‘Robocop’ Trailer: There’s a Man Inside The Machine

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The Robocop remake has been a point of contention amongst fans of the 1987 Paul Verhoeven film – as far back as the remake’s announcement over half a decade ago. The road to theaters has been just as bumpy, with Brazilian director Jose Padilha (Elite Squad) having to battle studio demands in order to shape his vision of a modern-day Robocop story. Now fans are getting their first look at the Robocop remake trailer, but the reaction is likely to remain the same, given the footage.

While you may be familiar with the original, be sure to read the following synopsis for 2014 version, which will explore things from a different angle:

In RoboCop, the year is 2028 and multinational conglomerate OmniCorp is at the center of robot technology. Overseas, their drones have been used by the military for years – and it’s meant billions for OmniCorp’s bottom line. Now OmniCorp wants to bring their controversial technology to the home front, and they see a golden opportunity to do it. When Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman) – a loving husband, father and good cop doing his best to stem the tide of crime and corruption in Detroit – is critically injured in the line of duty, OmniCorp sees their chance for a part-man, part-robot police officer. OmniCorp envisions a RoboCop in every city and even more billions for their shareholders, but they never counted on one thing: there is still a man inside the machine, pursuing justice.

The 1987 Robocop is one of those films that  people can watch and take away very different interpretations and experiences. Like many of Verhoeven’s films, it was a finely-tuned mix of conventional action movie tropes, gleefully trashy exploitation, and scathing social commentary and/or satire. It’s that latter bit that some people overlook: Verhoeven’s condemnation of American consumer culture, the rise of corporate oligarchy and an over-indulgence of violence within media entertainment is as relevant now as it was 26 years ago(!); however, Jose Padilha’s film seems to be a different sort of machine.


If you couldn’t tell from the trailer, the 2014 Robocop is a more philosophical tale, centering on the question of the nature of the soul, and what makes us “human.” While Alex Murphy’s fight to override central command programming was a minor plot-point in the original, it looks to be the major focal point of this new film. So the Robocop remake isn’t without a brain – it’s just a brain that is pondering thoughts and themes that other films – many other films – have covered before.

…And there doesn’t seem to be anything revolutionary or new about how this new film will cover that material. Given that we’re nearly 30 years on from the release of the original, it’s somewhat disappointing to see that this trailer doesn’t really offer anything new or interesting on either the visual, technological or directorial fronts. There are no neat concepts or thrilling action sequences introduced at all – beyond a Robocop armor upgrade we already knew was coming – and even appearances from actors like Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Keaton, Abbie Cornish (Sucker Punch), Jay Baruchel (This Is the End), Gary Oldman or Jackie Earle Haley (Watchmen) inspire more “How did he/she lands in this?” question than excitement. (PS – Joel Kinnaman is not going to be able to touch the iconic performance of Peter Weller, if this trailer is anything to judge by…)

Unless they’re holding back something great,  this new Robocop feels like it will be yet another unnecessary remake (see also: the recent butchering of Verhoeven’s Total Recall). By the way: Did you know the new Robocop comes with wifi and a PG-13 rating?

SILVER LINING: the original film will get dusted off and paraded around again as this remake nears theaters – so we can at least enjoy that much.


Robocop will be in theaters on February 7th, 2014 (not a good sign).

Source: MGM

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  1. I’m happy by the fact that many people will watch the original after this.

  2. I will give it a shot at the theater for sure!!! it looks like a good flick!!! People that are bashing it are doing it because of the previous version. What people need to know is that some movies can be remade while others cant. This one falls in the remake category!! count me in!

    • Amen, brother!!!

    • You’re obviously young and dumb. The original can’t be remade. Not without an NC-17 rating. This will suck as bad as the 3rd one. Fact is, part of what made the original so interesting was the lack of censorship on violence, gore, and drugs. Despite being a movie about a cyborg cop, it was more “realistic” than any “reality” show on TV today. This remake is nothing more than “great graphix” borrowing a name. Waste your money if you want, but you’re better off just watching the original.

      • they butcher my fav scifi movie why

      • Thanks for the advice ;)!!! don’t forget to watch it in IMAX sir ;)!

