‘RoboCop’ Remake Concept Art Shows Off Armor, Action Scenes, & ED-209

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robocop reboot details joel kinnaman RoboCop Remake Concept Art Shows Off Armor, Action Scenes, & ED 209

Earlier today, a four-minute licensing featurette popped up online for Jose Padilha‘s upcoming RoboCop remake. The video, which was created to help sell the film to merchandisers, featured a variety of concept art from the film as well as interviews with Padilha, star Joel Kinnaman, and VFX  Supervisor Jamie Price.

Naturally, since the video was not meant for mainstream audiences, it was promptly taken down, but not before several websites snapped stills of the video featuring the concept art. The images, which contain minor spoilers, reveal multiple iterations of the new RoboCop armor, several action scenes from the film (including what looks like an army of RoboCops), and another look at the new version of the ED-209.

Check out some of the key concept art from the video below:





Before the video was taken down, our friends at Collider wrote down some of the key points from the video. Check out their report for the full details, but there was one point that we wanted to share:

Since OmniCorp is a business, RoboCop will show the R&D process of the RoboCop models, with the first version being similar to the original suit and the newer version being the sleek black one seen in recent images.

RoboCop’s black armor has been a point of contention in the fanboy community for months now, ever since the first image of the radically different suit appeared online. The assumption then was that the suit was likely an early version that would evolve to become the more recognizable silver version by the end of the movie. This assumption seemed to be confirmed with the recently revealed set photo of the silver ‘combat mode’ suit. If the licensing video is accurate, however, it would seem that the silver suit comes first.

What do you think of the black armor being the final RoboCop armor in the film? Do you like the look of the new ED-209?

The RoboCop remake is expected to hit theaters February 7th, 2014.


Source: Collider, Judao.com.br

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  1. A bit more like it ….i think ? :/

  2. As long as it makes sense for the film, I suppose I am fine with it. I think the black suit looks too much like the latest Batsuit, but am willing to wait for some footage to decide if I like it or not.

  3. Looks great!

  4. The concepts look good. The pictures of the suit which were taken on set don’t seem to look as good as these concepts.


    • I agree! I much prefer that Silver suit.

    • Robocop runs?

    • I think it might also be a “Nuke” lab. But it is just a guess :D

  6. Way better than the 1st d pics.

    • Thats for damn sure! First mock ups were scary (in a bad way and bad not meaning good!) but I highly doubted that was the finished product so happy to see a design much more pleasing as well as bad ass (bad meaning good). The ED 209 looks sweet too!

      Now I just hope Hollywood can finally make a decent 80s remake!!! Lets start with RoboCop!

  7. that is EXACTLY what i expected from a modern true to the original design why cant they just keep this suit its cool looking

  8. really hope they don’t mess this up… get the feeling it is always going to be compared to the original

    • It’s bound to be compared to the original, you’ll always do that in any thing.

  9. robocop does not run, i have a feeling he will be more human this time around…

  10. Starting to like more….

  11. What’s up with the one hand though? I know in the original they talked about keeping his good arm and then Morton said lose the arm. But it looks like they will keep it in this version. I don’t know?

    • I think that’s a nod to the original. It seems they actually kept the hand/arm this time.

  12. I don’t know what is what anymore. Which of these concept arts are actually being used and which aren’t, because that ED-209 up there looks radically different from the first concepts we saw. Which will be the RoboCop that we will see for the majority of the movie, and which one won’t be? I’ll wait for the trailer before I judge this project any further. There’s too much confusion, and I can’t get no relief… ;)

  13. After looking at the concept work above,I think that they could easily make RoboCop into a pretty decent video game.

  14. Glad to see the silver armor! My hopes for this remake have risen slightly

  15. The armor looks good, and the silver armor is a nice mix of classic RoboCop and modern design. While ED-209 looks cool, the original was absolutely terrifying, which I don’t feel while seeing the concept art.

    • I agree about the armor. This concept art should be the final version, but we will see. I just hope that the 209 looks more menacing on film than here.

  16. looking forward to this

  17. This just looks amazingly bad! After release, I give it three months tops before its on blu-ray. Within a year people will have forgotten about it. I hope I’m wrong but god it looks bad.

    • lol, ALL movies now a days end up on Blu-Ray 3 months after their theatrical release.

  18. Horrible ideas. You stop it.

  19. First of all, Robocop doesn’t run. 2nd, stop f****** up a classic. 3rd, Robocops suit should be a representation of the original. Stop making a movie about explosions and robots and start making a movie about a man trapped in a machine struggling to regain humanity

  20. First of all, Robocop doesn’t run. 2nd, stop screwing up a classic. 3rd, Robocops suit should be a representation of the original. Stop making a movie about explosions and robots and start making a movie about a man trapped in a machine struggling to regain humanity

    • No. robocop running is awesome. get out of the 80′s. the black suit is cool also. looks real good at night. quit crying, you’ll go see the movie anyway

    • Who says RoboCop doesn’t run? I don’t remember one of his prime directives being “Don’t Run”.

      It makes sense for him to run in order to catch criminals. Otherwise they could just run around a corner and they’d be home free. The bad guys in the original were dumb, they’d keep trying to shoot RoboCop.

  21. I also agree – The silver armor looks awesome and they should have gone with that!!!! I also agree with Adam above that the original ED209 was scary and this one lacks that menacing look.

    Another thing that I dont like is that he kept his right arm. The specifically replaced his right arm in the first movie – even though it was saved. It looks stupid here to have a normal hand at the end of what looks like a robot arm.

  22. Silver suit rocks please dont use black suit it is horrible

  23. It is pretty obvious that it is the silver suit that IS the suit – they just use the black rubber suit for actually shooting the movie – Kinnaman can’t actually walk around in an actual silver suit, and instead of making a weird plastic silver rubber, they add the silver in post production. Duh.

  24. This is going to be cool!

  25. The concept art looks a LOT more reminiscent of the original model, looking like an updated but acceptable version. So to hear that this is simply a transition to the final black model does nothing to pique my interest in this movie.

    The producers are failing to grasp what made the original such a great show which is why it is ultimately doomed to failure.

  26. Nope. Now “Robocop” Looks like a CHEAP imitation of WAR MACHINE. I won’t be wasting my money on this movie, I’ll stick to the ORIGINAL Robocop.

  27. I wonder if they are going to go all Iron Man, and have different armours for different functions…