Rumor Patrol: Robin & Riddler In Batman 3

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theriddler Rumor Patrol: Robin & Riddler In Batman 3

Since the release of The Dark Knight in 2008 the internet has been going crazy with rumors about the next Batman film. Following the tragic death of Heath Ledger we can assume that The Joker won’t be making a return to Gotham, but there is now a rumor circulating that The Riddler might me the next villain to tackle Batman, but he shouldn’t worry as Dick Grayson (aka Robin) will be on hand to help out!

Believe it?

I don’t – any news at this point on a Batman film is probably a load of BS.

Nolan will be keeping his cards close to his chest , and I severely doubt that any sort of plot or character leak would be made at this early stage.

The not always reliable Comic Book Movie has an an anonymous source named TT who states the following facts:

1. The plot should be outlined in time for the screenwriting to begin in February.

2. The Riddler is the primary villain and he figures out Batman’s identity.

3. Arkham Asylum will figure prominently in the story.

4. Several classic villains will cameo, including the Penguin and Mr. Freeze (though as Dr. Fries, not as the supervillain).

5. Barbara Gordon will have a featured role.

6. Commissioner Gordon will mention Metropolis and possibly Lex Luthor.

7. Dick Grayson may be in the movie (though probably not as Robin).

the graysons on cw edited Rumor Patrol: Robin & Riddler In Batman 3

This news isn’t a huge surprise considering Goyer’s recent departure from FlashForward and because Nolan is completing work on Inception, so fans and other assorted folks will start throwing out ideas and casting theories to pass the time. Here are my thoughts:

  • The Riddler is a likely candidate to take on some bad guy duties (but who isn’t at this stage).
  • Arkham Asylum will feature in the film – really? Not a surprise as it played a big part in Batman Begins.
  • Classic villains will cameo? Again not surprising – but I doubt that Mr Freeze (or Dr. Fries) will. He doesn’t really fit into Nolan’s world, and does anyone remember a film called Batman and Robin?

mr freeze Rumor Patrol: Robin & Riddler In Batman 3

Barbara Gordon will have a featured role – wait – isn’t she already married to Gary Oldman’s Jim Gordon? As for a daughter, the time frames just won’t add up.

Commissioner Gordon will mention Metropolis and Lex Luthor – flip a coin Two-Face style for the chances of that. I’d bet on it not happening, even with Nolan “godfathering” the new Superman film.

lex luthor Rumor Patrol: Robin & Riddler In Batman 3

As for Dick Grayson – Nolan and Christian Bale have stated before that their Gotham has no place for the boy wonder. As for a mention of the character or his name – I really doubt it!

If Christopher Nolan’s third Batman film does move ahead in the coming months prepare to be inundated with (even more) rumors of villains and Superman cross-overs.

Much like the plots of his films, Nolan likes to keep us guessing, so I’d buckle-up and prepare to be taken on a wild journey of rumor and innuendo for the next year or so until something is confirmed by Nolan or Warner Bros.

More on Batman when we get it.

Source: Comic Book Movie

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  1. its gonna be riddler and two-face ill make a bet right now

  2. no robin though if they do do him im sure itl be a really badass version

  3. The only thing true about this is Riddler, but now somehow i highly doubt any Batman movie coming out any time soon. But hopefully I'm wrong. Hopefully:/

  4. I told u guys this last week. Credit…

  5. Batman: Knightfall


    Batman/Bruce- Christian Bale…
    Jim Gordon- Gary Oldman…
    Lucius Fox- Morgan Freeman…
    Alfred- Michael Caine…
    Oliver Queen- Kiefer Sutherland…
    The Riddler/Edward Nigma- Jeff Goldblum…
    Victor Freeze- Patrick Stewart…
    Talia- Rhona Mitra…
    Dick Grayson- Jensen Aclkes…

    Gotham police are hunting Batman, they have an opening confrontation on a huge bridge over the river, Batman is there trying to round up a criminal gang and must climb around the bridge to evade capture, he ends up taking a dive into the river. The press claim the Batman perished.
    There is a new lunatic in town, a man obsessed with puzzles and questions, he is a killer who places innocent victims in bizarre torture devices and deadly games from which they must solve his riddles to escape. Few manage to survive.

    Bruce Wayne is facing his own crisis, a business rival Oliver Queen has arrived from Star City and he wants to buy Wayne Enterprises diminishing stock. But he will settle for partnering with Bruce on a new medical project, Queen has brought his scientific advisor Victor Freeze. His research is into cryogenics, trying to put a stop on death to allow doctors more time to save lives. Bruce thinks Freeze’s research is potentially dangerous, but will consider the proposal because the company needs the funding, because he has spent so much money on Batman projects. Queen is there with his girlfriend Talia, they go to dinner with Bruce later that night.

