Rooney Mara on ‘The Girl Who Played with Fire’: ‘I’m Not Getting Any Younger’

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It’s nearly two full years since David Fincher’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo hit theaters and we’ve still yet to see much movement on the sequel, The Girl who Played with Fire. She doesn’t look a day older since portraying Lisbeth Salander in the 2011 release, but Rooney Mara does have a point – she’s not getting any younger.

After accumulating a decent $232.6 million at the worldwide box office, it would have made sense for Fincher and Co. to roll right into the next installment of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium series, The Girl Who Played with Fire, and then perhaps just jump right into the final novel, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest, but instead he moved on to House of Cards and his stars, Mara and Daniel Craig, were swarmed by other projects.

Even though Mara is prepping to shoot Stephen Daldry’s Trash in Brazil this September, she’s still hopeful that the adaptation of the Millennium series will continue. While discussing her upcoming release, Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, she noted:

“I hope that they make the second one. I’m just not sure when they’re going to. I mean, I hope they make it soon because I’m not getting any younger. The second one is very physical, so hopefully they’ll be making it sooner rather than later.”

Just a few weeks ago, word got out that Andrew Kevin Walker is currently rewriting the Girl Who Played with Fire script that Steve Zaillian earned a pretty penny to pen, so perhaps Mara could get her wish. Fincher’s Gone Girl is currently in pre-production, so assuming he shoots that while Mara shoots Trash and while Walker polishes the script, they could be in prime position for a green light soon thereafter.

Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander Rooney Mara on ‘The Girl Who Played with Fire’: Im Not Getting Any Younger

But, of course, that still leaves Daniel Craig. In order to avoid a lengthy wait while Craig shoots Bond 24, The Girl Who Played with Fire would need to be in production in early 2014, otherwise they run the risk of killing all of the series’ momentum.

When asked is she was contractually obligated to be on standby should the sequel get a green light, Mara simply replied, “kind of.” It’d seem strange for the filmmakers to commit to the first film without ensuring they’d have both Mara and Craig locked for the next two installments, but there has been talk of moving forward on a smaller budget by cutting Craig’s character.

Regardless of whether or not they pay Craig’s fee, the longer they wait, the pricier and busier Mara will end up getting so that new writer recruit could be a sign of the studio making a serious push towards keeping Mara, getting Fincher while he’s free and maintaining a reasonable amount of franchise hype. If there’s another snag between now and then, it could be necessary to put the trilogy to bed early.

Keep an eye out for our full chat with Mara on Ain’t Them Bodies Saints coming later this week.


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  1. “Playede with fire”, “Hornet’s nest”? Smokey the bear and The Green Hornet will be ticked!

  2. Who cares? I’ll just watch the swedish films, I’m not too lazy to read subtitles.

    • I agree with this.

      The English language version was a shot for shot remake and I didn’t like Rooney in the role at all.

      • I guess we watched two different movies then because the American one is, even though it resembles the Swedish one, a much better made movie. It at least looked like a quality movie where the Swedish one looked like a made-for-TV movie.

        Lets be honest, the American one just looked better in every way.

        • My impression too. The Swedish version was smaller in every way.
          Fischer’s work is on another cinematic level owing nothing to the first.

          • Love Fincher. Love Mara and Craig. Love the Swedish trilogy but the American remake was awesome too. SOMEBODY MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

        • I agree. While there are some differences in the Swedish version and the American version, I did feel like the American version delivered a more cinematic type of viewing pleasure. I actually liked Mara in the role along with Craig. To be honest, both films seemed like they played it safe compared to the novels but out of the two, the American version felt like it was better told even if it was played safe

          • For me, both offered vastly different experiences. I thought Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara were a better fit, but the overall swedish cast was much better.

            • I could be mistaken, but I thought the Swedish version was–in fact–a television production. Even so, I prefer the US version mainly because Noomi Rapace has failed to grab my attention in any of her roles.

              • The appeal of Noomi Rapace is a mystery to me too.
                Rooney Mara on the other hand is quite appealing.

        • I hate most American movies but the American version was better than the Swedish ones. Why? Because the Swedish ones presumed you’d read the book. If you hadn’t it was pretty difficult to follow the story. In terms of acting, mood, location etc of course the Swedish one was spot on, but as an exercise in telling a story, it didn’t work for me and I HAD read the books. I’m a teacher, and if my students heard me praising an American remake they’d be shocked. It is not something I normally do. But in my opinion it is simply an easier to understand movie.

          • I personally preferred the Swedish version. I thought the American version did not give the same experience as the Swedish and preferred the non-Hollywood-polished look and I like that it wasn’t spelled out as far as plot and story line was concerned. I don’t like to be hand fed stories like a kindergartner does.

      • You obviously did not watch the English version, which was anything but a shot-for-shot remake. Just look at the differences in how they went after Wennestrom and how Harriet Vanger was reunited in the end. Sheesh!

