‘Fruitvale Station’ Director & Star Reteaming for ‘Rocky’ Spin-Off Movie ‘Creed’

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Apollo Creed Rocky Fruitvale Station Director & Star Reteaming for Rocky Spin Off Movie Creed

Riding on a wave of critical success that began at this year’s Sundance Film Festival and may even continue well into awards season, Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan – the respective director and star of the acclaimed independent drama Fruitvale Station – have quickly built a great deal of clout. Now, it sounds like they’re already putting it to good use. In a completely unexpected, but not unwelcome development, the pair have started talking with MGM about making a Rocky spin-off revolving around the grandson of Apollo Creed as he pursues a career in the ring.

That’s not all: apparently, talks between the studio, Coogler, and Jordan have touched on the possibility of Sylvester Stallone returning to reprise his role as the Italian Stallion himself and serve as the youth’s mentor. Should production go forward, the film, currently called Creed, will follow the younger Creed as he strives to make a name for himself in boxing, relying on the instincts he inherited from his ancestry as well as his love for the sport – though his family doesn’t want him to (likely due to the nature of Apollo’s death).

All of this has come entirely out of nowhere, and at a glance seeing Coogler’s name tentatively attached to the project may strike some as odd. Fruitvale Station isn’t a commercial film, telling the very real story of Oscar Grant’s tragic demise at the hands of Bay Area Rapid Transit officers with as much clarity and honesty as possible; it exists in a realm of true-life cinema that’s mostly divorced from the rags-to-riches American Dream story of Rocky.

Still, the idea makes a lot of sense. Regardless of how removed Rocky – and its first two sequels – may feel from the events of Fruitvale Station, the latter has announced Coogler’s emergence as a filmmaker with enormous talent and a passionate interest in the social issues of our time. Splintering off of the Rocky Balboa legend and shifting the emphasis to Creed’s grandson could actually give Coogler a springboard for exploring the sort of race-driven matters that are so central to Fruitvale Station, and the idea of a mainstream picture based off of an existing, successful franchise closely examining that element is exciting.

Fruitvale Station Michael B Jordan Fruitvale Station Director & Star Reteaming for Rocky Spin Off Movie Creed

Jordan, on the other hand, has firmly established himself as one of the most gifted young performers working today; whether through his work on Friday Night LightsThe Wire, or last year’s excellent Chronicle, he’s already received a solid amount of mainstream exposure and developed his breezy brand of easygoing charisma. Even without Coogler, the actor could be a slam-dunk for the production, but the notion of the duo reuniting just makes Creed into an even stronger sell. Together, they’re an incredible team, but audiences will have to see Fruitvale Station to make that determination for themselves.

While none of this is set in stone, everyone involved here has a lot to gain from making Creed happen. Rocky, after all, is an Academy Award-winning film, and it’s not unlikely that Fruitvale Station will at least earn respectable attention from the AMPAS this fall, if not a few golden statues. It would be wonderful to see Coogler and Jordan move their careers forward with this picture and revisit the Rocky franchise in a new way, but we’ll have to wait and see how this story progresses.

We’ll keep you up to date on details as they become available. In the meantime, you can see what Coogler and Jordan can do together when Fruitvale Station begins its theatrical run this week. (Feel free to check out the trailer, too.)


Source: Deadline

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  1. This news excites me. I love all the Rocky movies except for part V so I welcome seeing Balboa on screen again. I hope they bring back Paulie!

  2. I don’t see the point.

    It could be amazing but I still wouldn’t understand why a spin off would be made rather than a biopic or an original tale about a boxer without tying it into a classic franchise.

    • What is so hard for you to understand? Maybe it’s because you’re a Brit. Here in America, Rocky is one ofthe most beloved franchises. It makes a lot of sense why they would want to keep some connection to the Rocky movies. I definitely think that Sly should be in the movie as his mentor.

      • Actually in Dazz defense.

        I have friends in England, and in-laws in Ireland.

        When they came to visit.

        First question when driving back from Airport. “Can Do Rocky?” Which means going to the Art Museum and having them run up the stairs, do the pose, take pictures.

        • That is not in defense of dazz. If anything, it bolsters my overall argument that it makes sense to connect the film to Rocky in some way.

          • No, you said Brits would not understand Rocky. There are a lot of Brits who know and Like Rocky.

            • No, I didn’t definitively say that. I said maybe it was because he’s a Brit.

              Furthermore, my bigger point is that it doesn’t make sense for dazz and others to not understand why the filmmakers would want to connect to the best known boxing movie.

      • OK so I’m a Brit so that means I don’t understand Rocky, how condescending do you sound?
        I love Rocky (yes even V), watched them more times than I care to mention and would to love to see a Creed spinoff. Sly did a nice sendoff to the Rocky franchise with Rocky Balboa but I would still like to see him return in a mentoring role.

