‘Robocop’ Reboot Director Talks Budget, Script & Casting

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Elite Squad director José Padilha has been relatively forthcoming with his plans for the Robocop reboot, which is a good stance to take, considering that many fans of Paul Verhoeven’s 1987 film still need to be sold on the idea that this reboot even deserves to exist.

The last time we heard from Padilha, the director was discussing how his film will take a different angle of approach than Verhoeven’s did, by focusing more on the existential issues Officer Alex Murphy must face along his transition from man to machine, rather than the social commentary that the original film pushed to the forefront (go back and watch it again, you’ll see what we mean).

Today we have more from Padilha regarding Robocop, and the topics of discussion range from what he’ll do with a bigger budget, more on what the script will focus on, those rumors about who might play the new Alex Murphy, and how much of Darren Aronofsky’s influence is left on the film ever since gave up directing duties on the film.

As Padilha told Crave Online  about working with a bigger budget:

Listen, I always try to make the best film I can. If I can have one year to shoot a film, I want one year to shoot a film. If it’s not possible, I’ll try to make as best as I can in the timeframe that I have. I don’t know exactly, because I’ve never done a movie with a huge budget, but I do know that the producers in this film, the studio are filmmakers. It’s the people from Spyglass, Jon Glickman, Roger [Birnbaum] and Adam [Rosenberg]. They make films. They are not only studio execs. They are producers too. So they know how to make a film and it’s very good for me because it’s pragmatic. Once you give me the budget, whatever the budget is, the most important thing to me is that the money spent goes towards the screen. That’s what counts. If I have a beautiful five star trailer, that doesn’t change anything on the screen. It’s better to have more film, more footage, more takes. It’s that that concerns me and the guys that are making Robocop are very wise this way so it’s cool.

On how much of Aronofsky’s script will be used:

I haven’t read Aronofsky’s script. Aronofsky is a great director. I love his films. I am very proud because I saw Pi in the opening Sundance screening and I loved it. So Aronofsky’s great. I have my own take on Robocop. I know what his take was and it’s totally different. It’s a different thing, different kind of film, even different period in time so I haven’t read his previous work.

Elaborating on what kind of ideas he’s bringing to the screen:

Some things change and some things never change. Corporations controlling people are a constant. It’s the banks now, it’s going to be something else 30 years from now. It was something else before….That’s the greatness of the concept. That’s the concept of Robocop in a nutshell. That’s the heart and soul of the film. It’s that conflict between stuff trying to own you and you trying to persevere. That’s the heart of the story and it has to be. Any Robocop that’s worth that name has to talk about that.

On rumors that actors like Michael Fassbender or Chris Pine could play Alex Murphy:

That’s a new one. I heard the Fassbender casting rumors. I haven’t discussed really casting. What happened was Elite Squad 2 opened in Holland so a journalist from Holland I spoke with wanted to know who’s going to be Robocop because Verhoeven is Dutch. So I said there are many great American actors, for instance Fassbender, Chris Pine and I named a few. Then the web does the rest.

There’s more from Padilha, but you’ll have to head over to Crave Online to read the interview in full.

Frank Millers Robocop Robocop Reboot Director Talks Budget, Script & Casting

Fans of the various Robocop comic books that have been released in the years since Verhoeven’s film should already know that there is plenty of great material out there that can be explored. In fact, the original Robocop film was meant to be sly mockery of Hollywood action films and American corporate culture – it just so happened that Verhoeven also created a character that fans embraced wholeheartedly.

It’s doubtful the character was ever meant to become the icon he has, with a lifespan that has extended well past a movie trilogy into TV, video games, and some pretty great comic books. If you need an example of what we’re referring to, look know further than Frank Miller’s (Sin City, Batman: Year One) work on miniseries like Frank Miller’s Robocop or Robocop vs. Terminator (which is actually MUCH better than it initially sounds).

We say all that to say: Padilha has a lot of potential to work with when making his Robocop reboot. Whether he utilizes that potential or not remains to be seen.

Source: Crave Online

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  1. RoboCop vs. Terminator would actually be a good idea for a reboot of both franchises. It’s something we haven’t seen before and with the Terminator series in limbo at the moment, it could be an opportunity to revitalise 2 sci-fi brands.

  2. Still don’t think this is a good idea. I dont see it living up to the original. Dont think it will be as violent. Same level of satire and seriousness. I don’t think a reboot of this necessary at all. There is really no new angle I want to see this film as. Better off making a action packed Terminator vs Predatoe than this.

  3. three words,good idea,not

  4. Idiots the lot of them and bereft of generating a TRULY original idea.

  5. I thought the roboot got scrapped! I hope to god this movie dose not take place in Detroit. KEEP THIS REMAKE DISASTER IN THE WORKS AWAY FROM MY HOME STATE!

    • You know, I never thought I’d ever hear “Detroit Lions” and “Undefeated” in the same sentence before. :-D

  6. I used to love the robo cop movies when I was a kid and then saw them in my teens and all I can say is they do not hold up to the test of time. From what I’m seeing this guy seems like he can do a good job with this. Doubt I’ll take it too seriously because it’s another in an extremely long line of remakes, majority of which are bad

    • Exactly this.

