‘RoboCop’ Remake Concept Art Shows Off Armor, Action Scenes, & ED-209

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robocop reboot details joel kinnaman RoboCop Remake Concept Art Shows Off Armor, Action Scenes, & ED 209

Earlier today, a four-minute licensing featurette popped up online for Jose Padilha‘s upcoming RoboCop remake. The video, which was created to help sell the film to merchandisers, featured a variety of concept art from the film as well as interviews with Padilha, star Joel Kinnaman, and VFX  Supervisor Jamie Price.

Naturally, since the video was not meant for mainstream audiences, it was promptly taken down, but not before several websites snapped stills of the video featuring the concept art. The images, which contain minor spoilers, reveal multiple iterations of the new RoboCop armor, several action scenes from the film (including what looks like an army of RoboCops), and another look at the new version of the ED-209.

Check out some of the key concept art from the video below:





Before the video was taken down, our friends at Collider wrote down some of the key points from the video. Check out their report for the full details, but there was one point that we wanted to share:

Since OmniCorp is a business, RoboCop will show the R&D process of the RoboCop models, with the first version being similar to the original suit and the newer version being the sleek black one seen in recent images.

RoboCop’s black armor has been a point of contention in the fanboy community for months now, ever since the first image of the radically different suit appeared online. The assumption then was that the suit was likely an early version that would evolve to become the more recognizable silver version by the end of the movie. This assumption seemed to be confirmed with the recently revealed set photo of the silver ‘combat mode’ suit. If the licensing video is accurate, however, it would seem that the silver suit comes first.

What do you think of the black armor being the final RoboCop armor in the film? Do you like the look of the new ED-209?

The RoboCop remake is expected to hit theaters February 7th, 2014.


Source: Collider, Judao.com.br

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  1. that outfit looks much better.

  2. In the image whit the guy firing the rocket. There more than one Robocop ? What up whit that ?

    • Read the article.

      BTW what is “whit” anyway?

      • Let’s face it. All this expectations are just going to explode into another messy “Total Retard”, the remake of Total Recall. I suspect studios are doing this on purpose to make audience go back and re-watch the originals, which are clearly so ahead of its time.

  3. I like the silver version here, it’s better than the black version we’ve seen.

    I also think ED-209 looks more like a child’s toy than a killing machine here.

    I’ll wait until the trailer before I pass actual judgment but so far, still not liking the idea.

    • Are you seriously saying the last ED-209 DIDN’T look like a giant toy???

  4. Ed-209′s colors are horrible, yeah Robo’s armor is closer to the original but to not have that be the final look is a mistake (imo), since this is obviously an attempt to milk the franchise you’d think they’d end the film with the more recognizable design. And that hand! What idiot decided to keep that hand? If anything I hope this makes the original that much better in people’s eyes. I have zero interest in seeing this garbage, just chiming in as a hardcore fan of the original.

  5. I agree with others that this new version is MUCH better than the all-black rubber looking suit. I hope that they turn the black version into the silver version in post (although seen an actual picture of the silver suit makes me think this may not be), or at least have him use the silver version for much of the movie.
    Also ED-209 did look better in the previous concept art, as others have suggested.

    I don’t really care about the hand. It’s a cool nod to the original where they could have saved his hand but didn’t.

    I’m more excited about this now that I’ve seen the silver version.

  6. not sure why soooo many people are complaining! The original movie suit was based on that they thought the future in robotics would look like and function. Obviously, they are doing the same thing with the black suit for the reboot, and of course technology has evolved by leaps and bounds and the suit had to do the same!

    • Exactly, and we mainly see a lot of white robots appearing around today online and experiment project. Heck white make a white Robocop? That would be interesting.

      • but not stealthy enough .. he is a cop ,

  7. Is it me or is his human hand off putting. It kind out takes me out of it with his had out there like that. Other than that, it looks pretty good in silver.

  8. The original Robocop was so shocking for its time the remake will have to go some to not come off as a pale immitation.. Rather like Robocop 3 turned out..

  9. Silver suit – YES!

    Human hand – No!

    Blue Suit (on bike picture) – NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooo!

    • Agreed!

