‘Man of Steel’ Set Photos Reveal Russell Crowe’s Jor-El Costume

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Fans are becoming more and more intrigued (if not outright excited) by Zack Snyder’s upcoming Superman reboot, Man of Steel, which is boldly attempting re-introduce the character of Superman to the world in ways we haven’t seen before (for better or worse).

Adding to the gallery of Man of Steel photos we already have – which have pretty much been amateur paparazzi shots snapped on the set of the film – is today’s image, which features one of the re-imagined characters of Snyder’s Superman universe that fans have been waiting to see: Russell Crowe as Superman’s dad, Jor-El.

The Jor-El images comes our way courtesy of Daily UK, which caught Crowe in between takes as he stepped out for a smoke break. Thankfully he was still in his Jor-El costume, or this wouldn’t even really be news…

Check out Crowe’s Jor-El costume below, and then we’ll discuss:

There’s been much debate on how this film is envisioning the Superman mythos. People are split over the fact that Man of Steel will be yet another Superman origin story, that the superman costume has been changed, and even that General Zod is once again the villain (the same as in Richard Donner’s Superman II). And of course, the changes in costumes has already raised the tried-and-true comic book movie complaint that Snyder and Co. are straying too far from the source material (i.e., the Superman with red trunks that everyone is familiar with).

I’m sure that Jor-El’s costume – which is also something of a departure from older versions of the character, what with its Kryptonian design that clearly echoes the shots of Henry Cavill’s Superman costume – is going to be another source of much debate. It’s also more and more evident that this iteration of Jor-El will likely be the scientist who (along with his wife, Lara (Ayelet Zurer)) plays a major role in Kryptonian politics and shares a history with General Zod (Michael Shannon).

Jor El and Lara Superman Man of Steel Man of Steel Set Photos Reveal Russell Crowes Jor El Costume

More contemporary versions of Jor-El and Lara

It needs to be stated  - for those who don’t know, or haven’t connected the dots – that Man of Steel is not so much straying from the comic book source material, as it is adapting more recent Superman comics such as Superman: Secret Origin, Superman: Birthright and most recently, the DC Comics “New 52″ reboot of the character, in which Superman wears a costume that is Kryptonian armor, sans red trunks.

I say that to say: for those complaining about how Man of Steel is shaping up, your beef is really more with the recent trajectory of Superman comics than the filmmakers borrowing from them.

How do you feel about Crowe’s Jor-El costume?

Man of Steel will be in theaters on June 14, 2013

Source: Flynet Pictures via Daily UK

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  1. Come meet Jor-El at the annual Kryptonian Renaissance Fair!

  2. LOL Tony that or a costume from Gears of War. This will be the next big Flopper.

    • Ahhhhh pawn so funny……..another dullard amongst the dullards. This movie will rock when it arrives and after you’ve seen it for the third time in the theaters, you can take your “uber-cool” attitude with you back to mom’s basement…

    • lmao!That was exactly what I was thought when I saw these!

  3. I wouldn’t have minded Liam Neeson as Jor-El, but I have great confidence in Russel Crowe’s ability to play him extremely effectively and well. I think he’ll be great in the role.

    Also, I happen to really like the look of his outfit and appreciate the fact that it makes Kal-El’s suit seem more truly Kryptonian.

    I am quite happy with the way the film is coming along…

    • Usually the rule is, you can’t play two separate characters in the same universe(Liam Neeson-Raz al-ghul) I k ow what you’re thinking, Chris Evens did it, but The fantastic four is being ignored and if I’m not mistaken, rebooted.

  4. Im convinced that he is a general or military leader. The red cape only adds to his centurion look.

  5. I really haven’t been following this movie too much through its filming and production, but its normally movies like that which actually end up stealing the scene.

    Debuting this movie the same summer as TDKR and Avengers is quite bold, but needless to say 2013 will be a good summer for comic movies…..I hope.

    Each of the three big comic movies for summer 2013 have so much potential, but its hard to hold out hope that any or all of them will met expectations.

    heres hoping that they don’t screw anything up too badly. Crowe doesn’t seem to have the other worldly feel quite down with his stomach and five o’clock shadow. but lets see how this turns out haha

    • TDKR and Avengers is next year, not 2013. So it’s fine, but would still make as much even if it was in 2013.

