Roland Emmerich Talks Independence Day Sequel(s)

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independence day 2 logo header Roland Emmerich Talks Independence Day Sequel(s)

We reported last month that the reason we haven’t seen a sequel to the mega successful sci-fi blockbuster, Independence Day, is because 20th  Century Fox is apparently stalling because of money. Personally, even if the first film’s star, Will Smith, would demand a hefty paycheck to return, I still see an Independence Day sequel making insane bank, even after the cost of a crazy marketing campaign (see director Roland Emmerich’s latest disaster flick, 2012).

Having said that, on the creative front at least it seems that Emmerich would love to do another one. And to further that, he recently spoke with MTV about doing an Independence Day 2, and said that it might even be split into two films (or perhaps he means just two separate films, one following the other’s story). Emmerich told MTV:

“What we want to do in the next – it’s actually two movies – we want to do a bigger arc… ‘Independence Day’ was always like the king who leads his troops into battle against an evil force, and that stays like that.”

He chimed in with a possible title he has in mind – “ID4-ever, Part I and II, maybe?” I don’t see how that works since ID4 isn’t the official title of the first movie, so I don’t see how working “4″ into the title as a pun really works. Maybe a joking tone on Emmerich’s part doesn’t come across in text…

He told MTV that’s there’s no script for the film, but there’s something being cooked up, at least, and noted that Will Smith would be involved in the next one:

“”There’s an idea… The idea is just to continue the story and actually I don’t know how many years ago this was—twelve, thirteen, fourteen years ago—and just continue where it ended.”

Emmerich obviously didn’t go into any details about what story he has in mind specifically, but did go on to promise that , “one day we will do it and that the story will stay firmly on the planet… It’s always about earth and that earth gets invaded.”

That last part is great to hear, as IMO the whole point of the first one was about Earth (the place we’re all used to) being invaded by an alien (pun intended icon razz Roland Emmerich Talks Independence Day Sequel(s) ) life form. I’m not exactly sure how they’re going to do that again without it seeming like just a repeat of what we saw in the first film, but I’m certainly digging the idea of continuing the story, with the same characters played by Smith and Bill Pullman (as the President).

independence day will smith Roland Emmerich Talks Independence Day Sequel(s)

Would you like to see more of Will Smith’s Captain Steven Hiller?

As I said when the whole “Fox stalling ID4 2″ story appeared last month, I certainly wouldn’t mind another Independence Day movie; however I also wouldn’t be mad if they scrapped the idea. It’s perfectly fine as one film, and I see no outright NEED to make another. Having said that, it sounds like the direction Emmerich is thinking of going in is a solid one, and who knows, it could bring back some of the character development and quality storytelling that’s been missing from most, if not all, of his movies since.

What do you think of the direction Emmerich seems to be thinking about taking a followup to Independence Day? Do you agree it’s fine left at one movie or should more be made?

Independence Day 2 is still in the early idea stages, with no word of a release date as of yet.

Source: MTV

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  1. Well the first movie indicated that the first batch of alien’s acted like locusts who moved from planet to planet scouring out the planet for all that it had and moving on. Well, you play it like the historical parallels that we already have in our past; where these guys were uprooted by a bunch of bigger bad guys who took over their home planet forcing them into this way of life. So now the doorbell rings and guess who’s now on our front lawn and they don’t look like they’re asking to borrow a cup of sugar.

  2. I think this film should be just left as one film. Besides, Emmerich’s films have been nothing, but crap lately.

  3. Independence day was decent so I’m up for a couple sequels.

  4. Oh no, please, no…
    Independance Day is just PERFECT for what it should be.
    Great fun, good action, and a great Will Smith and co.

    I definatly don’t need two films that when you see the first of it you should see the second because there was no closure.

    Just make another movie from those scripts, aliens enough in the galaxy …

  5. well..

    please dont call it independence day 2 lmao..
    make it a sequal.. but name it different. the independence theme can sit this one out.

    call it D-DAY. cause maybe we go on the attack.

    but if smith comes back this will BE AWESOME.

    with todays technology an aireal alien vs human movie would be SwEEEEEEEEET!

