Russell Crowe Talks the ‘Massive’ Scale of ‘Man of Steel’

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Russell Crowe Talks Man of Steel Russell Crowe Talks the Massive Scale of Man of Steel

Perhaps one of the coolest things from the Man of Steel teaser trailer – depending on the version you saw – was the Jor-El voice-over as performed by Russell Crowe: “You’ll give the people an ideal to strive toward.  They will race behind you. They will stumble, they will fall. But in time, they will join you in the sun.” The speech was taken, more or less, from Grant Morrison’s All-Star Superman, and it gave many a Superman fan cause to hope that Zack Snyder’s adaptation was headed in the right direction.

Recently, while promoting his new movie, Broken City, Crowe talked about Man of Steel and how it’ll differ from every other cinematic adaptation of the character – essentially reiterating that this Superman movie will be the most realistic one yet.

Courtesy of Reelz, Crowe said of Man of Steel:

“It’s really complicated, it’s really complex. I don’t think anyone’s really tried to get into the psychology of what it must be like to be Superman. And [how] people would really respond in a modern society if someone like that popped up.”

Russell Crowe’s statement basically bolsters what we’ve heard about Man of Steel previously. Writer David S. Goyer called the film “realistic” and Michael Shannon (who plays General “Kneel Before” Zod) said it would be “edgy” like Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. (For his part, Nolan said that Man of Steel would not be a rehash of his Batman movies.)

Man of Steel Poster Russell Crowe Talks the Massive Scale of Man of Steel

I think it’s fair to say that, at least in the realm of cinema, Crowe is correct – no one has ever attempted a real world approach to Superman, much less the Terrence Malick-esque approach Snyder appears to be going for. It seems to be working so far, if the positive response to the trailers is anything to go by. Still, there are definitely detractors – some Superman fans would say that the character works best when he is neither “dark” nor “realistic.”

On Snyder’s responsibility to the character, Crowe said:

“Zack Snyder, who directed ‘Watchmen,’ who directed ’300′ and a few other things, he was given a great deal of responsibility. Because when it comes to comic book heroes and superhero films, at the top of the food chain is Superman.”

Indeed, that responsibility goes far beyond the character – as the update to the update to yesterday’s Zack Snyder/Samurai Star Wars story indicated, Warner Bros. likely feels that Snyder owes much to them, as well. Though 300 was an unqualified success, Watchmen was much less successful and Sucker Punch was both a critical and financial disappointment (which might be putting it mildly). Warners had a hand in producing all three films. If Man of Steel is equally disappointing – especially coming after three very disappointing Superman films, the last of which was Returns – what might that mean for Snyder’s career going forward?

On the massive scale of Man of Steel, Crowe said:

“It’s a massive undertaking, the type of sets we worked on in that film were incredible. It takes you to the ground on Krypton. It takes you to a planet where the sun is four times larger than ours. I think people are going to love it and if you’ve seen the trailer, you realize that this Superman is not just floating through the air, held up by a wire. This Superman is supersonic, when he decides to fly, he doesn’t muck around. I’m really looking forward to the way people respond to it.”

It’ll be interesting to see how DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. go about bringing their superheroes to the big screen over the next few years. Both Nolan’s Batman trilogy and Snyder’s Man of Steel have taken the realistic approach; even The CW’s very successful Arrow is sort of an edgy, realistic take on the character of Green Arrow (well, maybe just realistic for a superhero TV show). Green Lantern, on the other hand, took the more lighthearted and ridiculous “I’m trying to be Iron Man!” avenue, and look how that turned out.

If Man of Steel is as successful as Warner Bros. is hoping it’ll be, does that mean we’ll be seeing a series of “realistic” DC adaptations from here on out (or at least until the “realistic” well runs dry)?

Man of Steel - starring Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Kevin Costner, and more – hits theaters June 14th, 2013.


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Source: Reelz [via Comic Book Movie]

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  1. I’m really excited for this movie, the more I read about it the more I want to see it.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Krypton, I hope we get to see the planet before in all its glory before its on the brink of destruction.