      • Shot for shot remake? For one, it wasn’t even a remake – the English version was being made at the same time as the Swedish version, the Swedish one just came out first. For two, the two interpretations of the book were both quite different, the Swedish one was more brutal, but I think the English one was much better presented.

        • The american production was superior due mainly to Rooney Mara. Her performance carried the movie from her first appearance to her last. If everyone is candid in their review they have to acknowledge there is acting and there is a quality performance of which Rooney Mara’s was one.

      • A “shot for shot remake?”
        You have GOT to be kidding.
        Either that, or you’re a somewhat effective troll.

    • Well I’m American and I can’t read, so thank almighty-Reagan they made a colorful and sparkle-y version for folks like ME who speak American…

      Besides, David Fincher’s choice of actors and ability to give deeply flawed characters a heartbreaking lovable appeal makes his version of the film a richer experience. I can’t say which of the two movies is more loyal to the book because, like I said, I’m from America and cannot read.

  3. Awww… poor girl. You are already 28. God forbid you might have to portray a physical role when you are in your 30s! I mean, that’s ancient, right?

    • Seriously. I really hate it when people in their twenties say crap like that.

      • In the book Lisabeth Salander is a 25 year old who supposedly looks about 19, so I can understand her reasoning since she’s about to be 30 and looks it.

    • Heck, I developed arthritis at 27. Never quite been the same since. Not everyone is blessed to be fit throughout their late twenties and thirties. When you are 17 you can’t imagine not being able to do stuff or be as quick and nimble. You never know how things may turn out.

      It would be best to stop dragging their heels.

      • Well, I’m 37 and I’m still as fit as I was when I was 17. In fact I’m in better shape than back then. ;)

    • I get what she’s saying. Now that I’m 35 I’m shopping for plastic hips and my pen*s has an oxygen tank it pushes around.

  4. Yeah, she’s not getting any younger, but neither is Daniel Craig. That’s what they need to worry about if anything. Craig makes his age look good, but there might come a time where he’ll look too old for a role like this opposite to Rooney Mara.

    And if they end up cutting his character, I probably won’t watch the film. Craig’s Mikael Blomkvist was the only reason I really liked the film because there were a lot of uncomfortable scenes which didn’t involve Mikael, making him more likable because his story was comforting.

    • That’s the same thing they need to think about with the James Bond movies, you can’t be waiting too long to make them because eventually Craig will start looking his age.

      • Odds are, it’s only 2 more. That’s what is left in his contract and I don’t think he’ll want more than that when it’s all said and done.

  5. Lisbeth Salander is 23. Playing her in your thirties
    which is what would happen with making two more
    is a legitimate concern for Rooney Mara to entertain.

    I much preferred Rooney’s Lisbeth to Noomi’s.
    And Craig over Nyqvist as well and most of
    all David Fincher as director who for me
    made a far more engaging movie.

    • I’d agree if there weren’t countless precedents of actors in their 30s even portraying believable teens. Also, is the character’s age that relevant for the story?

      Besides, Noomi Rapace was 30 when she played Lisbeth.

      • I said Rooney Mara’s concern had legitimate grounds.
        She feels that way and no one can say that she is wrong.
        Whether or not she could actually pull it off is a separate issue.

      • I’d say Lisbeth’s age in the books is a prime concern. If she was in her 30s and still declared incompetent, people would ask questions. 23 is near enough (especially given her waifish appearance), that one is less inclined to think about it unless you already know her.

    • Lisbeth is not 23/24 in all the books, just the first one. She’s about 26 in the second one and about 28 in the third one, and Rooney Mara can look younger for age. I don’t see it as a big deal for a younger looking 29 year old to play a 26 year old or a person in their early 30′s to play a person in their late 20′s. Heck, I don’t care what age an actress or actor is so long as they reasonably look like they are the approximate age, and many people in their 20′s and 30′s have a lot of play, there. Many can look quite a bit younger, or be made up to look older, so there is some wiggle room.

  6. I really liked both the Swedish and American version. If you watch them, they were completely different. Hope they make two more with both stars.

  7. She’s a lovely girl but, regardless, I agree with the gist of what she’s saying. If it’s going to happen, make it happen already.

    • I agree. That’s basically it and her instincts are correct.

    • I agree. Why not make it while she still looks “young”. The longer they wait, the less interest people will have, the older she and Craig will get. Also they are in their prime so do it now before they decline(which may or may not happen)

  8. I’m wondering if she’s lobbying for the sequels to be filmed back-to-back? Regardless, with their overlapping cast of characters, that would seem to be a practical plan.

  9. Just leave the two books alone, that’s my opinion. But if Fincher and co. get the go-ahead, I’ll watch.

  10. Fischer made a brilliant movie I can’t understand why they haven’t made the last two.

  11. Funny Story.

    Took Auggie to go see Captain America.

