Robert Rodriguez To Direct Predator Remake – Updated

Published 6 years ago by , Updated August 22nd, 2013 at 4:13 pm,

[UPDATE: It seems that Rodriguez will be PRODUCING the movie but not DIRECTING it - and there's a tentative release date: July 7, 2010]

Remember back about two months ago when we said Predator-remake was in the works and quite possibly the worst idea ever? Today, we retract those statements… Well, maybe not entirely, but at least a little.

Why? Because Robert Rodriguez is taking the reigns not only as a producer, but also as director!

The re-titled Predators has now been confirmed with Rodriguez in the director’s chair.

Although the project is still with 20th Century Fox, things are looking a little better with the Desperado-director in the seat.

Via comes word that a news conference was held at Troublemaker Studios (Rodriguez’s independent filmhouse) for the signing of a long-awaited reform of Texas film incentive program-HB 873. The “one-man-film-crew” had a chance to address the members of the press and clued them in to his upcoming film projects:

“I’m going to be able to shoot my upcoming Machete here, a sci-fi action film called Nervewrackers, a re-boot of the Predator series called Predators, and a couple of smaller movies called Sin City 2 and The Jetsons.”

Besides Machete, an expansion on  2007′s Grindhouse/Planet Terror fake trailer, Rodriguez has been busy with Red Sonja and Shorts. Big fans of the “mariachi-style” have plenty to look forward to.

Though it’ll be some time, he has plenty on his plate without mentioning Sin City 2, Rodriguez’ take on Predators could be worth the wait.

Might this actually be, dare I say, good – now that Rodriguez is attached?

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  1. The original was directed by John McTiernan, the guy who directed Die Hard and Hunt for Red October. So does that mean it might be “good” because Robert Rodriguez is directing it?

  2. i wouldnt assume it will be good, but rodriguez does make some good movie(aside from his kid films), but i dont think the predator franchise needs a reboot.

    ps: rodriguez hurry up w/ sin city 2

  3. Nothing is gonna beat the original “Predator”. He should just make a sequel, not a remake, re-boot, re-imagining, or what have you.

    And he’s directing “The Jetsons”? This is the first I’ve heard of this. I hope it doesn’t look like the “Spy Kids” movies with all the super obvious green-screen and CGI, but it probably will. Hopefully it will at least be fun.

    I am quite possibly the biggest fan of “Grindhouse” and “Planet Terror” in particular. Very much looking forward to “Machete”. I wonder if the actual footage used for the fake trailer will somehow be incorporated into the film.

  4. He’s been trying to do a Pred movie for years. Finally he’ll get a shot. Regardless if the film is good or bad, we should still break out the suds and rejoice.

    No more AvP!!! Ding dong da witch is dead!

  5. Honestly if it’s set in 2009 and concerns a bunch of soldiers in the jungle, just don’t name them Dutch, Blain etc and it practically a sequel anyway.

  6. To quote Charlie Brown…

  7. Am I the only one that thinks this has the potential to be an AMAZING movie?

    Rodriguez has done movie viewers good…I haven’t seen Spy Kids, but Sin City was great and Grindhouse is a fantastic movie.

    I am very excited with this choice.

  8. I’m with you @ogb, this has the potential to be pretty amazing!

    Yes, the original is a classic and nothing will match it, but this might be a pretty sweet film on it’s own.

  9. Yeah, I have nothing against reboots/remakes if the right people are attached. Rodriguez takes his material very seriously. I can’t wait for them to announce the cast.

  10. Rodriguez is a good director for B-Movies!!

    Except Sin City, his work is pure crap. The Mariachi is overrated as hell, Once upon a time in Mexico is crap. The spy kids films are boring and stupid, even for kids.

    I dont understand why this is considered “good news”.

    Leave predator aloooooone!!!! :D

  11. JM

    Really? “Pure” crap. Mariachi was a good movie, and it was his early work. Once Upon a Time, a decent movie.

    Again, his recent movies have been great, grindhouse and sin city. That’s the right touch for a reboot of a franchise, a director with a real unique vision.

    The hating you exhibit is really sad, btw.

  12. It sounds interesting, what will it do to AvP though?

  13. Everytime I think “I’ll buy that Alien, Predator AvP boxset something comes along that means I wont have the complete collection.

  14. I say bring it on, but as a sequel. I’m glad no more AvP bull. It is so overdone i’m sick of seeing both species together in a movie, i’d rather they continue to develop with each of their own franchises.

  15. Ugh. Not a fan of Rodriguez’s work. Predator does NOT need a reboot!! A new sequel would be fine, but why a reboot? With the AvP movies in the last few years, everyone knows who the Predators are. I’d love to see a NEW Predator story, not just a rehashing of a story we know already. You know, kinda like Robin Hood….

