‘Robocop’ Trailer: There’s a Man Inside The Machine

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The Robocop remake has been a point of contention amongst fans of the 1987 Paul Verhoeven film – as far back as the remake’s announcement over half a decade ago. The road to theaters has been just as bumpy, with Brazilian director Jose Padilha (Elite Squad) having to battle studio demands in order to shape his vision of a modern-day Robocop story. Now fans are getting their first look at the Robocop remake trailer, but the reaction is likely to remain the same, given the footage.

While you may be familiar with the original, be sure to read the following synopsis for 2014 version, which will explore things from a different angle:

In RoboCop, the year is 2028 and multinational conglomerate OmniCorp is at the center of robot technology. Overseas, their drones have been used by the military for years – and it’s meant billions for OmniCorp’s bottom line. Now OmniCorp wants to bring their controversial technology to the home front, and they see a golden opportunity to do it. When Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman) – a loving husband, father and good cop doing his best to stem the tide of crime and corruption in Detroit – is critically injured in the line of duty, OmniCorp sees their chance for a part-man, part-robot police officer. OmniCorp envisions a RoboCop in every city and even more billions for their shareholders, but they never counted on one thing: there is still a man inside the machine, pursuing justice.

The 1987 Robocop is one of those films that  people can watch and take away very different interpretations and experiences. Like many of Verhoeven’s films, it was a finely-tuned mix of conventional action movie tropes, gleefully trashy exploitation, and scathing social commentary and/or satire. It’s that latter bit that some people overlook: Verhoeven’s condemnation of American consumer culture, the rise of corporate oligarchy and an over-indulgence of violence within media entertainment is as relevant now as it was 26 years ago(!); however, Jose Padilha’s film seems to be a different sort of machine.


If you couldn’t tell from the trailer, the 2014 Robocop is a more philosophical tale, centering on the question of the nature of the soul, and what makes us “human.” While Alex Murphy’s fight to override central command programming was a minor plot-point in the original, it looks to be the major focal point of this new film. So the Robocop remake isn’t without a brain – it’s just a brain that is pondering thoughts and themes that other films – many other films – have covered before.

…And there doesn’t seem to be anything revolutionary or new about how this new film will cover that material. Given that we’re nearly 30 years on from the release of the original, it’s somewhat disappointing to see that this trailer doesn’t really offer anything new or interesting on either the visual, technological or directorial fronts. There are no neat concepts or thrilling action sequences introduced at all – beyond a Robocop armor upgrade we already knew was coming – and even appearances from actors like Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Keaton, Abbie Cornish (Sucker Punch), Jay Baruchel (This Is the End), Gary Oldman or Jackie Earle Haley (Watchmen) inspire more “How did he/she lands in this?” question than excitement. (PS – Joel Kinnaman is not going to be able to touch the iconic performance of Peter Weller, if this trailer is anything to judge by…)

Unless they’re holding back something great,  this new Robocop feels like it will be yet another unnecessary remake (see also: the recent butchering of Verhoeven’s Total Recall). By the way: Did you know the new Robocop comes with wifi and a PG-13 rating?

SILVER LINING: the original film will get dusted off and paraded around again as this remake nears theaters – so we can at least enjoy that much.


Robocop will be in theaters on February 7th, 2014 (not a good sign).

Source: MGM

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  1. You people are acting like they’re repainting the Mona Lisa, here…it’s ROBOCOP!!!!

    We all love the original, but c’mon, I don’t want acopy of it!
    Plus, this director has already put out better films than Hollywood has put out in the past decade. If anyone can raise such a ridiculous premise to something more, it’s him.

    “I saw a 2 min trailer, more than enough info to make an opinion! Snarf! Snarf!”

    • This ^^

    • What do his other movies have to do with anything, It’s a 100 million + movie. You know as well as I do, the only decision he made on this project,was which direction the camera was pointed, men in suits made the rest.

      • You’re absolutely right.
        Suits directed 300, not Snyder.
        Suits directed Batman Begins, not Nolan.
        Suits directed Avengers, not Whedon.
        Suits directed Jaws, not Spielberg.
        Suits directed Star Wars, not Lucas.

        Plus, this isn’t some indie director: his films were the highest grossing films of all time in Brazil

          • You’re not the only one on here that works in the film industry, sir. Some of us have had screenplays optioned, some of us have films in circulation, some of us write & direct professional theater, some of us even work on set for major studio productions.
            Yes, I’ve seen the studio suits take control plenty of times, but I’ve also seen them have no input outside of budget & time issues.