    • They leave his flesh hand because he’s a cyborg, the future of Robotic. Part machine, part human? hello?…

  10. What is with the right hand being exposed? The exposed hand takes away from the new suit. Cover it up of cut it off

  11. image removed ! ffs , bet it will be lame like total recall remake

  12. they gonna keep making horrible remake/reboot movies cause they lost their imagination drive and just want to make money. Like Paramount’s reboot of TMNT for example, which makes them be aliens (bad move that will be the start of them going bankrupt), bad move. You want to make good movies that were either to be remake/reboot like, a spin from comics or video games,or something different. Then make it what works for the fans, like what the fans tried telling them with TMNT. Yet, as you can see, the film companies rarely ever listen. Then they wonder why they lose money with movies that we all know wont work. Also for example, I refuse to go see the remake of Evil Dead. I’m sorry but the trailer proved that the movie will be very bad.

    • Uh, no. The turtles will not be aliens, the ooze will have an alien origin, just like the original cartoon, the turtles will be from the sewers. They were even thinking of putting in Rockstead, Bebob, and Crang, but thankfully, thought better of it.

  13. Michael Brown, are you psychic? You must be to know how a movie that isn’t even out yet eill fare, and if it will be good or not. You only know if it looks good to you, not how it will play for everyone.
    I was confused by this part of your post,” You want to make good movies that were either to be remake/reboot like, a spin from comics or video games,or something different. Then make it what works for the fans…” It is not really clear what you are saying there. I do not know if I can agree or not. Please clarify.

  14. What is with all of these remakes?!? Is this generation so lame that they cannot come up with any original ideas?

    • What are you talking about? RebootCop is going to be awesome! And then the sequel will be awesome’er! RebootCop 2: Citizens on patrol. Where Alex J Murphy AKA RubberCop is too tired to be in the movie, so he deputizes all the citizens of burning Neo-Old Delta City to become the cities last line of defense. All while he sits back on a lawn chair chatting with Joel Schumacher on how to destroy a franchise! Also look forward for RubberCod 3: De Rubber Nipples!

  15. Who needs a Robocop remake when we finally got a proper Judge Dredd film? Just kidding… mostly.

  16. Do the original costume or don’t bother, can’t get cooler than that ;p

    Damn why don’t we change Darth Vader an make him look an ass

    Rather a reboot continuation than a reboot/remake, only the ppl that loved the Freddy piece of crap reboot will like this, and says it all that they pulled the picture! : D

    In a word don’t break what isn’t broken, THE CROW too, u can’t remake that!

    If they ever remake STAR WARS NEW HOPE I personally is done with Hollywood : D

  17. What are you smoking? A reboot and a continuation are totally different. A Reboot is a new version of an old film. And, the fact that you called it A New Hope tells me you are WAY young. To those of us who were there, it is just called Star Wars. Cheers.

  18. What are you smoking? A reboot and a continuation are totally different. A Reboot is a new version of an old film. And, to those of us who were there, it is just called Star Wars. Cheers.

  19. ( In Michael Clarke Duncan’s Baritone voice)– LAAAMMMEE!

  20. this looks like crap, why bother ?

  21. Sincerely I’m not too impressed with the new Robocop suite, the black one I mean, it doesn’t look like metal, it looks like rubber.

  22. they should do a robocop movie where robocop is 85 years old .

  23. remove the article since it doesnt have any photos you m o n g o l s

  24. Hey guys,
    Those of you who believe that the silver version of the new Robocop is the final version we’ll see in the movie, wrong!!!!
    That was axactly what it was worded. “Concept”

    We will be seeing Robocop in the black bat suit! The director chose this over the sliver suit which I agree was the best version. “Silver version”
    Sorry people.

  25. Really a remake of robocop? Why even bother? A slow moving cybernetic mentally inefficient cop that just bores you with his robotic dialog and can pull an over sized inaccurate fully automatic hand gun out of his leg? Yeah and I am sure all the commercials will cover the 2 or 3 multi second parts that are barely exciting but look cool out of context… Mine aswell just mold him into the next terminator movie when they make one… Ill pass.

  26. If the black suit is anything but an earlier Robocop version, this film will fail.

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