    • But Victoria, I only want you for your mind.

  2. If Man of Steel doesn’t succeed then Justice League is in deeeep poopoo.

    • Your right but sad thing is they’re hell bent on a justice league no matter what. Too much potential money to make even if it ends up being lacklustre. For what its worth I’m hoping they knock everthing out of the park.

    • yup but man of steel will do pretty good at the box office if it doesnt then well were screwed

  3. Is anyone else really tired of “edgy, gritty, dark” being used in every friggin movie description?

    • +infinity

      • INFINITY + 1…..

        • +INFINITY*2

          • Although those words are overused, it doesn’t mean it won’t work. That type of film is just what a LOT of people want now (myself included).

    • A bit. But Russell Crowe didn’t even say any of those words,,,

    • yes, b/c it doesn’t work for every movie like the studios think. Batman is supposed to be dark and gritty (and it is possible to portray the character as “realistic” as Nolan showed us). But Superman isn’t Batman. Superman isn’t a dark character and I’m going to love seeing them try and make an alien who can fly and has heat vision “realistic”.

      Personally, nothing I’ve seen of this movie has convinced me it will be good. I’m not saying it is bad, but I’m not having high hopes for it. Hopefully I’m wrong.

      • @Ghost

        First off, Russell Crowe didn’t say anything about “dark”, “gritty”, or “realistic”. He said adjectives like “complicated”, “complex”, and “massive”.

        But I do realize that other people involved have previously described the film as dark, gritty, and realistic. But I really don’t think they’re planning on making Superman a “realistic” character. Rather, I think they’re going to try to make the world he lives in realistic. It’s pretty much impossible to make Superman realistic as he is a superpowered alien. But rather, the society he lives in will be much more modern and realistic. As Crowe himself said, it brings up “how people would really respond in a modern in am modern society if someone popped up like that.”

        I really don’t like using the words “dark”, “gritty”, and “realistic”, as they can very much be taken the wrong way. I prefer to use the words “serious”, and “relatable” (and maybe “grounded”, as well).

        • @”First off, Russell Crowe didn’t say anything about “dark”, “gritty”, or “realistic”. He said adjectives like “complicated”, “complex”, and “massive”.”

          I understand that, and I was merely responding to “Bopobedic” comment.

          Anyway, it’s still giving off the vibe that it will just be a Superman version of “Batman Begins”.

          • @Ghost

            I realize that, and I addressed your actual points in my last 2 paragraphs.

            And IMO, a superman version of Batman Begins is fantastic.

            • To me it just feels like Nolan is just making an exact copy of what he did with Batman, just putting Superman as the main character. People keep saying how “original” Nolan is, and it seems very disappointing just to copy his own work. Again, just my opinion.

              • I trust that Snyder/Nolan/Goyer will be more original than that. But I guess we won’t know for sure until this summer.

                • true. and like i’ve said below, i’m not deciding on whether its a good or bad movie until i see it, but what i’ve seen hasn’t won me over yet.

                  • Maybe because you’re looking for something you’re use too and not opening up to the new ideas.

                    • actually, i’m completely open to new ideas, but that doesn’t mean i have to like everything that’s new. besides, the only new idea being brought to the Superman universe with this film is the idea of him searching for his place in society (i.e. Batman Begins rip-off). Actually, “Smallville” already took that approach. We’ve already seen him fight Zod (not new), we’ve seen his origins (not new, just different take).

                      Again, I’m open to new ideas, but there’s nothing new brought in. Unless, you count the hideous (imo) design of the costume.

                  • I get your concerns, but the most pivotal and critically-praised Superman storylines have all cast off fantasy and lighthearted-ness for a serious look at who that character is.

                    Add the fact that Superman is the one, if there’s only one to name, superhero who is almost completely out of touch with how the world operates today. He needs to be humanized if he’s going to speak any truths about the world, since only people live in it.

