Michael Fassbender Wanted For ‘RoboCop’ Remake

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Elite Squad helmer José Padilha – the man charged with directing the RoboCop remake/reboot – already has a good idea about how to differentiate his sci-fi project from director Paul Verhoeven’s popular original 1987 film, thematically speaking. The new RoboCop will also have the benefit (or detraction – depending on your perspective) of modern digital-effects and CGI to visually distinguish itself from Verhoeven’s production.

However, while MGM has previously expressed an interest in having an A-lister like Tom Cruise – or a younger actor, such as Chris Pine – in the title role, Padilha has someone a bit different in mind.

Padilha and his RoboCop screenwriter (Josh Zetumer) are – by their own assertion – on the verge of finishing the “final treatment” for the remake, and will meet with MGM officials within a week’s time. The next step in pre-production will be to cast the film, starting with the lead role of onetime human cop-turned-cybernetic law enforcement officer, Alex J. Murphy.

Michael Fassbender is apparently Padilha’s top choice to portray the character – and the director plans to meet with the actor in the very near future.

You can watch the video where Padhila discusses his interest in recruiting Fassbender for RoboCop HERE (fair warning, though – that clip is in Portuguese).

michael fassbender talks possibly playing james bond Michael Fassbender Wanted For RoboCop Remake

Michael Fassbender in ‘X-Men: First Class’

MGM would presumably be more than happy to have Fassbender play the new incarnation of RoboCop, seeing that he’s rapidly becoming an in-demand talent – thanks to his supporting turn in Inglourious Basterds, his scene-stealing performance as a young Magneto in X-Men: First Class – and his buzzed-about role in David Cronenberg’s new awards-hopeful drama, A Dangerous Method. With an important role in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus – and possibly a First Class sequel – on the horizon, Fassbender’s bankability only looks to increase in the immediate future.

Here’s the million dollar question for fans, though: Is Fassbender the right man for the job?

Fassbender is certainly mature enough to deflect criticisms that the new RoboCop persona could be a “younger and softer” variation on Peter Weller’s portrayal of the character – and if you’ve seen Fassbender in films like the X-Men prequel or Centurion, then you know he’s can definitely play a ruthless, yet morally complex badass onscreen. Add those two factors together and it’s hard to argue that this doesn’t like a potentially great idea (on paper, at least).

robocop reboot writer Michael Fassbender Wanted For RoboCop Remake

Part of the problem with this scenario is that Padilha is far from the only filmmaker who’s interested in hiring Fassbender, now that he’s become a hot commodity. So although the director may want the actor for his RoboCop refashioning – that doesn’t guarantee that he’s going to get him.

Nonetheless, we shall continue to keep you posted on the status of the RoboCop remake – which, according to Padilha, could begin principal photography by Spring 2012 – as the story develops.

Source:  José Padilha

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  1. nope he is too good of an actor for this franchise.

    • Too good for this franchise ? Okay! Robocop 1&2 were good for their time cat say tue same for the third one but nevertheless this franchise is up there with the classics

      • don’t think i don’t like robocop, the first robocop is awesome. but the guy is gonna be in a robot costume for most of the movie and it is not like Iron Man where he can take it off whenever he wants, he is stuck being a robot for this movie and any upcoming sequels. Why waste a good actor on that? What is needed here is a good script and a decent actor.
        Plus i dont want a new franchise distracting him from better projects and sequels for X-Men First Class.

        • That makes NO sense. Why “waste” a good actor? Because RoboCop has the potential of being emotionally gut-wrenching if done right. While the sequels could be more along the lines of straightforward action movies, the first has a man killed and ripped out of everything he’s worked for, lived for, only to be brought back to life with no real rights and feeling disconnected from the humanity that most feel shouldn’t be afforded to him. The potential for needing a good actor is there…ultimately RoboCop is really about a man loses absolutely everything and how he deals with it.

      • @ Yvan

        I liked Robcop 3 to lesser extent. Didn’t like the Prime Directive movies. Imo the 3rd film was better than those. Thing i hated about the 3rd film mostly was the ninja androids.

  2. I agree I think he should turn that down and go on too other movies like resident Evil Franchise

  3. Great casting choice, he is perfect for the role. Really looking forward to this. :)

  4. Yes please!

  5. Man, that picture at the top of the article is more Jack Nicholsons Joker than Robocop

    • @ Spike

      Lol even the Terminator smiled little bigger than Robocop in T2 & Robocop’s smile at the end of the original. I could expect a smile from Robcop, but not a Terminator. Im just glad Arnold didn’t smile one last time when he said “Hasta La Vista Baby”.

    • LOL I thought Joker as well when I saw his smile. Why so serious? haha

  6. He would be perfect for the role!!

  7. Yes please!
    And a premiere here in Brazil!

  8. When WB reboots Batman I want to see him cast as The Riddler. As far as Robocop is concerned I don’t think he should take it. Like a poster said above I think he’s to great a talent to be in a robot costume for a whole film…

  9. Yeah, this should be a pass for him. Maybe it would be a better fit for someone who is in TV trying to transition into movies? Maybe someone like Matthew Fox?

  10. I think he’d be the best choice yet. Better than Chris Pine that’s for sure.

  11. Give the role to Taylor Lautner. He can spend the whole film not wearing a shirt.

    • And he can do Kung-Fu crap, and round-house kicks. With him, Robocop becomes CGI-Cop.

