Rumor Patrol: Robin & Riddler In Batman 3

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theriddler Rumor Patrol: Robin & Riddler In Batman 3

Since the release of The Dark Knight in 2008 the internet has been going crazy with rumors about the next Batman film. Following the tragic death of Heath Ledger we can assume that The Joker won’t be making a return to Gotham, but there is now a rumor circulating that The Riddler might me the next villain to tackle Batman, but he shouldn’t worry as Dick Grayson (aka Robin) will be on hand to help out!

Believe it?

I don’t – any news at this point on a Batman film is probably a load of BS.

Nolan will be keeping his cards close to his chest , and I severely doubt that any sort of plot or character leak would be made at this early stage.

The not always reliable Comic Book Movie has an an anonymous source named TT who states the following facts:

1. The plot should be outlined in time for the screenwriting to begin in February.

2. The Riddler is the primary villain and he figures out Batman’s identity.

3. Arkham Asylum will figure prominently in the story.

4. Several classic villains will cameo, including the Penguin and Mr. Freeze (though as Dr. Fries, not as the supervillain).

5. Barbara Gordon will have a featured role.

6. Commissioner Gordon will mention Metropolis and possibly Lex Luthor.

7. Dick Grayson may be in the movie (though probably not as Robin).

the graysons on cw edited Rumor Patrol: Robin & Riddler In Batman 3

This news isn’t a huge surprise considering Goyer’s recent departure from FlashForward and because Nolan is completing work on Inception, so fans and other assorted folks will start throwing out ideas and casting theories to pass the time. Here are my thoughts:

  • The Riddler is a likely candidate to take on some bad guy duties (but who isn’t at this stage).
  • Arkham Asylum will feature in the film – really? Not a surprise as it played a big part in Batman Begins.
  • Classic villains will cameo? Again not surprising – but I doubt that Mr Freeze (or Dr. Fries) will. He doesn’t really fit into Nolan’s world, and does anyone remember a film called Batman and Robin?

mr freeze Rumor Patrol: Robin & Riddler In Batman 3

Barbara Gordon will have a featured role – wait – isn’t she already married to Gary Oldman’s Jim Gordon? As for a daughter, the time frames just won’t add up.

Commissioner Gordon will mention Metropolis and Lex Luthor – flip a coin Two-Face style for the chances of that. I’d bet on it not happening, even with Nolan “godfathering” the new Superman film.

lex luthor Rumor Patrol: Robin & Riddler In Batman 3

As for Dick Grayson – Nolan and Christian Bale have stated before that their Gotham has no place for the boy wonder. As for a mention of the character or his name – I really doubt it!

If Christopher Nolan’s third Batman film does move ahead in the coming months prepare to be inundated with (even more) rumors of villains and Superman cross-overs.

Much like the plots of his films, Nolan likes to keep us guessing, so I’d buckle-up and prepare to be taken on a wild journey of rumor and innuendo for the next year or so until something is confirmed by Nolan or Warner Bros.

More on Batman when we get it.

Source: Comic Book Movie

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  1. i have no doubt that riddler would make an appearance after all Batman Forever did potray him in a terrible way so if they redid Joker and Two Face for DK why not redo the Riddler?

    As for Dick Grayson, i can see him showing up at the very very very very end of Batman 3. i would only assume Nolan would leave that idea up in the air for the next director to direct whatever movies come out after Batman 3. But i think they would only meet nothing would happen it would be like Bruce Wayne just meeting a guy and he says “Nice to meet you im Dick Grayson” or something like that then credits end.

  2. LMFAO

  3. Well it has more to do with debunking or explaining why we think this infomation is incorrect or misleading.

    And did I miss the press release somewhere that stated trying to draw attention to a website is a bad thing?

  4. Hilarious!

  5. Drsam- I like alot of what you came up with. Actually there's some parts that could use some flourishing but overall not too bad.

  6. Jason

    batman on film only adds to the rumors, does NOT debunk them.

  7. Brain behind Bane? Your thinking of Bane from the George Clooney farce of the 90's. Bane as he was originally written in the comics IS the brains. Look for the Broken Bat and Knightfall arcs. I would like to see a Bane/Black Mask villain combo, with Bane pulling the strings of Black Masks criminal gang.

  8. that could actually work. i liked it

  9. I don't think Queen's hitting the big screen without Green Arrow being there personally.

  10. I don't think Queen's hitting the big screen without Green Arrow being there personally.

  11. I also think that they will have to have nolan advise any future dc movies so that he can tell them how to make batman fit with their character in their world

  12. Nolan will use a couple people from Inception in the next Batman movie. Let's not get out of hand or anything with all the names being thrown out there but there is one rumor I see happening. DeCaprio as the Joker! Nolan always planned to do a trilogy with the Joker to finish it out so I think he brings him back. Two-face is dead and Nolan won't bring him back. He'll leave that for the reboot or sequels by someone else down the line.

  13. Riddler by Depp would be grand in the same vien Ledger pulled off Joker. The batboy was already introduced in the BM:DK, hello Comm Gordon's son and all his attachment to Batman. He will be Robin and a supper pissed one when his dad dies for real this time.