                    • Hmm…can’t say I agree with you there. Some of the best (and most critically praised) Superman stories come from the Silver Age and are utterly ridiculous and lighthearted. All-Star Superman took its cues from that era – it’s probably 80% lighthearted and chock-full of the fantastic – and it’s quintessential Superman. One of the best comic books ever written, let alone about the man of tomorrow.

                      Obviously, a Superman story that casts off such things can be great, too. But many, many “pivotal” Superman stories incorporated fantasy, lightheartedness, ridiculousness, etc.

                  • @Ghost

                    “true. and like i’ve said below, i’m not deciding on whether its a good or bad movie until i see it, but what i’ve seen hasn’t won me over yet.”

                    Ok, that’s fair. Hope you will be won over soon enough! :)

        • @”if you really are a fan of superman, then please change your mind”

          Again, nothing I’ve seen or heard of about this film has yet to convince me to change my mind. We are basically getting nothing new brought to the Superman universe. We’ve seen his origins. We’ve seen him fight Zod and his cronies. True, this film is going a different route with his origin story, but its basically just a Superman version of “Batman Begins”.

          Like I said, I want to look forward to this film as Superman is my second favorite superhero next to Batman. But I have yet to see anything that will convince me otherwise. I’ll admit that I do plan on seeing it, but my hopes aren’t high.

      • why do a lot of people assume that the only way to make a realistic movie is to make it dark and gritty? spider-man was a serious movie and it wasn’t dark and gritty. superman is the opposite of dark. he grew up as a country kid in a small town, unlike batman who grew up in one of the most dangerous cities in the dc universe. batman saw his parents get killed, while superman had loving parents in smallville and didn’t know about his real parents till way later on and he was matured by then. this movie is going in the wrong direction, and a lot of fans will be mad.

        • If you’ve seen or heard ANYTHING about this film, you know they are not, apparently, making it at all dark and gritty…grounded, yes. Various people are throwing out terms, but the trailers, in fact, show a very thoughtful film, one that embraces the light (as FURTHER evidenced by Jor-el’s inspiring words to his son in one of the two teaser trailers).

          This film is moving in precisely the right direction. Most fans will likely be quite pleased.

          • Well said, Archaeon

        • Who said anything about this movie being “dark” and “gritty”? Certainly not Crowe in this interview. Nor did Snyder, Nolan, or Goyer, as far as I know. ;)

        • I don’t think you have to be dark and gritty to be realistic, and from the trailers, I don’t think this movie will be dark and gritty. More realistic than previous Superman movies? Yeah, probably but not necessarily darker. And if you threw an alien Boy Scout in blue tights with a red cape up on a 30 foot screen and said this is the hero, cheer for him, that film would fail. People have become too cynical for that.

          I think taking a look at what has made this character the hero he is, is a step in the right direction. Yes Superman did not grow up in Gotham City but it’s hard being a kid that is different anywhere and based on the last trailer it seems that Clark will find out he is different at a young age. Also while he does have loving parents, to find out that your biological parents are dead, has to be somewhat traumatic at any age. Not to mention the fact that Superman must feel entirely alone when he thinks he is the last of his people. Sure he didn’t see his parents be murdered in front of him, but there are lots of different areas to explore with this character that I think will make a very interesting movie. Throw in some interesting villains, big fight scenes, and great special effects and you have a movie that fans will like.

    • I think they just mean that they’re actually taking the characters somewhat seriously like some of the notable runs for the respective characters in their books. People often associate superhero stuff with hammy goofyness due to the costumes and repetitive nature and movies like Batman & Robin. Even successful stuff like Raimi’s Spider-Man films were very cheesy.

      But when you see stuff like the new Batman films and Blade (sans 3) and Iron Man they actually try to present the story in a way that makes it have value beyond goofy laughs.

      • *even successful stuff like Raimi’s Spider-man 3 film was very cheesy.. the first 2 had comedic moments but had an overall serious tone. And dude nolans bman trilogy, and Iron Man would never have been greenlighted had it not been for the success of Raimi’s Spider-man films.

