Rumor: Wachowskis To Direct Superman Trilogy? [Updated]

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superman banner Rumor: Wachowskis To Direct Superman Trilogy? [Updated]

[UPDATE: Just as we suspected (and noted below) this was nothing more than rumor and has been debunked by /Film]

A “reliable” source for Ain’t It Cool News has provided them with some interesting information regarding the future of the Superman franchise as well as an update on the current status of Ninja Assassin.

This source, while in Berlin, caught an interview James McTeigue (who’s directing Ninja Assassin) and in the interview McTeigue revealed that the Wachowski Brothers have been approached about rebooting the Superman franchise as a trilogy.

Here’s the juicy parts of the message he sent:

  • McTeigue confirmed that Plastic Man was the next project in the pipeline for the Wachowski’s and he had been signed on to provide Second Unit support. Says the movie has been delayed indefinitely due to a major shake up of projects at WB.
  • Bryan Singer has refused to undertake a re-boot of the Superman franchise and has left the Executives at WB with no choice but to take a fresh creative direction.
  • He (McTeigue) stated the Wachowski Brothers had been approached to re-boot the franchise as a trilogy and they are currently reviewing their options as its like being asked to take the final play in a superbowl final.
  • Says if they do agree, he will likely either succumb to providing second unit support on the movie or will champion the directorship of Plastic Man – He started to giggle as he stated its like a young child for the Brothers and they wont give that up easily.
  • Says, the very thought of the brothers making a superman movie is unbelievable as they have grown up in the world of comic books and they would be ideal for the project.
  • Stated that Bryan Singer is looking to move on to Logan’s Run a movie to be produced by Joel Silver.

We knew Bryan Singer wasn’t involved in the next Superman project and we expected he wouldn’t be since they wanted to reboot the franchise.

But having the Wachowskis takeover makes me curious. I don’t know if this is a good thing or bad thing if it actually happens. Speed Racer, while being an obvious kids film, was completely unwatchable for me. On top of that, I disliked the third Matrix film and thought the second needed improvement. I must however give them credit on their writing and producing credits on V for Vendetta and the upcoming Ninja Assassin – The second of which I know will be amazing without even needing to see a trailer. Just check out this fight training video for that here and you’ll see what I mean.

ninja assassin1 Rumor: Wachowskis To Direct Superman Trilogy? [Updated]Since the interview was focused on Ninja Assassin wrapping up, the source also summarized a bit of what McTeigue had to say about that:

  • Ninja Assassin is locked and complete. Awaiting a suitable marketing strategy and release from WB. Looking likely to be a late summer release.
  • Action scenes are absolutely brutal, unbelievable vision from the Wachowski’s in blocking the fights with the Hong Kong stunt team.

I cannot wait to see Ninja Assassin and the one thing Wachowskis can consistently do very well is fight choreography – so having them involved as producers and attached to the project is a good thing.

To clarify the obvious, this is currently just a rumor. If true, being approached to do the films is different than being signed to do them. As long as it’s nothing like Speed Racer and not geared towards kids, I think it’ll be interesting to see the Wachowski Brothers’ take on the Man of Steel.

What do you think of the prospect of the Wachowskis directing the next Superman?

Ninja Assassin’s release date is still to be announced and the next Superman film has no official time frame as of yet.

Source: AICN

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  1. I don’t know I feel that the Watchowskis are sort of one hit wonders, I mean the only two things of theirs I have liked was the Matrix ( number 1 only) and the script they wrote for Assassins (the 90′s stallone movie, not ninja)

  2. Wow, so we get to see Superman fly in bullet time and maybe he’ll go clubbing and that would take up 30 minutes of the film.

  3. lol Ken,

    There was one bullet time scene in Superman Returns when Supes got shot in the eye with the bullet, remember that?

  4. Yah, I remember that, so imagine the bullet time when the Wachowski’s are involved! :-D

  5. I’m on the fence with this one. It’s not that the Wachowski’s can’t do a great job, the probably is will they be true to the mythology? It’s a 50/50 shot Speed Racer or V for Vendatta.

  6. Speed Racer or V for Vendetta? I don’t get it, they are both crap in my opinion, lol. :-D

  7. Ken, Did you like the first Matrix at least?

  8. I will admit that the Wachowski’s would create amazing villian(s) and enormous destruction in a Superman.

  9. I loved the first Matrix. 2 and 3 were complete crap though, in my opinion. Especially 2, I can’t believe I had to watch 20 minutes of a bunch of idiots clubbing…

  10. Loved Matrix 2 and cannot understand for the life of me why many didn’t like it. But 3 absolutely sucked and V for Vendeta was like a ultra left wing propaganda flick for me. Fight scenes were cool though. The Matrix I and II are their only films I liked. As far as Superman goes: I think Supes might just need an extended break. The last three Superman movies have all been terrible and even worse, boring.

  11. Eh, Hollywood is run by ultra left wingers, so I’m never really surprised if movies have a left-wing message. As long as they don’t come out and say it under current political terms, which V for Vendetta did, but I disliked it as a movie in general. It was just too corny and in my opinion the action was just far too ridiculous and stupid. But that’s ALL just my opinion. I know a lot of people liked the movie, but it’s just difference in opinion.