        • I can be quite condescending. Nevertheless, if it isn’t because he’s a brit, then why in the hell doesn’t he understand why the filmmaker would want to build a connection to the most widely known boxing movie??? It’s OBVIOUS why they would. Also, read big nerd’s prior post.

    • When you think of great boxing films, most people will bring up Rocky.

      So if you want to make a good boxing film (or boxing film franchise), it makes sense to connect it to Rocky so that those fans might consider watching it.

      If you just make a film called “Jackson” about a boxer with a famous boxing grandfather, where is the curiosity? But if that grandfather was the opponent of THE ROCKY BALBOA and THE ROCKY BALBOA is also going to mentor him in some way… it provides impetus.

      To me this is a better way to go than Rocky 17. Classic is the new hotness. That’s why you see Die Hard, Expendables etc, people relate to the older actors/movies.

      I think it’s a good idea. Launching a new boxing movie with ties to one of the most famous boxing movies in history. And like another poster said, it would be awesome if he fought a relative of Ivan Drago, the man who killed his grandfather (or even better, if Dolph had a cameo).

  3. I’d watch this. I enjoyed Rocky and a few of its sequels were memorable. The last film was done very well. I’d like to see this film come to fruition, but I’m also concerned about using Rocky as a mentor (wasn’t that done in #5?) and concerned that Sly Stallone’s plastic surgery would ruin the character too. I wouldn’t want Stallone to overshadow Michael Jordan’s acting…because the kid is good. Looking forward to hearing more about this one.

    • @Professor Ecto

      Kind of Sort of, till Tommy Gunn changed and went with the Don King Wannabe.

  4. With hollywood at his feet, why the f*ck wouldn’t he go for something more original ?

  5. I really like this idea for a movie.

  6. Hmm, just make sure no one confuses this for a Creed band movie.

  7. I like this idea.

    Rocky can play the role of Micky… “You’re gonna eat lightnin’ and you’re gonna crap thunder!”

    • HA ! …I think he`s heading that direction lol

    • “Stay in school and use your brain. Be a doctor, be a lawyer, carry a leather briefcase. Forget about sports as a profession. Sports make ya grunt and smell. See, be a thinker, not a stinker.”

  8. Rocky, Rocky II and Rocky V are three of the most directional challenged movies in the Rocky franchise.

    • Dude, Rocky is one of the best sports movies ever. Only bad one in the damn franchise is the fifth one.

      • @WMX

        First off, when I mean Direction Challenged. You do not get the inside joke.

        Only people who would get it, people like me who were Born and Raised in Philadelphia, and laugh at Rocky run through Philadelphia in Rocky and Rocky II.

        That is what I mean by Directional Challenged.

      • Let me break it down.
        Starts his Run in Kensington…Goes down the Delaware River Railroad Tracks in South Philadelphia, back up to Kensington, Then to The Italian Market, then he runs back to Kensington, then to Kelly Drive then back to South Philly and then up Ben Franklin Parkway and up the steps.

        Rocky II

        Starts his Run in South Philly, Up to Kensington, Back down towards the Broad Street Train Yard, Across the Girard Point bridge, Back down to South Philly through The Italian Market, then back up to Independence Mall Park, Back to Kensington, then up Chestnut Street, to Ben Franklin Parkway, while be followed by 200 Kids and Adults. Up the steps again.

        If you are from Philadelphia, Rocky ran almost 50 miles in 5 minutes.

        • It wasn’t meant to be in real-time. it was a montage. It just showed different beats of his run throughout the day.

  9. Little Tidbit

    Michael “Lt Worf” Dorn has a non credit role in Rocky II as one of Creeds Bodyguards.

  10. This sounds like it will be good. I didn’t like chronicle.

  11. Can’t decide if this is awesome…

    …or blasphemy

    • Blawesome?

  12. I’m down. But only if it’s a Grumpy Old Rocky and Creed II is the main focus.

    • I think that’s the idea. The impression I get is that Creed will be the protagonist, and Rocky’ll just be a supporting figure.

  13. They should add a spin off of movies for Rocky. Ivan Drago’s son should fight Clubber’s kid. Then Rocky jr should jump in and kick everyone’s ass. Then they should have Tommy Gunn jump in but he gets his ass kicked in by Don King’s grand kid. Adrienne should also return from the dead as a nagging ghost.

  14. That is not in defense of dazz. If anything, it bolsters my overall argument that it makes sense to connect the film to Rocky in some way.

  15. That is not in defense of dazz. If anything, it bolsters my overall argument that it makes sense to connect the film to Rocky in some way.