      • It’s not going to be the original. The original is one of the few examples of a perfect movie. I’m not going to slate it before i’m seen it though. They have every oppurtunity to do something fresh and creative with the character of Robocop. I hope it’s good.

    • “This one falls in the remake category!!”

      Clueless. I’ll forgive you though if you were really born in 1986, just a year before the original Robo aired.

      • Of course Joe, clueless I am :)! and yeah I am 27 years of age! the only 3 movies i do not want Hollywood to touch are scarface, goodfellas and the godfather, everything else is fair game in my book :)

        • Completely forgiven for mentioning those three movies.
          You have a future indeed young padawan! :)

        • What “Scarface” the original or “Scarface” the remake starring Al Pacino?

  3. I just want this movie to be profitable enough to warrant a Robocop/Dredd crossover.

    • +1

  4. Looks okay, but black Robo with the red viewing slit looks more 80s retro than the original movie ever did.

    • that’s racist

      • Starlight Express…. Starlight Express… 😀

        • starlight express

          starlight EXPRESS….


          *storms away*

  5. He’s wearing hockey pads.

    • Hurawl?

      • WHERESMYAVATAR!?!?!?!?WHEREISIT!?!?!?!?

      • Harvey Dent, can we trust him?

          • You believe in fairy tails … I believe in nothing till it’s dead.

            • Hurawl?

              • Shut yer little wannabe Dentine mouth. Your breathe is almost as foul as this trailer … defiantly stinks like on of those new Batflicks.

                  PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH


                    • So you’re saying all I have to do is send in Casey Jones and you’ll flop around like a fish? Go back and pray to your fairy tail little one. You’re not ready for this flight.

                  • Y’alls crazy. 😀

                    • I’MWHATEVERGOTHAM!!!NEEDSMETOBE!!!!


                  • <3 all of this :)

  6. I had no interest in seeing this movie until I watched this trailer. Now I am looking forward to it.

    Granted, it might suck. I’m not turned off by a PG-13 rating. I am confused about it being a “more philosophical tale.” Did you not catch the whole man vs. machine subtext of the original Robocop while you were enjoying “I’d buy that for a dollar!” and copious amounts of gore?

    I thought Peter Weller did a great job, but Kurtwood Smith is still THE performance to beat in Robocop! I still have trouble watching “That 70s Show!” Every time Eric stands up to his dad, I’m just waiting for him to cut his head off…

    • +1

      I know what you mean. Kurtwood Smith’s character is one of my favorite baddies on film. Till this day after seeing him on That 70’s Show & other films, I can’t believe its the same guy that was so cold & cruel in Robocop.

  7. After seeing the trailer, I might see it during a matinee showing. I have my doubts it won’t surpass the original with a PG-13 rating though. Anyone think his voice kind of sounded like Peter Weller’s from Robocop 2?

    Plus what’s the deal with the bare right hand looking human still? Im only thinking about going to see it because it doesn’t look like a remake or carbon copy of the original film after seeing the trailer.

  8. lookin good, gotta say the gray looks better than black but black is logically more tactical…

  9. This looks like an intense popcorn flick. While I can watch movies based on out of the box superheroes and ridiculous car chases and take them at least moderately seriously, based on this trailer, I don’t think I’ll be able to take anything in this movie seriously aha. Watching the trailer, you can feel that it’s an idea taken from the 80s, obviously because it’s a remake but the feeling is really overwhelming. Still pretty cool though. I’m definitely going to watch it and most likely have a good time.

    • I’ll enjoy it but not without laughing a bit everyone now and then.

  10. Well this film is for the new Generation I`m fine with the original, this is for those that are in their early 20`s

    • Try more like early teens. Course then today’s 20 somethings are a bunch of cry-baby, emo, panzies

    • Actually, going by it’s certification, it’s for 13 year olds.

  11. however ill prob check it out for 3 dollars in my town….i mean technology wise it looks good but the original reigns over all

  12. it says this film is not yet rated.

  13. I knew it! This movie is going to be awesome! By the way, it’s okay to have an opinion and actually like something you like, instead of following what everyone else thinks might be good. Like Pacific Rim for example, the movie sucked.

    • This movie already sucks as much balls as your movies do. Do us all a favor and go get a McDonald’s job. It seems more to your suite.