    They started playing The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

    You never saw so many parents grabbing their children and running for the exits.

  12. yeah I liked this movie better than the original. Also like Mara and DC and the overall look of this movie more.

    I hope they get deals done and finish it up with Graig and Mara.

  13. They better keep Daniel Craig

  14. I really enjoyed the American version. Could not get on with the Swedish versions, the actors that portrayed them just didn’t appeal to me and not how I pictured them to be whilst reading the books. Mara and Craig were excellent together I hope they make the next films soon.

  15. The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo, one of the best movies made, very under rated, maybe because it hit to close to home for some of the banker elites. To truthful of what is really going on in our societies. I bet you can not find one person to say they did not enjoy this film and still in hopes for a sequel weather It’s titled “The Girl Who Played with Fire” or not. The sequel needs to have both Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig playing the rolls or just name it something else and do NOT call it a sequel.

    This movie would have done better with advertising behind it, it will still be one of the all time greats available and people will stumble upon it as I did, after the box office count.

    Please make the Sequel, you will not be disappointing with box sales.

    Jeff (Michigan USA)

  16. The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo, one of the best movies made, very under rated, maybe because it hit to close to home for some of the banker elites to swallow. To truthful of what is really going on in our societies. I bet you can not find one person to say they did not enjoy this film and still in hopes for a sequel weather It’s titled “The Girl Who Played with Fire” or not. The sequel needs to have both Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig playing the roles or just name it something else and do NOT call it a sequel.

    This movie would have done better with advertising behind it, it will still be one of the all time greats available and people will stumble upon it as I did for years to come, after the box office count.

    Please make the Sequel.

  17. I’m very disappointed that they have still not made this sequel. I just finished reading all three books for the 2nd time and,in my opinion, the last 2 are even better than the 1st. Perhaps they are putting off doing it because it would be impossible to make one without finishing the story with the last book. Don’t they have enough money to do it?
    I do prefer Rooney over Noomi as Lisbeth (she should have gotten the Oscar)but if they can’t get Craig for Mikael, maybe they could get Nyqvist. I thought he was GREAT! Plus he could teach all the American’s what a REAL Swedish accent sounds like. (If they eliminate the character they will ruin the entire story.)
    As for getting older, “Fire” starts out a full year after “Dragon” ends and “Hornet’s Nest” ends a year after that so Lisbeth is 25 at that point.

    Pleeeeeeeze Mr. Fincher. Get moving on these projects, won’t you???!!!

  18. I thought girl with the dragon tattoo was very good movie, hated the ending with her “new friend” walking away with his mistress partner boss… Looking forward to a sequel. Hopefully Craig’s character tetanized what Lisbeth did for him and reunite for another mystery investigation.

  19. Great so more overshadowing vulgarity, hoards of family stock photos, trips in luxury automobiles and an entanglement of purposefully confusing backstory to instill viewers with that deepness element, but… really isn’t mentally important to you after the movie, since this movies marketing priorities are similar to those of Drive 2011. All praised fanfare filled around a simple highfalutin plot. Rape’n Nazis.

  20. The English version so much better the women that plays lisbeth in the English version has taken the role of lisbeth to the level it should be . I did not think that the women in the Swedish version did not take that roll anywhere in my opinion I really want to see thr next two books with the same actress that played lisbeth and the same actor that played Sanders. I can’t wait so please get started. The actress that played lisbeth deserves a medal.

  21. start the project soon

  22. The Film rights to the Millennium Series that Sony owned expires by december 2015. another film studio could get the film rights beyond 2015 and reboot the series from scratch.

  23. I’ve seen both the Swedish and American versions. I actually liked the American version better, it tells the story more coherently (though I did find out that the original Swedish versions were cut severely for the American market. The originals are available on Amazon, and I’m hoping to pick them up soon.) As for the actors, it’s interesting: for some characters, the Swedish actors were a better fit, for some, the American actors were better. I liked both Noomi Rapace and Rooney Mara for Lisbeth… hard to say who’s my favorite. Rooney looks more like the description of Lisbeth in the books, but in some ways Noomi captured her personality better. For Blomkvist, I liked Daniel Craig better, he looked more the part of the “ladies’ man” that Blomkvist is supposed to be. For Bjurman, I liked the Swedish actor better, he had the “creepy” factor down pat! The American actor who played Bjurman just didn’t quite get there.

    • They need to get cracking if they’re going to make the second two movies. I think some of the momentum has already been lost, they can regain it if they act fast, but the clock is definitely ticking.

  24. “The Girl Who Played with Fire” …explains the eyebrows

  25. Ideas for film makers > ( music dvd’s )
    ( 1 ) The Life and Times of Martha Redbone
    ( 2 ) Teedra Moses / The Life Story.
    ( 3 ) The Unknown Fate of.
    Marie Queenie Lyons
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  26. cut Daniels character??? what the f&%$?