Rosamund Pike as Emma Frost in X-Men: First Class?

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Casting for Bryan Singer and Director Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: First Class is well underway and it’s very clear that they, along with Fox, are doing their best to give the franchise a fresh start with an entirely new set of actors.

So far, we already know James McAvoy will be playing the younger version of Patrick Stewart’s Professor Charles Xavier and the latest rumors have the talented Michael Fassbender possibly joining the cast as Eric Lensherr/Magneto. Reports also indicate that they’re testing and searching for actors to take over the key roles of Cyclops and Jean Grey, confirming that no one familiar to the franchise will be playing the characters in First Class.

Adding to the possible talent behind the latest X-Men project, Forces of Geek are reporting that Rosamund Pike (Die Another Day, Surrogates) is testing for the part of Emma Frost in the series prequel.

While we do not yet know who will comprise the X-Men: First Class roster, it’s been pretty certain all along that Emma Frost would play a key role. Her character was of strong interest to Bryan Singer back when he was still set to direct X-Men 3 and she ended up being introduced when played by Tahyna Tozzi in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

My only confusion about the possibility of this casting choice is that Pike, who was apparently spotted with Emma Frost comics in hand, is 31 years old. As we know, X-Men: First Class acts as the prequel to the X-Men trilogy and follows a younger (teenage?) version of the first students at Professor Xavier’s School for the Gifted. As we saw in the continuity-crippling X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the character of Emma Frost was depicted as a youngster at the same approximate age as Cyclops and the other young mutants rescued by Professor X at the end of the movie.

If they choose a 31-year-old to play Emma and a late-teen or early-twenty-something to play Cyclops, that may not work if they’re planning on playing up the relationship between Scott Summers and Emma (love triangle, anyone?).

If Pike is picked up for role, I’d expect the movie would be playing into the earlier storylines of the character from the books where she may be more of a villainous character or perhaps she could take on a teaching role for Xavier or for herself in her own Mutant school/training program (that was played up in the Ultimate X-Men storyline).

Continue to page 2 for a little theory on Emma Frost’s role in X-Men: First Class…


Wild Theory

If you’re an X-Men fan, you may be excited to hear that the folks at Fox have had several discussions about the character of Cable and introducing him into the movies, thereby bringing in theme of time-travel for the franchise to play with. I’ve had the long-standing theory that if Cable is introduced into the movies, his origins would obviously differ significantly from the comics due to the confines of the continuity that has been constructed thus far.

However, if they keep the most important aspect of Cable for the films – that he is the son of Cyclops – then they could change his mother to be Emma Frost in the movies instead of Madelyne Pryor (wife of Cyclops and clone of at-the-time dead Jean Grey…). In current X-Men comics, Cyclops and Emma Frost are a couple but in the movies, it would have to follow the reverse order in that they could be an item before Cyclops becomes engaged to Jean Grey (since they both “die” in X3).

cable cyclops x men first class movie 280x425 Rosamund Pike as Emma Frost in X Men: First Class?

Cable & Cyclops (art by Adi Granov)

Bringing this back around to the topic at hand; If Rosamund Pike is selected as Emma Frost, I don’t think this theory has any wings due to the likely age gap between her and young Cyclops. Then again, First Class is poised to become its own franchise if it does well so we’ll have to wait and see what they do with Emma and Scott’s relationship and whether or not Cable is ever utilized in the movies.

With the talent behind X-Men: First Class and the talent being looked at to go in front of the cameras, this movie might just be what Fox needs to right this franchise.

Can Rosamund Pike pull off Emma Frost? What do you expect of the character in X-Men: First Class?

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X-Men: First Class opens June 3, 2011.

Source: Forces of Geek

Emma Frost sketch by jasonpal

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  1. I think this is a misunderstanding or somebody overheard and made an assumption. She played a character named Frost in a James Bond movie and that is probably all that was heard. My guess, at least.

  2. meh keeping with her powers im sure she can project and or make people see what she wants them to see…

    So maybe she only looks that age even though she is a scared child. That way it was easier for her to fit in while being a mutant.