  6. bring it

  7. I think you could do another one.

    I have mentioned before that it would be cool to see a different alien race who were enemies of the ones in the first movie that have now found out that they were destroyed BY US!

    So now, we are considered a threat, and they come here to make sure that we don’t use their former enemy’s technology against them, but that is exactly what we do.

    You need to have Will Smith and Jeff Goldbloom back for sure.

  8. I see no reason whatsoever to make a sequel to Independence Day. It was a great, fun movie that stands on it’s own.

  9. I would love to see a movie with Will and Jeff and Pullman – we could even dig Viv Fox who used to be sooooo HOT out of retirement. Now if they have to make another ID to get that cast together again, hopefully they can make a good story, i guess I can live with it. I really liked the original cast

  10. @Evan

    I totally agree with your assessment. ID4 was such a great film in the way it was written, shot and acted if they do more it has to be bigger and bring back the original actors and keep it as a witty thrill-ride like the first one was.

  11. I have a great idea call it I D K

  12. ” alien’s acted like locusts who moved from planet to planet scouring out the planet for all that it had and moving.”

    While that might seem logical, piratedan is just quoting from the movie, it’s about as logical as locust traveling to Venus to scour it…

  13. Here is how a sequel to ID4 could be done and not only be good but logical:

    NOTE: I posted this same content several times over the past few years anytime discussion of a sequel to ID4 came up. I did this mainly b/c of all the “can’t be done” comments and just so as to get it out before the actual story is developed so as to see if my thinking can come close to that of a paid Hollywood script writer.

    REVIEW: ID4 ended with the aliens being defeated and the world looking towards rebuilding

    Independence Day 2 – INVASION

    [Opening Credits: Show scenes of rebuilding of various structures around the world inter mingled with scenes of earth scientists, engineers & medical people reviewing and or examining what alien technology was not destroyed along with review/investigation of the aliens themselves that did not get destroyed in the destruction of their ships. Fast forward to just under 3 years later (maybe less) where we see some (not all) of key infrastructure is back in place like the US Capital. We zoom in on a secret lab maintained by the US in an undisclosed location

    White jacketed men and women are busy scurrying about the labs reviewing various alien weapons and technology. Absent from the scene are any of the key characters from the first film. We zoom in on 1 junior engineer in the far corner who is reviewing alien logs; a task we can clearly see he has grown weary of. All of as sudden he stops the payback, rewinds and replays the same segment several times. The camera pans in and we can see his face looks like as if he has seen the devil himself. The tech falls off his chair and runs out the lab knocking down various objects in the way.

    [Scene Change] We are in the Oval office at the White house, Present are the recently elected US President (Bill Pullmans character decided to not re-run after his term ended and is instead helping with the rebuilding of America) along with his chief of staff. ] The phone rings and it’s the lead military liaison at the secret lab we were just viewing. We can’t make out what is being said but we do see the presidents face go from a generally positive expression to one of dread. Once the liaison is done the president says

    US PRESIDENT: “Are you certain? How long do we have Colonel?..[pause]… Thank you for letting me know and let the staff there know it is imperative they complete their research as quickly as possible.” [The president hangs up the phone, looks at his chief of staff and says] “We’re out of time.”

    CHIEF OF STAFF: “Already sir? But how is that..”.

    US PRESIDENT: [ Interrupting his chief of staff ] “Something about a miscalculation in the temporal conversion something, something”.

    CHIEF OF STAFF: “What do you want to do now sir? Should I call doctor”

    US PRESIDENT: [cutting off his chief again] No. He’s about as useful as left handed driver to a right handed golfer. No, we must contact the rest of the nation’s leaders and arrange for a summit to discuss what we do next.

    [Scene change: We are back at the secret lab with the same junior tech we saw before and this time he’s in the bathroom with a half consumed bottle of liquor. A co-worker comes in calling to him”

    TECH2: “Why are you in here and what in the world are you doing with that? You’ve stayed on the wagon since we defeated the alien invasion almost 5 years ago so what in the world could you have done to cause you to fall off the wagon?”

