‘Romancing the Stone’ Remake Is Still Moving Forward

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Romancing the Stone remake in the works Romancing the Stone Remake Is Still Moving Forward

Romancing the Stone has it all: dangerous South American jungle adventures with an Indiana Jones-style anti-hero (Michael Douglas’ Jack T. Colton), a memorable romance between the hero and lovely writer Joan Wilder (Kathleen Turner), Danny DeVito as a bumbling criminal named Ralph – not to mention, it was the film that jump-started director Robert Zemeckis’ career.

So, naturally, 20th Century Fox is planning to remake it for a whole new generation.

A Romancing the Stone remake has actually been in the cards since about 2007, but there’s been little to no progress on the project. Moviehole has learned that Fox studio heads and producer Emma Watts are now on the prowl for a director who can offer a “fresh, exciting take” on the tale.

In recent months, other remakes of famous ’80s titles (Short Circuit, Dirty Dancing, WarGames, etc.) have managed to snag fairly experienced directors. However, the plan with Romancing the Stone is to bring a relative newcomer onboard:

“… someone newish to the moviemaking scene, though that someone will naturally encompass a unique set of skills that goes beyond ‘point and shoot’ capabilities.”

That is why one-time rumored candidate Robert Luketic is reportedly out of the picture to helm this particular remake. The starlet of Luketic’s Killers and The Ugly Truth (Katherine Heigl) is still being eyed for the Joan Wilder role, while Taylor Kitsch (the upcoming John Carter and Battleship) is on the wish list to portray the Jack T. Colton character. Gerard Butler is reportedly also being considered for the part of Colton.

While pretty much everybody seems to agree that the sparks failed to fly between Butler and Heigl in The Ugly Truth, the minds behind the Romancing the Stone remake appear to feel otherwise. Go figure.

Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl in The Ugly Truth Romancing the Stone Remake Is Still Moving Forward

Will Butler and Heigl be 'Romancing the Stone'?

At first it seems like the recent under-performance of ’80s remakes Fright Night and Conan the Barbarian would give studio heads reason to pause before they move ahead with Romancing the Stone. However, the latter film was much more lucrative than either of those aforementioned films – enough so that it led to a sequel, The Jewel of the Nile, being released just a year later; not to mention, there were ongoing plans for a third installment all the way up until about 1997. So it is arguably a different situation.

Romancing the Stone does boast a nice blend of genre elements (action, adventure, romance, comedy), but the cast was arguably a big part of why it all worked so well. Hence why it’s difficult to be anything but skeptical about an “updated’ version being able to recapture the magic of the original.

Nonetheless, we will keep you posted on the status of the Romancing the Stone remake.

Source: Moviehole

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  1. Good grief! Can’t they stop rebooting every darn thing that was even halfway successful?! No wonder I barely bother with cinema anymore. I’ve seen it all already. lol

    • Agreed. Whatever happen to new ideas.

  2. Ryan Gosling Anne Hathaway

    • I would definitely avoid it if they’re cast as Jack Colton and Joan Wilder.

  3. why oh why..!!! remakes,reboots,reimaginings etc..give us something new!!! romancing the stone was a mild diversion ar best,livened up by a good performance from michael douglas…as to gerard butler playing the roll…shame on you gerard..the lure of easy money…

  4. Ryan Gosling Anne Hathaway just a thought .

  5. It appears they are trying to remake the whole dam 1980s decade. Which was the golden era for film in: fantasy, sci-fi, action, teen drama, and adventure.

    The 21st century could never repeat the 20th. What is past is best and can’t be rectified any better. These are timeless classics.

    • Cory, I think my issue is exactly the opposite. They are not timeless at all to me, but rather such a product of their time that to try and transplant them will simply not work.

  6. Not that I didn’t think this film was a hoot back then, it’d be an utter disaster as a remake unless they REALLY remade it – gritty & realistic instead of slapstick. Gerry if this one winds up on your desk, step away…slowly…

  7. Please, for the love of all that is either good or holy, stop with the reboots!

  8. And they wonder why people don’t go to the movies anymore…..

    • Exactly. When this sure-to-be lame-duck remake comes out, I’ll just watch Romancing for Stone for relatively free… by grabbing my DVD of the movie from the 1980s and throwing into the player or disc drive.

      So long as they keep on remaking movies that don’t have to be remade, I’ll just watch the originals.

      I would go along for the remake ride if they were making them out of the desire to improve upon movies that came out decades ago, movies that weren’t as good as they could have been, or were overlooked.

      But these remakes are not coming from anything remotely resembling a desire to make a good movie. They’re just aiming for the absolute minimum, so they can throw out some meager garbage and slap a familiar title on it.

      Even worse, people eat it up, regardless of how bad it looks.