      • So you don’t wanna see a Superman version of Batman Begins meaning that you don’t want new audiences who haven’t seen the other movies or don’t know who Superman is to skip it due to it pandering to an audience that already knows and is there to hold it up to previous iterations of the character?

        I mean, good as the 1989 Batman movie was, it started with Batman already in action which was great but the flashback scenes in that movie compared to the psychology of this angry young man being turned from thoughts of revenge at any cost to a determined avenger for all that is good in Batman Begins was amazing to watch.

        Besides, as you said, Smallville explored Superman’s youth but honestly, while I got sucked into that show during season 8 because of the Doomsday storyline, the stuff after that was cheesy teen drama and the earlier seasons I saw to catch up on what I’d missed to that point were just terrible.

        It’d be like Paul Verhoeven saying “screw the first hour of Robocop, lets just show him as the cyborg cop and not let audiences see who he was before and how he ended up like this”.

        Sure, origin movies can become tiring when they’re badly written, directed and acted but why throw away a great chance to start over for a new generation just because a handful of people are too scared to let a good idea become reality?

        • But you don’t have to going into great detail about Superman’s origins. Its the same whichever way you tell it: His parents send him away to earth before Krypton explodes, and he discovers his powers. Its as simple as that.

          You could go into great detail about Batman’s origins b/c it was necessary to do so. Sure, in ever Batman origin his parents die, but we hadn’t seen him going through his training with The League of Assassins (or Shadows in the movie). But its not necessary for Superman. I mean, judging by the trailer, we see him become a fisherman and probably other lifestyles before he sets out to become Superman. Do we really need that? IMO, no.

          • Yes, we do. The last decent origin story for Superman was Superman 1977. And even that one skipped the journey of Clark the boy becoming Superman. He simply went to the fortress and stepped out as Superman. Smallville was it’s own version of superboy (and a convoluted mess at that). So yes, modern audiences deserve to see a true Superman Origins much like Batman Begins where we actually see him become Superman.

        • @Daz – I agree with you, I think the problem with origin stories of late is that they have been for characters that modern audiences are already over familiar with, specifically spiderman and to an extent wolverIne

          while I enjoyed the new Spiderman and felt it did need rebooting at some point, I think it was just to soon, they tried it with the incredible hulk and while it was a decent action movie there was just no emotional connection like there was in the Ang Lee version, which IMO is far superior, due to them glossing over the origin during the credits

          There is so much to explore in Superman that it deserves a decent origin story flesh out the character and make people connect with him, plus the more Russell Crowe is featured as Jor El the better! I’m probably talking crap but I know what I mean lol

        • Go Dazz!!

  4. I have every faith in Russell Crowe and Kevin Costner, they automatically make any movie awesome, I’d watch them in anything!!

    Man of Steel is going to be epic, can’t wait!

    • Superman is being raised by 2 robin hoods!

      • omg youre right! How did I not see that haha

      • That explains so much about his philosophy of helping the downtrodden later in his life.


        • Costner’s good, but Bryan Adams better not be on the soundtrack.

      • Lol… absolutely

    • I hope Zor-El appears in the MOS sequel or Supergirl (spin off). I casted Daniel Craig or Viggo Mortensen to play Kara’s father Zor-El as Jor-El’s Brother of Argo City. I hope Kal-El’s Uncle will be casted.

  5. Forget about Zack Snyder’s future, if this movie flops, Superman many never see the big screen again…

    • true..

      • And never again in hollywood is about 8 years lol

  6. I hope WB keep zack Snyder has the director of man of steel because I believe after watching the trailer so far he has done a really good job

  7. Looking forward to this more than Star Trek Into Darkness and Iron Man 3. I hope it is excellant!

  8. Although I am looking forward to this movie, calling it Terrence Malik-esque might be an insult to Terrence Malik. Unless people are privy to secret information that isn’t out their yet, I don’t see how such a comparison can be made. That’s like comparing a new James Patterson book to Dostoyevsky because the book cover are the same color.

