5 Tech Upgrades We Want to See in ‘Robocop 2′

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Technology Upgrades for Robocop 2

The 2014 reboot of Robocop borrows a lot of elements from the original 1987 cult-classic, although there are some striking differences. While the new film does give Robocop some sweet technological upgrades with which to take down the criminals of future Detroit (e.g. Robocycle, retractable visor), it doesn't, in our opinion, take things far enough to make this version seem all that "new." This is a cop of the future, after all.And so, provided the film does well enough at the box office to warrant a sequel, we have proposed a few movie-centric tech upgrades we'd like to see Robocop get in the sequel. Read on for our choices.

Rocket Boosters - Iron Man

5 Upgrades Robocop 2 - Iron Man Rockets

While no filmmaker on Robocop will admit it, the design of this 2014 version shares a lot in common with Iron Man. From the retractable visor to the sound effects, Robocop is basically Iron Man without the rocket boosters…and Jarvis (more on that in a bit). So...why doesn't he have rocket boosters?As a billion-dollar project, Robocop should have the most efficient form of travel, not an archaic, but still cool-looking, motorcycle. He should be able to patrol the ground and the skies with the same efficiency of the unmanned drones in the film. Granted, such an upgrade will require a lager budget for Robocop 2, but that's what sequels are all about anyway: upping the ante. We say embrace the similarities, and go full Iron Man.

Customizable Armor - Transformers

5 Upgrades Robocop 2 - Wheel Suit

Okay, bear with us on this one. We're not trying to say that Robocop should be fully transformable a la Optimus Prime, but if he could adapt his suit to certain needs, that would make him a better combatant - it would also make for action sequences that are more exciting to watch onscreen. We think Robocop's design is limited by the fact that he needs to look like a human - but it doesn't need to be.If, for example, a robotic hand won't get the job done, then perhaps Robocop's arm can, for lack of a better term, transform into something like the power loader's arm from Aliens. Or if Robocop needs to get somewhere fast (and he doesn't already have rocket boosters) maybe he is the motorcycle.  Too silly? We say, too awesome.

Cloaking - Predator

Robocop 2 Tech Upgrades Predator Active Camo

Although Robocop is, at his most basic, a civil servant, it couldn't hurt if he was a little stealthier. Sure, the black armor helps Robocop stand out a little less, but what about taking things a step further? What if in the sequel Robocop has some form of tactical camouflage? He's already 95% robot, so it stands to reason that there could be an additional covering for Robocop's face and mouth to make him completely invisible…in certain circumstances of course.That way, Robocop can minimize conflicts and arrest criminals without actually broadcasting his whereabouts. As it stands, he's like one big wrecking ball barreling down the streets of Detroit. Now imagine him as the Predator, stalking unsuspecting criminals using the tactical camo built into his suit.

Better Weapons - Dredd

5 Upgrades Robocop 2 - Dredd Gun

Yes, most know Robocop as the gun-toting cyborg policeman, but his arsenal could certainly use a 21st century upgrade. Rather than a taser gun and a sub-machine gun, we'd like to see Robocop brandishing futuristic weaponry. It doesn't have to be something like the rail gun from Eraser – although that could certainly work – but rather a series of useful tools that give Robocop an advantage.He could use mini drones for back up, Fringe's amber to restrain criminals - or any number of James Bond-esque gadgets - anything that makes Robocop seem more like a cop of the future. Even something as basic as Judge Dredd's gun from Dredd, where bullets are only one piece of the arsenal. The criminals of future Detroit might use bullets, but that doesn't mean Robocop has to.

Superior A.I. - Almost Human

5 Upgrades Robocop 2 - Terminator AI

To be fair, Robocop does run "simulations" of his current situation in the reboot, but those simulations don't seem to help him in any appreciable way. Rather than just highlight where enemies are in an environment, which his current simulations do, it would be cool to see Robocop calculate his various options as far as engaging criminals. Then once he has calculated every possible scenario, Robocop could choose the best based on success rate, casualty percentage, etc.In other words, we would like to see some A.I. implementations in Robocop that are closer in concept to Terminator - or more recently Dorian from Almost Human. Superior A.I. routines could go a long way towards making Robocop not just a more efficient cop, but less of a blunt object. In the reboot he is a far cry from what we would call subtle or efficient.

Honorable Mentions

Robocop 2 Technology Upgrades

There you have it, a few upgrades we'd like to see Robocop get in the sequel. On a less serious (wait, was this serious?) note, here are a few potential, sillier upgrades for Robocop 2:
  • Twitter Updates - #yourecomingwithme
  • Inspector Gadget-style Equipment – "Go Go Gadget Search Warrant!"
  • Drink Dispenser – Like a walking Coca Cola Freestyle machine
  • T-1000's Liquid Metal – Why not just cut to the chase?
What upgrades would you like to see Robocop receive in the sequel? Let us know in the comments belowAlso make sure to read our review of Robocop (2014) to find out whether we think the film is deserving of a sequel.Follow Anthony on Twitter @ANTaormina
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  1. How about a built in keurig machine, cops love coffee.

