‘RoboCop’ International Trailer: The Rebirth of Alex Murphy

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Director Paul Verhoeven’s 1987 film RoboCop, like its namesake, is an amalgam of components; part sci-fi/action movie, part wry satire of American culture, set in a future where a half-robot man is (ironically) the most “human” character featured in the story. It’s the philosophical drama inherent to that premise – an ordinary person who becomes part machine – that acclaimed Brazilian filmmaker José Padilha (Elite Squad: The Enemy Within) has zeroed in on, with his Hollywood debut: a remake of Verhoeven’s 1980s cult classic.

The transformation of Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman) in Padilha’s reboot of the RoboCop franchise is also the highlight of a newly-unveiled international trailer for the film, which is now available for online viewing.  Here, we get but a small taste of the shocking mind-trip experience that Murphy undergoes; one minute, he’s walking out to his car in his driveway, the next he awakens to find that three months have passed and he no longer has a body that is fully his own.

Padilha’s RoboCop – based on a script (possibly, with uncredited revisions) by relative newcomer Joshua Zetumer – takes place in the year 2028, a time when the multinational conglomerate OmniCorp now has heavily-armed combat robots patrolling the streets of countries around the globe, save for the U.S. (blame the government’s robo-phobia). When Detroit cop Officer Murphy is permanently maimed, the OmniCorp braintrust – which includes overseers Raymond Sellars (Michael Keaton) and Liz Kline (Jennifer Ehle) – see an opportunity to put a man inside the machine.

robocop movie 2014 joel kinnaman 570x294 RoboCop International Trailer: The Rebirth of Alex Murphy

Arguably, this international RoboCop preview is the most promising yet, with regard to how it combines the stronger elements of previous trailers and clips – including the 2013 Comic-Con sizzle reel – with the previously under-wraps footage and dialogue that is taken from the scene where Alex Murphy is “reborn.” Certain aspects of the movie still feel a little dodgy (see: the physics of the digitally-enhanced action set pieces), but that might change when the final product is revealed in its entirety.

Thing is, Verhoeven’s original film frames satirical violence – constructed in the vein of the Judge Dredd comic books – with a series of fake advertisements that parody the U.S. consumer mentality; the director’s dry humor was key to pulling the balancing act off. So far, it appears that Padilha’s movie also mixed together several different ingredients, be it Murphy’s existential crisis, the slick action or the sociopolitical commentary (see: Samuel L. Jackson as a political news pundit) – but does it also have the wit to keep these parts oiled, so that they work in harmony?


We shall find out when RoboCop opens in regular and IMAX theaters on February 12th, 2014.

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  1. Well… it certainly is the best of all the trailers so far.
    Fingers crossed it is a half decent action flick at the least.

    • Does it really need to show so much of the movie in a trailer? They show way too much nowdays! grr

  2. They have this movie SO wrong! The entire premise of man /machine is completly lost, all this is ‘Murphy in a mech suit’ !

    1.) He has his memory, so no dilemma of machina
    2.) He has his hand (why?!?)pointless, no tactical advantage
    3.) No CPU directives ( so we lose the entire free will vs determinism aspect of original premise. ( see point 1 above)
    4.) Mediocre special FX wont sustain a weak plot and characterisation.

    • 1 and 3 are invalid points.
      As the other trailer showed, the point is that he is only supposed to THINK he is in control of the suit. Really, the corporate puppet masters control his actions. I am guessing he will overcome this during the course of the movie. There is the free will vs determinism aspect you want to see.
      Not saying it WILL be good, just pointing out we are both only guessing based on a couple of trailers.

    • 1) The point of the film is how he slowly realizes he’s more machine than man
      2) He’s a machine created to serve the people’s trust, thus he’s going to need something to prove to the masses that he isn’t a robot.
      3) See point 1
      4) So you’ve seen the film already? Even though there are 3 months before it comes out, so you already know that there will be poor acting and a bad plot. But what to expect, I mean it’s not like the special effects aren’t definitive and that during the final stages before it comes out they always get improved.

      • Here is a plot hole for you…

        Alex Murphy THINKS he is in control when he is in a firefight.

        If he does not have control, then why would Omnicorp put a man in a robot in the first place? I am sure that they will have him override this function during the movie, but it makes no sense unless the people that made Robocop would hope that he would override this at some point in his career while designing him.