  14. Surely you're joking. Batman is what, at least 20 years older than Gordon's little son? You think he's going to wait for the kid to grow up and then be his much, much younger partner? I'm not trying to ridicule you, but I don't see that happening.
    You are right, Johnny Depp would be epic as the Riddler though.

  15. Henry, we call it “Rumor Patrol” for a reason. You wouldn't believe the amount of people who take everything they read as the truth. This “Patrol” posts are just our way of examining and questioning rumors. We like to discuss with our fine readers like yourself!

  16. Bane for Batman 3….Hes the only villian i like that hasnt been descimated… him and Killer Croc. Jim Carrey ruined Riddler for me and as far as im concerned, no one can touch Danny Devito as the Penguin.

  17. Bane for Batman 3….Hes the only villian i like that hasnt been descimated… him and Killer Croc. Jim Carrey ruined Riddler for me and as far as im concerned, no one can touch Danny Devito as the Penguin.

  18. SUPRISE villan of batman3=Hush!

  19. this next Batman will take us all by suprise,, it might not be the the riddler, or depp, tho i think he is accomplished to play the Riddler or the Joker or any of the villains I think we would all like to see him involved with any villain part in some shape or form.
    here are a few that may have missed the radar screen Paul Bethany once quoted saying he would llove to be the joker , Johnathon Ryes myers who could be an excellent Robin if they do a u turn, I think he would be outstanding in this some how,, Jude law for the Riddler or Robin,, okay enough of robin,, Ben kingsley for a villian of some kind,, this is a bit far out but what about Robert de nero as the Riddler or AL Pacino as the Riddler, (you got to think right out of the box here )
    or even how about Ray loitta for a bad guy in bat 3, he would be great as one of the bad guys,, i dont know which ,, any of the actors from Goodfellas would be great, i know its a bit nuts but you never know sometimes the quite daft is not always daft..

    tho there wont be any robin no matter what ,, from what we are hearing and Christian bales comments unless they find an exceptional actor that Bale and the Nolans aprove and can Jeal in that team, tho Robin is very unlikely,its possible maybe Catwoman will make an entrance,
    the bad guy is very hard to predict he could come from the wider vaults of the Batman world. one thing is its going to go into a complete close and tie up of the Batman Trilogy that gets it ready for the JLA. May God Bless the actors and producers in their lives as they go through creative pressure may they find that the wise and Powerful God that inspired the greatest story ever told , inspire and direct their paths amen.

  20. a lot of people think it would be cheesy but look at it this way, get a 16,17 year robin, with the teenage angst but he is also dark from his parents death. No tights just like black combat pants and than some of that armor like batman has except for dark red and black. maybe a capre if they feel like ti but its unecessary. I’m thinking Logan Lerman or Carter Jenkins maybe. I would love to have robin in the new movie

  21. Actually, Barbara Gordon Is Commissioner Gordon’s Daughter

    • But originally Bat-Girl was Betty Kane, the niece of Bat-Woman, Kathy Kane, girlfriend to Bruce Wayne.

  22. Everybody on other threads have been bringing up Clayface or Catwoman but I thinkthat it’d be great if Batman was running from the place while trying to mantian peace and Hush was the villian. The Heart of Hush was great and would be a brilliant twist in Batman’s already twisted situation.
    Unfortunately there would have to be a timeskip, Catwoman and Batman would have to have an established partenership and a few Robin (Dick and Tim) would be fairly necessary. Which means that this idea is almost totally impossible and a not very good one.
    The thing is though that The Riddler is dangerously similar to the Joker and as much as I love Batman I don’t want a watery version of The Dark Knight. I think that to differentiate Nolan needs to make sure to give the Riddler a few things:
    A. His henchmen: Jigsaw and Crossword
    B. A strong motive
    C. An even stronger character
    The character especially needs to be extremely defined. I’ve heard a few people suggest for him to be serious and straight faced but I think that’s the wrong idea completely. Part if what I like about The Riddler is that he has a terrible and crooked little sense of humour. To take that away would leave him bland and soggy.
    I’ve also heard rumours about Joseph Gorlson-Levitt being The Riddler to which I rejoice. Partly because I love him beyond all else but mostly because he’s an amazing actor and I think he could do wonders with the role, though he is a tad bit youthful. As much as people have been putting down this idea I believe it could very well happen as Nolan often reuses actors in his films and JGL is a fan favourite.
    Would be a terrible mistake. As much as I love the Boy Wonder it would be a bad idea to drag him into Nolan’s Gotham. Dick Grayson is far too happy to be involved with such a dark place and would only be an irratation to Batman and his character. Really the only two who could fit in would be Jason Todd, who almost everyone hates, or Damian Wayne, which would involve a ridiculous time skip and confuse the audiences. The only way I could see Dick appearing is if he meets Batman in the very end or something stupid happens like The Riddler kills his parents and him and the Batman team up. And if that does happen I may very well cry.
    All and all I think it’s far too early to call anything
    but I would love to see the Riddler done by JGL and would HATE to see Cher anywhere near a cat suit ever.