  6. TDKR and Avengers come out in 2012

    • dont i look foolish. haha

  7. I like Crowe but I still feel this movie is going to flop big time

    • How, the thing hasn’t even finished filming yet. Lol they have also acknowledged that they need to fix the mistakes like that were made in the 2003 Hulk movie, so believe me, it’s not going to be a flop. Peace!

  8. Y’all need to stop cring about some red underwears. Superman looks cool. Be side… In the real world he would have looked stupid flying around with underwears. Even though we feel like we have already seen what we have seen in this movie… the orgin & General Zod story… Is still going to be a little different. We get to see more about Krypton and there politics and background story of zod, we are going to see how superman became superman & we will get some info on how he got the S and how he got the suit (forget about the tv show smallville) This movie is a remake… but also a revampet one. I fl sure will give this movie a shot. Don’t care if is a origin story and if the man of steel has no underwear. Oh… Crowe looks very good. Love the way they are mixing the hole medieval time/Greek look into it.

  9. Why is the Supermans father sucking back a Malboro? i thought their race was intelligent.

  10. I’m not sure if he is playing in MoS.
    More likely in Hobbit, he could play Radagast in this outfit if it were a little less elvish in style.
    Maybe a elvish wizard.
    The more I think about it, a battle between Gandalf and Superman would be EPIC.

    • Superman would straight up destroy anyone you can bring to the table. Gandalf doesn’t even compare! Really?

      • Isn’t Superman terrified of magic? Isn’t Gandalf master of magic.

      • Lol Dont take Gandalf for some conjurer of cheap tricks!!! Otherwise YOU SHALL NOT PASSS!!!! lol

  11. http://moviemavericks.com/2011/10/first-look-at-russell-crowe-as-supermans-father-jor-el/
    Seriously he’s looking a little pudgy here. The second one looks like Crowe has his own kyrptonite

  12. russell crowe never lets us down.,his cameo as jor el will no doubt be quite emotional,and given the high calibre of supporting actors, kevin costner,and diane lane, id say were on to a winner…

  13. Hmm doesn’t look that bad

  14. “And of course, the changes in costumes has already raised the tried-and-true comic book movie complaint that Snyder and Co. are straying too far from the source material (i.e., the Superman with red trunks that everyone is familiar with).”

    Actually almost everybody is ok with the underwear on the inside of his pants, its the rest of his costume that most people have problems with.

    “It needs to be stated – for those who don’t know, or haven’t connected the dots – that Man of Steel is not so much straying from the comic book source material, as it is adapting more recent Superman comics such as Superman: Secret Origin, Superman: Birthright and most recently, the DC Comics “New 52″ reboot of the character, in which Superman wears a costume that is Kryptonian armor, sans red trunks.”

    Too us it is becoming clear that its close to those sources but Zack is still saying that this isnt based on a comic book unless I missed a bit of news. And straying from is a matter of opinion because using parts of storylines doesnt make it true to the story. Also just because the costumes are similar from film and the New 52 reboot doesnt mean that is where he got it from.

    “I say that to say: for those complaining about how Man of Steel is shaping up, your beef is really more with the recent trajectory of Superman comics than the filmmakers borrowing from them.”

    Um no my beef is still with the filmmakers.

    • 1. Many people have complained about the lack of red trunks. I read dozens of these comments everyday – trust me, I know.

      2. Snyder said it isn’t based on a PARTICULAR comic book. I don’t think he phrased it that way by accident. David S. Goyer and the Nolans have pulled from several different Batman graphic novels to make the scripts for both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight – since they also worked on the Man of Steel script, it makes sense that they’d do the same (take bits and pieces from a variety of Superman graphic novels or comics).

      3. Of course they’re borrowing from the New 52 version of Superman. Part of this comic book reboot was the idea of making the source material more synergistic with the movie universe – it’s the entire reason the DC Entertainment brand was formed – to make the comics, movies, video games, and TV shows more cohesive and linked.

    • I’m a huge superman fan, and I care not that Snyder changed the Suit to fit today’s standards, I mean Nolan did it with Batman and there was a huge Outcry, and now Dark Knight is maybe one of the greatest films ever made. Stop whining, be a man, and suck it up princess. This movie will be a blast, and I bet you my life savings that you’ll go and see this at least 3 times.

  15. “I say that to say: for those complaining about how Man of Steel is shaping up, your beef is really more with the recent trajectory of Superman comics than the filmmakers borrowing from them.”

    Good quote. People complain too much. I think they like too. It wouldnt matter what type of movie was being made; people are going to complain. This is why Snyder will not change a thing.