    • I agree, if anything that would put me off a potential summer blockbuster!

      Terence Malick movies are great to watch at home where you can pause them, go the toilet, make a snack, go out with friends and then come back and try and tackle the rest of the movie!

      They tend to be long and reflective and beautiful and full of meaning and all that but do we really want the Man of Steel moping around a national geographic earth for 3 and a half hours?

      Not really lol

      • Shh.

        I heard that was the idea for the sequel if Man Of Steel is successful.

        • I agree

    • “Unless people are privy to secret information that isn’t out their yet, I don’t see how such a comparison can be made. That’s like comparing a new James Patterson book to Dostoyevsky because the book cover are the same color.”

      Not really. It’s more like saying the movie looks – from the trailers – like it’s taking its visual and tonal cues from Terrence Malick movies. It “looks” Terrence Malick-lite, if you will.

  9. its a challenging movie .

  10. If Man of Steel is as successful as Warner Bros. is hoping it’ll be, does that mean we’ll be seeing a series of “realistic” DC adaptations from here on out (or at least until the “realistic” well runs dry)?

    This troubles me somewhat. Usally by this time, WB/DC have seen a rough copy of the film, sand Post Production.

    They should have an understanding how good this movie is going to be, “Hoping” instead of “Knowing” you have a potential blockbuster or a potential dud.

    It took One Star Trek into Darkness trailer to get me excited by Star Trek. I watched Man of Steel Trailer twice, One time, I felt like this was going to be an awesome Movie, Second time, I watch the trailer on my TV with the sound muted. There is something with the Music that makes it look Epic, without the music it is another Summer Movies that does not stand out.

    • See…the funny thing is: I felt the exact opposite. I listened to both AND watched both muted (home vs. work); I found that STID seemed more “ordinary”…more derivative. MOS, on the other hand, struck me as much more stylized AND epic in nature…more quietly powerful. Ehhh, to each, his own.

      In any case, I’m looking very much forward to both films.

  11. I love the serious tone that they are taking with the live action DC properties. Growing up I always felt that there was a more serious tone to all of their media (ie Batman TAS and The Justice League). In my mind, it made the heroes seem much more epic and powerful. Let’s hope that they keep this feeling going on in future movie/television installments!

  12. Can’t wait for this movie. Personally, I’m a fan of the more ‘realistic’ take.

  13. If I wanted dark, realistic and gritty I’d turn on the damn news!

    Yes I’m getting tired of the fun and feel-good factor being stripped away from what used to be great family entertainment. These days everything has to look like an xbox game, be full of quick edits, and be just as violent!

    Hoping Supes will end up blowing me away, but somehow I think it’ll be taking itself for too seriously like Nolan’s Batman films. These aren’t meant to be real life characters are they?! Why so serioussss?


    • That’s the great thing about comic book movies these days. You have a choice for which type of one to watch. If you want the fun, entertaining escapism, then we got Marvel. If you want more serious, grounded moves, then we got DC. Both are awesome. (I personally prefer, DC)

    • Have you seen any of the Avengers, Thor, Captain America:The First Avenger, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, or The Amazing Spiderman? All box office smashes and well received. None of whom were dark and realistic. Avengers being the 3rd highest grossing film of all time. You’re really exaggerating here. Most of the highest grossing modern superhero films are still fun with the right amount of seriousness that keeps them from becoming max fleischer superman cartoons.

    • @Lighten_up President Abraham Lincoln said it best, “If you want to test a man`s character, give him power.” This is what the story of Superman is all about at its core.

      “Why so seriousss?” (Like the Joker) You say… I was watching the 1997 Superman/Batman animated film “World`s Finest” the other day — and it still holds up. Its a great movie! One of Dc Comics best. There is an amazing sequence in the first act of the story. Kal-El comes to the aid of POTUS and all aboard Air Force One (except the terrorist) It was Superman doing what only Superman can do. And seeing him at work is a sight to behold!