  23. Ok… the cat is out of the bag for real now… Cher in a Cat Suit… lets just stick with Charlize Theron and call it a day when it comes to that subject… Aeon Flux come on down on cats paws!

    As for the Riddler, its either going to be Depp or this kid actor from Inception… the two just dont compare in stature if you ask me…

    Seriously…. the Riddler is a man with a past even if we dont see much of it… Seriously…maybe a character like Harley Quinn factors into the history of the film but I really think that setting up the tension between the Riddler and Batman should be a direct and palpable shock for the audience as a part of the weird power that the Riddler has mastered. This would put him on equal footing with this enigmatic Bruce Wayne who faced his dark side in a cave and with his very own teacher stalking him. Is Joseph Gorlson-Levitt gonna really be able to touch him… much less make him squirm… I think not… The Riddler needs to be a mastermind trained in some ancient arts as well as Batman to be believed.

    I truly believe that Christian Bale is the best straight man for any scenario he gets into and needs a decent antagonist to carry the weight of his metal facade appropriately. What strong character could carry the weight and measure of a man who could break the entire mystery of Bruce Wayne and Batman as one who has survived both sensi and self?

    Can any of you guess where I am going with this???

    Look at it this way, Batman and Nygma have a history and its sordid in more ways than Batman can imagine sort of like Bale does his best work when he is faced with the task and the timeline exclusively. Bale is not the sort to mush things up and gets a bit thin in the margin when asked to as we saw with an American Psycho. He is significantly suited for the Bruce Wayne dilemma of managing so many decisions and levels of social framework that the personal nuance is lost for him many times. He really needs the master of manipulation and chameleon of crime to if he is to be ruffled and stirred up enough to let something major like the Bat Cave entrance slip through the radar and be detected.

    Who is this Master of Manipulation and Chameleon of Crime you ask??? Ah well, do you really think it will be some wet behind the ears geeky trickster who can formulate some mayhem or a dashed-off-the-top cream face high school bandy ready and willing to play the part in tights opposite the likes of Bale in his Kevlar Armor? Well then…think again!

    Edward Nygma needs the sort of mystery and finesse which is both entrance and brooding in its torment… He needs a bit of sinister which has been aged like a fine wine which comes from the cellar far from the light of day to re-emerge with a glint at the sun. Edward Nygma needs a specifically telling way of stepping on the scene again which erases the funhouse that was a joke for real. He needs a touch of the Egyptian to remind us that all mysteries are eternally lingering for each person to ponder their ability in the realm of masterminds and idiot savants.

    Edward Nygma is best suited to a man who has cultivated a sense of torment and destiny in his very gaze which cannot be stolen by anything going on around him nor rattled by the weapons of the legendary Batman. Edward needs to come with the air of a man with nothing to lose bearing a riddle which has multiple answers but only one that allows you to live.

    The Riddle of this Riddler is, in fact, as much about how the Riddler knows what he knows and from where he will next emerge within the social framework that is the Empire of Bruce Wayne… This is how we should come to see the character of Harley and possibly a cameo of other foes.

    The Riddler should baffle the Catwoman and toy with her as though she were a kitty tangled in some string…. The Riddler should be Johnny Depp and he should walk with a Cane not because his limp is so bad but because he has spent some time studying Egyptian arts as a Magician of both illusion and deception which would remind us of the calm and cool terror that people experience when the meet up with a character such he.

    The riddle of Edward Nygma should be borne by an actor who has bested every role with his own way of weaving together all the stories and symbols and intricacies of intonation. The way the riddle is told and presented is always where we find ourselves gripped by the fear of unknowning and yet suspended on the brink of thinking we know only to veer dangerously close to a very wrong answer. I believe that Depp can deliver this role better than many actors who have come before and with his natural air of mystery might even provide a twist that the director had not yet thought of such as starring as himself in the movie at various points to confuse Bruce Wayne as to who he is really dealing with.

    Talk about nervy… this is the job of the Riddler and I do think that Bale and Depp had this very sort of tension in Public Enemies to the degree that I would love to see it play out further. Bales performance in the The Prestige and also in The Machinist let me know that he can rise to the occasion and subtlety of Depp’s Characterizations in an epic Fantasy/Mystery/Action Plotline devised as a mousetrap built for two.

    Obviously I will be down front center on this one….

  24. I hear that they’re trying to get Jaden Smith to play Robin.

  25. they should have the Penguin running for mayor auknow to the citezens of gothem that he is infact in charge of a gangster group he wins the ellection and apoints Bane as his bodyguard however he is a retired wrestler who is on steroids. Bruce Wayne now has a new girlfriend who is kidnaped by the Penguin and is Brainwashed she then becomes catwoman the riddler could pose as the penguins top gangster who leaves riddles to his victims he discovers who Batman is and leaves riddles for him and tell’s the penguin the Penguin go’s to announce it but Batman has a trick up his sleeve he heard The Penguin planing something and films it he then puts the film on a time sq sort of tv and the public realise who he is please respond to plot.