      • Why don’t you tighten up your glasses and go watch the trailer again. Clearly you have bat s*** in your eyes and can’t see what’s in front of you.

        • Clearly you haven’t watched nor directed anything worth watching. Can’t believe I almost wasted a half minute looking at one of your puke-fest. I know what I like. The original can’t be beat. The 3rd was the first “3rd” to suck, and only this remake can top it.

          The only thing this movie has is a bunch expensive graphics. I’m a developer, I can make my own graphics. I’m not wasting my money to watch one of my most favorite memories ripped apart like Star Wars was.

          Hollywood can keep their overpriced graphics. I miss the gore, the uncensored violence and “realism” that was lost with “reality TV.” Above all, I miss the “depth.” The antagonists in older films, such as the Original Robocop make today’s “bad guys” look like card carrying members of “The Fresh Beat Band.”

          • No offense, but I’m a huge fan of the originals even when people like to hate on them. This one has Gary Oldman, Samuel Jackson and a lot of great actors. I’m giving it a shot. The trailer was exciting and all we can hope for is good remakes. Because we all know that Hollywood will definitely and indefinitely make an endless amount of remakes.

            • That’s what studios do when their movie is a POS.. they hire big names to cover that fact up.

          • Oh and your website is broken beyond belief. Most likely because you used Prototype and have 0 clue what you’re doing. Try jQuery, it’s 100x easier and you need about half the code. Your code looks like some garbage my 5 year old put together. Prototype is for developers who “understand” JS as you have to write your own modules. Although, “good” developers already know, jQuery as everything you need and 1.7+ has a small enough footprint, it easily compares in all factors and exceeds in most to Prototype and MooTools. That’s why jQuery is the most used JS lib in the world. If you wanna do something, at least try to do it right. Thus my argument with this “remake”.

            • Well, you are 100% incorrect. I can see that you’re an angry person. You have a good day ma’am. I’ll try to find an application so you can be a professional film critic. I’m pretty sure it’s not in the comment section of this website. Good day milady.

              • Not angry, just honest. Honestly sick of Hollywood’s bs. Almost as much as I’m sick of my government lying to us and the media being a bunch of panzie robots. Honestly sick of no one having any real talent or creative instinct anymore. Honestly, when is the last time we had an “original” movie?

                • I’m sick of Hollywood’s b*******. Sick of the government b*******. But, I’m trying to find something to be excited about, even if this RoboCop doesn’t live up to the originals or isn’t as original as the originals, I’m going to at least try to enjoy it. It’s been like 30 years and I miss RoboCop. There is a point where you stop being mad at certain things, and try to enjoy what was given to us before the age of lame.

                  • Lol, I’ll give you that point and back off now. I’ve been trolling you for some part. But I still refuse to give in myself. I won’t waste my money till Hollywood comes up with something worth watching, or my son begs to go to the movies. I’m done with media today. To be real, I haven’t watched but about 5 new movies in the last 10 years and only about 2 or 3 tv shows. Media sux today. I just focus on work, family, and fun. And this has been fun! Enjoy yourself! Oh and the jQuery thing, I was serious, you should really look into it and get your sight redone. It really is broken, no offense meant this time.

                • “Honestly, when is the last time we had an “original” movie?”

                  This summer we had one…
                  It was called Pacific Rim.
                  Something which Americans didn’t watch apparently.

                  • Never even heard of it

                    • @JD: Wow really? Hope you return to the land of the living soon.

          • Whether you like his stuff or not, at least he’s making things and using his creative fool. Stop being so hateful, what good does it do you? What good does it have on anybody? Do you really want to be a wasteful little turd who merely spends his time on the internet tearing into harmless strangers just to make himself feel better?

            • No not really, just having fun. Honestly never saw this sight till tonight and decided i’d rip into anyone i saw supporting this trash movie. Just cause I’m bored and because … welp, because! :-)

              • You are such a los*r lmao

                • If it helps you sleep at night to think so, OK 😛

                  Otherwise, I make the money I want, I have a model wife and a great kid. Live where I want, do what I want when I want. Work how and where I want. I live the life I want. What do you do?