    TECH1: “Math, bad math. I knew I should have paid more attention in advanced mathematics. “

    TECH2: “What does math have to do with anything?”

    TECH1: “Everything. I was wrong John, dead wrong. “

    TECH2: “About what?”

    TECH1: “The temporal conversions. It’s not 1000 years, its 1000 days. “

    TECH2: Oh no. That means that..”

    TECH1: “Yeah, that the in less than {pause as tech looks at his watch and does some calculations in his head] OH god no! We’re not even looking at months but days now. In less then …”

    [Scene Change]

    And so at this point the story reveals, thru a series of scenes involving the return of several key characters to the US secret lab, that the attack on Independence day just under 3 years ago wasn’t the alien invasion but merely an first strike force designed to go in and eliminate the existing inhabitants and to then begin the terra forming process the aliens require to survive. It is explained is that thru investigation of the surviving alien tech found at various crash sites that the aliens come in waves with the first being the strike or elimination wave that gets the ball rolling while several years later the second wave arrives at the point when the terra forming is almost done and the process of occupation of the planet begins. What’s worse is we learn that the strike force or first wave represents but a small part of the alien race. One of the characters then asks “How much smaller are we talking?”. It is then explained that where the strike force had 1 ship for every major city in the world, it has been estimated thru review of alien logs found at the various crash sites that the second wave will consist of all of the remaining alien race and that from best guess numbers the scientists believe we are looking at 1 mother ship (not just 1 regular ship) for every city (not just major city) on the planet.

    One of the characters, after catching their breath and coming back to reality asks “How long have you known and do you have any plans to do something?” The president (who has just arrived on the scene) cuts in and says while pointing an angered finger at the face of Jeff Goldblums character who reeks of day old alcohol , “We would have known much sooner if this one hadn’t decided to retreat to a bottle. Because of his absence our next best person took a guess and came up with 1 to many zeros so instead of expecting them in just under 1,000 years we can now look forward to our new neighbors in just under 1,000 days or sometime later this week.” At this point Jeff Golblums character throws up on the president.

    And so what follows is the plan to organize the planet in a defense state, using the alien technology that they have salvaged and integrated into earth based weapons and locations. It’s explained thru the story that the one hope they have offending themselves from the aliens is the assumption that the first stroke force would most likely represents all or at least a major portion of the aliens military like force. This would logically imply that the bulk of the aliens coming would be no more military trained then in any other intelligent civilization. There is of course a catch that when it unfolds shows that the remaining aliens are not the non-military like group we had anticipated.

    The rest of the movie unfolds in multiple parts like this:

    Alien Arrival

    Alien Attack & Engagement by Earth

    Big battle on the planet as well as in space in ships

    In the very end we manage to to…..


  14. I’m sorry BlueCollar it makes no sense for aliens to come here en masse. Especially in space craft that if they fell from say a mile up, would crash with the energy 10,000 times greater than the energy that the A-Bomb that destroyed Hiroshima generated. Even if you have the advantage of very advanced technology, magical even, you can’t defy Newton. It would be more likely that an alien civilization or even us would invent a machine that could make food out of rocks. It’s more likely that you will marry Miss World in your life time or win the lottery. I think our science fiction should be a little more sophisticated than high school physics.

    Roland Emmerich needs to get real, instead of focusing on final fantasy scenarios…

  15. @the old man

    Emmerich doesn’t need to do anything – 2012 made $250MM on its opening weekend. 8)


  16. @the old man
    “I’m sorry BlueCollar it makes no sense for aliens to come here en masse. Especially in space craft that if they fell from say a mile up, would crash with the energy 10,000 times greater than the energy that the A-Bomb that destroyed Hiroshima generated. Even if you have the advantage of very advanced technology, magical even, you can’t defy Newton…” The Old Man

    Huh? Sorry but I don’t see where you are coming from with that statement. First off it is SciFi which by definition implies science that is of fiction so there’s no need for a SciFi like film to have to be realistic. If this were a documentary then yes I’d agree that we can’t defy the laws of science but when it is a movie of the SciFi genre then not only can we defy Newton but anything else we want. It’s also a good thing we do this for it is from the creative mind that the wonders in science come from. If we all decided everything had to be fact based only then not only would this be a very boring world but I doubt we’d have advanced as far as we have. We’d still be living w/o electricity and correcting those foolish enough to write plays about people sailing around the world. After all we all know that’s impossible b/c you can’t defy the Flat Earth laws, right?

