Rumor Patrol: McG Making More Terminator Films?

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So director McG recently did one of those BD Live screening sessions for the Terminator Salvation Blu-ray release (these BD Live screenings are really becoming all the rage). During the screening, discussion apparently turned toward future installments of the Terminator franchise and McG apparently claimed that he will in fact be back to direct the fifth and sixth installments in the series, as was originally planned back when Salvation was conceived as a new Terminator trilogy.

However, if you’ve been keeping up with Terminator news here at Screen Rant (and you should be!) then you already know that the franchise rights are currently up for auction after the company which owns them, Halcyon, put them up for sale to avoid financial ruin.

So what is McG talking about? The Blogosphere is already abuzz with debunks and speculation and we’re adding our two cents to the mix.

For the record, you can read an entire breakdown of the BD Live screening where McG made the claim about directing two more Terminator installments over at Gizmodo.

Look, I’m no hotshot Hollywood contract lawyer (and neither are 98% of people currently covering this rumor), so I can’t say for certain whether or not McG has some kind of contract that states he MUST get first crack at any new Terminator films, or something along those lines. What I DO know is that the franchise rights will be sold off by February 1st, 2010 according to Halcyon, and when that happens, it would seem only logical that the new owners would be the ones in charge of saying what’s going to happen with any new projects, and who all will – or will NOT – be involved.

Now, there are some things to consider: despite a lukewarm performance at the box office, Terminator Salvation has (somewhat) re-galvanized the franchise, opening up a viable lane for more Terminator films to be made. In short: the new franchise owners will have opportunity on their side. In that same vein, although Terminator Salvation had many plot issues, the storyline of the “Future War” between man and machine is still somewhat fertile ground for a trilogy. In short: what McG and Halcyon started may be the best opportunity for the new franchise owners to pursue.

terminator22 Rumor Patrol: McG Making More Terminator Films?

That all said, bringing McG back for another two installments could conceivably be in the cards for the new owners. Hell, for all we know the studios and/or private investors circling the franchise have already made it clear they plan to follow the original blueprint of having McG do a trilogy. It would be foolish to just assume McG was talking out of his you-know-what when he made the claim that he was still attached to the franchise.

THEN AGAIN, Terminator Salvation, DID in fact perform worse than expected this summer, and speaking for my section of the blogosphere, fans were somewhat put-off when plans for Salvation‘s sequel leaked online earlier this spring. According to that leak, Terminator 5 would abandon the future war setting, having both man and machines once again travel back through time to battle it out in present day. Basically, it’d be a rehash of the first three installments… Great way for the new franchise owners to start things off… NOT!

Time will ultimately tell how much fact there is in this rumor – and not too long a time, either. By February 1st, the franchise will be in new hands and I’m pretty sure that soon thereafter the new owners will be eager to start building up hype by letting fans know exactly what they plan to do with the franchise. Will they drop McG’s name? We’ll see.

terminator 5 Rumor Patrol: McG Making More Terminator Films?

Curve Ball Prediction: Halcyon finds a way (investors) to scrounge up enough funding to get themselves out of the red, they retain a partial stake in the Terminator franchise and the original plans for the new trilogy – with McG at the helm – proceed as planned, albeit with some new cooks (the investors) added to the kitchen.

For now, you can catch Terminator Salvation on DVD/Blu-ray. We’ll keep you posted on franchise developments.

Sources: Gizmodo via Coming Soon

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  1. Kofi, if you don’t mind, I’d like to put up some of the notes from this conference/meeting:

    7:13: He just announced that he’s making another Terminator movie. Seriously.

    7:16: Oh and for those people who are punching themselves in the face that he’s making another one? He said he’s making one after that.

    7:21: And now McG is being coy about making another one? I don’t get it.

    7:24: And now he’s talking about a second or third movie again.

    7:46: He says Sarah Connor is going to be in the next film, but he’s not sure how he’s going to pull that off.

    in response to a question about the “horrible Charlie’s Angels films”: “I really like those movies. If you don’t like them you can f*** off.”

  2. I was one of the few who was willing to give McG a chance, and I enjoyed T4(only as a mindless action flick). But his directing was just horrible. I hope that he doesn’t come back, especially since he plans on sending HKs back in time, and ruin continuity even more.

  3. This guy is becoming the mainstream version of Uwe Boll; taking beloved franchises and taking a giant dump on them.

    He really did NOT learn his lesson.

  4. Another note from the meeting:

    ” Oh and this: “Holy s**t. He just said he thought he could make a better movie than #1 or #2.”

  5. McG doesn’t know what’s going on, he’s just hoping whoever picks it up sticks with him. I hope not.

  6. I haven’t seen this film yet, but I am not a big fan of McG’s film work. Charlie’s Angels was one of the worst films I ever watched, but for some unknown reason it was given a sequel (which I didn’t even BOTHER to rent). Yet, he’s involved heavily in “Chuck”, one of my favorite shows. Maybe he should stick to TV and let guys like Cameron, Speilberg, Favreau and Brannagh take care of the action movies.

  7. If McG comes back for another using the blueprint he said, I won’t see it. Plain and simple. I will boycott that garbage.

    This franchise has nowhere to go but up, but I have no idea how to get out of the hole McG and crew dug for Salvation.