  9. I honestly wish there were a way we could make our opinions heard about the excessive rebooting BS. All we can really do is post our discontent on sites like SR and then not support them by passing seeing them.

    You would think the movie studios would have gotten the message by NOW but I would obviously be wrong. Bunch of unimaginative monkeys.

    • “I honestly wish there were a way we could make our opinions heard about the excessive rebooting BS.”

      You can, dont buy a ticket for the movie when it comes out.

      • What Aleric said and to add to that don’t buy the DVD either….

        • Nor rent it either.

          I’m in full agreement with Aleric.

          We speak with our money. Whether you give or withhold your money, that’s how you “speak” in Hollywood business language.

          This is why I ask (even beg) people to not go see movies that they “know are bad” but decide to see anyway. Why would anyone in their right mind want to see movies that look and sound bad?

          I know we’re living in a world in which many of the millennials hate critics to the very end of their existence, but more or less, when a majority of critics bash a film, they’re usually right.

          Besides, Hollywood is so predictable, one can just hear what a movie’s about and pretty much already know what’s going to be the end result. It doesn’t even take a college degree to be able to read Hollywood.

          People need to stop acting like they must see a new movie every weekend. There are so many things to do nowadays that surely someone can find something to whittle away two hours, right?

          Anyone who spends money on a movie is showing their support for a movie, whether you end up liking it or not.

          Don’t succumb to peer pressure. If something looks like a duck, walks like a duck and sounds like a duck, it is a duck.

  10. There are many films that have been a “reboot” from older films that a lot of younger people don’t realize because you weren’t around when the original came out. War of The Worlds is one example and A Star is Born. First one with Judy Garland and the second with Barbara Streisand.

    I think this is a fantastic idea and I would love to see Gerry do this and work with Katherine again! True it could be a bit grittier as far as the action but it still needs to be funny and absolutely sexy!

  11. I see Bradley Cooper for some reason.

    • Wow, I wasn’t thinking this movie was a good idea until you mentioned him. if cooper plays Jack, I’ll totally see it. As for the author lady, Kate winslet. it might work…

    • And maybe Kate Hudson as the female lead?

  12. Remember when studios used to just ripoff other movies? I think the retread/reboot/remake etc is getting stale. Everything I grew up on during the 80′s except E.T. has probably or will be remade at some point.

    • There’s even been some E.T. knockoffs, back in the 80s and 90s.

      And Super 8 is part tribute, part imitation of Spielberg-style alien movies.

  13. Unless they offer him mountains of money, I can’t see Taylor Kitsch signing onto a project like this. I know he did the inevitable piece of crap “Battleship,” but that was as a favor to Peter Berg. He otherwise seems like a serious actor who can smell the stench of failure on a remake of this caliber.

    • Battleship will be surprisingly good, I guarantee it.

  14. The problem with Romancing the Stone is it’s the yuppie answer to Indiana Jones, but not actually good in its own right, like IJ.

  15. I dont see any difference between movie remakes and say turning a book or comic into a movie. The idea already exists, its just someone elses interpritation. I will see Fright Night cause i like that sort a vampire tale, but I wont see Conan cause that sort of story doesnt interest me. I dont care where the inspiration came from if its a type of movie I might enjoy.

  16. No to this idea.

  17. Taylor Kitsch replacing Michael Douglas?


    For starters he doesn’t have either the charisma or the looks that Douglas has.

    • You would know how ridiculous you sound if you’d ever watched a single episode of “Friday Night Lights.”

      • And now Ellen? Three films, two biggest flops and the other film overshadowed by respected thespians. Maybe FNL is more a writers and director job than Kitsch’s.

        Sorry but Taylor Kitsch is a classic Hollywood himbo. No charisma, average talent, good looks and that’s it. At least Michael Douglas at his prime was one of the sexiest men in Hollywood with loads of charisma.

  18. Wait till John Carter and Battleship bomb, and 20th Century executives will be scared to death…

    • LOL – Yes, and it did happen!!

  19. This is one of my all time favourite movies. I remember watching this when I was 8 or some thing. Loved it!
    I cant believe they gonna remake this. I’m pretty sure its gonna suck.

  20. Jake & Maggie Gylenhall.. if its gonna be bad at least make it interesting with some incest action.. that i’d pay ten bucks for.

  21. This remake is a terrible idea! No one can replace Douglas and Turner! But if they persist in moving forward with this idiocy then please don’t go with Katherine Heigl! She’s not a great actress and she has no chemistry, no charisma and no warmth. It’s bad enough she is destroying Stephanie Plum; please keep her away from Joan Wilder!

  22. Romancing the stone was about as perfect as can be. Set in the 80′s it did not appear over computer generated, the actors were perfect it was exciting and funny, can’t remake a perfect classic!