‘RoboCop’ (2014) – SR Underground Ep. 131

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sru 131 robocop RoboCop (2014) – SR Underground Ep. 131

The Screen Rant editorial team is back with episode one-hundred thirty-one of the Screen Rant Underground podcast.

Join host Ben Kendrick, fellow SR editors Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw as we discuss new Transformers 4 and Guardians of the Galaxy reveals at Toy Fair 2014, a Knight Rider movie, as well as review RoboCop (2014). Plus we answer reader mailbags.

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Screen Rant Underground: Episode 131 – RoboCop (2014)

We discuss new Transformers 4 and Guardians of the Galaxy reveals at Toy Fair 2014, a Knight Rider movie, as well as review RoboCop (2014). Plus we answer reader mailbags.

[0:00] News: ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ Toy Images Reveal New Characters and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Toy Sets Reveal Characters & VehiclesRumor: Chris Pratt and Danny McBride In Talks for ‘Knight Rider’ Film, and BBC America Developing ‘Nottingham’ TV Series Based on Robin Hood Legend.

[1:04:48] Mailbags: Quentin Tarantino vs. Gawker, Are Movie Trailers Too Spoilery?, Do Those Who Review Ever Want to Be Those That Do?, Network TV vs. Reality TV, as well as Guardians of the Galaxy and X-Men Comic Book Recommendations.

[1:57:40] Review: RoboCop (2014) (read our full written RoboCop review).

[2:24:52]  SPOILERS: RoboCop (2014) (join our RoboCop spoilers discussion).

[2:39:07] Twitter Handles and Contact Information.

Hosts: Ben Kendrick, Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw.



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Last Week’s Official Box Office Battle Reader Winner (The LEGO Movie opening): Sal reports that there was a two-way tie between Caleb P and Chris B. They both had scores of 12 and nailed the tiebreaker!

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  • 3 Days to Kill - 2,500
  • Pompeii - 2,500

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  • In Secret – 250
  • The Wind Rises – 25

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  1. Like I expected… the new Robocop film is boring. maybe not a complete s***, but I yawned a lot of times. mediocre.

  2. Jackie Earle Hayley does look a lot like Vic, lol.

  3. Are there any podcasts without Kofi bashing the Screenrant readers who complain or challenge them? It doesn’t bother me (or maybe a little bit) but it got my attention, he always goes there and the rest rarely do…

    • I´ve noticed that too.
      At least he´s a nerd blacky.

      • The SR Underground is where I get to vent back the 1,000+ insults that my writers and I absorb each and every week.

        I’m only talking to some very loud and usually rude folks fond of calling us morons and such. It’s not aimed at everyone, sorry if it seems that way.

        • Well vent on, it doesn’t really bother me, I thought it could be interpreted like you don’t respect readers/listeners but I wasn’t aware of how many insults they fling at you.

      • …and I’m certified “Geek Blacky,” not “Nerd Blacky.” Get your blackies right.

        • Speaking of which, how did you like the “At least I know you’re the right color now” remark coming from Lewis? It got a really positive reaction in my theater. A great line and one of the few instances of humor in the movie.

        • you are right. no ghetto blacky, no nerd blacky.. but geek blacky. I like it.

  4. I did like the original Robocop theme. I might be in the minority, but I liked Robocop 3 little more than this film. Michael Keaton I like as a actor but didn’t impress me as a bad guy, I thought they were all bad that even Jackie Earl Hayley couldn’t save it. Gary oldman was good but they made it look like Robocop like Batman to Oldman’s character.

    Samuel L. Jackson of-course gave good performance as did the guy who played Robocop.

  5. I would argue that the 1987 Robocop is a classic that has been remembered by popular culture. The fact a statue of the original is being put up in Detroit is evidence of this. That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have been remade but there is no reason to attack the original to defend the remake.

  6. Lego movie
    About last night
    3 days to kill
    Lone survivor

  7. This is Not Yet Rated is a very good documentary, and I’d recommend it to anyone interested in movies. It really changed the way I perceive the film industry!