    The press have named the new killer, The Riddler, now he has taken and killed several police officers, one of which was a close friend of Commissioner Gordon.
    Gordon is exhausted, from having to lead a city wide manhunt after his trusted friend Batman, and dealing with normal criminals, as well as the emergence of The Riddler. The corruption element hasn’t exactly gone away either. Gordon has taken to drinking heavily, at the possible cost of his family.

    Bruce had heard rumours about The Riddler and decides to go undercover, he disguises himself and heads to a bar where several victims have disappeared. There is a man in the corner doing magic tricks with illusions and the like, he is charming and unstable, Bruce watches on as this man is attacked by an unhappy viewer of the tricks. The attacker ends up stabbed through the shoulder by a knife with a ticking clock on the handle, if the attacker fails to answer the questions put to him in time the knife will explode. Bruce is about to intervene when a man named Dick Grayson, maybe ten years younger than Bruce, steps in and knocks the man aside, and hurls the knife out the door. It doesn’t explode, but by the time everyone has realised this The Riddler has escaped. Bruce tries to talk to Dick, but Dick wants to leave. He is an aggressive and untamed young man with a violent streak.

    When Bruce returns to his penthouse, as the manor is almost finished construction, he and Alfred investigate both The Riddler and Dick, using video footage Bruce secretly filmed in the bar. They quickly learn the identity of the new villain; Edward Nigma. Bruce is shocked to find he used to employ Nigma, and heads to Lucius Fox for answers, leaving Alfred to investigate the mystery of Dick Grayson.

    Fox explains Nigma was fired for his dangerous ideas concerning mind control and the effects of illusions on the human brain, Nigma was also a genius.
    Fox: Like all great men Nigma towed the line between insanity and genius.
    Bruce: I know something about towing the line.
    Fox: Problem is Nigma crossed the line.

    He shows Bruce footage of Nigma using a riddle to hypnotise a group of people and convince them to start attacking each other. Fox then informs his new vehicle is ready at the hanger, but for testing only.

    We learn about Dick’s troubled past, he ran away after his parents were killed during a circus stunt gone wrong, he has repeatedly been in trouble with the law. Alfred senses the parallels between Bruce and Dick, but wisely says nothing.

    Batman shadows Dick, believing his interrupting Nigma makes him a valid target. Dick realises he is being followed and confronts Batman, they have a brief scuffle. Batman eventually convinces Dick to help him by allowing Nigma to take him. This doesn’t quite go to plan, Nigma manages to inject Batman with a freezing compound that completely immobilises and almost kills the caped crusader.
    The Riddler: By the way, I may have told the fine Gotham PD where you are, you can just chill out and wait for them.

    The police arrive, and Gordon barely manages to get Batman back to safety.
    Bruce realises this compound can only have come from Victor Freeze, he finds Queen at the hospital. A few hours earlier, The Riddler broke into Queen’s temporary lab at Wayne Enterprises, stealing all of the research, as well as killing a female assistant who happened to be Freeze’s wife. Freeze has been mortally wounded, exposed to all of his own experiments. His body is now incapable of creating its own body heat, his skin is a pale white blue colour, his retinas are damaged so he must wear red goggles over his eyes for protection. Bruce blames Queen, who should have protected him instead of being out partying.

    Batman and Gordon must find Dick before his time runs out, however this becomes more complicated when they discover Fox has also gone missing. Nigma wants revenge on the person he believes ruined his life, he send Bruce a clue that leads back to the under re construction Wayne Manor.

    Batman enters the site, discovering The Riddler has been busy laying traps and games, he manages to survive relatively unscathed but finds neither Fox or The Riddler. He does find Dick inside a machine, they manage to work out how to escape together. Dick wants to help, and reluctantly Batman sends him off with Gordon to help evacuate Wayne Tower, where Nigma and Foz are located. Nigma plans on using a fuel cell from Freeze’s research to destroy the building.
    Batman takes his new Batwing, and flies to the top of the Tower.

    Alfred: Do you actually know how to fly that contraption Mr Wayne.
    Bruce: You know what they say Alfred, life is a learning curve.