  16. The costume looks awful, it looks like it is from LOTR.

    DC is going downhill since Green Lantern flopped.

    I was amazed how GL turned out to be and that DC didn’t even think what the studio was up against when Green Lantern was released.

    Thor, X-Men: First Class and Captain America: The First Avenger destory Green Lantern in many different ways.

    Marvel is doing a great job and I hope the good job keeps going on.

    I hope The Dark Knight Rises doesn’t disappoints.

  17. Marvel is doing a horrible Job name one good Marvel movie beside Ironman and Caption American the Rest of them felt like they were commmeruls for the next movie and HOW MANY Hulk Movie have we had 15 year Marvel doing real good at piss off their fanbase

    I remember they had to pay people to go see Thor I just think people Hate change

    • “they had to pay people to go see Thor”? Really? So, Thor breaking Superman Returns worldwide gross by $50M (not even close), you call “they had to pay people to go see Thor”? Thor, the biggest superhero box office for Summer 2011, that Thor? The Thor movie which had a huge DVD, Blu-Ray sales and rentals just a couple of weeks ago…That Thor, that “people had to be paid to see”? And even now at its 3rd week of release, is still second to Transformers3 in rentals? Wow. You have some skewed way of perceiving things.

      • Thankyou sir. You saved me a ton of trouble, I was gonna tear him a new hole. Lol some peoples kids I tell ya. Lol

    • Wow, you should stop watching movies, cause you know absolutely nothing about them. People had to be paid to see Thor? Are you serious!? Lol get a life. Oh and learn how to structure a sentence. Hahaha

  18. Even when I first saw Superman as a kid I didn’t like that the “S” was the Kryptonian family symbol. It seemed like too much of a lucky coincidence.

    IMO they should have abandoned that idea and stuck more to the roots. Only instead I’d have only his cape be of Kryptonian origin, being the blanket. The costume I’d have written as some earth made high-tech closet-possible-but-not-quite-completely-indestructible. I like the idea used in the novel “It’s Superman” where he wore a swiped Hollywood costume that got totaled and Lex sent him a high-tech costume at the end. I’d have copied that idea but made perhaps a grateful wealthy donor give it to him.

    I’d rather have Superman not have too many connections to Krypton for a while at least.

    I think this would have been interesting and separated this from the Donner movies. But at least now the “S” looks less like an “S.” Still…
    This is just my opinion and that’s my reasoning. I’m sure many will disagree.

    • Good point. Which makes me think Jor-El will give clark the cape as a blanket in the rocketship. The cape may alsi be a sign of rank or social heiarchy.

      • What I’m saying is that his parents wrap him in a red kryptonian blanket and that the blanket is his only remaining connection to Krypton. He uses the blanket as the cape of the costume, but the costume itself I’d rather not be connected to Krypton, but rather a unique creation to…I don’t know…create some kind of distracting spectacle to help him hide behind his Clark Kent identity (which has been used in comics before).

        I’m just not sure I like the idea that he’s wearing Krptonian relaxed business attire, and THAT’S why he’s dressed like a circus performer.

        I suppose there is no decent “logical” explanation.

        Why does Jor-El wear shoulder pads?

        Whatever. Good luck to them. I can live with everything I’ve seen so far. Hope the movie is good.

        • Perhaps the outfit is ceremonial?

        • The cape Jor-El has on now will most likely be the cape you are talking about. He will prolly take it off and wrap baby clark in it before the shuttle takes off.

          • I don’t think so because the cape we’ve seen is a lot longer than Jor-el’s. What is it with capes? It reminds me of that line from “Princess Bride” about masks. “They’re terribly comfortable. I think everyone will be wearing them in the future.”

  19. i hate this movie so much.

    • Solemang…

      That is just silly. How can you possibly hate a film that has not even been completed???

    • Then why follow it?

  20. My only gripe is that it looks like it’s made from recycled tires WTF?

  21. This actually seems like the type of stuff you’d see from the time period that ‘Troy’ was set in. The ‘shoulder pad’ type look was something they wore. Personally, I think we’re all judging everything too quickly. There is no evidence that this movie will be bad or bomb. Using the ‘Green Lantern’ as a road map for comparison is just not going to be accurate because Superman is much more known & liked than the Green Lantern. Unless you’re a comic person, you’d probably have very little to zero idea about the Green Lantern or anything he stands for, but would be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t know about Superman!