            But I’ve never witnessed anyone misquote THE DARK KNIGHT until you, sir

            • I have seen evil!
              I have seen horror!
              I have seen the unholy maggots which feasts in the dark recesses of the human soul!…they’re at camp ;)
              But I have not seen…YOU!

            • Well for a start, its my ten year olds misquote, which I thought was so cute, I now use it for everyrhing. But I will be sure and let him know he’s an idiot. Anyway, my stupid son aside, you really need to relax man. I am only sharing my personal exsperience. There’s no need to get all worked up and angry about it, which was quite self evident, given your rather obvious and sad attemt to antagonise me, based on a light hearted quoet.
              I can only asume your anger stems from not being one of the so called (some of us) of which you speak. Its only the internet man relax. P.S Please feel free, to call me a douchbag, or whatever lowbrow cheap inarticulate term, people like you use, when they can’t find there big boy words.

              • I’m sorry, have I used any of those names??? No? You’re just pulling at straws.
                I Your son came up with the name? Cute. My kids suggested I use “LadyBugWand,” so I denied them porridge for a week.
                That’s why they’re still kids: cuz they’resstupid!

                Why is it when someone says something incredibly dumb, as you certainly did, and someone (like me) points out the utter stupidity of it, we’re called angry?
                I’m not the least bit angry. You said something ridiculously ignorant and I shined a light on it. Deal with it.

                Don’t just suddenly attempt to write all respectful & eloquent (despite being riddled with spelling errors) and assume none of us can read your earlier comments.

                You trolled my comment, which is fine…but I have every right to reply. The only difference between you & I is that I’ve maintained my written demeanor this entire, why you & FilmLover desperately attempt to change & paint yourself as something else.

            • Not that I care, because I think your both full of crap. But you did not witness his misquotation cranium, you read it, there is a difference you know. I would not even mention it, except I feel, if your going to try and call someone on something so childish, you should try not to make yourself sound like an ass in the process.

              • I’m full of crap!? So no commenters on SR work in the film industry??? It’s an insanely broad term. Where I am, you can’t throw a rock at a tree without someone from the film industry falling out. Not accusing him of lying nor am I beating, just saying it’s absolutely nothing to boast about.
                And your comment on witness vs read is almost too stupid.

                What you don’t know is that this hockeypants guy seeks me out on SR, just to say something stupid and I pay along until it’s no longer fun.

                • Ok whatever dude,

                  • What a rebuttal!!! Who are you, James Carville!? I surrender to your wit & intellect, sir…

                    …you are both a scholar & a gentleman

                    • Wow, I was just trying to leave it alone, don’t you have anything else to do with your life, other than antagonise people on stupid websites.
                      Don’t you have a fake movie to direct. Why don’t you try getting out of your mothers basement for a while, go look at a tree or something, it might relax you a little. It’s sad angry little men like you, that put normal people of commenting.

                    • Sorry, but isn’t this all a reply to MY comment??? Not the thread as whole.
                      Don’t reply (insult) to someone’s specific comment without expecting a reply (insult) back. I’m not trolling your other comments on this thread, only simply responding to replies on my comment.

                      It’s great that although we’re responding the same, I’m the one that must not have a life! Sure, my mom’s basement is awesome and I can stay out however late I want and commenting on SR is only time I feel alive, but that’s not for you to judge! Calling the kettle black.

                    • Listen Cranium! He was just trying to leave it alone… by randomly insulting you with nonsensical word comparisons and his own poor grammar. Clearly filmlover is a wonderful and intelligent individual.

          • Oh I get it….

            Person claims to be an authority on movies.
            Person makes claim about movies
            Therefore, claim is true.

            Sorry, but I’m not buying an appeal to authority, and neither should anyone else nor your dismissive attitude based on your unprovable spurious appeal.

            • I agree with you pkay. Some of us have been this, some have done that, blah blah , b*******. Oh did I mention I am Chris Nolan.

              • It’s so not hard to “work in the film industry” is what I’m saying. It gives no one bonus points. It only impreses tourists.
                Yes, I work in the film industry, no, it does not make me cool; it’s a job.
                My career does not make me any more our any less of a film buff.

                But the ELITE SQUAD movies were amazing, that’s a fact. And the director has a lot more sway with the studio suits than people realize.

      • Pardon me, but your ignorance is showing…

        BumbleBee Tuna!!!

    • You make complete sense.

  2. I loved the original, and this reboot I have been dreading for sometime. I’m not defending the crap of RoboCop 2 & 3 that came later and the tv series. I was hoping with the new CGI technology we have now since 30 years of the first one would look better. No, it’s just a cash, grabbing cow; basically how bad Total Recall was last year. Leave Verhoeven masterpiece alone Hollywood. I really miss my childhood now.