      I hope this new movie isn’t full of CGI. But I’m not holding my breath.

  12. He shouldn’t waste his time. He’s too good for this.

  13. My personal favorite for Robocop would be Paul Beattany (Legion, Priest, Touris and he also voiced Iron Man costume)

      • Have you watched Priest?

        • That’s what is called a character role. He’s a perfect match for the more fantastical and strange. I’m not saying that Robocop isn’t in that genre, only that he has to be believable as an average Joe cop first.

  14. Another thing on my mind is how in the heck are they gonna find someone to come close that would fill Kurtwood Smith’s character or a character bad@ass as he was. Looking back till this day watching Robocop seeing him playin Boddicker as funny, cruel cop killer to funny guy Red from That 70′s Show. I liked Cain in Robocop 2 as guy who wasn’t to be taken lightly when he was human or became a cyborg. McDaggett from Robocop 3 was cold hard nut military guy. Not as great as Stephen Lang’s character from Avatar but still wanted to complete the deal. Even if it meant holding a gun up to the chairman of OCP,lol. I hope there will be no cgi involved for Robocop. Another thing to wonder if there would be a updated version of ED-209.

  15. Michael Fassbender is a great actor, I was impressed by his performance as Magneto in X-Men: First Class.

    I think he would make a great Robocop.

    Well at least the studio didn’t went for A-Lister like Johnny Depp and Tom Crusie.

    Let’s hope this remake works out well.

    • @ Nawtnt

      I agree. I enjoyed his performance in X-men First Class as Magneto aswell. Found it as great as Ian McKellan’s, maybe little better imo since i found his take with the character more radical. I hope the studio doesn’t go with a A-Lister like Depp or Cruise. I hope for the best since i loved the original film & enjoyed the 2 sequels.

  16. Miscast the role with some one who will make it fail at the box office. Do that with all remakes to point that remakes cause hollywood to lose way to much money on them and stop making them.

  17. Perfect for the role? What role? A 15 minute screentime? Robocop doesn’t even need acting. He’s a robot for god’s sakes. A waste of time for Fassbender.

  18. Robocop is cyborg almost like the Terminator but different things between the two. Robocop is to have a brain/spinal cord, heart, living tissue of his face thats still alive. Terminator is covered with all living tissue, blood. Arnold didn’t have many lines in the first Terminator film but that changed in the sequels. Anyways, for the time being id go with Fassbender.

  19. I think a lesser actor would screw this remake up. Peter Weller managed something special in the original, so for an actor who relishes a challenge this would be hard to pass up. I also think that a cgi enhanced robotic body would give the actor so much more freedom, as I recall Peter Weller had a hard time moving in his suit, he couldn’t even run.

    On last thought, is this remake going with a male or female, because having it told from a female perspective could be quite interesting?

    • @Batmic

      That’s a very good point about possibly going the female route. The struggles of the character dealing with becoming a cyborg from a females perspective would be a welcome change.

      This perspective, coupled with the difficulties that woman in law enforcement already face would be a very interesting dynamic.

      And besides, “Alex” is a girls name too!

    • @ Batmic

      I recall also Weller sayin the suit was hot that he’d lost a certain amount of lbs a day & they installed a cooling unit in the costume to keep him cooled. I know they & Weller didn’t want Robocop to run, to make the character more robotic or whatever you wanna call it. They changed that in Prime Directives films as Robocop moved faster on his feet than what he did in the 3 films.

      A female Robocop? Im not so sure about that idea. Imo, it would need one heck of a script because we all know fans reaction to a female Terminator like the TX from T3 even though i thought the TX was nice model. Not sure how they can come up with a updated design robot that match somthing like ED-209 from the original or Cain’s Robcop 2 body.

  20. Thanks, WallyWest.

    I also hope the best for the new Robocop movies.

    I loved the first one and the two sequels.

    Let’s hope the studio gets the right actor to play Robocop.

  21. I called this in a older post.. i think fassbender would be fantastic, but I agree he should take different projects. I rather see him play john connor and be the main blade runner in ridley scotts upcoming blade runner sequel or prequel

    • I agree with you. And he should play Robocop! I think he would make a great James Bond.

  22. They should use him for the remake of “The Mask”, for what I can see.

  23. I don’t care who is playing the lead role, the remaking of Robocop is an all around bad decision. Fright Night and Conan anyone?

    People seem to be catching on to Hollywood’s lack of imagination and hopefully will not support similar ventures by staying away from the theaters.

    • I would guess the studios figure these movies will have the combined draw of nostalgia with people old enough to have seen the originals, and the possibility of them bringing their kids to the film and/or the younger audience flocking to the movie.

      The problem they could be having is that the older fans are rejecting these movies as knock-offs and the younger audience don’t get into ideas that seem recycled. The fact is there are few truly new ideas as far as a lot of movies and television goes. They just don’t seem to even try and hide it at this point though.

  24. Eh, I would rather see him as Bond than Robocop.

  25. What!!!.. soo much potential in him.. and they choose Robocop ?.. he is tooo good to be in Robocop..
    Indiana Jones maybe ? :-/

  26. Anyone could act Robocop, he should spend 90% of the movie behind the mask in a metal suit.

  27. He would be great for that role.

  28. As Im watching the Robocop trilogy for the first time, I’m really ok for a reboot. The movies could have been alot more than they where. Chris Pine and Michael Fassbender are great choices for Murphey.