‘Man of Steel’ Set Photos Reveal Russell Crowe’s Jor-El Costume

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Fans are becoming more and more intrigued (if not outright excited) by Zack Snyder’s upcoming Superman reboot, Man of Steel, which is boldly attempting re-introduce the character of Superman to the world in ways we haven’t seen before (for better or worse).

Adding to the gallery of Man of Steel photos we already have – which have pretty much been amateur paparazzi shots snapped on the set of the film – is today’s image, which features one of the re-imagined characters of Snyder’s Superman universe that fans have been waiting to see: Russell Crowe as Superman’s dad, Jor-El.

The Jor-El images comes our way courtesy of Daily UK, which caught Crowe in between takes as he stepped out for a smoke break. Thankfully he was still in his Jor-El costume, or this wouldn’t even really be news…

Check out Crowe’s Jor-El costume below, and then we’ll discuss:

There’s been much debate on how this film is envisioning the Superman mythos. People are split over the fact that Man of Steel will be yet another Superman origin story, that the superman costume has been changed, and even that General Zod is once again the villain (the same as in Richard Donner’s Superman II). And of course, the changes in costumes has already raised the tried-and-true comic book movie complaint that Snyder and Co. are straying too far from the source material (i.e., the Superman with red trunks that everyone is familiar with).

I’m sure that Jor-El’s costume – which is also something of a departure from older versions of the character, what with its Kryptonian design that clearly echoes the shots of Henry Cavill’s Superman costume – is going to be another source of much debate. It’s also more and more evident that this iteration of Jor-El will likely be the scientist who (along with his wife, Lara (Ayelet Zurer)) plays a major role in Kryptonian politics and shares a history with General Zod (Michael Shannon).

Jor El and Lara Superman Man of Steel Man of Steel Set Photos Reveal Russell Crowes Jor El Costume

More contemporary versions of Jor-El and Lara

It needs to be stated  - for those who don’t know, or haven’t connected the dots – that Man of Steel is not so much straying from the comic book source material, as it is adapting more recent Superman comics such as Superman: Secret Origin, Superman: Birthright and most recently, the DC Comics “New 52″ reboot of the character, in which Superman wears a costume that is Kryptonian armor, sans red trunks.

I say that to say: for those complaining about how Man of Steel is shaping up, your beef is really more with the recent trajectory of Superman comics than the filmmakers borrowing from them.

How do you feel about Crowe’s Jor-El costume?

Man of Steel will be in theaters on June 14, 2013

Source: Flynet Pictures via Daily UK

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  1. It looks cool…I have no problem with it.

    • Makes Russell look like he has a large belly.

      • he does have a large belly. he gained 60 lbs for body of lies. just hasn’t lost it all yet…… and this looks like garbage.

        • He looked good to me in Robin Hood (no shirt scene).

  2. I think Jor-El’s costume looks cool and…appropriate I can imagine a brilliant scient in an advanced civilization wearing this outfit QUITE easily.

    Still definitely on the right track, in my opinion…

    • Yikes! That should, of course, be scientIST. Sheesh…

  3. making music, makin movies and fightin round the world!

    • someone get this man some internets.

  4. I’m probably not allowed to say that I don’t like it

    • i’m with you. i don’t like it. it looks like Snyder too left over pieces from 300 and broke into weta to craft this stupid ensemble.

      • Thirded. I haven’t liked anything we’ve seen so far.

      • It just looks like Crowe wearing a LOTR reject costume. When we saw Cavill in his costume, I was like yeah, he looks like Superman, but this doesn’t exactly scream Jor-El.

        I like Crowe for the part actually, but this doesn’t exactly look promising.

    • Neither do I!

    • you can… I hate it too!!!

  5. Agreed. Seems a little more “realistic”, if that is possible in a Superman movie.

  6. still got the S-shield on the costume, so no problems there. Looks a lot less silly than the Marlon Brando costume. Grittier. Adapting recent comics makes sense, they’ve even said they’re trying to modernize Superman on film. Looks good.

    • Thankyou for saying it. I love Brando’s performance but God the gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaring white was a real “ow Ow Ow OOOOOoow my eyes hurt from looking at that frickin white glittery thing all over you dude!”

      This he actually looks like a freaking scientist who actually takes his work more seriously than his appearance!

      • Please explain how he in any way looks like a scientist?

        • I think it’s very easy to imagine that this outfit is the Kryptonian equivalent of a university (or wizarding school ;) ) professor’s robe…perhaps the dress version if he’s addressing his associates about Krypton’s impending doom. I don’t think anyone’s saying that the robes look like they would work well in a particle accelerator lab or a genetics lab.

