Ron Howard To Direct Stretch Armstrong Movie?

Published 6 years ago by , Updated August 22nd, 2013 at 5:15 pm,

Earlier this month we reported on the “WTF?!” news that Hollywood was going to be bringing us a Stretch Armstrong movie. Yes, that’s right, that toy/doll from your childhood whose muscly arms you could stretch. The film is part of a six-year deal between Universal Pictures and toy company Hasbro, and will be produced by Brian Grazer through his co-owned Imagine Entertainment company.

IESB is reporting that the Steve Oedekerk (Bruce Almighty, Kung Pow) penned Stretch Armstrong movie may have a director in the form of Ron Howard (A Beautiful Mind, The Da Vinci Code, Apollo 13). The news comes from an article in Business Wire that notes that the movie industry is looking to toy lines to make movies instead of the other way around as has been the case (for the most part) up until this point. Here is the quote from the report:

“There’s more [movies based on toys] on the way. Hasbro has a movie based on its G.I. Joe toy line coming out on Aug. 7. The company has an April 2011 release for a movie version of its Stretch Armstrong figure, to be directed by Ron Howard. That is part of a six-picture deal the company has with Universal Studios (GE), which included a movie version of Monopoly. Meanwhile, archrival Mattel (MAT) is working on movie versions of Hot Wheels and Major Matt Mason.”

As IESB asks, is this a confirmation that Howard is directing Stretch Armstrong? Or is this a mix up thinking that Howard is directing because he co-owns Imagine Entertainment with Grazer (who’s producing the film)? For now we will treat this as a possibility but not a confirmation.

Either way, I don’t think who the director of this ridiculous movie idea is will make much of a difference. There are risky ideas that it takes skillful directors to make into a workable movie, and then there are ideas that are beyond workability… I think most definitely Stretch Armstrong is one of those latter ideas. Even if they go the semi-serious route, there is nothing much to set it apart from characters like Mr. Fantastic or Plastic Man. I really don’t see the incentive for making this movie out with the simple name recognition it would bring.

We will be sure to let you know when it’s confirmed whether or not Howard is the director of Stretch Armstrong.

What do you think of Ron Howard possibly directing the Stretch Armstrong movie? Do you think there is any way this could possibly work as a movie?

Stretch Armstrong currently has an April, 2011 release date.

Source: IESB and Business Week

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  1. There is no way in hell that ron howard is going to be directing a Stretch armstrong movie

  2. Ron Howard directing does sound like a bit of a, uh, stretch. :-P


  3. It would just suck if a great director like Ron Howard was atttached to something soooo stupid…..this is something that would be great for Bret Ratner to direct.

  4. @Matt…Ratner, that’s a good idea!! LOL!!

    Does anyone else feel that the Hot Wheels flick will be awful? That ALL of these toy based films will be awful? Monopoly? ARE YOU F*%&!NG KIDDING ME?

  5. This would be a waste of a crappy directors time, nevermind Ron Howards!

  6. Well it’d be a more accurate Ron Howard film than the Da Vinci Code. Zing!

  7. Don’t we already have a movie character with stretch powers? Like in Fantastic Four? And look how good that came out…

  8. You know something Ken, Fantastic Four had the chance to be a great movie. I mean it was OK, but they just made it TOO comic-like. I thought the actors portraying the FF were well cast (C’mon Michael Chiklis was a great choice for The Thing) with maybe the exception of Jessica Alba (Scarlet Johannsen would have been a better choice). The problem was the writing and the directing, along with the casting choice of Dr. Doom. I can’t WAIT for the day that Marvel gets back the rights to the FF and makes a GREAT Fantastic Four movie. Come to think of it, Marvel should have NEVER let Fox NEAR FF as it one of their staple comics along with Spidey. FF should have been the first great Marvel production instead of Iron Man. Can you imagine how great FF would have been with Favs giving it the same passion as he did IM? What really sucks is that now FOX has one of my favorite characters from that line: The Silver Surfer. I think a solo Silver Surfer movie would have been great, but I really REALLY hope Fox does NOTHING with it so it reverts back to Marvel.

    Ok, I am done ranting off tangent. LOL.

  9. @Andy

    I’m sure you’re right, with the right people they can make almost anything good, I’ve loved both of the comic book movies Marvel has been in charge of so far, so I’m sure they would do the FF series justice too if they ever got the rights back from Fox. But I disagree about the perfect casting. Don’t remember much about The Thing, but that is a good thing, because everyone else’s acting was so horrible that it literally annoyed me while watching the movie. Especially the guy playing Mr. Fantastic, his acting was atrocious. And they RAPED Silver Surfer in my opinion. With a good story, good actors, and a good director, I think a FF movie should be fun to watch.

  10. I liked the first Fantastic Four and thought the casting was good w/ the exception of Jessica Alba….if it wasn’t for the fact that she is hot then she would not have gotten that role(or any other role).

  11. WTF squared.

  12. Maybe the movie will end with Stretch Armstrong ripping apart and releasing a poisonous gelatinous ooze that poisons people…Anyone remember than urban legend as a kid? Those of you old enough to actually have played with one that is..

  13. That was such a white trash toy,,,

    Ron Howard can do whatever he wants and he’s going to waste years of his life on this. “Comical…”

    Still waiting for the R Rated version of “Rock Um, Sock Um Robots”,,, :-)

    • Wow, you totally predicted Real Steel years in advance.

  14. Yah, it’s important what race the kids are who played with this toy… We need to focus on that… Any takers? :-P

  15. Really.

    I feel that I need to be very concise with my words on this topic.

    It’s… the worst… I mean, the WORST, possible idea for a movie.

    I hate Hollywood.

  16. Awwww…come on guys! They’ve been making flicks like this for ages! Didn’t any of you fork out $$ to see “Twister” some time back? I hear they are considering making a movie that deals with the current state of the economy based on “Shutes and Ladders”.

    I reiterate, “BRING ON THE GIANT SLINKY”!!!

  17. @nowhereman

    I don’t know about chutes and ladders, where are the ladders?It’s just one chute followed by a bigger chute…

  18. @Alex
    Worst idea? I don’t know; they are also thinking about that kid on the bubblegumm wrappers. :oD

  19. Bazooka Joe is worse John..I agree completely at least the toy idea has already translated to the big screen…

    I hear that an Avengers style team-up with Count Chocula, the Trix Rabbit, Lucky Leprechaun, Captain Crunch, Toucan Sam & Sonny the Cuckoo bird. This team will be led by the Kool-Aid Man (Oh YEAH!!!!).

    The focus of the movie will involve sugar cane being the target of a terrorist plot to rid kids breakfast cereal of sugar.. :)

  20. Lol GK333. Don’t give them any ideas.

  21. @greenknight
    I needed that laugh, bud. that was funny. :-D

  22. @greenknight
    You forgot to mention their arch enemy:

  23. @ nowhereman


    So look’s like it’s the Cereal Supers Vs The Cereal Killers!!

    Oh it’s on!!

    This just gets better and Better…

  25. I hope nobody is taking this cerealously?!! :)