                  • oh wow, that’s awesome. good for you

            • I think you kids call it “trolling” today. Although, that term really isn’t new either. We called it trolling when people did it in cgi chat rooms in the early 90’s too. Just wasn’t “popular” back then.

              • you know i bet you didn’t like Dredd, Star Trek Into Darkness, The Crazies, Dawn of the Dead, or Evil Dead 2013 either

                • Haven’t watched any of the remakes, and no, i didn’t like the trailers either. I tried watching one of the new Batmans … twice even! Fell asleep both times. It’s just crappy. And no one will beat the original Dredd. Stallone was made for that part, or rather, it was made for him.

                  Oh I did watch the oldest of the new Star Trek … it was alright, but then, i’ve never been a huge trekky, so it I don’t really have a dog in that fight. Han Solo would kill Kirk or Picard and not even spill his drink doing it.

                  • …i can’t tell if you’re having a laugh or just completely insane. firstly you’re depriving yourself of watching great movies, and secondly the original dredd sucked

                    also greedo shot first dude. how do you feel about JJ Abrams directing Episode 7

                    • It’ll prolly suck like most his other flicks (MI3, Super8 [wtf was that even supposed to be!], Armagedon, just a few examples of his suckness)

                      Secondly, The Crazies – trailer wasnt even worth finishing, thus i’ve never watched, Dawn of the Dead – been remade to death (don’t even know which one you’re refering to at this point), or Evil Dead 2013 – you’re joking right?

                    • And the original Dredd was FREAKING AWESOME! I was a huge comic fan at that time, I watched in theaters 7 times! I loved that movie, the cmoic, the sega game! I had it all and loved it all! It was perfect as it was! It didn’t need some stupid remake. What I’ve seen of the trailer looks like it’s (as we say in the gaming world) a “try hard”. The trailer alone failed, why would i watch the movie?

                      You kids are so easy. Given a kewl mill I could throw together literal garbage and sell it to you. Maybe I’m finally getting old, but you have no idea what it means to be “vested” in something whole heartedly and dieing to see it’s premier Movie or TV Mini-series. Everything is “go go go”. No one takes anytime to really enjoy anything anymore, thus Hollywood spits out these regurgitations of once great flicks now simply borrowed names and you eat it up till the next big thing hits, which will take all of a month.

  14. also one more thing…i will accept this film if they use this reboot for a terminator crossover !!

  15. Looks like it will deserve a looksee!!

    But in my mind NOTHING can top the original! I saw that movie about 15 times at the small local 2 screen theatre, I think it was $2 or something like that, But that 1st ROBOCOP was the shiznit, NO DOUBT! I still love the original… but I do like the new suit!

  16. It looks great, Robocop for a new generation. Only the PG-13 rating seems a little suspect. It could end up bad, we shall see.

  17. I’ll buy that for a dollar.

  18. Love the original but I’m not going shell out ten bucks to see it at the theater. I’ll Netflix it in a couple years.

  19. I’ll give this a look

  20. Why remake it if you’re going to say the same thing as the original? I think a good remake with actual purpose is to take the original story elements, put it in a soup, stir it up, and serve me something different. Same ingredients, different meal. Say something different, give me different themes that you want to stress upon. As long as you do that, and do that well, why the hell should I complain?

    • if a remake was the same as the original it would be a blatant shot for shot remake and then people would complain about how the movie industry didn’t even try to do anything original with this remake and how they crapped on the originals memory like they are now

  21. Looks pretty damn sweet to me

  22. Censored and sanitized. Despite the glitz and glamor, this remake is a pale version of Verhoeven’s 1987 classic.

    On a related note, when Kinnaman delivers the iconic line: “Dead or alive, you’re coming with me”, you realize just how good Peter Weller was in this role. Or in any role for that matter.

    GO ROBO!

  23. I loved the ELITE SQUAD films immensely, so that’s why I’m actually looking forward to this. Although this trailer does look like a useless remake, I’m not writing it off yet because I believe in the director & star.

  24. Well I guess it’s worth a look…

  25. I was kind of afraid to see this new version of Robocop. But the trailer kind of eases my fears. Looks like it might be pretty good.

  26. Meh.

  27. if people want to see a good remake,everybody should see the vastly overlooded DREDD remake.

    • overlooked