  16. Wait just a second Carl, just because a good director is attached to a project does not mean it is “good”.
    For instance, I thought Tarantino’s Death Proof was going to be “good”, his take on vehicular-homicide (The GZA AKA The Genius) but then it turned out to be 70% of his characters talking about nothing and 30% of actual plot involving Stuntman Mike. Now, I am not saying that Rodriguez will make a piss-poor job, I like his films and his one-man-film-crew style. It is an inspiration for me, to get things done, go for it yourself, be the general. But, lets just be hasty until the final product or glimpse comes out.
    As for this, now, like ogb, I have nothing against remakes/reboots. 3:10 To Yuma with Bale & Crowe was a remake. However, there are times when you have to question ‘why?’ Like this.
    I am all for a new Predator film. Repeat, a NEW Predator film. I really do not understand how you can ‘reboot’ the original Classic. First of all, it is not like Predator 1 had such an intricate plot or anything, it was a simple story, even #2 so really what is the point of ‘re-booting’ this? I really do not get it, just make another Predator installment!

    Lastly, if you are going to use the same story (shakes head) like what dudelove says, do NOT use the names from the original. BE original, put in new guys.

  17. Or here’s an idea……how about an actual new movie?!?!?

  18. thank God its a reboot not a remake

  19. Maybe it is a “new” movie? “Reboot of the franchise” is a pretty vague term.

    Look at Batman…Nolan “rebooted” the franchise with a new origin story.

    If I’m right, a remake would stick pretty close to the original, source material and a reboot takes the movie/characters/ideas in a different direction.

    On a side note, Hollywood really has run out of ideas. Every week we’re getting news of a remake/reboot/video game adaptation/comic book adaptation…basically material that has already been written. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not but glad videogames and comicbooks are getting the exposure they deserve.

  20. The term “reboot” or “re-” anything really does not apply here to the first Predator film. Or even the second. This is really upsetting me because I am trying to figure out how do those terms apply to this?

    Rodriguez is a smart and creative guy, I am sure he can come up with a great NEW story for another Predator film.

  21. I don’t even want Rodriguez to do a new Predator movie. Why not bring back John McTiernan? Or is he still in prison?? lol :-D Him and Wesley Snipes must be best buds…

  22. The official press release from fox says it comes out in July 7th 2010 and he is sheperding the project. NOT directing.

    As long as it is rated R and is a bold new vision as mentioned in the press release I will be happy.

    Something tells me we will get a mexican director who hasn’t made a hollywood movie but under supervision of Robert Rodriguez.

  23. It’s being called Predators. Plural. That right there tells me its not a remake. There’s going to be more than one Predator in this movie, so even if they take the basic plot line of the original movie, it’s going to be a very different film.

    I realize a lot of people don’t care for Rodriguez’s work, but I love everything he’s done (that isn’t a cheesy kid’s film). Sure, there are probably better directors out there for a project like this, but this is still good news for me.

  24. Well, what could potentially make it a remake is if he changes the individual Predator. Right now we know them as these crazy looking things with 4 fangs in front of their mouth, dreads, 7-8 feet tall, can jump from tree to tree, uses technology to cloak and high powered energy weapons, they have claws that come out of their gauntlets, etc. etc.

    Sure he can simply make a movie where there is more than one Predator, and yah you can argue that it really isn’t a remake/reboot, but if they do change any or all of those things, then yes, it will be a reboot/remake, which sucks. Just bring back McTiernan for a Predator 3. It should be that stereotypical situation where Arnold is a retired Dutch, not wanting to be bothered, but the military asks for his help, he turns them down, but then he shows up later when they are not expecting him to (since he turned them down) to offer his help in taking down the Predator, or Predators. Could be fun to watch…

    Or could be way too predictable… lol

  25. This is amazing news! I read about rodriguez’s interest in making a predator film ages ago, but thought it would never happen, now i’m so glad it will. Anyone who is critical of him needs to watch the classic ‘el mariachi’ with the directors commentary and learn how he made that film. Its literally phenomenal how he made such a good film on a ridiculously low budget.

  26. He’s not directing “Predators”, just producing.

  27. Hey gang,

    When the news first hit the word was he was directing. I’ve updated the post above and added a new bit of info: Release date set to be July 7, 2010.


  28. For some reason i just have a problem with the terms, reboot, remake, reimagining. I think they should start advertising it as a sequal, but a different vision then previous films. That will please mega predator fans like myself. I am pleased with this news just as long as they don’t change predator law or mess with the Preds’ look i think it would be safe to start calling “Predators” another sequel to the Arnie classic.

  29. Robert is a good director but after the destruction of avp which sucked, i think they should make something new out of it just like they did with batman but not Rob zombie’s halloween which i think kinda killed it but not a bad film. But hollywood today is all about bad remakes, always the horrible sequels or prequels, and of course the reboots. MAKE SOMETHING NEW AND ORIGINAL ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!