Deadpool.

The indie film is directed by Rodrigo Cortés on screenplay written by Chris Sparling. Filming will take place entirely in Cortés’ home country of Spain and the film will be released some time next year.

What do you think of Buried and will you look for it when it releases?

Sources: Twitch

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  1. Hmm.. where have I heard of this kind of idea before… “Kill”ing a “Bill”?

  2. I wonder if they’re aware you can only survive with the limited oxygen in a coffin for a limited amount of time. Anyway, the premise of the movie sounds very interesting!

  3. Like Reynold said, “It’s either going to be, you know, the greatest, most experimental cool movie ever made or god knows what”

    I think this movie will show his talent as an actor or if he is just a guy with who can deliver only funny/smart-a$$ lines.

  4. Hm, he has a cell phone, that’s on, and is getting a signal. Can we say triangulate his position, film over in 25 minutes??? lol.

    The only movie so far that has done that correctly is 16 Blocks. Most movies do that “he must remain on the line” BS. For land-lines just having the call connect is enough to trace it, no need for any time spent connected. And cell phones are even easier, just having it powered on and receiving a signal from a tower or towers is enough, don’t even need to make a call at all… Even if it dies, I think they can get the phone’s last known location since it needs to “check in” with the towers to maintain a signal…

  5. Yeah but Ken J, don’t forget, he might be in a graveyard… if that’s so, they’ll have to look in hundreds if not thousands of graves!

  6. He’s in the middle of the desert I think

  7. This looks like one of the most boring films ever to be made. A whole movie about a guy buried and all we see is him? That might be a good short film, but a whole film?? I like Reynolds (I have since 2 Guys a Girl and Pizza Place), but this will be a pass for me.

  8. @Andy S

    Really? You don’t think that’s a great idea for a film? Now don’t get me wrong, it will be very hard to successfully keep the audience interested for a whole movie, but it’s something that’s never been done before.

    Has it been confirmed he’s the only character in the movie? Like, does the movie start with him already in the coffin, and end with him either dead from lack of O2, or somehow making it out alive?

    I’d even prefer it if he didn’t have a cell phone, because that means he has at least one person he can talk to, and therefore at least one other character in the movie.

    Of course, I was immediately reminded of Kill Bill, like, but also the 2-part episode of CSI where George Eads gets buried alive. Funny thing is they both were directed by Tarantino…

  9. Maybe he doesn’t have a signal and all he can use it for is a caculator and a light. Though it certainly looks like he is trying to call someone.

  10. Okay this is not going to be a good one for claustrophobics.

  11. LOL bloodsucking leach, imagine if Reynold’s character was one, the whole movie would be him in the fetal position shiverring, lol.

  12. No matter how good this movie might or might not be,I’m staying as far away from it as possible due to the fact that being buried alive is one of my biggest fears.

    That scene in Kill Bill Vol. 2 gave me the chills with every scoop of dirt that they threw on top of the coffin.And what made it even worse was hearing it in deafening theater surround sound!

  13. I’ve read the script and it’s seriously awesome/incredible … I think he’ll do an awesome job; it’s one of those roles that really tests an actor’s chops. I love Ryan and think he’ll really pull off Paul’s character well. Not sure I’ll be able to sit through the whole film though …

  14. I love films that are different, and I hope this one is good.

    But the most chilling cinematic scene with the theme of being buried alive I think is (and I seen Kill Bill, and The Serpent and the Rainbow(Wes Craven) from a french film called The Vanishing, later there was a American remake.

    That scene was so disturbing,(spoiler alert!) and I think because it came at the end of the film and you cared so much for this character…..has anyone scene this film? And if so do you agree with me?

    With Kill Bill you knew it was Tarantino and the film was part fantasy anyway. And with the Serpent and the Rainbow it was a horror film so it was expected but I don’t want to take away from that scene in the the Serpent because it was chilling being Buried under some Voodoo trance and everybody thinking you are dead and then coming out of it chilling. and yes the Kill Bill scene was great also.

  15. I also have a copy of the script and all I can say is…holy cow! We’re in for a ride folks. To address some of the questions without risking major spoilers: yes, he’s buried in the desert, yes he does have a limited number of hours before he could run out of air, and yes cell phone triangulation is addressed in the film.

    Of course, with that said, there are about 5,000 other conflicts (and resulting phobias) that arrise from being buried an x number of feet below ground somewhere in the desert of Iraq. All this creates an overarching feeling of dread and panic that will make for an exhausting but hopefully rewarding movie. Reynolds definitely has the chops and am looking forward to how Cortés pulls it all off. Because I felt the script was near perfect, I hope the movie stays true and sticks to one actor/one set. Can’t wait. Only hope I can stick through it, theres a good chance I’ll be claustrophobic by the end!

  16. I also read the script for this. Unbelievably good. What else has Chris Sparling written?

  17. I stay away from movies that require to be buried alive. I saw Serpent and the Rainbow not Kill Bill and the very thought of it scares the hell out of me. And I want to know how some of you all read the script??????!!! How kewl is that! I want to read scripts with you all…hee hee.. Good luck to all in this movie!!

  18. Does anyone know where can I get the script of this movie? I’m a big fan of Ryan. I searched through IMSDb but didn’t find it. Help please?

  19. holy s**t!! i’ve never read a script like that before. i’m calling it now — oscar material.

    imdb has a link to it in the comments section.

  20. i read the script…..I’ll never be able to see this movie however the script was incredible. good luck to all!!

  21. ive always wondered what its like to be buried under all that dirt and
    rock and grass when your dead and nothing but your tombstone telling
    someone who lays here.

    dont know why but im always thinking of it…since im fasinated with
    death and this looks like a great movie and love ryan reynolds and all
    the awesome people here who love him too and think this looks cool!

    dont know if I wanna be creamated or buried…my name is death come
    taste my peppermint laced breathe!