  12. Loved V for Vendetta ( and I’m all right-wing– down with the stimulus pack! Hah! ) and The Matrix was probably the only role Keanu Reeves will ever get that he was fit for. Like most else, though, 2 & 3 were awful.

    I’m glad to hear this news, mainly because I hope they’ll get rid of Routh– what an awful Superman he was!

    Another thing is the flight/powers used in The Matrix resemble some of Supes, so we’ll get some cool flight/super speed, at least. One ( of the ) thing(s) I didn’t like about Superman Returns was the complete lack of power-usage. Heat vision, x-ray, ice breath, and so on. And since when does Supes just stand there and take gunfire to the eye for sake of “looking cool” ?

    Anyhow, this isn’t about how much the other sucked, really. I agree they’ll probably bring a good badguy to the table ( Hopefully Darkseid eventually, and not Luther ) but I’d like to see their take on it. There has never been a decent Supes movie, not even close. Hopefully the reboot will be the first.


  13. I heard they want to keep the same actor for Superman. But it was more a bad script and story that made the last one not so good. I doubt the actor for Superman could have done any different since the screenplay writer only gave Superman like 4 lines in the entire movie…

  14. The W. boys have not exactly proven themselves capable of providing us with a trilogy that can stay strong and keep the fans happy. Speed Racer alone is reason enough to question their ability to deliver the goods on any cartoon-related hero.

  15. I loved the action scenes, music and the highway stuff from the Matrix 2 – I even liked the Ghost Twins but overall the film could of been better – Like some of you said, I really despised the third one though.

  16. Matrix 2 & 3 should be looked at as one complete film. Much like Kill Bill. So, technically, there are only two films in the Matrix cannon. Take that into account, I totally enjoyed the Matrix films.
    This reboot of Superman, why? I do not understand the flak for Superman Returns! It was amazing! Bryan Singer did an amazing job! Is going after the Wachowskis WB’s idea to make Superman more ‘darker’ like they have stated before?

  17. SK47,

    One, if they don’t reboot they’ll be on the 5th movie of the series– not a lot to work with if they want to combine the character and story to a Justice League Movie

    Two, Supes’ illegitimate child is just wrong, along with the same thing as they should never have had him drinking a beer.

    Three, Routh. was. awful. He’s so lifeless as Clark and Superman– not too mention how puny he is. I just want to see him stand next to Bale as The Batman and see how stupid Routh looks. Superman should command the type of pressence that even if he didn’t have super powers and was justa guy in tights, you shouldn’t want to mess with him. I saw Routh and I thought.. I could kick his arse.


    It as all bad, man. I really hope they get rid of Routh, otherwise I won’t even bother with the next Superman.


  18. I hope the Brothers Have a great sory in mind for us.
    I wish them luck.

  19. Reverand, let me testify…Superman’s child can open tons of possibilities! Imagine a storyline where Darkseid comes for the last Kryptonian but discovers Supes’ child, or even Braniac does the same thing. Also, with the child there was the connection between The Father and The Son, that whole motif. I always saw Superman more like Jesus and Singer played it up with that Father & Son connection plus the imagry. The kid may be wrong, but, there are movie ideas which are far worse!

    But anyways, Superman Returns is taking place after the 2nd picture according to Singer, forgetting the 3rd & 4th. Routh may be puny in person but he can bulk up or put on a muscle suit like he did for SR (slacker, wont put in the work!) Hey, if Gyllenhal can bulk huge for POP then Routh can! And he was not that bad.

  20. SK47,

    Superman always had the father and son tragedy with his own father, which made the character have another great dimension to him. The great Super Man longing for his dad was a bit depressing at times.

    But what next? Superman in a custody battle? Him strong-arming Lois’ man so he can have her back?

    Right now I’d take Jake over Routh anyday, voice and all. I’ve watched SR a few times, trying to see what everyone else sees in him.. He’s just such a moronic wuss, and the whole time I can’t believe what he’s doing to one of the greatest heroes of all time.


  21. Hey now, Lois’ man is Cyclops!


  22. I guess I didn’t close that italics HTML tag. DRAT!

  23. I’d still like to see Routh as Supes. Thought he was fine, thought Spacey and Singer were the real problems. Still want Zod to be the Villian.

  24. got damn! continnue the francise… no reboot…. superman returns was good, and just a taste of what to come… let singer continnue plz…

  25. Hey, I’m among the people who actually liked Matrix 3. Didn’t like 2 though. My personal like isn’t the issue. Whether any of us liked them isn’t the issue. The point is that the public in general is trouncing them for how the so-called trilogy (which is actually one movie followed by a two-part sequel) turned out. Therefore, it’s hard to imagine why Warner Brothers would take the gamble of investing in them for another big budget trilogy when they’ve never proven they can make one that satisfy the audience. Superman Returns made money, but it didn’t satisfy the audience in a way that made the company confident about continuing in that vein.

  26. With all the incarnations of Superman in the past seven decades, a reboot at this point would have to be as groundbreaking as Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. I at least hope for that much.

  27. I do not believe any of this.

    It reads like a rumor started
    by the Wachowski brothers.