    Of course she falls in with the bad guys. Gets beat and must “grow up”. Now she is prepped for the right age to be Emma the White Queen (in future Xmen movies) as she was making money since she was young (posing as an adult) with legit business fronts creating the Hellfire Circle.

    Little off the beaten path as the “history” goes but pretty good if I dont say so myself.

  3. She looks almost exactly like Emma Frost in that picture despite her age. I think she can pull it off but like Jamie Bell shes too old unless they make Frost older or something. They should add that Cable story in there, that would be amazing. Emma hasnt had a major roles of the other xmen movies so her role in this movie should show who she is and why she left the xmen

    • The X-Men started long before the Wolverine movie takes place. That’s why Xavier shows up at the end. First Class takes place long before Wolverine.

      • I thought Cyclops was part of the first class of mutants in the comics though and that’s why they had him in the Wolverine movie as a young kid? Fox has certainly screwed up the continuity with this franchise so who knows what order their movie timeline has or will follow.

  4. If this has the potential to stand as it’s own series, while I thought Bryan Singer did well with the first two movies the third was just ok and while it would also mean losing a perfect casting of Wolverine and Professor X, it may be time to restart the franchise with this one allowing for the correct accurate first class and building upon that team and adding team members as appropriate as opposed to creating new ones as they plan to do with this movie and instead spending a little more time exploring already solid characters that got little to no love in any of these movies like Beast and his progression to the blue beast he is now. Also a better look at Angel allowing for the possible Archangel story line further down the road, starting off with Iceman and developing him better and Colossus further on down the road of the series. In my opinion it’s a great opportunity to start fresh and they can also us Singer’s X-Men 4 to work with the already introduced characters in a seperate storyline in line with the previous ones.

  5. If they are serious about Casting her as Emma then Fox will just screw the pooch again even with the ‘amazing’ Bryan Singer putting his seal of approval. Sorry but while his movies brought about the age of Comic Blockbusters X-Men dragged with inaccurate backgrounds for half the characters that starred and seemed to shove Wolverine down everyone’s throat. X-men is about the team not one mutant.

    They truly need to go back to the drawing board and cancel out everything that has come before and follow the path Marvel Studios is by following the ultimate time line where it fits and launch several stories near enough that they can tie in for an X-men team up movie like Marvel is tying everything into the Avengers.

    sorry for the Rant

  6. I’d like this, aside from one key thing: the Cable factor. I understand this is something you guys came up with, and it works on one level-he’s still Scott’s kid, he’s still got his leadership and strength. The one thing this leaves out? The nigh-on god level TK and telepathy Cable can use when unrestricted, 100% the product of being a child of a clone of Jean Grey.

  7. Wait… Fox owns the film rights to the character of Cable? I thought Marvel still had them… damn.

  8. I personally think we should just throw out the entire wolverine movie and start a new continuity with the real x men team and make this series all about cyclops and near nothing about wolverine. The wolverine movie destroyed all that I loved about hugh jackman as wolverine. This comes from a wolverine fanatic who loved how heavy the original series was on him. I’ve honestly had enough

  9. As said above, it is possible that Pike was contacted for X-Men, but not the role of Emma Frost. I’m thinking another character, like Scarlet Witch. But even if it was Emma Frost…let’s throw down a little gauntlet.

    X-Men Wolverine did make a blunder. See, in promotional material, it was “supposed” to be Emma Frost. In the film, it isn’t. Her name is ‘Emma’, but her mutant power differs from Emma Frost/White Queen. In addition, we automatically are assuming Emma in the Wolverine film is a teen; what if she WASN’T? She could easily pass for early to mid 20’s.

    Interesting though that the pic above shows a sketch of Emma Frost, and Pike’s pose is from Die Another Day, where she played double agent Miranda Frost.

  10. The continuity of the finished X movies should not have any relevance to Fist Class. Let’s hope First Class reboots the X franchise and gets it heading into the right direction. I have two requests as a long time comic reader and movie ticket purchaser.

    First, no Emma Frost except maybe as a third banana hanging in the background like Jubilee in X-Men 1 and 2. She was not part of the original team any-damn-way.

    Second, make First Class look like that painting behind Matthew Vaughn’s head. No more corny slick rubber padded outfits. Just use cotton and an attention to detail.