        So, even though this movie has not came out yet, I still think it has a bad plot, and yermama agrees with me. If you do not then that is great, I hope you enjoy your Extended directors cut of Green Lantern. Because it has a “good plot” and lots of special effects, just like this movie.

        I will give this movie a shot, but only when I can watch it on Netflix (and if screenrant gives it a score of at least three out of five, which I am sure that will be all considering everything I know about this movie and everything I have seen as of yet, in which case, I will wait for a day like today where I am bored and looking for something to do).

        • And with the hand, it needs to be robotic. His new mechanical body weighs a lot. If he gets caught on a ledge, his hand would rip off if he even tried to hold himself up. Heck, his hand would probably break if he used it as a brace to stand up after having fallen. It needs to be robotic.

  3. This is the first trailer I have seen for Robocop and I was sold once I saw Gary Oldman. Then I was sold again when I saw Michael Keaton. Theeeen I was sold again when I saw Samual L. Jackson. I haven’t even started to talk about the cool looking action sequences.

    • Does seem to have a pretty good cast eh?

  4. I’m getting a Total Recall reboot vibe from these trailers. Shiny new visuals with none of the depth or heart of the original. It might be fun, but from what I’ve seen so far, it’s leaning towards fun and forgettable.

    • It will be exactly like the Total Recall reboot, all style and no substance. I’m sure it will kill a few hours but even with a great cast it doesn’t feel like they are looking for any depth for the film.

    • The trailers have been getting better. The first trailer was horrible.

  5. this is better than the other trailer, i think the down fall will be it’s poor execution of cgi from what i’ve seen

  6. It’s nice to see you give the “Judge Dredd” comics their due. The first “Robocop” movie was actually formed as a result of the original attempt at securing the Judge Dredd rights for the movie.

    As for this new one…I can’t decide. I’m not going to write it off without seeing it, but IMO the original was the perfect action movie. As others have said, the “Total Recall” remake was very hollow and hardly seemed worth it. I always feel bad for the designers and artists that create such great things for ultimately forgetfull films.

    • *forgetful*

  7. needs dubstep or daft punk.

    • Yeah, a Drano enema could only improve things at this point. ;-)

  8. Needs more Cowbell.

    • hahahaa

    • PG-13 happened to Clarence Boddicker, unfortunately.

    • I think Clarence Boddicker will be set up at the end of this movie for a sequel.

    • Isn’t it obvious that the silver suit will come back later in the movie, perhaps even towards the very end? Let’s not pretend this wasn’t written as a possible trilogy.

  9. I adore the original Robocop and rolled my eyes like everyone when I heard a remake was in the works, however after all I’ve seen I’m really looking forward to this, love the cast and think the changes will be good, you don’t want a frame for frame rehash or random nods to the original that make no sense (hello total recall) the plot seems to revolve around OmniCorp trying to manipulate the country into accepting robocops which will replace the police, of course they would want their first to appear as human as possible with a family etc to make the public more accepting, can’t wait for it!!

  10. Im not liking this s***.

  11. Love how everyone knows exactly how everything will be explained. People are complaining about right hands & black? Really? What the guy’s wearing will determine whether it’s a good film?
    Lack of patience… Relax a bit!

    • Good points… although the human hand is ridiculous and inconvenient, and I would agree that the suit does look better when it’s silver. I think they’ve done a fantastic job redesigning Robocop, but when it’s black it just looks like your generic mech suit. It doesn’t immediately look like Robocop, it looks like it could be from anything.

      That all being said, this movie is looking better with each trailer. I really like the cast, except for the guy playing Robocop. I’m worried that this will be another cool action flick with a great supporting cast and a weak lead (like Pacific Rim). I do hope he’s good though, I need to see the movie first. But right now, he just looks average.

      • His human hand is a giant plot hole. How will it ever survive holding up his new superheavy body? Or with the extreme action his body now goes through? He’ll break his hand, or rip the flesh off it very quickly.

    • Director Padhilla already explained the hand, and it was an idiotic explanation. It exists only keep a human touch or some garbage like that. It looks heinous. The black suit was also explained in the trailers, and Keaton’s character simply looks at it and says “make it more tactical, make it black.” Again, lame. Add that to the fact that the black version looks hideous. It looks like a man in a suit. Not a human brain wired to a robotic body. Now, mix that with the fact that the silver version actually looks great, and you have to wonder what kind of idiot decided to completely scrap that and go with an inferior design.

  12. ‘lose the right arm’ :D