Peter Berg Developing ‘The Rundown 2′ for Dwayne Johnson

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dj Peter Berg Developing The Rundown 2 for Dwayne Johnson

More than a decade has passed since Dwayne Johnson established himself as a big-screen leading man in The Scorpion King, and the wrestler-turned-actor has become one of the biggest action stars in the world and a force to be reckoned with at the box office.

As of late, he has gained a reputation for lending his onscreen charisma and marquee name to a number of film franchises. In the past couple of years, he joined the cast of Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, Fast Five (and its sequels) and G.I. Joe: Retaliation, despite not appearing in any of their predecessors. However, since beginning his film career, Johnson has yet to appear in a sequel to his own franchise – that is, one that he started in the first place. As it turns out, they may be changing soon.

According to Collider, director Peter Berg – whose most recent theatrical release was last summer’s Battleship – is developing a sequel to the 2003 adventure comedy The Rundown. That film stars Johnson as a “retrieval expert” named Beck who is sent on a mission to Brazil to bring his boss’s son (Seann William Scott) back to the U.S. Here’s what Berg had to say about the follow-up:

“I really want to do it.  I’ve talked to Dwayne.  I have an actor in mind that I can’t say that I want to work with Dwayne on it, and we want to do it.”

sws dj Peter Berg Developing The Rundown 2 for Dwayne Johnson

While the project is clearly in its early stages, Berg seems genuinely committed to making the film happen and is reportedly meeting with writers about it. However, the fact that he has an idea for an actor he’d like to star alongside Johnson indicates that Scott probably won’t be reprising his role. His chemistry with Johnson was a key ingredient of what made the first film memorable, but it makes far more sense from a narrative standpoint to take the character of Beck in a fresh direction.

Upon its initial release, The Rundown was a box office disappointment, earning only $48 million domestically against an $85 million production budget. However, it has since gained a respectable following and is perhaps the first film to balance Johnson’s obvious action chops and underrated comedic timing in equal measure. After all, this is the film in which Arnold Schwarzenegger makes an uncredited appearance in a brief passing-of-the-action-star-torch moment with Johnson.

The character of Beck could evolve into one of Johnson’s signature roles if a sequel is greenlit, but even if Berg and Johnson could get their schedules in order and make the film happen, the question of when exactly they would be able to do so remains. In addition to his work on Fast & Furious 7 (the fate of which is still unknown, following Paul Walker’s tragic passing), Johnson is due to star in a number of upcoming films, including Hercules and San Andreas 3D. Meanwhile, Berg is committed to directing the pilot of HBO’s The Leftovers and will soon reunite with his Lone Survivor star Mark Wahlberg for American Desperado. So while some fans may be eager to see The Rundown 2 hit theaters sooner rather than later, it’s still too soon to tell if the film will be able to gain the traction necessary to make it into production.

Are you excited at the the idea of a sequel to The Rundown, and who would you like to see star with Johnson? Let us know in the comments section.


Stay tuned to Screen Rant for updates on The Rundown 2 as this story develops.

Source: Collider

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  1. This sounds like a terrible idea for Johnson. It sounds more like Berg wants to get as far away from Battleship as possible. For Johnson, he needs to stay away from this like 3 day old meat left outside to rot in summer heat. Doing this adds nothing, zero, zilch, nada to his repertoire. In fact, they could use the Beck character in any of Johnson’s upcoming generic action movies and say it was the Rundown sequel and no one would notice the difference.

  2. Ahh, yeah, I remember this was released over here as Welcome To The Jungle. It was also terrible so please, no more. Rock’s moved beyond crap like this now.

    • Yes, that was the more awesome title that for some reason they changed to the far more generic and non-sensical “Rundown”.

      • berg hasn’t had a hit movie in years, just wants to ride the coattails of Johnson…

  3. I watched this overseas and my friends and I thought it was definitely fun. I don’t care if people think it was bad, I’d like to see a sequel. But I do agree that Sean William Scott was as much of a part of what made it fun as Johnson was, so if he’s not going to be in the sequel then my hopes aren’t as high for a sequel recapturing the fun that the first had.

  4. Arnold “passed the torch” in Walking Tall, not Rundown…

    • The Rock passed it to Kevin Sorbo in Walking Tall 2, which I never even knew existed until I saw it listed on the movie channels.

    • was Arnold in Walking Tall why dont i remember him?

      • No, he wasn’t. Arnold never passed the “torch” to Rock. Until Rock has a hit as big as Conan, Predator, or Terminator, there is no comparison.

        • There shouldn’t be a comparison anyway.

          Rock has tons of personality and charisma for a start while Arnold was better off as the silent tough guy who spewed one liners now and then.