          It is certainly different in style (I think positively so) from the garishly, glaringly white robe worn by Brando in the ’78 film. I loved Brando’s staid, dignified portrayal AND his robe…but ouch, in terms of the brightness.

  7. I like it… I like how the film isn’t going to follow the stereotype of the good guy wearing white, and the bad guy wearing black, sooo… *shrug* It looks cool too.

    • Good point


  9. Looks like something from LOTR. Pretty cool, though. So I guess this kind of proves Krypton won’t be a big snowball.

  10. looking good. I’m always confused when people unfamiliar with thr source of a film say it’s straying from source materials, and I love when Screen Rant isn’t afraid to inform readers in spite of possible hurt feelers. Man of Steel is very closely following the source comics. Devianting from prior films doesn’t equate to “screwing with canon” or however one would phrase it.

    • you said it……too bad the source material is complete trash. besides, the real money @ the box office comes from those who don’t read comics, they only know older, and better, source material.

  11. Kinda looks like a bum version of superman with a yee olde medieval times costume over top.

  12. My reaction is neutral at first blush.
    I imagine this is not Jor-El’s daily garb.

    It looks like something he could well wear
    while addressing the Science Council to convince
    them on what he believes is Krypton’s impending doom.

    • Wasn’t Krypton in the middle of a war involving Zod when it was destroyed? I could be making that up, but I thought maybe this was a sort of armor instead of “daily garb”.

      • It looked to me more like a robe of sorts for a formal setting
        worn over what he might be usually wearing otherwise.

        • I just noticed the shoulders seem padded pretty heavily. The real point here is that we don’t know, haha.

          • Yeah, the shoulder pads make you wonder.
            The rest of it is not exactly made for mobility.

  13. I can’t believe Jor-El smokes!

    • Yikes!

  14. As much as I like the costume, the images just make me think of Russell Crowe and not Jor-El. I mean he looks like Russell Crowe; most of you will probably be going “yeah, no sh*t” but does anyone else get what I’m trying to say? It’s like Jim Carrey for example – in “Batman Forever” he was just Jim Carrey, not The Riddler and in a film, that’s not a good thing.

    • Well considering he’s not really in character and is taking a smoke break, he does look very much like he’s being himself for the moment here despite the costume.

      • Well that makes sense this is him being himself since he’s on a “smoke break”. O.o

  15. Notice it seems he is wearing a blue suit underneath it. Oh and I like it.

  16. Is Crowe smoking a joint in that second pic? I want to see some actual film shots before I’ll make any judgements.

  17. It looks like he’s got the Superman suit underneath.

    Anywho, I don’t dislike it, but I’ll still wait for the movie before I pass judgement.

  18. @ naiknat

    im agreeing with you. its very hard to envision RC in the role of Jor-El. Hopefully he has some tricks up his sleeves to help pull it off

    • I’m sure he will. I don’t think Nolan would have allowed him to be on this flick if he didn’t no matter how seasoned an actor he is.

  19. To all the haters: This is a poor quality Photo of Crowe smoking out back of the studio. Sets, make-up, and wardrobe are designs to be shot under certain lighting and film conditions. THIS WILL LOOK VERY DIFFERENT ON SCREEN. It may still look lame, but don’t judge it yet.

  20. He looks more soldier than scientist IMO. Is he a confirmed scientist in this version?

    Russell Crowe looks to have kept the Robin Hood wait plus a few babies.

  21. dig it…

  22. Always kinda preferred the pure white look, made the Kryptonians look more pure that way, even though they couldn’t agree on a simple migration to avoid being wiped out. And with Brando’s lines, it just seemed to fit better. Russell Crowe’s outfit looks more like Lord of the Rings. You can barely even see the original “S” symbol on his chest. I guess that’s all part of the new “earthy” and believable vibe. Personally I think anything can be believable if you are from another solar system…just sayin’.

    • YES. I will say that the original, white clean look, was probably a bit too clean for me BUT I think it did fit better into the overall look than this outfit reject from a fantasy film.

  23. I still say Liam Neeson would have been the better choice for this role.

    • Agree times 100

      • Yes he would if the other actors and directors were different.

  24. my only problem with this movie is the release date. we still have 20 months.

  25. Jor-El filling his super lungs, awesome lol I like it, different

  26. I like how they’re incorporating superman’s tights into common everyday kryptonian wear. It makes more sense and it introduces a bit more of the comic to the main stream

  27. Sorry but the moment I saw it I broke out laughing and then slapped my forehead. /sigh

    Why does everything have to look like it’s made out of latex? I have not liked a single thing I have seen and this get up is no exception.

  28. Wow, looks a lot like Odin to me, but I really would’ve preferred someone like Viggo Mortensen or Colin Firth for the role. Anyway the top half is much better than the bottom in my opinion.