    • And you could guess all those things based on a 2 minute trailer…hmmm.

      • If you are talking about, the 2min trailer that just showed every plot point in the movie. Then the answer is yes.

    • Well, considering that Total Recall wasn’t bad, and was actually truer to the source material than the past film, I don’t see where your argument holds any water.

    • Oh no! How will we all cope when yet another remake wipes the original catalogue out of existence!

      All these remakes render the untouched original movies that you can still access, destroyed?

      Get a grip. If you don’t like it, you aren’t forced to pay a penny to see it. You don’t have to acknowledge it, and you can still watch the originals without anything being affected whatsoever.

      If you want someone to leave Robocop alone, go time travel to about 1988 and have a serious conversation to Frank Miller about his screenwriting aspirations.

  3. @Kofi, BTW I really like your writing and enjoy listening to you on the podcast, but this is one of the most negatively biased articles I’ve ever read on this site. C’mon, do you really think it looks THAT bad? I think it looks pretty great!.. and the original is still in my top 30 favourite movies of all time.

    • And Total Recall was directed by Len Wiseman, who’s as hacky as Paul W.S Anderson, let’s not compare them just because they’re both based on Verhoven’s.

      • +2

    • +1

    • I completely agree with this guy. I love all the articles on this site and listen to every podcast. Most of the editors share the same opinions as myself on the movies talked about on this site. This article just seems unfairly judgmental. It’s the first trailer, showing of action, big stars and the basic Robocop premise which everyone would assume would still be the core story of the reboot. But common! This could have a lot more heart and story than we are expecting. Who knows? Maybe when you strip away comic heros, aliens, magic, super strength, crazy CGI we might get something a little more relatable and human this time around. From a 30 year old man who grew up with Robocop movies, comics and TV shows and i have to say I’m pumped.

    • Didn’t say it looks bad – just not all that impressive – and not impressive enough to justify a remake.

      I could end up eating crow on this one for sure! But I don’t think I will :-)

  4. There was some pretty negative buzz surrounding Dredd prior to release last year.. look how that turned out!

    • I agree. People complained about Dredd being remade/rebooted but in the end I enjoyed it better than the original. I was reading online an article that talked about remakes/reboots and wrote a great observation about the backlash on Dredd that in the end might have cost it a bigger BO success. His observation on Dredd was that people complained about it being a remake of the Sylvester Stallone film soo much so that people didn’t go see it because of this. In the end, the Karl Urban version was the best representation of Dredd and deserved a sequel but because of the backlash it cost the movie in BO numbers.
      Now I am not saying this Robocop will be the same result but until we actually go see it no one can really say if it’s any good nor compare it to the Total Recall remake. They are both different movies, different writers, directors, producers and most importantly, different actors.

  5. Looks like it could be a good film. If they kept the gore but I’m betting it will be PG 13 with no blood and comic book type action.

  6. The red helmet light makes it look like an 80′s sci fi TV show….

    • Does Cyclops from The X-Men look like he’s from an 80′s TV show too?

      • Yes, he does, actually.

  7. Dredd was amazing, but let’s look at the original with Stalone, and anything could be better. The original RoboCop was like the new Dredd to me, perfect, rated R and rightlfully so. Great review Kofi, perfect sir!

  8. Personally, I rather liked the look of this trailer. The original Paul Verhoeven film was ahead of its time in so many aspects in the elements it brought. But the theme of RoboCop in today’s technologically driven world is quite relevant–more relevant today than it was nearly 30 years ago. I don’t see a need to cut it because it’s a remake of a beloved classic. And I don’t want to see an updated version that tries to imitate its predecessor. A fresh take on the iconic character is much deserved. I know many people didn’t care for RoboCop 2 but it is among my favorites as well. Still, after the third installment tarnished what could have been a promising franchise I think an update for a newer core audience who will relate to its elements is just what is needed to bring the character back into the consciousness of the general audience.

  9. It looks Ok. I’ll see it. But it can be as bad as the Fright Night remake

    • I am probably a little older than you. Yes, remakes exist. But they have never been this many remakes, in this short of a time frame, in the history of Hollywood. Hollywood is cashing in on every old popular-then property they can because original ideas are very few and far between. I do agree we do not want the same old Robocop. How would that be interesting?

  10. People keep referencing the ‘Total Recall’ remake, but another remake that people seem to be forgetting, and that ‘RC’ could emulate, is ‘The Rise Of The Planet of The Apes’.