          It’d be like comparing Van Damme and Norris. You just can’t.

    • Um no, youre dead wrong.

      In the first scene of The Rundown, when in the club, Arnold is in the crowd. He walks by Johnson and says “Have Fun.”

      • I don’t recall seeing that. Did it make the final cut? Anyway, I would define that more as a very brief cameo for Arnold than him “passing the torch” to anyone. Again, unless and until the Rock has any films as indelible as Conan, Predator, and Terminator, and frankly, unless and until he wins some Mr. Olympia and Mr. Universe contests as well (which is never going to happen), he’ll always just be the B version of Arnold.

    • Actually it is rundown or in England Welcome to the jungle Arnold and the rock pass each other in the hall way of the club

    • Wrong. It was in The Rundown.

  5. Man, you know what, I love this movie. It’s not going to win any awards on acting or writing but it was fun. I would go see the sequel for sure. Pete Berg, in my opinion created a style of his own with this movie which I don’t think he has displayed as a director since. Go for it boys, I’ll be lining up for it.

    • This article is ironic to me, as I was just mentioning to someone else here that The Rundown was actually the only Rock movie I ever liked. Otherwise, can’t stand him.

      • Be interesting to know why you don’t like him. Not to say “you can’t think that, how dare you” but because personally, I find him one of the most likable people I’ve ever encountered, very funny, very charismatic and just has this presence that’s hard to ignore.

        The only downside is that he made a few turkeys in his early career (Welcome To The Jungle/The Rundown, The Tooth Fairy, whichever one he did with the daughter).

        • For whatever reason, he just doesn’t appeal to me. Maybe it’s his smack talk. Maybe it’s from his professional wrestling days. I know some others here disliked the Rundown, but that has pretty much been the only movie I ever liked him in.

          To each his own.

    • +1 This movie was fun as hell. I always thought Berg would have been a good choice to direct the GI JOE frnachise. Too bad Battleship will stick with him forever. He’s a pretty solid director (Very Bad Things, Hancock, Friday Night Lights, etc…)

      • To say nothing of The Kingdom and the forthcoming LONE SURVIVOR.

  6. Fun movie, Id like to see a sequel minus SWS. Christopher Walken was great, as he always is. Im pretty sure Arnold “passed the torch” in Welcome to the Jungle. He was in the nightclub and tells The Rock to have fun.

  7. ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ is the alternate title to ‘The Rundown’ … And yes, Arnold passed the torch in this movie and NOT ‘Walking Tall’.

    • All of which had already been said previously.


  8. About five years to late.

  9. I love The Rundown. Super fun film and one of my favorite Rock films. Love the bagpipes scene. Been wanting a sequel ever since i saw it. and kind of disappointed that SWS won’t be in it, but if they can get another good comedian it should still be good.

  10. I would like a sequel(the first one was a fun action romp, nothing special but definately not bad) but the choice of writer seems idiotic to say the least. If he’s gonna direct it too it might be a trainwreck. I would like to see somebody like Jon Favreau who can combine action and humor.

  11. I’d rather see Berg go back to the Dune adaptation he was ttached to a few years back.

  12. Pass !

  13. Hope it’s Michael B Jordan

    • Oh what a great idea! I imagine the costar will be a white actor to “broaden the appeal of the film” or whatever the code words are, but Michael B. Jordan would be an inspired choice.

  14. Kevin Hart and The Rock!!!!

  15. I’m really excited about this news! The first one is a lot of fun, and I still rewatch it from time to time. It is overdue as someone else said – 5 years ago woulda been the perfect time for the followup – but I would still love to see this happen! Disappointed to hear SWS won’t be coming back because his chemistry with Rock was great, but thankfully chemistry’s not exclusive.

  16. nice, loved the rundown

  17. If seann william scott isnt going to be in the sequel (which i hope he is), the person who should play his part is johnny knoxville.

  18. I think a second installment to the rundown would as long as they have the same people from the first!!!!

  19. I liked the original RunDown-Johnson & Scott were hilarious & a fresh balance that most actors have to force to achieve. Can’t wait for Rundown 2.

  20. Thinking of a sequel I think mark wahlburg along with nicholas cage and Michelle Rodriguez.

  21. Jason Statham

  22. Nope….I think a great addition would be Chris Tucazker and I want to see George Lopez be some crazy drug addict dictator….that would be very funny. I really like Seann William Scott and thnk he’d make an excellent joker should batman ever go that way again. I also think if Jennifer tilley lost some weight she’d make an incredible Harley Quinn. Her voice would add so much to that character. Or make a prequel to this by having Danny Glover or even Ted Nugent be his mentor. That would add just another level of crazy and would be seriously worth a view. Crazy is good for movies.

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