‘RoboCop’ Viral Video Reveals OmniCorp’s New ED-209

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RoboCop is not generally regarded to be the most egregious remake/reboot on the horizon; that doesn’t, per se, mean there’s a ton of positive buzz surrounding the project, either. It has begun to steadily win over support from even ardent fans of the original, by casting such fan-faves as Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson, Hugh Laurie – and rising star Joel Kinnaman (The Killing) as the titular cyborg cop.

Columbia Pictures and MGM are doing their part to turn the tide, by getting the film’s viral marketing campaign underway (more than a year ahead of its theatrical release). Hence, we can offer a clip that teases the new design of the famous ED-209 robot, as produced by the futuristic OmniCorp – and brought to life via CGI, as opposed to outdated stop-motion techniques used in Paul Verhoeven’s RoboCop.

Additional points of interest in the OmniCorp vid include:

  • The emphasis on drone technology, which recalls director José Padilha’s comments about how he wants to examine the ethical implications of robotic war tech in the RoboCop reboot.
  • OmniCorp’s push to increase its influence on the general population, which also ties into Padilha’s statement about how “corporations controlling people are a constant [and] that’s the heart and soul of the film.”
  • References to the in-development RC-2000 works on two levels – obviously to tease the eventual unveiling of Kinnaman’s Robocop suit, but also as a meta-nod to the idea that Padilha’s film updates the themes and idea of Verhoeven’s original movie (for a 21st century context).

You can expect additional viral clips to pop up on the official OmniCorp site in the foreseeable future (maybe, even as Comic-Con 2012 gets underway this week).

In the meantime, here’s the first image of the ED-209:


robocop ed 209 570x300 RoboCop Viral Video Reveals OmniCorps New ED 209

Longtime Screen Rant readers know that we’ve been optimistic about the RoboCop reboot for a while, going back to when Padilha started to discuss his plans for the project in public. It’s a refreshing departure from the overused promotional lines used to sell other reboots/remakes (ex. “It’s darker and grittier,” “We’re going back to the source material,” etc.).

Moreover, the talent attracted to the RoboCop reboot bodes well for the quality of the script, which features contributions from newcomer Joshua Zetumer, Nick Schenk (Gran Torino), and James Vanderbilt (Amazing Spider-Man). Take all that for what it’s worth, of course.

RoboCop is scheduled to open in U.S. theaters on August 9th, 2013.

Source: Columbia Pictures/MGM

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  1. Last night I shared this link with you guys, I was just wondering if you ever write “Thank you ____ For the heads up”?

    Not a big deal, but would be nice.


    • Ha, get in line. I told them early yesterday. LOL
      I don’t guess they give out shout-outs to people who give them news. Like you said though, it’s no big deal.
      I’m pretty excited to see the design of Robocop

      • Just thought that I’ld ask. :D

  2. Looks basically faithful to the original design of ED-209. As long as someone drives a van into a vat of toxic waste and comes out with his skin melting off, I’ll be satisfied with this remake.

    • I’d buy that for a dollar! ;)

  3. looks very like cgi graphics…. i hope they do it more realistic with the final movie

    • Most likely, this is just a viral vid, no need for high-budget production. I agree with you though.

  4. My friends call me Murphy, you can call me Robocop

  5. I’m kinda excited for this movie now :]

  6. Looks pretty cool!

  7. Considerign I’ve always wanted my own ED-209 since childhood way back when, that looks pretty cool.

    You now have 15 seconds to comply!

  8. That design of Ed 209, kinda reminds me of that Playstation game FUTURECOP…

  9. Ok…I can see some improvised but can it walk on stairs?

  10. That ED-209 design looks to flimsy and playful. The classic, rugged ED-209 design was much more fitting.

  11. I hope he’s not all clunky and slow like the old one. I think they need to modernize his suit, make him sleeker and more futuristic. The older design worked for it’s time, but it’s the 21st century now.

  12. Anyone else notice that the logo for Omnicorp is the logo for Carolco, who released the first RC flick?

    • No, it’s actually just a variation on the OCP logo from the original.

    • Looks like a cross between the Canon films logo and Carolco, both 80s film companies.

  13. This ED-209 looks much bigger than the original. It’s huge in comparison to the tank.

  14. ” outdated stop-motion techniques”

    Stop motion beats CGI in so many ways. think back to Jason and The Argonauts. Those stop motion skeletons and Medusa, not to mention The Thing, what made them scary was the jerky motions.
    CGI never tops practical effects. Never.

    • Thank you for saying this – CGI can be so overused in some films.
      It’s cheaper than models/design along with CGI, and yet they charge patrons so much for it with the “3D Tax” ;). I rarely go to 3D films
      for that reason.

  15. Anyone else go to the Omnicorp site and check out the pics of the shoulder & parts of the chestpiece of Robo himself?

    Definitely interesting, I’m very curious to see the finished Robo.

  16. Will it have the same voice? Thinkin back today to when i was kid, hearing ED-209 speak would make me uneasy if i was right there. Who’sever voice it was, i loved it as it was perfect. If ED-209 looks like that in the reboot, not bad but still havn’t seen Robocop & not familiar with the actor. I know i shouldn’t judge right now but i can’t help say it won’t beat the original imo already. Imo, Samuel L. Jackson i would think would be perfect for Sgt.Reed.

  17. I think one thing they should do is make the robot less clumsy and error-prone. In today’s society there’s no way any company would release a killer like that without proper testing, have it “accidentally” shoot up its own employees, and not be sued into oblivion.

    • If ED-209 is in this movie and does NOT blow some random executive away in a conference room then I don’t want to see it. Maybe I should just watch the original again.

      • Maybe if they have be it work well for a while, then be hacked by a criminal and go nuts, we’d both be happy. :)

  18. Is anyone out there with me on the subject of Prometheus,Lets face it ridley Scott did,nt do his home work.In the original Alien film of 1979 it did,nt say what the year was, Well it turns out that it was 2087 in the script. The Planet LV426 Was’nt in Prometheus it was LV423 or somthing like that, Prometheus was set in the year 2095 so how could it possibly be a prequel.Ridley has stated that the only thing that relates to the original of 1979 is the Alien D.N.A and the Horse shoe shape ship. I was very disapointed in the film and we shall not see Prometheus 2 for another 3 years, what a let down.