    I remember how many people (bloggers, box office analysts/ predictions etc.) shrugged that one off. But it turned out to pretty much destroy low expectations (82% Rotten Tomato score, nearly $500 million gross world wide) and is now getting a high profile sequel. And I can personally attest that is was a very satisfying addition to the ‘POTA’ franchise (of which I have have been a long time fan of)

    So as every Negative Nancy/ rabid, frothing fan boy points to ‘Total Recall’(2012,) I am going to hold out hope for 2014′s ‘ROTPOTA’

    • addendum: by say I am waiting for “2014′s ‘ROTPOTA” the inference is that ‘Robocop (2014)’ could very well be that year’s unexpected success story (comparable to ‘ROTPOTA’

  11. I think it’s the black suit that’s putting people off. What I don’t get is why it’s made less robotic than the silver one. I wonder if the black suit comes first and then the silver one.

    I think it would be a good idea to have Omni corp decide he needs to be less human and slowly make him more and more robotic and the movie shows him fighting for his humanity every time. So in the end it’s the silver suit with all it’s cool movable parts but he’s still Alex Murphy fighting for his life.

    • Its not the suit. People just like to complain.

    • I wonder if the black suit comes first and then the silver one.

      Why would you wonder about that? Haven’t you seen the trailer? The chronology is laid out plainly. Silver during Robo’s development, then Michael Keaton’s character says lets make it black, then black Robo.

  12. People are looking way to far into this. The trailer looks good. Just have fun at the movies and quit over analyzing fiction.

    • +1


      +6 x 11 + 11 – 35

    • @Alpine

      I’m not looking way too much into it at all.

      I saw the trailer on Thursday night and decided that it didn’t look good. Much like I didn’t think This Is The End looked good when I saw a trailer so I avoided that movie too.

      That’s how trailers work. You see a clip and think “That looked good, I’ll see that” or “That looked crap, I won’t bother”.

      Although it does play into my theory that US audiences don’t even bother watching trailers and just go willy-nilly to movies, no matter how horrendous that movie may be.

      • @Dazz :thumbs up: :D

  13. I love the original RoboCop. It is one of my all-time favorite films. In this trailer, you can already see that this film is going to be nowhere near as violent (instead of being shot hundreds of times, he just gets blown up). Despite my love for the action and practical effects of the original, I really want to see this movie. Why? Because I am a big fan of anything Sci-fi. I know that this movie will be different in many ways, but I will have to try and critique and/or enjoy it for what it is. I can see that he can move faster than just normal walking. I am not sure how I feel about that just yet.

  14. I watch this for a dollar.

  15. I’d watch this for a dollar.

  16. I think any movie is good if it has a plot climax or ending

  17. I find it both ridiculous and alarming that people are attacking those who don’t like the look of the movie based on this trailer with the old cliche “You based that on a 2 minute trailer?”.

    Yes, they did. That’s what a trailer is for, to give you several minutes of clips and hype and let you decide if it’s something you feel worthy of your time and money upon release.

    For myself and others, we saw the trailer, decided it looked horrendous and moved on while those on the opposite side of that spectrum seem to be attacking people for making a judgment call on a short video, which is what the purpose of movie trailers is.

    Someone brought up Total Recall and how the remake is closer to the source material. That may be so but the trailer made it look like crap and when I finally saw it on TV, I didn’t like it as much as I wanted to.

  18. This article is ridiculous. this movie hasnt even come out yet and you are passing judgment on it already. Give it a chance. Its a new age with much better animation and we cant expect the new actor to continue the old story. no one can replace the original but there is always room for new vision. Im not saying that it will be great but it definitely has potential. I personally like that there is much more obvious human side to robocop than before. It has the opportunity to feel more for the character.

  19. @seamusohouli 
    That was the point of the original, to show Alex lost everything including his humanity.
    Everything he worked for, everything he had was gone & there was no getting it bad.
    There was nothing left but his face & brain filled with OCP & fading memories.
    He was a tragic soul locked in a robotic body.
    This guy is wearing a robotic suit pretending to be Robocop.
    Looks like a guy that got upgraded.
    He’s still has his humanity, family, & his job, this guy became a high tech power ranger.
    This would be better suited as a Darth Vader remake.
    This is a poor Robocop.

  20. Just because they remake something doesn’t make bad. remakes are awsome because they get to show how the original would have looked like in modern times. I hope they will make tons of ropbocop movie after this.

  21. thats about the only silver lining that is even near this movie, I’ll probably buy a new blu-ray edition if it comes out this Christmas or January, then sit back and watch it after seeing this at the cinema(2014 is gonna SSUUCCKK!)