Is Ryan Gosling The Green Lantern?

Published 7 years ago by , Updated September 12th, 2013 at 9:29 pm,

So I wasn’t going to write about this because at this point it’s just rumor, but then again my boyz over at Latino Review are usually right on the money with these things months ahead of anyone else. Plus I took the time to put together that really cool image you’re staring at – so I figured “What the hell.”

It looks like Ryan Gosling may be on the fast track to play Hal Jordan in the Green Lantern movie.

Again, this is VERY far from official. Apparently he hasn’t even been made an offer yet according to El Mayimbe over at Latino Review. Right now the word is that the studio would like Gosling for the role, and that’s as far as it goes.

But if you were ol’ Ryan, what would YOU say? 😛

He’s been nominated for an Oscar and has plenty of films under his belt and based on that picture it wouldn’t take much to buff him up to superhero level physically.

Things seem to be ramping up lately for Green Lantern… seems like DC has gotten a little taste of superhero success with The Dark Knight and they want another hit.

While people usually equate Iron Man with Batman, another analogue to Iron Man was always been Green Lantern – since he doesn’t have any super-powers inherently but gets them from an external piece of technology (in GL’s case, his ring).

What do you think? Would Ryan Gosling be a good choice to play Hal Jordan/Green Lantern?

Source: Latino Review

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  1. From those pics, he looks the part.

    However, I don’t know anything at all about Green Lantern – other than he likes jewelry, heh.

  2. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I guess if they beefed him up just a bit I would be okay with it. He has the facial structure but i’m not sure if he has the chops to pull of the Hal jordan i’m looking for. Who know’s. but also, nothing’s close to official. I’d like to hear some other names. One name I’ve thoguht about is Michael C. Hall. The guy on Dexter, who plays Dexter. I think he could rock it.

  3. Doesn’t have the chops? Have you seen any of his films? Watch Lars and the Real Girl, Half Nelson and The Believer. He has “the chops” and much more.

  4. Yeah, he’s a great actor. I could see him pulling off GL, if he buffs up a bit. Michael C Hall would be good too. Here’s hoping this movie actually gets a talented director with a vision for the character, and not some hack. Thats why the Batman movies have been so good. Chris Nolan and great acting.
    Gosling+Great Director= Awesome Green Lantern movie!

  5. Actually Gosling is a perfect pick for the Hal Jordon and but Michael C Hall would be a great Captain America.

  6. COmpared to other choices I like this one

  7. He’d be a perfect Barry Allen/Flash. Don’t know about Hal tho but there are far worse choices. :)

  8. Perfect,
    Let’s get him fit tomarrow, and start shooting this sucka next week !!!

    Let’s go chop chop!!!!

  9. What are they gonna do with Green Lantern’s Costume though, it’s a bit crap is’nt it?

  10. @The Glove

    I’m sure they’ll change the costume for the movie to make it look cool for live action.


  11. Like they fouled up the Dr. Strange costume for that execrably bad CBS TV-Movie back in the ’70s?

    Or how they couldn’t decide between the Robin Costume or the Nightwing Costume for “Batman & Robin”, so they just slapped ’em both together, added nipples & codpiece and said, “The fans will never notice…”

  12. I strongly disagree with the Iron Man/Green Lantern analogy over external technology. Iron Man’s armor is realistic; it almost looks like it came out of a futuristic war movie rather than a super hero comic book. Green Lantern’s power are purely sci-fi and unrealistic, borderline “magical.” Also, while I can’t completely make this comparison since I’m not a GL reader, Tony Stark’s personality just as Tony Stark is what makes him a great character for movie adaptation. More than any other character is referred to by his non-hero persona, Iron Man is known as Tony Stark.

    Also, doesn’t Green Lantern involve aliens? G-d damn it, I hate aliens.

  13. @Oren Reich

    You make a valid point but in comic book fan circles the comparison between the two characters has been made for MANY years due to their both being ordinary men granted extraordinary powers via technology. Take away the tech and their powers go away, making the similarly vulnerable.


  14. Gosling is a good actor, there’s no question there but I don’t think he should be on the top of the list for GL. I just can’t see him in the suit, looking for more chisled facial features as well. What about the guy who played Lois Lane’s boyfriend in the last Superman movie?

  15. Wow. They better start putting him on ‘Roids NOW to get him in shape!

    With that build, he could cinch the roll of Alice in the Wonderland movie! Just put a wig on him.

    Jeez… What’s with the Metrosexuals as Superheros again. Didn’t anyone in Central Casting learn from the last Superman movie?

    I’m glad I’m with Marvel!


  16. Don’t know who the artist is (I don’t think I do, but anyway…), but it’s clear they know their way around a graphics program…and costume design, as well.

    Whomever the artist is, I want to see more stuff by them.

  17. i can’t think of his name right now but the actor how played “Angel” would be a good choise for either GL/or Captain America

  18. Josh Duhamil could do it.

  19. Maybe he`s a good actor, but definitively for the Green Lantern role I can’t see him, what about James Marsden? he plays cyclops in th eX-Men movies, but I think he could be a better GL, he has the look.

  20. Ah, doesn’t trike me as the Air FOrce pilot type. I mean, I wouldn’t be MAD if it were him.

  21. I haven’t seen enough of his work to say for sure if he has what it takes to pull off Hal. Perhaps (based on his age only) he could make a good Kyle Rayner, but Hal is an Air Force Pilot…Gosling just seems….well, young.

    I’m hoping that we don’t get some watered-down “Teen Lantern” or “Oa Hills 90210″ out of this deal. I’d hate for DC and WB to waste the opportunity to do a really dynamic film.

    Speaking of which, I’d like to officially go on record as being on my hands an knees begging to see Hugo Weaving as Sinestro.

  22. Nice pic Vic. I gotta say, tone Ryan up a bit and he’s perfect in my eyes.

  23. Yeah, that’s the most Hal like pic of him I’ve seen to date. 😀

  24. I heard a rumour that Chris Pine who is currently set to star as Captain Kirk this summer in J.J. Abrams’ new Star Trek, is in the running for GL. I think he would be great for the part too.