‘RoboCop’ Trailer #2 Preview: The Old Good Cop, RoboCop Routine [Updated]

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The marketing for the contentious RoboCop – the latest remake/reboot of a Paul Verhoeven sci-fi property – has been somewhat lackluster to date, when viewed as a whole. So, what better way to get the masses excited than by releasing a preview for the next trailer, much like we’ve seen recently for upcoming superhero blockbusters Captain America: The Winter Soldier, X-Men: Days of Future Past and The Lego Movie (it totally counts).

It’s only between 10-20 seconds long, but the preview for RoboCop trailer #2 manages to cram in footage that wasn’t shown in the previous theatrical preview. Some of the “new” shots included therein ought to be familiar to those who saw the RoboCop sizzle reel at Comic-Con 2013 – like the glimpse at a sequence where Robo motorbikes down a narrow corridor lit with blazing gunfire – but the other material should be brand-new to everyone.

And hey, it would appear that Michael Kenneth Williams – acclaimed TV actor of The Wire and Boardwalk Empire fame – was not the officer who is gunned down in the opening of the previous RoboCop trailer, after all. Rather, he will get to live for another day, in order to… crack bad puns (hint: they involve a word that rhymes with “Hobo Bop”) and, potentially, serve as Robo’s sidekick in the film. Better than nothing… right?

robocop movie 2014 trailer 570x294 RoboCop Trailer #2 Preview: The Old Good Cop, RoboCop Routine [Updated]

RoboCop – the 21st-century version – changes the details of how regular cop Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman) becomes a cyborg police officer, in addition to giving him a black armor “upgrade” (after he dons the classic silver outfit first) and updating the sociopolitical overtones of the story. Unfortunately, in terms of set pieces and visual style, the RoboCop remake doesn’t seem all that innovative; and, unlike Verhoeven’s film, it won’t have R-Rated bloodshed to compensate for underwhelming action scenes.

The other problem is that director José Padilha (Elite Squad) doesn’t appear to have found an interesting way to re-examine the “Man or Machine?” question that’s inherent to the story. Combined with a top-notch cast – one that includes Gary Oldman, Abbie Cornish, Michael Keaton and Samuel L. Jackson – who appear to be saddled with a script full of hammy philosophical dialogue, and the concern is that RoboCop (2014) will end up feeling like a squandered chance to produce a genuinely solid remake/reboot.

Agree/disagree? Let us know in the comments section and be sure to check back in tomorrow, when the full second trailer for RoboCop is slated to drop online.


RoboCop opens in U.S. theaters on February 12th, 2014.

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  1. Looks good. I mean it’s got “Omar Little” in the trailer. That has to give it at least +1

  2. it does look good. I guess for every 20 crappy remake we get a good one too

    • You are really gonna base your opinion on a 20 sec clip (or even the trailer?) You can make virtually ANY movie look good in a 2 min trailer but then you actually see the movie and it sucks.

      And no, it doesn’t look good to me.

      • what what do you say when people rate it Poorly based off of the exact same footage? That’s just as wrong

  3. Yawn.

  4. Omar Comin!

  5. You “analysis” of why this movie sucks felt as impartial as an analysis in Fox News.

    • And yet… Fox News can still string together sentences and words that actually make sense. Good work.

      • Woow, I’ve never met someone with such a strong and intelligent argument. You must be the smartest kid in your class.


  7. This looks like a movie my neighbors can make.

  8. Its got a really strong casts but I cant see this working at all. I bet they don’t even have an exploding acid drenched henchman.

  9. So this is the norm now? Trailers for trailers. It does look more interesting than the first trailer, though. I still don’t know if this movie will work, so many questionable decisions were made.

  10. *yawn*

  11. Seems like SR has already judged the film, and the film isn’t even released yet!

    • Trailers are designed to judge a movie before they release and in my opinion, the trailers and videos released so far show me a generic action movie that just looks like something I won’t bother wasting my time or money on.

      I’ll catch it on TV for free late next year so at least I’ll have no complaint about never getting my money back.

      • Because that worked so well for those who passed on Dredd, or for those who bought Aliens: Colonial Marines.

      • So “dead or alive you’ll be watching for free?” me to.

  12. This actually looks very cool!

    • Does it? Wow, ok.