    The Batwing hovers by the roof, Batman tries to talk The Riddler down, but it doesn’t work. He throws Fox off the side but Batman saves him. Fox gets away in the Batwing, Batman is now face to face with The Riddler and his bomb. They fight briefly and Dick arrives just in time to get in the way, Batman obviously defeats him but learns of a greater threat, The Riddler was helped by Talia, Queens girlfriend who is in fact Ra’s Al Ghul’s daughter. Batman takes Nigma to Arkham, avoiding the cell on his right that echoes in maniacal laughter, he rushes to find the woman. Talia has knocked Queen out and has disappeared.

    Bruce takes Dick into his family, and they return to the Wayne Manor when it is completed. Batman is no longer an enemy of the city after stopping The Riddler, but Bruce learns from Queen that Victor Freeze has vanished from hospital. Fox retires, and Gordon is determined to kick the drink. There is just the tiniest bit of hope in Gotham for all.
    And Talia returns to her secret hideout, revealing her father, while hideously injured is still alive.

  6. … if you dont think any of this is legitimate then why post it – OH I get it you're trying to draw attention to your site, in much the same way as countless sites posted fake info prior to The Dark Knight

  7. Sam

    Gotham Knights

  8. Robin better not be in this movie. I don't think Nolan would do that. I'm not big on the idea of the Superman connection either. I might be in the minority, but I really like Batman's story being isolated from other heroes' story lines. I think it makes it more realistic. I don't see the need for cameos either, because Nolan is surely not planning on doing any more sequels if he does the third. Too many villains running around is not a good idea in my opinion.
    Having a villain discover Batman's identity does sound like a good next step to further the plot/conflict of the series. I like that idea.

  9. We love rumors

  10. I'm really excited for the next Batman movie and all, but I honestly think I'm more stoked for Nolan's movie coming out in a few months, Inception. Not that I'm not excited for a new Batman, but best case scenario it comes out summer of 2011 and that's probably not even going to happen, I'm guessing it'll be summer of 2012 so I'm more excited for the movie I KNOW is going to come out soon and I think that it's going to be a great psychological thriller that won't be given away in the trailers like other movies these days.

    That being said, I pray that Nolan gets a new character on the screen to be a villain, I hope it's not the penguin or the Riddler or Mr. Freeze or Poison Ivy or Catwoman. Besides, Nolan did great with Scarecrow, I bet he'll do great with another lesser known villain. I would definitely welcome Heath Ledger's joker to come back to the big screen, but that won't happen obviously.

  11. cant wait… it will just be like DARK VICTORY… Christopher Nolan will do a great job w this

  12. Rumors and speculation aside, I could see the Riddler working as long as he was sort of presented as a risk of revealing Batman's identity and potentially undoing Wayne in that way. This was sort of done with Scarecrow al'Ghul in the first one, where the character was more of a persona than actual “villain.” Minus the comic costume, I could see Nolan taking that avenue.

    I could also KIND OF see a place for Dick Grayson, but maybe only as a sort of successor to Bruce Wayne, not as “Batman and Robin.” Maybe whatever happens with Edward Nigma towards the end of the movie would prompt Wayne to give up the cowl and let someone else take it on or take on a different persona of Robin while Batman disappears in one form or another. I could even see Nolan having Wayne die or get arrested and have Grayson succeed him.

    Yet again, like anything at this point, all just a grain of salt. Adding any other characters like Dr. Fries or Superman references would feel like they were pushing it a bit.

  13. <– not watching if boy Wondercorney is in it.

  14. Riddler – David Tennant

  15. I don't want Two-Face and The Riddler to be the villains because it'll be too much like the original Batman 3 AKA Batman Forever. Add Dick Grayson and it actually sounds like Batman Forever lol. The only I would want to happen would be a mention of Metropolis and/or Lex Luthor. Heck even mention a “blur” annonymously saving its citizens. Gordon could make a joke about it. Ask Batman something like “one of yours” and Batman could look at him and say “No” because at this point he wouldn't know him. It'll be a neat way to tie the both worlds together. But this is just really stretching it since I doubt Nolan would do this. Unless there's a reboot coming sooner than we think for Superman and Batman 3 could be the moment they let us know “officially”….

  16. what is this 'Batman and Robin' you speak of?
    i know of only 'Batnipples 4'

  17. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a Superman tie in. WB wants to do a JLA movie, and in order to do so, they need to start on Supes right now. Also, they have to do 1 of 2 things, reboot Batman to make it fit a Justice League movie, or adjust the JLA to match Nolan's Batman. I think they are going the latter direction since they have tasked Nolan to “mentor” Superman. I would guess Nolan will end up directing the JLA movie if WB gets their way.

    The only way I see this being possible is if they have Clark Kent trying to fit in as a “normal” human being, but then, seeing what a “normal” human is capable of doing as Batman, decides to use his powers to fight crime. Perhaps even using a Superman villain, ie. Doomsday, in Batman 3.