  17. Touché Vic, but a starving man wouldn’t quibble whether you handed him a nice apple or a nice orange.

    Bluecollar the only real difference we have is that fantasy’s should be called fantasy’s and science fiction should be called science fiction and final fantasy should be called that. It is the premise of science fiction that anything shown shall in principle be interpretable empirically and rationally. If no energy exists to light a light bulb then the light bulb won’t be lit. Two times two will never equal seven even in science fiction. If Earths gravity is altered somehow then everything would be acted upon in the same way. As the alien craft, that by the way, can no longer hold themselves aloft come floating to the ground, the humans underneath it should be able to jump out of the way before it crashes. Does that scenario sound more like science fiction to you or final fantasy? I prefer fantasy because if the light bulb isn’t lit then the law of gravity reasserts itself at the rate of 32 feet per second per second…

  18. @OldMan

    I still don’t understand what you are getting at with your rather lengthy and yet unclear comment (the orginal one). i get your point about a light bulb and how you feel that the SciFi genre should include only which is of scinetific fact or at least will be scientific fact in our life time but what has that gotto do with the comment

    “..makes no sense for aliens to come here en masse. Especially in space craft that if they fell from say a mile up, would crash with the energy 10,000 times greater than the energy that the A-Bomb that destroyed Hiroshima generated. ”

    First off where did that even come from? Why are you assuing that an alien craftwould have to crash or even if it did that it alone would somehow prevent an alien race from coming unless they knew in advance they would crash which I guess would then make it much more likely that they’d find a way around that (still not sure how you’d guarantee they’d crash just by coming here) potenial crash and still come anyway.

    PS – I know the spelling & grammarare bad but its 1AM and I have several items to reply to so I am rushing.

  19. Oh, BlueCollar in the first invasion the ships were shot down. I just figured that at some point the next ones would be shot down too. You see the header on the thread? That ship is suppose to be 15 miles in diameter. That look about right to you? Technology like that picture makes no sense. Lets forget about the forces for a minute and consider what you can do if you could do something like that. You could actually draw off material from a star. All the heavy elements in the universe are generated in stars. That material could be manipulated into a terraform-able world. Let’s say that’s impossible too. Did you see 2010? In that movie an alien race added enough material to Jupiter to cause it to ignite into a small stellar object. Providing greater heat for the outer worlds, mostly moons. Saturn has around 60. We already know moons like Enceladus have lots of water. If the tech exists to run big costly ships around to distant inhabitable worlds, and were talking ships way way bigger than the Romulan ship in J.J. Abram’s new “Star Trek,” then you’ve got resources to terraform just about any planet you could possibly stand or float on. That’s why in the new movie “Avatar” they cook up some element worth lots of the currency at the time. Also they go to a very, very, very, close star. For an entire civilization to go scooting around our Galaxy to crush other civilizations; Civilizations that have to be far enough away that we would have NOT noticed them is the very, vary, vary, vary, last way you would conduct yourself. As we’ve also seen in other recent movies and has been talked about here their are much cheaper ways to git rid of an indigenous population than sending big space ships.

    Perhaps the following site can give you some perspective. It’s actually a little fun to play with…

  20. There’s a movie called 2010?

  21. @M-Cat

    2010 was the sequel to 2001: A Space Odyssey.


  22. Thanks. I remember seeing the sequel but I don’t remember it being called 2010 – interesting.

  23. @OldMan

    Why do you even bother with SciFi at all. It is called Science “Ficton” and I am emphasing the “Ficton” part, and not Science Fact.