  13. Might watch on Netflix, but does not really look like any great priority for me.

  14. I think the Writer of this article made up his mind about this movie long before the trailers started coming out.

  15. If I buy that for a dollar, is there a refund policy??

  16. I haven’t even seen the original and this looks like a pretty pointless generic remake. Not saying it looks terrible, but it definitely doesn’t look like there was a lot of effort put into it. Even if the movie ends up being good, they REALLY need to step up their marketing, considering it’s not appealing to most fans of the originals and people (like me) who haven’t.

  17. the black upgraded suit looks worse then the silver one which also blows

  18. Has Peter Weller shared his thoughts on the remake?

  19. Can someone explain why he has a human hand? The hand that holds his gun with? That’s probably the stupidest design flaw I’ve ever seen in my life.

    It’s like building an armoured tank and then placing the gunner on the outside of the freakin tank.

  20. Looks bland, the scene with him sitting an dchilling in the police station looks like a guy in a suit, the charm of the original seems lost, the battle of Murphy: am I robot or a man is clearly gone. Sad.

  21. There’s busy Eau to much Nostalgia Cancer when it comes to this Robocop film. How can many day the trailer can make crap look good but ignore that there are just are many films that trailers do no justice for and also because people have made their minds up already about because of blind nostalgia? Being a big fan of the original, I can’t wait to see the finished product without judging frame for frame is it exactly like 1987′s original

    • sorry, I meant to say “way too much”

  22. Looks bad.

    The silver version in the article image looks pretty bad, but better than the black version, which looks like special forces kevlar body armor, and not some techy robotic thing. He looks like a future soldier in body armor with a HUD/AR visor. Keeping human hands doesn’t work. How does that hand survive lifting his robotic body? Or any of the action that he goes through? (or his face, for that matter)

    From the other releases: The fully robotic versions of RoboCop (the evil robots) look Ok, ED-209 looks much less menacing

    No Hard-R is bad. This needs an NC-17(gore and violence) rating to make a remake better than the original.

  23. This looks like something made for a TV series based on the CGI, armor, and everything else. Is it something I will see? Yes, eventually but not something I will pay for at the big screen.

  24. Man!! You people are going to kill this movie before it arrives just like you did Dredd. After which you’ll come back here whining and crying your nerdy bum bums out for a sequel.

    • Thank you! Someone here sees the Dredd effect. people on that one unappreciated it because of how cheesy the Stallone version was.this turn, people are underestimating the film strictly because its not the original

    • Except, Dredd already had a good trailer, and was reboot for a franchise that started with a crappy movie. This is a pointless remake of a beloved movie.

      • actually part 2 in 3 was pointless, in 2013 this is a welcomed reboot to me that is because it was just so many technical limitations of The time and a reboot never diminishes the original despite What many fear. this film definitely is going to make a younger generation go back and see the original, it’s a win-win

        • to continue on, I work with guys in their early twenties who never saw the original Robocop and when I showed them the new trailer and told them it was a reboot of an old movie and then I showed Them clips of that too, they went home and rented it on Netflix and came back to me and told me that they liked the film and they are definitely going to see the new one

      • Dredd has excellent trailers when it came out. The overall feel of that film was probably around 75/25 with 75% feeling good about it and 25% feeling like there shouldn’t be a reboot done. The difference with Robocop and Dredd is that the feel for this movie is the reverse with 75% feeling it looks bad, feels bad, and doesn’t need to be rebooted whereas only 25% feel like it looks good. Robocop was also one of those movies that is considered a masterpiece for its time. History has shown us that those films that are rebooted hasn’t done well. It would be like rebooting Lord of the Rings and thus we have the issues with The Hobbit(HFR new tech doesn’t look right, CGI issues, too long, ect). With Dredd, the Stallone film was okay but wasn’t considered by fans as anything special and therefore a reboot was welcomed(and was executed better than the original). The biggest issue with Dredd wasn’t that people wrote it off but like Pacific Rim, the promoting of the film wasn’t there.

    • I liked the Dredd trailer, but the film disappeared from cinemas before I got to see it there. I wanted to see it 3D, that disappeared after week 2, and 2D disappeared after week 3. There was no week 4 locally. Dredd was a good film with a very poor marketing campaign (there was barely any marketing at all locally)

  25. Good or bad, I’m just not seeing it if Megan Fox isn’t in it..