Fox Cancels ‘Running Wilde’ & ‘Good Guys’; ‘Disappointed’ By ‘Lone Star’

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running wilde good guys cancelled Fox Cancels Running Wilde & Good Guys; Disappointed By Lone Star

Fox has cultivated a well-deserved reputation for killing off young shows before they get a chance to establish an audience.

Add two more to the pile: A Fox  executive has officially sounded the death knell for comedies Running Wilde and The Good Guys. Both ran for a single season.

While at a Winter TCA press event, Fox entertainment chief Kevin Reilly confirmed that both series had been axed. He told Futon Critic reporter Brian Ford Sullivan:

“They’ve been sent out to the netherworld. We never announced their cancellation but they will not be back.”

At the same event, Fox executives took time to discuss their habit of premature cancellation. When asked how they reacted to critical success Lone Star‘s abysmal ratings, entertainment chairman Peter Rice noted the negative prediction from online entertainment news outlets: “We went online and [the news] was like, ‘Lone Star Dead!” Kevin Reily elaborated:

“It was a real bummer. We made a show that we really loved. You guys really believed in the show. But not enough people showed up. We were very disappointed, but that’s the reality of the business. I’d much prefer to fail with a show we are creatively proud of than fail with a show we’re embarrassed with.”

Running Wilde was the latest creation from Mitch Hurwitz,  the creator of Arrested Development (yet another Fox victim). Reilly said that his own involvement watered down Hurwitz’s vision, and that it “failed to find its feet.” Unfortunately, after shooting two pilots for the failed series with two completely different casts (aside from the three leads), Reilly’s statement of watering down Hurwitz’s vision may hint at the series being a failure from the start.

One interesting tidbit was the executives’ implication that good shows like Lone Star can only work on cable.

Reilly was quoted as saying:

“I guess I take umbrage with the idea that all the great shows can only be on cable.”

Cable TV has certainly seen a groundswell of excellent programming while network lineups continue to fill up with cop dramas, game shows and reality TV. But the implication that shows on cable are somehow safer is patently false: Fox’s cable channel FX proved that when they cancelled Terriers, after its first season, late last year – amid critical acclaim and disappointing ratings.

Science fiction enthusiast might have the most to complain about. In 2009 Fox declined to renew Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles for a third season. The same fate befell Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse in early 2010. The most stinging of Fox’s cancellations involved another Whedon project, the critically-acclaimed Firefly, which was canned before it finished a single season in 2003. Fans fear that J.J. Abrams’ sci-fi detective show Fringe is not long for TV after being moved to the infamous “Friday night death slot.”

fringe logo 21 Fox Cancels Running Wilde & Good Guys; Disappointed By Lone Star

Could 'Fringe' be next on Fox's chopping block?

As Fox and other networks continue their ruthless battle for viewership, the message to producers and showrunners is clear: perform well out of the gate and keep up your numbers, or face cancellation.

Source: The Futon Critic, Inside TV

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  1. There’s no way they’d cancel Fringe. It’s one of their best shows, probably the best. Maybe they moved it to Friday to encourage people to watch more TV on that night, to bring Friday out of being a ‘death slot’, hopefully.

    • They might be trying to bring back the X-Files glory days. However, no show since has been able to accomplish this feat.

    • So, can you say that again without hating them profoundly? Because tonight was the finale of Fringe, and I’m mad at FOX as hell.

  2. This sucks. I had just posted a video about how The Good Guys was the best cop show in the past 10 years. Colin Hanks and Bradley Whitford were the greatest Buddy Cop Duo since the golden ages of cop dramas.

  3. And this is why I have given up on FOX. I freely admit that I watched all of the past season of Fringe online, and have no intention of getting into any new shows they [FOX] puts on. Terminator: TSCC was the final straw for me.

  4. I still hate Fox for cancelling Brisco County Jr. in the early 90′s.

    • Yes! I loved that show. I have fond memories of coming home from my older brother’s high school football games and watching X-Files and Brisco County Jr. When Brisco was canceled that was my first realization that things I thought were awesome would sometimes go away… like Fruit shaped Trix :(

      • Haha, and I have been bitter towards FOX for canceling Brimstone.

  5. The TV SHOW landscape is so sporadic and unpredictable…it’s troubling.

    I now have reservations about watching and following shows out of the fear they might get canceled…some of my favorite shows that had amazing reviews get canceled (Carnivale, Deadwood, Firefly, Black Donnelys, Arrested D., etc.) The networks don’t stand behind their shows and as a result people are turned off and not watching. It’s very ass-backwards.

    Now, most of the shows I watch are on cable.

    Don’t even get me started on FOX

    • ogb,

      Yeah, it’s harder to get invested in a show and characters when you don’t know if it’ll be canceled unceremoniously within a handful of episodes.