    I really like Superman’s new suit. I mean, it’s pretty much the same as it’s always been, just with a little different \S/, color shade & no red underwear. The material is just not the spandex you’re used to seeing & the comics don’t really allow you to see what the suit is actually made of.

    With the story coming from Christopher Nolan & David S Goyer, and with Jonathan Nolan being loosely involved in the screen play, I think we’re going to see something completely different than we’ve ever seen from a Superman story & of course some people are going to LOVE it and others are going to say ‘it’s not true enough to the source material’ because of the tone of the film. The problem is, if you go in to the theater thinking it’s going to be bad, then you will find anything you can to prove your notion correct. It’s how we operate as humans on a psychological level. Just go in with no expectation of good or bad & only have the judgment of the film be based on entertainment value… Then after the film, you can soak it all in and decide how good or bad it was. By the way, I’m betting the the teaser trailer for Man of Steel is going to be with The Dark Knight Rises… just makes sense.

  22. Meh…I’ll save judgement on the costumes until I actually see the movie.

  23. Some have mentioned the greek style of the costume. I wonder if it turns out, that the kryptonians are aliens, which the people of the past thought to be the greek gods.
    Maybe they even created us, or we spawned somehow from them.
    That’s the reason why the kryptonians look like humans and jor-el sends his son to earth, because the kryptonians once were on earth and we worshiped them as gods. Jor-el thinks we do so again and his son is safe. And blah, blah …
    Greetings to Thor ;).

    • That could work…and, Jor El could have sent Kal El to earth to teach him humility…you know, he “cursed him out”, if you will…

      • Now if they’ll add a helmet to his costume, we’ll have a winner.

    • Actually “R”us, after considering your idea for many seconds, there may be something to that. I would explain why they are exactly like us, which really would need to have some explanation if they want to lean towards plausibility. I hope they don’t go overbourd with the idea, but I think it could work better (for me) than Thor did. That whole science and magic thing didn’t work for Thor IMO, but I think it could work with Kryptonians, since they probably won’t be riding horses, swinging axes, etc. They’ll be more like a proper advanced alien race that is percieved as Godlike.

  24. The Jor El costume actually looks pretty cool. The Superman Costume just needs a belt or something to break up all that blue, otherwise I have no complaints. Besides, I didn’t hear anybody complain when the Green Goblin went from a purple leotard and a goofy hat to the awesome battle armor he has in the movie. Sure I like movie costumes to resemble the original costumes (the new spiderman obviously went too far in redesigning the costume), but if it looks good on screen I have no complaints.

  25. Does Brian Cox really think he could hide behind a beard, a cape, and a Fosters beer gut? I just hope his character isnt anything like the one he played in Alien.

  26. I say give it all a chance. I will allow for artistic license with the visual elements as long as the story fits, the dialogue is well thought out and the acting strong. Otherwise nothing else will matter. I am excited to see the re-visioning.

  27. I see no one complain about the batsuit in the new batman movie

  28. I do believe that this thread has been more entertaining than the movie will be but I will TRY REAL HARD to reserve judgement…

    That said:

    1) Hate the Supes outfit..too dull..too dark..too…not super.
    2) Jor El looks like a pudgy reject from a renaissance fair who
    constructed his suit out of old tires..
    3) The Too short…too british…head to large for his body actor chosen for Superman is really irritating. Armie Hammer would have injected the necessary humility/humanity/humor needed as Reeve did..Oh did they F&^%$ up on casting!
    4) Zack Snyder is an over-stylized, under-substanced hack who I fear doesn’t have a clue about the basic humainity of the character he’s trying to tell a story about ( Oh Lord where is Tom Mankiewicz when we need him most??)
    5) The whole thing looks like a mess that has no center and is desperately searching for a reason to be when the blue-print already exists.

    6) Oh yeah..Superman has no curl!

    Other than that..looks really promissing. I’ll be the first in line ;)

  29. I can already tell these is going to be better then the 1987 superman for 5 reason

    1 Superman outfit look kickass
    2 Superman does not look like he being played by a midget
    3 they got Jor El suit right
    4 Superman look like superman
    5 Anything btter then Reeve Superman

    • Watch your mouth, Christopher Reeve was such a cool Superman. RIP Cristopher, the hero of my (and not only my) childhood. You make yourself many enemies with such statements.
      I realy don’t want to know how ridiculous you would look in a classical Superman-outfit. He is still the best Superman, Brandon Routh was such a miscast and Henry Cavill must prove oneself first.