    Based on your comments I don;t see how you can enjoy any film. I bet there’s not been a single movie (you’ve seen) that you haven’t found at least 1 probelm with, have you?

  24. BlueCollarCritic says: “Based on your comments I don;t see how you can enjoy any film.”

    Not too many Science Fiction movies, because I hold the same opinion as other critics of the Genre. People have lost the talent to make a really good one.
    I think “Gattaca” for example was a good one, but if you look at the popularity of Gattaca, you’ll find it’s not very popular. Is that because of the subject matter or is it that people have stopped looking to the art form of movies as a chance to grow in some meaningful way? If you have never seen this video, an interview of R. Feynman take a look at this particular story. [at least through the second part.

    The important thing that I’m getting at, with the video, is that you don’t have to push this idea, it’s cool looking we don’t have to make it scientifically accurate. It’s fine to make a film with 15 mile diameter spaceships, don’t misunderstand, but please make sure you call it Science Fantasy or Final Fantasy, as some have begun to call the cross pollination of Science Fiction and Fantasy. By throwing it all under the buss of Science Fiction and imply their’s no difference, you not only insult the intelligence but misrepresent the art forms.

    People become upset and confused by this and so they dismiss it, and one day no Science Fiction is being made! It’s not being made because it alienates people in certain ways. It alienates people from science and mathematics. Even to the point where people refuse to be interested, because they can’t see the pleasure in it! If you become engaged enough by the interview watch all five parts. It’s really interesting to see the man, who’s passion is Science, come to terms with things that he can’t get a rigorous answer for by the strict application of what he knows. Seeing his frustration and attitude, one begins to understand how people view his chosen discipline, looking equally perplexed and frustrated at his laws, facts, and beliefs.

    I have an interest in how science and technology are represented in art and would like for it to be better. I’m old enough too that I can’t be bought by just an Adrenalin ride and to recognize that the squeaky wheel gets the grease…

  25. @Old Man

    I did watch most of part 1 but stopped there due to time constraints but I did see enough to see where you are getting at with the “See his Frustration/Take” bit and I have seen this kind of “hod do I make it fit into my world of understanding” many times since I work in technology specifically as a DBA and developer/analyst. I’m lucky in that I’m creative (almost went for a career in art instead of computers) and so I can see the logical side of something but at the same time see the abstract; see outside the defined.

    While you’ve raised some good points and provided a very interesting link you have not provided more then an opinion as to why the genre of Science Fiction is not applicable to the movie. If anything your video reference and comments are more of a backing to the stance that we should NOT lock ourselves into as strict a definition of Sciene Fiction as you are trying to define.

    And so in closing all I can say is if a movie about alines invading the Earth is not allowed to be labeled Science Fiction by your definition of the genre then what movie can? Only those who demonstarte a techynology that while not yet a reality is not very far off and therefore may soon be science fact?

    BTW – When you go to the YouTube link your provide on the Fenyman video there are some other links that looke very interesting as well that I plan to watch namely the 5 part series called the Trillion Dollar bet that is about the collapse of the dollar. Have you seen that series?

  26. You know what, wouldn’t it save time and money if we just said the Aliens willed themselves here?? We can do ANYTHING we want, it’s science fiction. Emmerich could have better used that money to show more realistic destruction of us if he didn’t have to workup all that story device and stuff about impossibly huge space ships. Seriously what’s the point of them coming that way if all preposterous methods of getting here are equal and all science fiction? It actually would be better science fiction if the aliens just appeared out of nowhere and at some point in the movie they stopped coming into our world for an equally unexplainable reason! A fantasy is a fiction but a fiction doesn’t necessarily have to be a fantasy. If physics is controlled by your morality it’s fantasy. It focuses on the content to be signaled. It falls outside verisimilar occurrence. That’s the part most have forgotten how to make. Really I should charge you for taking up my time with this. ;) I would think given your background you know about the rule of large numbers that there are infinities of quite different powers. Apply that to the idea that ANYTHING can happen? Surely you can see how preposterous that sounds. Please tell me you see how preposterous that sounds? If your intellectual and gut feelings fail you on this point, I can only say we’ll have to agree to disagree… :(

