Russell Crowe’s Robin Hood Rides In Style

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robin hood russell crowe as robin hood Russell Crowe’s Robin Hood Rides In Style

Every few weeks, we seem to find new photos popping up from the set of Ridley Scott’s new Robin Hood adventure. The film is originally titled Robin Hood, as we found out last week from Russell Crowe in a radio interview with him revealing some details on the film and an epic action sequence he was shooting.

Keeping up with the tradition, today we have a few new photos of the prince of thieves, this time, while riding his loyal mount(s).

First up, we have Robin Hood riding his trusty white horse:

robin hood russell crowe rides white horse Russell Crowe’s Robin Hood Rides In Style
Robin Hood and his horse out for some exercise

Continue on for the other images…

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  1. Another reboot? Great creativity Hollywood.

  2. I don’t think yet another take on a legend like Robin Hood should be considered a reboot. Robin Hood has had many fine variations done in TV, book and film, with my personal favorite being the British TV series that featured music by Clannad.

    Personally, I’d be GLAD for another chance to view a version of Robin Hood or King Arthur, etcetera, since I enjoy the legends so much. But I can not stand Crowe ever since he threw a telephone at some poor guy. So I’ll probably never see his take on Robin.

  3. Actually, I think Robin Hood is disguising himself as one of the soldiers in these pictures.

  4. @Sharpe:
    If that’s a reason you can’t see Crowe, you probably can never see another movie again, Hollywood is not a “friendly and happy place on earth”
    Oh, and I’m not defending Crowe! Stars should not do things like that, but that’s not a reason for me for not going to see movies of them anymore. I even have seen Cruise in a new role, and he is a bit more crazy than Crowe! – jumping on a couch, you just don’t do that, do you -

    Anyways, I’m looking forward to this movie. But it also makes me sad, knowing it started as a really original take at the legend of Robin Hood, too bad that didn’t make it. But it still looks good!

  5. Crowe threw a temper tantrum 4 years ago. He has kept his nose clean since. Not to excuse throwing anything at anyone, he is, however, a devoted family man and hard working actor who always seems to put his entire being into his work and profession. I think it’s time to let the past die.

    He’s not an immoral drug addict like so many in Hollywood. He doesn’t push a weird religion on cast and crew, he doesn’t drop out of films on a whim leaving studios and directors hanging like Brad Pitt has done twice. Crowe is a complete professional and keeps his commitments to audiences and the industry.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing Robin Hood. And Crowe looks magnificent on his horse, coincidentally named Rusty.

  6. One day in Toronto, as i was walking the streets during my lunch hour, I passed by an entourage of guys on the sidewalk. As we passed I noticed that one of the guys was Russell Crowe!! He noticed me looking at him as we passed by. I smiled and nodded my head at him, he smiled and nodded back. He new I recognized him but respected that I gave him privacy. It was a very cool moment.

    He was in Toronto filming Cinderella Man. Great movie…Amazing actor…

  7. Throw a phone at me and you’ve just made an attempt on my life. Unless you’re a “special” person in society, you’re going away.

    Why you felt the need to argue (attack) my view of Crowe, I don’t know. But comparing Crowe’s attack to Cruise’s antic behavior is asinine. It’d be closer to truth to compare O.J. Simpson’s behavior to Crowe since both attacked somebody with deadly violence, got away with it, both are in the past and both still have idiots defending their behavior.

  8. @ Sharpe

    Throwing a phone is “deadly Violence”? I guess all baseball pitchers should go to jail for intentionally beaming batters with 100MPH pitches… but I guess you would classify them as “special” persons too.

  9. Not a disguise, more historically accurate. Robin fought in the crusades and would have been wearing mail armour under some sort of velvet tunic not green tights. Hope we get to see him slaughtering Saracens!!!!!
    This should be Amazing!!!

  10. Well, I imagine it would be easier to camoflauge himself in the woods with a green outfit (which we do see that he’s using in the first pic.)

    Still, point taken, maybe he’s just returning from the Crusades or something.

  11. While I do love Russell Crowe (as in ‘would leave my husband for him’ love), I think he is a bit too old to play Robin Hood. I think Gerard Butler (whom I would also leave my husband for), would have been a much better choice.

  12. Wow, I bet your husband must be so proud of the pedestal he put you on seeing as how you just adore him. But thanx for letting us know who was better!! LOL

  13. Russell Crowe as a…Robin Hood?! – BWA-HA-HA!!!
    Even on these pictures he looks ridiculous and unconvincing. Whatever poor Robin did to Ridley Scott, I guess. That’s the disastrous choice for the good character that I really like. Don’t know what’s worse – to cast Jack Gyleenhal as the Prince of Persia or to cast Russel Crowe as Robin Hood. I think the last one beats the first. Whatever happened to Hollywood casting decisions lately – dosen’t bode well for making the quality movies. Next we may, probably, expect Britney Spears as Ophelia in Hamlet. :(
    Bravo, Hollywood. Not.

  14. @ tempot

    “Even on these pictures he looks ridiculous and unconvincing”.

    Cause you know what Robin Hood really looks like??? LOL.

  15. @Manowar:
    - No, but I do know about Robin Hood enough to tell that he doesn’t fit any describtion from my POV. And I can certainly tell the difference between “well fed miller”-type and the guy who spent a lot of time in the woods fighting, hiding from the enemies and certainly not wearing that ridiculous costume. (How far he will get on horse in the woods, BTW?) The hairdo “inherited” from the Gladiator, the pose, the posture and many details that make me see Mr. Crowe trying to figure out what to do with the bow (that other picture I mentioned when I had the “BWA-HA-HA” reaction) – not the character named Robin Hood.
    I also know if it looks convincing when an actor holds a bow/sword in hands. Not the Mr. Crowe’s case. I guess he decided to repeat that “stunt with the violin” from Master and Commander, LOL. – Such a laugh it was but it did stop me from watching the whole movie. Well, the actor did stop me from watching that movie to tell you the truth.
    I really would be happy to see one more version of Robin Hood but from my opinion Mr. Crowe should’ve stayed out of it.
    The horse does look convincing though, LOL. ;)

  16. guys i dont give a &%$# about wat he did … all i know is hes the best actor for a looooooong time in my pov like when he plays in gladiator and 3:10 to yuma one of the best movies ive seen

  17. With all that needs to be looked at –all the frontiers
    that need discovering in 2010 —-WHY is Crowe boring
    us with such conventional circle-jerk slop?

  18. I also think Crowe’s rather old for the role; the average lifespan then was about 45. And I hope there’s some reason for Marion to be a ‘Maid’ (unmarried) at her age…otherwise she’d have been a nun. Now Sean Connery once played an older Robin in a rather good version…but that was the actual plot of the Connery film, an older,jaded Robin at the end of his life, not just another retelling as this film seems to be.
    At least it should be gritty however.

  19. Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchette are way, way too old for the parts of Robin Hood and Maid Marian. Robin was supposed to be about 20 years old and Marian was supposed to be about 14 years old! Sure Crowe and Blanchette are good actors but so what? How about giving the work to a couple of very good young actors of which there are quite a few. Marian should be played by a beautiful young newcomer and Ryan Gosling would’ve made a great Robin Hood. I guess the movie Scott makes will be okay but it could’ve been great.

  20. russel crow is the est robin ever i have watched this film so much as i can recomend it to anyone it was a toal greatness. best film of 2010 so far… and russel crow is a hot for his age 46… :D fab fabbb… xxxxx