      People complain about reboots too much. Robocop looks OLD and terrible now. The story and plot is still great but the action sequences and some of the acting is really dated.

  7. i was actually watching robocop the other day and thought it was weird that hollywood hasn’t tried to reboot the franchise.

    guess the studios are one step ahead of me.

    dont necessarily agree with any reboots but open to the idea if they offer some new take on the source material.

    the thing with the old robocop is the action was super goofy, this guy was just clunking around, super loud, and shooting people who apparently couldn’t shoot his exposed lip area (which i always thought would mess him up somehow). he is so loud and slow when he walks, it really angered me with the thought that he could trick or sneak up on anybody.

    if/when they reboot they definitely need to update those action sequences, and not have robocop walking around and killing bad guys while simultaneously doing a really good “robot” dance move.

    • Do you honestly KNOW how damn difficult it is to hit a 3″x6″ area? Add in in variables like both targets moving, cover, etc. and you will understand why head shots aren’t the way people get taken down.

      And if you didn’t read the article, everything you are complaining about was done on purpose. All that did was add to the greatness of the original and why this version will suck rocks.

      • You know, a “like” button would really work here. :-)

  8. Love all 3 films and would love to see a reboot!!! :)

  9. i like the idea for robocop vs terminator but in the beginning of teh 90s it was Arnold Schwarzenegger vs Peter Weller , Arnold is comming BACK in Terimator 5 on the direction van Justin Lin ,that means we alredy have a Terminator but no Robocop

    • pretty sure Lin dropped out of T5

    • Arnold’s too old to be the Terminator at his age. I hate Justin Lin’s approach for Terminator 5. If they were gonna make a Robocop vs. The Terminator film, they’ve should of done it years ago but i read they couldn’t find a director who’d direct such a film at the time. I also read how Arnold wanted to play Robocop but they found him too tall & muscular, etc. for the role.

  10. my comment seems to be spam? this website sucks, and can’t handle the truth haha

  11. Still not convinced this movie should exist…I doubt I ever will be.

  12. As long as it isn’t like Robocop 3 (shudders), the live action TV series (shudders more), or Prime Directives (faints), it has a chance.

  13. Why is no one stopping these reboots.

    • @ Phil

      Well, my guess is people been disappoint with sequel over the past years & pretty much wanna call it quits to a franchise & reboot the whole franchise if a particular sequel doesn’t do very well to satisfy expectations. Remakes/reboots are thing now in hollywood & it’s pretty obvious for studios to think it’s easier to remake/reboot movie or franchise rather than think up somthing creative. There’s not alot of remakes/reboots i enjoyed that much. Reason for that is because i feel they don’t stand on their own for a franchise because i always notice more than one thing thats simliar or that’s been said word for word from the original films. That’s just me.

  14. Epic fail…Fassbender is not American lol

    • @ robthguru

      While im not really sold on the whole Robocop reboot, so far i do see Fassbender as good choice as Murphy. Better than Chris Pine. Fassbender ain’t American? Neither was Christian Bale before being cast as Batman or Henry Cavill as Clark Kent/Superman in the upcoming Man Of Steel aswell.

    • Yeah, I saw that to. Fassbender is British (I think?) but he would still make a great Murphy. Fassbender also played Erik Lensher, who isn’t British, so it would work.

  15. I sort of have a problem with the idea of Robocop. He’s never been a robot more of a cyborg really. Robocop implies no organic parts. So it might be better to rip a page out of “8TH Man” a robot with a cyberbrain that has the thoughts and experiences of a human impressed on it. This opens a whole set of different problems and outlooks to explore. The robot’s brain distinctly remembers being human, he feels human to himself despite all external evidence to the contrary. The question, where does the human begin and the machine end becomes ever more poignant. One could look at our present state and argue we’re bio-mechanical machines, so when traditional mechanics catches up with life in complexity should we trade our failing bio-mechanical body to a continuously replaceable one? What makes us, us if the discernible differences are whether we’re made of living and dying cells or a consciousness housed in a mechanism? Especially if the experience to us seems very linear.

  16. “Frank Miller’s Robocop” was an unbelievable train wreck of a comic book and I’m flabbergasted that anyone could ever consider it valid material.

    But after all, if you can publish an online piece with “look know further” getting past the proofreading, I guess you would.

  17. As a fan of the original 2 Robocop movies, I don’t think it should be remade. Much less a Robocop vs. Terminator movie. Have we not seen what happens with this cross over movies? Alien vs. Predator was bad enough to put me off this kind of idea for life.

  18. Michael Fassbender to play John Connor.. I want James Cameron to take over for Terminator 5 and do a true future war movie with Fassbender as the star… For robocop, i am only for it if they change Robocop, meaning if he is a different cyborg.. faster.. I dont want a complete mockery of the old.. Keep 1987 Robocop as is, if they reboot it then change the design.. dont destroy the old.. also fassbender would play an awesome alex murphy though

  19. Omg, what on earth will an ancient-looking Robocop do that Iron Man can’t ? This is a complete utter waste. PASS!!

    • Good point…