      In Telltale Games The Walking Dead after Lee Everet & Clementine have there first adventure as a Dynamic Duo in Episode 3 he ask her: “What did we learn today?” Clemintine wasn`t sure how to respond so (my)Lee answered the question for her saying, “We learned that everything we do in this new world is dangerous.”

      Likewise with the Man of Steel. Everytime he decides to use his superpowers to help people — its a big deal! Like in World`s Finest. Had he not intervened the Vice President would have been sworn in and for all we know he could have been better suited to the Office than his predecessor. Superman`s intervention that day forever altered American history and by extension, World History. And we can`t say or know for certain that what Supes did is for the better or worst.

      That`s how SERIOUS the choices he has to make are (from time to time) My friend, no one in the Dc Comics Universe takes being a Superhero as serious as Superman does. He`s the first of thier kind and is to them what Zues was to his fellow gods. Which was King of the Gods. He kept the other gods in check, laid down the law, helped settle disputes and defended Mt. Olympus. Kal-El is essentially in our time and in his world King of the Demi-gods or Superheroes. You don`t believe that… Watch Superman VS The Elite or read the Graphic Novel Kingdom Come.

      If you don`t think that the son of Jor-El is a very serious minded fellow. Here him speak in the FOS in Superman Doomsday (the animated film) read one of the best most realistic Superman stories ever told, Superman: Peace on Earth. Right now however — let`s just here what Big Blue has to say of himself, Batman and his other teammates in the Series Finale of Justice League Unlimited:

      “That man (Batman) won`t quit as long as he can still draw breath. None of my teamates will. Me? I`ve got a different problem. I feel like I live in a world made of cardboard. ALWAYS taking constant care not to break something. To break someone. Never allowing myself to lose control, even for a moment, or someone could die. (Darkseid tries to attack him, but Superman knocks him back)

      “But you can take it, can`t ya, big man? What we have here is a rare opportunity for me to cut loose, and show you just how powerful I really am!”

      And somewhere — I think Mr. Lincoln would be smiling :D

      P.S. Thor starring Chris Hemsworth, Anthony Hopskins and others, was a great family friendly film. I highly recommend it. But you might not like the sequel — cause its going to be amuch more darker and violent story.

    • How will this be the 5TH failed Superman movie? The first two were quite successful and are beloved to this day. Numbers 3 and 4 were, admittedly, bad. “Returns”, while not a financial stunner, did alright, and some have even begun to appreciate it ( or at least major elements of it) in recent years. These facts make your statement patently false.

      Moving on to my personal view…

      I wholly disagree with your presumption of the potential failure of MOS. EVERYTHING I’ve seen and heard about the upcoming film makes me firmly believe that it will be amazing and wonderful.

      …and as for your hope that one company fails while the other succeeds? Preference is absolutely viable…Hope for failure of half the sub-genre is childish and petty…and ultimately potentially self-defeating.

      • very well said

  14. As long as Supes gets to rescue Jimmy Olson from the side of a building I’m good. lol

    But seriously, so far it looks good. 2013 is gonna be a good film year. I can’t wait to see that Kryptonian sun go boom-boom.

    • Marvel has had their fair share of bad movies. I’m not on either side, I just want a really good movie. I mean seriously, that is pretty ridiculous reasoning. MOS is going to be bad because of the history behind it…what? You mean that other franchise that started off really good and then worked it’s way down in quality? Every franchise does that and I guarantee you Marvel is no different with these movies that lead into Avengers 2. So far, nothing has gotten my interest with them

  15. I cannot wait for this movie!! Definitely my most anticipated movie of 2013!

  16. Man of Steel will hit at least the 750 million WW mark. It will be such a different take on superman that the general audience en masse will watch it.

  17. Billion Dollar club, I’m calling it right now. I have complete faith in it from what i’ve seen. You can’t base this movie off any other renditions, and what past movies did or didn’t do. I’m gonna go into the theatre that day with high hopes and i’m planning on not be disapointed. Welcome back to the world superman!