    • ogb,

      Carnival should have never been canceled. I am still in fumes over that. My family is still heated over Deadwood as well.

      • Nick

        The cancellation of Carnivale was a mess. It was a very expensive show due to on location shoots and big cast and the ratings were some where in the middle (average). They offered the producers a lower budget ($2 mil/episode vs the previous $4 mil) but that wasn’t enough to meet the costs of the show and it was canceled.

        As a HUGE fan of HBO, this (along with Deadwood being cancelled) made me really mad.

  6. I understand the cancellation of Running Wilde, but geesh they need to better market their shows. The Good Guys has been on for several months and I never saw on add for it. And while I didn’t think Lone Star was as great as critics several of its audiences thought, the ads I though were misleading. It made it seem as if the show was a soap opera and in some discussion boards I noticed that a lot of people though the same and ignored the show.

    And FOX is asking fans not to worry about Fringe’s new time slot:

    • THey moved it there to give themselves reasons to cancel it. Tonight was the series finale of Fringe, and I’m left very dissappointed. The only thing that changed this time, is that they left Bad Robots with a teeny tiny farewell. Instead of the 7 full seasons that were originally intended, they gave them 13 epiodes to ”wrap up” approximately 72 hours of story. Fringe was my last straw. I now hate FOX from the bottom of my heart.

  7. Another implication of Running Wilde being canceled is that the Arrested Development movie might not happen now. Arnet and the producers said that the AD movie possibility was riding on the success/failure of Running Wild.

    FOX is the enemy of all things creative and original.

    • Every republican are. So is Fox.

  8. I think that fox is making a mistake with the good guys just like futurama. You need to get a better staff.

  9. Fring is the best show on tv. You just put it in the wrobg time slot. It makes tv good

  10. I can’t beleive they cancelled “The Good Guys”!!! what the??? are they insane? All tv networks keep doing that… “Dead Like Me” “Pushing Daisies” “Running Wilde” and so many others… the Good Guys??? come on!!! it was new, funny and refreshing!! I am tired of those stupid stupid reality shows the keep poluting tv with… they are all the same! Now all that’s on tv is “medical” shows, and CSI’s type of show, if not stupid reality… I love CSI, don’t get me wrong, but there are so many shows like it… argh…

  11. Can’t believe THe Good Guys was cancelled. One of the funniest comedies on TV. What’s wrong with FOX?

    • They vote republican, and think republican. That’s what’s wrong with FOX. They are much too conservative and they act as if they can do anything without regards to the people who watch. I hope that network crashes and burn. It deserves it for pulling the plug on so many good show without as much as an explanation.

  12. I want my Good Guys back!!! C’mon. Somebody else pick up the show please!
    Like many others here I plan on NOT watching any network television shows at all this year and instead direct my attention (and viewing of ads) to cable channels. Ha! Take that. I’ll get my guacamole-donut funnies from somewhere else. Guess I’m done typin’ on this computer-machine thingy.

    We love you Dan and Jack you punk-busters you!
    You too Ruiz!

  13. i like fox. they have many goods shows that i love. i think that they are one of the better broadcasting stations. i never watched the good guys but i did watch running wilde. i liked the show at first but it went downhill fast. i wish that it could have another shot. i hope the best to will arnett

    • No way. FOX is the crappiest network EVER.

  14. I honestly saw this coming for Running Wilde. I’m not saying the show was bad, I actually liked it, but it had the familiar feelings of shows like Sons of Tucson. The Good Guys though was actually really good though; interesting cases, lovable characters, relationships started to build. I could see Fringe being next as it seems like the ideas they have for that show are sporadic. It started out interesting but after season one I just lost all interest. As much as some like to hope it is to boost tv watching on Friday…lets get real, hardly anyone would choose tv over going out on the weekend. At least Fox wasn’t stupid enough to drop House or put it on the back burner, that show is pure gold. Never seen a show with such intense relationships.

  15. One of the rare good shows on tv Good Guys was an awsome show then they put dumb shows like survivor and American idol and so you think you can dance etc dumb shows are talking over the networks guess i’ll just have to go outside and play F#@*You Fox network

    • Damn right! F@$%* them hard in the butt with AIDS and all kind of STDs. EVERYTIME they have a good show they cancel it. But they keep s*** like American Idol running on forever. We get it, people sing, they make a disc or two and we never hear from them again. But great shows like all that were mentionned above get scrapped. IMO they can go to their republican hell with their s***** news and crappy reality shows.

  16. I’m getting seriously tired of finding a great show from netflix etc. and then find out that it’s been cancelled after one or two seasons. Surprisingly all of ‘em FOX’s shows.
    I’m really missing The Adventures of Brisco County Jr., Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Firefly, Arrested Development and Dollhouse… and now they went and cancelled the Good Guys!

    Would someone PLEASE “cancel” FOX!?!

  17. like if you want to return