  16. Worse idea of the year…
    How come people are so eager to see a respectful closure of a saga they care about , birching every detail that dusn’t fulfill their dream, and then want to reopen it?!!
    Lethal weapon 4 is the last, righ is a father and is too old for this s***. Rocky vi is the last, rocky closed his career on the ring not in the street, mirroring his first bout with Apollo and transmits the torch to a new champion.

  17. Touch me and I’ll sue

  18. This is a box office flop waiting to happen. For me the Rocky films that are worth watching are I and II. III, IV and V were made as a cash cow of the franchise. Leave that movie alone.

    • Rocky was not made as a cash cow. It was not expected to succeed.

      1 United Artist gave them 1 Million dollars for the movie.

      2 It went over budget by 100,000 dollars. Henry Winkler and another gentlemen mortgages their homes to pay the difference.

      3 It was shot “guerrilla ” style. As such, they did not have filming permits, so they basically shot the movie with the City of Philadelphia as the set. People going to work, noise in the background. The run through the Italian Market, people did not know what was going on, as Slyvester Stallone was just “some guy out jogging, waving and saying hi to people who were unaware.”

      4 It was filmed in 28 days.

      5 1.1 Million dollars turned into a 116 Million dollars return.

      6 Perry King was thought to have been Sylvester Stallone, and that is how the movie was created, till they found out who Sylvester Stallone was and cut the budget to 1 million and said, “Anything over, you are responsible.

      7 Rocky and Rocky II were considered the best two movies of the series.

      • I think you need to read the previous comment more closely. He never said that Rocky I and II were made “as a cash cow”. He said III-V were.

        In any case, I thought IV was the most enjoyable of the series, but I’m glad Stallone did part VI after the disappointment that was part V.

        I also have concerns that they’re just trying to milk a series that came to a nice conclusion on its own.

  19. I grew up watching all the Rocky movies, but to have Rocky mentor a young black kid makes it look like its a racial thing. All this time the movie was based on a white Italian and that he beat a black heavyweight champ as an underdog made the blacks hate that and the movie. So 40 years later now the black man is gonna dominate and be the new Rocky? To me thats racism! It just killed the Rocky sequels! Its b*******!

    • Dear Lord, I hope you’re joking.

      A) ROCKY didn’t beat Creed.(in the original)
      B) Balboa & Creed became best friends and Rocky even coached Creed in his final fight.
      C) After Creed’s death Rocky felt a responsibility towards his legacy and avenged him. The ONLY way a movie about Apollo’s son boxing would work is if Rock trained him. With his father dying in the ring, his mom would never allow him to box; but if there was no stopping him, the only way she & Rocky would be able to handle it is if Rocky himself trained him.

      It’s not racism. That’s utterly idiotic. It’s a man feeling responsible for his best friend’s child.

    • @Danny – You do realize that Rocky lost the match against Apollo Creed in the original, right? The point was that the underdog went the distance with the Heavyweight Champion.

  20. Rocky 4 was the best and most enjoyable film in the serious and had the best training scenes and best music but 1 and 2 in all honesty were the ultimate and realy it should have been stoped after the 1st two. If that was the case it would have went down as the best sports movies of all time. Most people unless your a big fan of rocky now look at the films as a joke. Everyone in the world i think would agree that the 1st two were epic but sly ruined it for himself

  21. Wow I hope they do make it. Rocky is a classic and Danny Rocky is the best sports movie of all time no other sports movie can even be compared to Rocky and the Rocky movies came out in the 70′s. Great movies about sports started coming out after Rocky which tells us Rocky led the pack in making great sports movies. If they are going to make a creed movie it needs to tie into Rocky in someway or another. It’s not racist for a white man to train a black up and coming boxer it’s perfection. Having Rocky train a black up and coming boxer adds to the mysticism of the Rocky franchise and is very fitting to do as Rocky felt guilty after creed died causing him to get ticked and want to take on Ivan Drago it’s only fitting that he be creeds grandson in order to help him forgive himself for what made him feel guilty to begin with.

  22. I say the only way the movie can work is if they do it like the last Rocky movie. With flashbacks from the first four movies, to pay Homage to the Chareter of Apollo Creed.

  23. i love the Rocky movies and I can quote all of them I love this idea and I hope it will be in the movie theaters soon

  24. Sounds like a good idea to me. But instead of maybe fighting a relative to ivan drago, how about a relative to ‘clubber lang’. I think that might be something to go on.??

  25. Tommy “the duke” Morrison’s son, Trey Morrison just moved to LA to shoot a possible Rocky movie! He is a knockout artist just like his dad was. Check him out! Trey Lippe Morrison