    There was a lot of talk leading up to Robocop on how much the rating would affect it, and in retrospect I think they did a very good job with the pg13 rating. There wash’t a lot of blood, but I think blood is comically overused nowadays, and the implied violence of this film was done pretty well. The action wasn’t mind-blowing, but it was competent. Kinnaman did a good job, I like him from the Killing. I really hope they do make a sequel, because there were a lot of fresh ideas applied, and could be further explored. The last third of the film was a bit convoluted, but there were more positives than negatives.

    It did feel like there were quite a bit of scenes missing, like it jumped around a lot. I’ll be interested to see the blu ray.

  8. I really liked RoboCop and I’m somewhere in the middle-ground between Kofi and Rob. I liked both the action and the philosophical/ethical aspects of the story. It was fun but took itself seriously, making it a much more mature movie than the original RoboCop ever was, despite all the gore and language. For me the flick was a solid 4/5, because I didn’t have much to nag about, it is good on all levels and it showed me something that I never saw before (that certain very creepy reveal that you talked about).

    I must agree, though, that the Novak scenes felt a bit weird compared to the rest of the movie. It already starts at the MGM logo, with the creative idea of using the sounds of Novak’s technique to literally loosen his lips as the roar of the lion. For a second there we thought we were in the wrong theater, that’s how out of place it seemed. :D

  9. Another great Podcast guys! Rob, I agree RoboCop was good, and I personally gave it a 3; and I’m hoping to see it again. I hold the first one close to my heart, ‘cult classic’ but this new version with the stun feature on his gun was ‘brilliant.’. Sam Jackson, and Michael Keaton made me grin, plus Murphy’s wife was so hot!

  10. Box Office Battle:
    1. The Lego Movie
    2. About Last Night
    3. 3 Days to Kill
    4. Pompeii
    5. Robocop
    10. Winter’s Tale

  11. I’m a big fan of the original RoboCop. I didn’t hate this one but it seemed like a missed opportunity, why not give us a cool villain, didn’t even have to be Clarence Boddicker but something other than a blank drug lord. And Sellars wasn’t even that evil except for his last minute.
    Aside from Sam Jackson and Jay Baruchel’s characters there were no fun characters.
    I missed the violence, they showed some but I wanted the R rating, this should have been gory! something like Dredd or Elysium or um, the original RoboCop?
    I clocked it and it takes a full hour before RoboCop is out on the streets of Detroit.
    The need for RoboCop’s existence was pretty lame; just to circumvent the law against drones (which I thought was a boring subplot.)
    In the original one the robots were not capable to do police work. In this one there’s no reason a robot couldn’t beat RoboCop because RoboCop in combat mode was overridden by the software so in combat mode he essentially was one more drone, his only advantage was being newer I guess?

    I did like the Pat Novak character, the audience when I saw it all responded well and laughed at his lines.

    I would give it 2 stars.

  12. Working on that novel you’ve been working on Ben.

  13. Box Office Battle:
    #1 Pompeii
    #2 The Lego Movie
    #3 3 Days to Kill
    #4 About Last Night
    #5 Robocop
    #10 Winter’s Tale

  14. Just listened to the podcast. Rob Keyes saying GTA and Mortal Combat games are censored in Australia ???? False.
    Those games are and many other R games are available at every store which sells games??

  15. I dont think you wanna be idea guys for films, Im sure they already have them and Im sure they barely listen to them.

  16. 1. The LEGO Movie
    2. About Last Night
    3. RoboCop
    4. 3 Days to Kill
    5. Pompeii
    10. Lone Survivor

  17. Rob, your still making fun of my Prometheus? GGGEEEEEEZZZZZZZ!!!!

  18. Kofi, Bollywood movies have a lot of kissing man…they’re actually making up for the period when they were quite conservative about that to the point that it’s now a prerequisite for every movie. Having lived in that region and now in the U.S, I can say that American censorship is very tame.