  18. So people complain that movies are taking the Nolan style realistic approach to fantastical movies (something that’s been going on in cinema for decades anyway if you recall certain films that went that way) but are willing to throw millions at James Cameron for making Pocahontas In Space?


    • Dude THANK you haha Pocahontas mixed with Atlantis xP

  19. ” I don’t think anyone’s really tried to get into the psychology of what it must be like to be Superman” you have no idea how giddy that makes me. One of the things that drew me to the character as kid was the complex sub-text of the character, and the psychological burden it must of been to be superman. up until now (no disrespect to the awesomeness of Superman 1&2) supes has always been the blue boy scout, sort of goofy. but to hear this to hear that someone finally will get into the character of superman is so freaking epic. I can not wait any longer for this film to come out.

    (sorry I’m a huge Supes fan boy can’t help but get excited)

    • Smallville attempted to get into Superman’s head, whether they succeeded or not is a discussion for another day, but my point is it has been done b4 in live action. Tho it has never been done in movies.

  20. haven’t attended a midnight showing since TDK but i’ll be inline for this one!

  21. I just hope the movie doesn’t suck. Henry Cavill was the right chose for superman. Amy Adams will be great Lois Lane. This will be big Sumer blockbuster and it will steer the way for future DC movies.

  22. Summer

  23. The TONE of Man of Steel looks just like Batman Begins, but the STORY still looks completely different, and this looks like a very different film.

    Just because two movies have the same tone, it doesn’t mean they are identical overall.

    • The words “Batman”, “Nolan”, and “Realism” seem to pop up in every freaking article I read about. Good grief, are we seriously going to just refer to everything as too similar to Batman now?

      “Oh, Skyfall is terrible because it has the same tone and set-up as Nolan’s Batman, even though we got a reasonable claim from Sam Mendes saying he took inspiration.”

      “Oh, Man of Steel is too much like Nolan’s Batman in tone, all they have to rely on is Nolan and that’s nothing compared to the exact same amount of crap Marvel has given us over the years (but the fanboy in me denies that and that’s why Marvel being perfect is a fact”

      I could go on and on. It gets old

      • @ACW

        Dude, Nolan is a producer and writer for this movie, so it makes sense that his name was mentioned.

        • That’s not the point. It’s the comparison thats always being made. Nolan isn’t directing so it’s going to be different in the hands of someone else: Zack Snyder. People are acting like this is Christopher Nolan’s Superman and are hardly giving any thoughts on what Snyder is bringing to the table since he’s in charge of the movie. The majority acts like it all relies on Nolan to make a good superhero movie and couldn’t care less about what Snyder has to offer.

  24. I am looking forward to Man of Steel
    It looks completely different from any Superman movie every made and there’s nothing wrong with that. This is a character that has been around for over 70 years so I can understand the route they are taking. Nolan brought something new to the comic book franchise that has never been done before and since he has a part in Supes, hey I’m pretty excited to see movie in June.

    Marvel is doing there thing and I love it, seeing the Avengers, Spider-Man X-Men etc. its dope as a comic book fan. And I like how Marvel is fun and more family oriented and DC is more serious, as a comic book fan you pretty much are in a win win situation. Just sit back relax and enjoy it

  25. Am I the only one who doesn’t think this is ‘Batman Begins’ with Superman instead of Batman? And what is wrong with a modern, grounded and quantified approach to superheroes? We have had pure fun superhero movies for the past 20-30 years, and still have them today. Maybe some people’s suspension of disbelief has high standards? There is also a huge market for these gritty superhero movies, otherwise Nolan’s Batman franchise would not have made so much money, and they would not be making this Superman movie the way they are. There are a lot of people that want to see these types of movies. It is 2013. Art evolves and changes to fit the times, and people want complex and interesting art, not one dimensional jibba jabba.

    And, as always, just my opinion.

    • Agree 100%