  27. @OldMan

    You really don’t get it do you? You have no clue as to why they went with the 15 miloe wide ships over the city vs just being willed into our relaity, do you? It’s about elliciting emotion and capturing the audeince’s attention. If you put on screen the image of a 15 mile wide alien ship that hovers over the city, casting a shadow so big it blocks out the sun for most if not all of the city then you have an attention grabbing image. If they had the aliens simply beam into our planet then there be no “AAAWWWW” from the audeince.

    And it doesn’t matter that the city wasn’t crushed by the hovering ship. Your logic about this is falwed as you assume the only way to enable such hovering above the planet would be some force that causes equal force down upon what its hovering over whcih would then crush everything below it. Who’s to say they haven’t found a way to change the gravity around the ship so that teh effect is taken something and redusing it’s weight by a factor so large that it makes something much easier to lift?

    Steel is lighter and stronger then Iron. Titanium is not stronger then Steel but it is lighter. If we start off with Iron and over time move to Titanium to construct something we have over time and the advancement of technology increased the strength of the object thru changes in the materials and we have reduced the obejst overall weight multiple times. In the end if you build a space ship out of Iron, an identical ship out of Steel and a third ship out of Titanium you will have 3 copies of the same ship that each require differering levels of energy to lift.

    With recent advents in nanotubes and other cutting edge tech we now can view Titanium the way we uwsed to view Iron or made even stone. As we advance we improive the strongth and reduce the weight of our building materials.

    is it really hard then to believe that an aline race that is way advanced of us would be able top build such a large ship but yet not be able to make it so that they can’t fly it over anything without totally destroying it?

    Now yes they could have just as easily destryoyed cities by merely landing the ships and then takling off and landing again but this is a movie and not a real alien invasion so its all about cpaturing the audience. What looks cooler on the big screen, seeing a super laser come out the center of a ship and causes a chain reaction of outward psiriling fire & explosions as shown in the movie or landing a 15 mile wide ship and then taking off and landing again?

    I understand your problem with getting it because youre trying to make movies technology fit into the logic and science you understand but thats not how the movie business works. I get that this is a movie an not a documentary re-creation or a real event and thats how I can enjoy it without getting wound up iin why the science in the movie doesn’t meet with my understanding of the world.

  28. “15 mile wide alien ship” = “you have an attention grabbing image.”
    Perhaps for kiddies, for someone who knows even a little science… It’s just an irritation, stupid, and disappointing. Average people already think scientists have problems upstairs, taps head.

    Take my brother in law. Not much for science fiction or fantasy, why I ask? “Doesn’t feel right. Deals too much in the unbelievable. Might as well believe in magic and Salem style witches.” Now what has failed my brother in law. Is he stupid? No, he plays too good a game of chess and has always done well in the economy, so he’s not stupid. Well maybe the education system failed him? Perhaps they failed all of us!

    “Who’s to say they haven’t found a way to change the gravity around the ship so that teh effect is taken something and redusing it’s weight by a factor so large that it makes something much easier to lift? ”

    It’s about an object’s Mass which is more than its weight. It’s about moving that object too, even more fantasy science. Which I think was my whole point in the discussion to begin with. Maybe another term will make you happy “pseudo-science fiction.” It’s not about the composition, the elements used to entertain the audience. It’s about it being properly classified for its character. Roland’s movie is pseudo-science fiction not science fiction. Their’s nothing wrong with that, I just want to know that if we sit down to talk about a spade it’s a spade not a rake.

  29. @OldMan

    I think we are just going to have to agree to disagree on this one. You are justifying the invalid use of a movie genre for ID4 because it contains technology you disagree with and I ma merely trying to point out that this is exactly what the SciFi genre is about; magic like tech.

    At least you can make valid and intteligent arguments for your stance and not resort to name calling and othe rforms of flaming that often come about from disagreements.