  8. I’m with Evan. If he sticks to the plan to send terminators back in time and continue the future war then I won’t be in the theater. Seriously, hacks should be offended that McG gets called one.

  9. hell yeah mcg do the sequels.we still need to see reese go back in time as well as the terminators from 1,2,and 3,and john conner has to die.

  10. McG should stick to TV. I love Supernatural. Hopefully this franchise gets bought and the new company will tell McG to take a hike.

  11. I didn’t hate t4, although it did have its issues. I think I could give the guy a chance with another, but I’m sure not ready for another movie in the past. We’ve had 3 of those where a robot goes back in time and the coolest thing about t4 was seeing the future (or the present I guess). At any rate I think it would be very cool to see everyone trying to pick up the pieces after what just happened in t4 and see the robots start to work on sending a bot back in time. That should be the climax of the movie and not the start. At the end of an awsome action flick we should find out that the bots have figured out how to travel back in time so they can kill conner and keep him from doing all that he has done/ends up doing. That would be a cool flick. If they just start sending things back in time then everyone else is right: kill me now

  12. I no longer will watch the Terminator movies since as far as I’m concerned the story ended with Judgement Day, I dispised Rise of the Machines and WILL NEVER see Salvation or any other Terminator movie with McG as “Director”.

  13. Nooooo, not him again! The worst director ever!

  14. Dream on white boy!

    I highly doubt you will even see Bale returning…

  15. ya that movie was a big let down for me the directing was awful at best it ruined the movie for me from the opening scene. I have allways wondered how certian people make the movie look and have a completly different feel to them. I really wanna know how the same story and script can look so differnt in many directors hands.

  16. i like your ideas sam and john conners would have to die because it would change the past if he didnt or was the terminator from part 3 programmed to lie to john conners so he would be on his feet in the future. also they need to end the terminator films with closure so we know someone won the war.there are alot of things they could do with this franchise and watching salvations was a breath of fresh air after part 3.

  17. I felt like Terminator 4 had potential. I thought the trailer looked awesome. A main problem was that John Connor was not in it nearly enough. The movie revolved around Sam Worthington whose character had no history in the franchise. I did love that final battle scene with John and that one terminator. I wished the whole movie was like that. I felt there were too many fight scenes with ships/non-humanoid terminators.
    But, I feel like the set-in-the-future part of the franchise could have potential as long as it’s actually GOOD!

  18. Dude Cameron should buy the right in February after Avatar fills his pockets. I’m sure thats the best home for the terminator franchise.

  19. I have a Directors Cut Dvd of the film and my favorite part is the Harvester scenes,,, lol,,,

    The third act is the worst part of the film (imo) and its not because of the CGI scene with Arnold,,,

    Also after watching the bonus features Mcg comes off as a total ars! This guy somehow slipped past the music video gigs and into films, Tragic! I’ve seen other directors that act this way, and their godless jerkoffs,,,
    Just my 2 cents,,,

  20. After hearing how everyone feels about McG there is only one outcome and that is a reboot of the series without McG. Whoever buys the franchise needs to get rid of McG and bring in someone new to start after T2 and go right to the future war. No need to do what T3 did and ruin things. Go right to the future war and do it right. The scenes from T1 and T2 in the beginning where they show terminators everywhere and lasers flying all over – that’s how it needs to be done. No more Bale or McG in my opinion.

  21. Im a huge Terminator fan but im tired of hearing people say ” I liked it but it was just a action flick” ……DUH!!!! all the terminator films were just action flicks……

  22. @ James

    Actually, the first 2 films are widely regarded as MORE than just action flicks. They broke new ground cinematically in the storytelling, visual effects, character development, etc. areas. If you think all the suspense, drama, superb special effects are just your average action flick, you’re DEAD wrong.

  23. Well everyone has seemed to have forgotten in the initial announcement that this franchise sale doesn’t mean that the former owners release 100% control of it. Perhaps that’s why McG seems so arrogantly confident that any future episodes will include him. I would think that alone would put Cameron off.

    Every news release this franchise looks dead and deader to me. It might have life as a zombie, but I’m not likely to be watching it…

  24. My 2 cents…
    I’d like number T5 to link w/ T1. About getting the time travel machine and getting Kyle back to save Sarah. Humans are losing the war at this time. At the end we see a sudden change in their situation where the war is almost even with neither side ahead. Leave it with cliffhanger involving the T1000 terminator.

    Then have T6 link up with T2. It revolves around learning and dealing w/ the T1000 in the future and getting a T800 programmed and sent back T2′s time period. Then at the end everything is reset with the humans either being the victor or the whole war never occured.

  25. Mcg has lied before so,,,,

    Also why weren’t people boooing him from the crowd!!!

  26. @ ogb

    I dont care who regards the previous films…the terminator movies from 1 – 4 are in fact Sci-Fi action movies. it doesnt matter how much special FX are in them….the story in each film is far from deep either so basically they are in fact just ACTION FILMS

  27. @ Jon

    Exactly, thats how i see the next 2 films (if any) should be done….definately not going back in time to london.

  28. @James M,,, Terminator one and two are classic science fiction epics. Sure there’s action but that’s part of the story,,,
    Wtf? You can’t see through the veil of science fiction,???
    Come on!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. @ 790

    Duh of course they are both Sci-Fi epics, i never said they were not.