Rubik’s Cube Movie In the Works

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Rubiks Cube movie in the works Rubiks Cube Movie In the Works

Yes, you read that title correctly.

Not content with turning Battleship, Candyland, Ouiji Board, Hot Wheels and Stretch Armstrong into movies (to name just a few), Hollywood has targeted a toy that is so far away from being suitable for the big-screen it’s not even funny: The Rubik’s Cube.

According to What’s Playing, CAA has signed Rubik’s Cube as a “client” and there’s already interest in turning the puzzle into a movie. Although no official deals have been made, the agency is said to be meeting with various different producers and studios about turning the most popular toy in the world into a feature film.

But just what in the name of Thor‘s hammer could a Rubik’s Cube movie be about? There’s a suggestion that the film could be plotted around a competition, presumably of who can solve it the fastest (the current world record is 7.08 seconds – WOW!). That seems to me to be the only logical story a Rubik’s Cube-based movie could have, because trying to come up with a narrative for the puzzle seems like a stretch even by Hollywood’s “make anything into a movie” standards.

rubiks cube header Rubiks Cube Movie In the Works

Our own Paul Young previously predicted this movie adaptation would happen and suggested as much in his 7 Ridiculous Toy-Based Movies article. According to Paul, a Rubik’s Cube movie could be a thriller about a group of people who get trapped inside the cube and have to figure out how to solve the puzzle before it’s too late. Hollywood, are you listening? icon razz Rubiks Cube Movie In the Works

This is just another one of those cases where a toy is so popular and well known that Hollywood thinks a movie is the next logical step. But the trouble is that Rubik’s Cube doesn’t have any story to whatsoever – it’s just a multicolored block you turn to make each side all the same color. Aside from making it a competition film (a type of film we’ve seen a million times before) I can’t really see how a movie version would work.

Source: What’s Playing

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  1. Wasn’t this movie already made – The Pursuit of Happyness :)

    • Correct :)

    • HA! That’s funny

  2. Okay. You can either have a movie about a Rubik competition (yawn)

    You can have a movie about a kid who wants to impress a girl. To prove how smart he is, he will take apart the cube and put it back as one in the correct color sequence. The poor fella who solved the puzzle without cheating will lose the girl. He will wind up winning the heart of a hot cheerleader instead because we need a happy ending. No—? That won’t do? Oh wait…I got it!

    There’s this cursed rubik’s cube. You play with it, solve a puzzle, You unwittingly open a gateway to hell, where this funky looking dude with needles in his head, with a little help from his wacky pale faced pals, will tear your soul apart with big fishhooks. What do you mean “that’s already been done! Darn it!

    How about a mystery where The Rubik’s Cube is used as the murder weapon and the main suspect is a Rubik’s cube champion? No?

    A documentary on the Rubik’s phenom- like that doc a few years ago, the one about Donkey Kong…? (King Of Kong :Fistful of Quarters) Sounds great! Oh wait, *we don’t* want a doc!

    I throw my cub at the executive; the executive turns into The Missing Link.

    BINGO! We have a winner!

    Next pitch: We want a movie based on ‘Simon’!

    • What about Bop-It!

  3. anyone remember the rubic’s cube cartoon? The cube was magical… and maybe alien or something. a little head would appear on it when it was solved and it would fly around and help the kids. and every episode it would somehow get scrambled up and the kids would have to solve it to get help from him. lol

    • LOL here you go…

      • Oh my God! Someone needs to be smacked

  4. Scientist leaves Rubick’s Snake lying around in Area 51 (as they so often do – “Snake Breaks” actually being compulsory after particularly arduous sessions of back-engineering); gets infused with alien powers from crashed Roswell saucer, becomes sentient, self-perpetuating monstrosity like Proteus in Demon Seed; unchecked, will turn entire Earth into massive cube through use of hyper-dimensional geometry; all weapons including hurled bricks, bottles and secret orbital laser platform prove ineffective against it; can only be battled with quantum-Rubick equations dreamed up by 12-year-old orphan genius using new “Cube” application on iPhone, luring it into path of Hadron Collider.



    Hear its roar.

  5. Bring on “Ball and Stick: The Movie”.

    Ball is framed for a crime he didn’t commit. Stick, his faithful partner, must help bust him out so they can bust the criminal organization that put him away. Starring a ball as “Ball”, the gritty, street-wise bouncing ball; and a stick as “Stick”, his hapless and naive counterpart.

    • HA… I actually heard ball was being played by none other then Philip Seymour Hoffman abd the roll of stick was originally meant for Heath Ledger… but now Hayden Christensen is up for Ball’s wooden pal

  6. Did anyone see this spoof of a Slinky pitch titled “Boy Meets Coil”? Funny stuff.

  7. Scary thought:

    Wasn’t there a horror movie (“Cube”) about people trying to escape a booby-trap-filled…cube? Of course, it wasn’t as colorful as this movie would have to be, but still…

    We all, I’m sure, can’t wait for “EasyBake Oven–Death Brownie”, a lurid and sinster tale of a psychotic little girl who lures each of her victims to a fudgy demise through use of a small, battery-driven fan and the fabulous smell of rich brownie deliciousness wafting through the buildings she “innocently” enters on the premise of selling her chocolaty treats to raise funds for a school trip.

    Unfortunately for those the sweet-toothed business people caught in her single-light-bulb-lit dim glow of deception, there is no class trip…only DEATH BROWNIE.

    • I’d rather see a Lite-Brite film….

  8. is it going to turn into the continuum transfunctioner???? :D

  9. How about a color blind kid must solve the Rubik’s Cube in one hour in order to raise enough money to save his family farm from being seized by the bank? A little competition. A little heart warming. All American.

  10. PONG- An action-adventure, $100 million dollar extravaganza epic starring Harrison Ford as an aging scientist trying to discover the secret of repetition who accidentally opens a gateway into another dimension called Zongo as he sends a message at 186,000 miles per second. The alien reply comes in the form of a deadly radioactive blip that will destroy all life on the planet unless the scientist can deflect it and send it back. For two hours, it becomes a battle of wits between the two worlds. Who will win? Rated R for heavy violence, use of adult language and nudity.

  11. I can’t wait for “Hungry Hungy Hippos: The Movie!” Reality TV stars have to hike through the African plains pursued by rabid, starving hippos. #1 on the menu for the hippos: The Snooki Sandwich.

  12. “Playdough-Man: A Hero Created ” (a superhero origin)

    “Frisbee: Disc of Power” (a questing adventure)

    “Silly Putty and Silly Lives” (a rom-com)

    “Mystery Date: Death Rings the Doorbell” (a slasher prequel or sequel)

    “Chutes & Ladders: Sliders, the Movie” (an SF actioner)

    “Checkers: KingMaker” (fantasy war epic)

    Heaven help us…the possibilities are endless.

  13. Transformers did the giant alien Rubiks Cube angle already so that won’t work… hmmmm

    Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Rubiks Tomb

  14. This craze of converting toy properties that have no possible plot or characters should stop.

  15. It depends on what you use it for.
    It is probably going to be part of some puzzle related mystery .

  16. or it could be an origin story of how the cube got invented and sold in a social network sort of way