    Personally, I like Batman on his own. I do know WB will do a JLA no matter what, cause they see $$$.

    There will be a new girl. They killed Rachel, so they will bring in a new love interest. Most likely this will be a villain, so think Catwoman, Poison Ivy, or Thalia. However, the film will be a story of redemption. Batman coming back into good graces with the Gotham public. While I like a “badguy” Batman, it's a movie, a moral tale, and it will most likely have a happy ending.

  18. This is probably another rumor, how's this?

    Bats fights another vigilante… Nightwing, then they have to unite to fight Bane.

    There… Bats 3.

    And a darkly funny Nightwing who's just as disturbed as ole' Brucy himself. The Costello to Batman's Abbott

    Yes, the Nolan world only has room for a certain type of character, no clayface or croc master but lots and lots of jokers. I never agreed with Batman having any interaction with the rest of the DC universe, but I have to admit, his brains solved many a mystery that stumped the man of steel.

    Bane is a must!!! and now, done right! obviously there has to be a brain behind Bane… bring back Two-face, Eckhart was great and hey… let's just say he staged his death because he couldn't face society looking the way he was. Just some thoughts. Harvey Dent unleashes Bane, and all the vigilantes are needed… bats and nightwing included.

  19. Get rid of David Goyer and I'm in.

  20. has clarified this as complete and utter bullsh*t!

  21. I want Catwoman (Angelina Jolie) and the Penguin

  22. i like most of your picks for the possible cast

    Dr.Freeze– Brent Spinner (keeping with Star Trek theme)
    Riddler– David Boranza (sp) Bones/Angel fame

    OR NOT

    till next time

  23. Seriously doubt the boy wonder, because it's way too early for robin to come in… maybe a cameo. riddler: jonny depp, penguin: phillip seamore hoffman, and jessica biel for the role of catwoman great movie…

  24. it would be cool if they batman begin superman (batman standing on rooftop and gordon talking about superman)

  25. Ok well I have inside information due to my job (an assistant at WB) and i know basically the whole plot to batman 3 but under contractual obligations i cannot say anything about it. What i can say is the general characters of it that are being written in the script. First off Riddler WILL be the main villain in this movie along with Penguin as a mob boss, and Catwoman as a love interest of sorts. Joker will be in it too only in a cameo mode though for info basiclly being interogated and what not, he'll be in the shadows for the most part, you'll see him for about a few minutes thats it just for the epicness…..joker is unknown still at this point but riddler will be played by jerry seinfeld, penguin will be played by jonah hill and catwoman will be played by lady gaga….hope this helps!

  26. bring in some new faces to the theaters! we have already seen these villains on the big screen, i would really love it if clayface was in the next one..

  27. When we lost Heath I really thought that there was no way they could do a batman 3 because you can tell they had big plans for him. As much as I wish Heath was around to do the role the show must go on. I really feel Joker must come back, but you have to do it slowly. This is my batman 3:
    Joker is in Arkham Asylum
    Harley Quinn is Jokers doctor
    Riddler is main villain
    You have a Riddler Batman plot
    Side story you have Quinn examining Joker
    Joker messes with Quinn
    They end the movie with Quinn getting Joker out
    *Use a good voice actor with Joker. It is too soon for a new actor, batman 4 it would be time to replace him. I hate the idea of it but it has to happen someday Joker is too important. Even though it won’t be the same, with all the actors out there, I do believe someone out there has to be able to get it right

  28. I disagree about Dr.Freeze. Arnold Swarzneggar was one of the worst miscasts of a comic book villain of all time. Ben Kingsley would be the perfect Mr.Freeze!!! He doesn't have to have the sickness wear that suit in order to survive but he could wear something similar. He could have a weapon that freezes anything and a high-tech suit cold . It can be done in a realistic way.

  29. if there is a robin it should not be played by an adult actor. instead it should be played by a really good kid actor. around the age of someone like zac efron. after the death of his family he should be really deep in sorrow with dark eyes and hair down his face. kinda drugged out looking like he hasnt slept for weeks. Bruce takes him in out of guilt. and when dick finds out he is batman he'll hate him even more. he trespasses in the batcave and creates his own armor. very rough looking mixture of his circus outfit and some of bruce's old batman suit. with graffiti like painting. they should come to a blow at one point until bruce knocks some sense into him and dick starts to cry and falls to his knees. bruce starts training him in martial arts and they begin to investigate the crime spree in the city. while bruce takes his new batmobile through the city streets robin is seen patrolling through rooftops.