‘RoboCop’ Trailer #2: Meet the New Model of Police Officer

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Sony has premiered a second trailer for RoboCop online, after having released a preview clip for the new theatrical preview earlier this week. Indeed, the marketing campaign for acclaimed Brazillian filmmaker José Padilha’s Hollywood debut – a remake of Paul Verhoeven’s 1987 cult sci-fi classic – has begun to heat up in general of late, to coincide with Thor: The Dark World hitting theaters; and thus, get the film’s geek target audience to take notice (or so the plan goes).

Here is a shortened version of the official RoboCop synopsis:

In RoboCop, multinational conglomerate OmniCorp is at the center of robot technology. When Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman) – a loving husband, father and good cop doing his best to stem the tide of crime and corruption in Detroit – is critically injured in the line of duty, OmniCorp sees their chance for a part-man, part-robot police officer.

The new RoboCop trailer forgoes the human drama – the emphasis in the first theatrical preview – in favor of more nonstop action and sociopolitical commentary. That includes more footage of Samuel L. Jackson hamming it up as a caricature of a modern news commentator, as taken from a longer sequence that was shown at Comic-Con 2013. In addition, we get a better glimpse at the various OmniCorp robotic products in motion, be it Robo himself or a higher-tech version of the iconic ED-209 mech.

It’s a fitting strategy too, given that Verhoeven’s original film has long been acclaimed for being an ingenious mixture of satire and exploitative violence – on the SRU podcast our Kofi Outlaw observed that RoboCop (1987) is the closest thing yet to a live-action version of Frank Miller’s landmark The Dark Knight Returns comic book, in that respect. Hence, drawing attention to those aspects of the remake may help to win over skeptical longtime RoboCop fans, while still drawing in newcomers who are less familiar with the history of the sci-fi property.


robocop movie 2014 poster 570x843 RoboCop Trailer #2: Meet the New Model of Police Officer

The 2014 model of RoboCop features updated references to modern warfare and strife in both the Middle-East and here at home in the States, even though the film takes place in the (sorta) distant future of 2028. Problem is, the script – credited to relative newcomer Joshua Zetumer – just seems too on-the-nose with its commentary and philosophical dialogue. Meanwhile, the more pop-action entertainment aspects (see: the ultra-slick action sequences) seem to lack the grisly and pulpy edge that makes Verhoeven’s film so effective.

On the other hand, the RoboCop remake seems to share a good deal in common with the best installments in the franchise, as far as the elements in play are concerned. Similarly, the cast is quite exceptional, with a lineup that includes Joel Kinnaman, Abbie Cornish, Michael Keaton, Gary Oldman, Jackie Earle Haley, Jay Baruchel and Jennifer Ehle. Maybe that will be enough to rescue this movie from being an ambitious, yet ultimately generic action romp?


RoboCop opens in regular and IMAX theaters in the U.S. on February 12th, 2014.

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  1. My favourite part is at 1:56

  2. Mild expectations

  3. Looks good! Can’t wait to see it!

  4. OK, but this looks way more CGI’d and just plain unrealistic, especially how fast he is moving. The whole idea was that Robocop was lumbersome, but super tough, so he didn’t need the speed frankly. He’s way too jazzed up in this. You can tell there is a lot of green screen on the key shots, like him jumping down from a building. Would they really allow their multi million dollar creation to jump off buildings and risk damage? There’s a whole practicality that they aren’t capturing here. Everything looks too fake. Verhoven got it all right in his for a reason and it STILL translates well to the modern world.

    Still going to see this, but I’m already disappointed.

  5. I think it looks pretty good…

    Honestly, the beginning of trailer 2 is really cool. Great vibe… but then trailer 1 had a better ending to it.
    This trailer falls flat after Gary Oldman’s “Let’s wake him up!” remark

  6. I agree that it looks somewhat too glossy. Needs more roughness around the edges and be more “grisly and pulpy” (to borrow from Sandy’s article) like Verhoeven’s. Plus, without an R rating I’m afraid this one will be turned into a “pop-culture” version, which will lose what made Verhoeven’s so good.

    • Agreed. More of that “lived-in” universe feel like we got from Pacific Rim and other movies that really feel “alive”. Not that the whole movie needs to have grit, but a little more than what was on display here would be nice.

      • Yeah, it’s more expensive and perfect looking than the original, with its industrial tone and most of Detroit rusting over since it was a commentary on classic industry giving way to technological advances and the toll on human life when robots take people’s jobs.

  7. Wow! This looks really good. Can’t wait to see it on opening day!

  8. Not bad. As mentioned I like the AI war portion more than what I see from the robocop side of it. I agree that the human arm is a bad choice? Quote from the original movie “We can do pretty much what we want to him. Bob Morton: Lose the arm. Tyler: Shut him down, prep him for surgery.” Hell even the actors in the original movie saw it was a BAD IDEA to have a tactical weapon with a weak link. But maybe its a plot point, in the end the use his arm to clone a new body….

  9. anybody else thinks this looks like a big budget tv series? The thing that made robocop awesome was it was gruesome. Not for kids at all. I remember eatching it a few months back and totally forgot about the opening scene where the robots shoots the s*** out of that guy. Or how about how bloody murphys death was. Without that i have no intrest in this movie. Total recall all over again. way to ruin a classic

    • I wonder if there’s anything left of Detroit to bash? I’m hoping there is and it doesn’t go all liberal P.C. crap in order to get invited to the Oscars. I hate the liberal crap in movies now, you know when an actor tells another one ‘I’m ok’ after falling down, and you know in real life you wouldn’t give a crap about it. Like with Superman’s mom was in her smashed house (latest Superman movie) and yelled to Superman ‘I’m ok’ instead of ‘I’m in here’. He has xray vision and could have spotted her, even checked her condition. Like wtf.

  10. This trailer looks better than the first one

  11. great cast! looks gd :)

  12. I was against this at first,but now it’s growing on me.It’ll be a smash hit I imagine,just won’t be as good as the original.Oh,and I think Bonnicker will be seen towards the end of the film to be set up for the sequel.Clive Owen as Bonnicker anyone?

    • I hope Clarence Boddicker is kept as far away from this reboot as possible.

      I don’t think they should’ve even used the Alex Murphy name.

  13. This trailer is much better than the first one I saw. Doesn’t look to bad.

  14. He just looks SO silly w/o his visor. A guy is a plastic armored suit.

    That was the thing about the original, Robocop looked like a cyborg even with his face plate removed.

  15. Two trailers in and it still looks like a terrible, generic action sci fi movie. They’ve also managed to make Alex Murphy seem annoying and deserving of that car bomb somehow. Still think that’s a cowardly way to “kill” him too, not like the painful yet heroic sacrificial execution in the original.

    I’m also guessing the test against the other cyborgs is a riff on the warehouse shootout in the original.

  16. Too silly looking and too much CGI.

  17. This trailer looks so much better than Trailer 1…

    ED-209 looks much better in this trailer, and EM-208 as well. RoboCop still looks like some guy in special forces armor. But the tone of the trailer is much closer to the tone of the original movie (instead of from trailer 1, the tone of RoboCop 3)

  18. It just looks … meh. They should have just called it “Cyborg Police” or something else. I’m with the people who think “the warehouse scene” from the original should not have been edited out. The exploding car is just not that dramatic, plus I’m willing to bet it was the “big corporation” that probably planted that car bomb in the first place.

  19. Also, I’m not impressed with the black “tactical” look. That just seems like it’s a change for the sake of having “something different”.

  20. Everybody criticizes this movie for not being like the original but guess what it is not the same movie they are not trying to do a shot for shot remake people need to realize We Are Not Living In The 80s Robots are not the way we imagined them 20 Years ago The human hand serves a purpose to the story i like the New sleek redesign on both suits people can’t expect the R Rating because it’s trying to appeal to a wider audience

    • Bingo. I think the human hand is to mock him because he is not flesh anymore. Maybe like the original RoboCop, he has to learn that being human is more than just about flesh. But damn, the first few seconds of the trailer was good man. Did that robot kill that kid? I hope they don’t leave those themes hanging and then ruin everything with pointless action.

  21. That trailer looked really good, but then they followed it up with a bland third trailer. Sigh.