    • +1 good sir

  2. Did Anyone else see the Predator image and get their hopes up about a sequel only to be let down by the article title? lol

    I like these types of articles though so no biggy…I just want another Predator movie!

    • they will make another one for sure maybe not in the next years but i am willing to bet in the next 5 years

    • I definitely did. Hey screen rant do you guys think you may use something like Disqus in the future to make commenting easier?

      • We once switched to Disqus for a test run.

        It didn’t go well. At all.

  3. Id use some of the ideas for Robocop’s next robotic enemy that goes rogue. That’s one thing I liked about Robocop 3 was Robo’s alternate arsonal & flight pack.

    Yes, the image above wants me yell out for another Predator film.

  4. Not sure if these are in it or not but, it would be cool to see a swarm of little but deadly animalistic style robots that he has to survive.

    Kinda like the latest Halo that came out….

  5. A built in Flappy Bird app for when he gets bored would be an obvious upgrade.

  6. I remember reading somewhere that the creators of Robocop drew inspiration partly from Judge Dredd comics, it’s only fitting that his awesome gun would make this list :)

    • That does seem to be fact, but the creators seem to be distancing themselves from that fact in recent interviews.

  7. how about armour that doesn’t look like he was sponsored by Rubbermaid.

    i cool arm canon or spinning Gatling gun style spinning around his arm, kinda like some Transformers have

  8. Concussion guantlet like The Shocker from Spiderman.

    Then he can aim it at the ground and cause a small quake or knock a large mob backwards.

  9. his red visor should move like KITT

    • By your command! :-P

    • ^ This.

  10. Human and animal translator…

    That way when he is approaching a scene of the crime. He can translate what cats and dogs are saying. Or translate other languages.

    WOuld be cool to see a scene where he goes to a zoo hunting bad guys and is translating all these animals making noises…

  11. Didn’t read Screenrant’s review yet. But I’m assuming y’all didn’t take this reboot seriously. Also… if my podcast overland serves me correctly…. movies in January, February and March are meh?

  12. Forget the Predator camoflauge, bring on the Predator himself!
    “ROBOCOP vs. the PREDATOR”
    Now that would be an awesome crossover film. It’s far over due.
    And then the Robocop tech guys could install the alien technology into his suit. Assuming Robocop wins of course. So many possibilities…

    • I don’t think that would be possible, considering that both franchises are owned by different studios, with Robocop being the property of Columbia Pictures and Predator is owned by 20th Century Fox. It might work in a comic book though. However, I would like to see a Robocop vs. The Terminator movie. Have you ever played the game on sega or super nes? Because it’s awesome! But on the other hand, look at how the AVP movies turned out…

  13. Hopefully they don’t copy what Ironman has done. I like the realism of the suit which is almost something that can be done today and it has its limits. If I want a fictional suit (almost indestructible, unexplained boost in power for a slap-on armor, flight capabilities that seems aerodynamically impossible) that’s when I would switch to Ironman.

    • Agreed, I like Ironman, but his powers are such a flight of fantasy that I appreciate Robocop’s more grounded abilities – plus Robocop is more of a commercial entity’s ground troop design not a billionaire inventor / genius’s fetish realized. If Robocop flies, I’d believe it with an external attachment vs foot propulsion.

  14. The new Robocop suit/armor needs to revert back to its original 80s color.

    I hate the all-black armor. If you put a pair of bat ears + a cape you’ll get Batman costume.

  15. On the Iron-Man Rocket Boosters slide, it says “lager budget” — which I think is an error and should say “larger budget” (unless it’s a joke about Tony’s drinking, but I’m guessing it’s not).

  16. I think the AI should be like gabriel’s (from tv series inteeligence) with crime scene rendering.
    the cloaking, yes. the transforming body, no. the transforming arm, yes.

  17. How about a handy-dandy Green Lantern power ring? He could zap the baddies with it! Or even ten mandarin rings, since Mandy is not using them right now!

  18. Total Recall holographic mirror imaging. Worked for Arnold. & a built in minibar, to make friends easier…

    • & a built-in bill changer machine, in case you want to buy something for less than a dollar…

  19. He should have a compartment in the stomach section to keep beer in and should say ‘bite my shiny metal ass’ instead of the Miranda rights when arresting anyone…. Also, bring back the ‘spike in the hand’ computer accessing point, it needs to come back….

  20. How about making him more human and more like an android for all those moments when he has to be touchy feely cop… Which was the way it was going in Robocop III and all the tv series. I liked the original film, its trashy fun, but the remake looks a little flat and should have been upgraded itself before being released perhaps.

  21. Kitten Launcher…

    it shoots baby kittens onto enemies who would immediately stop them from fighting cuz…lets face it…they are cute and cuddly.

  22. a lager budget is exactly what this new robocop reboot needs.

  23. I think we’ve had enough with the RoboCop reboot. Let’s stop enabling them.

  24. So I noticed your vehicalized upgrade for Robocop, and it puts me in mind of an old PnP game a friend of mine told me about, I believe it was called Robotech, which actually allowed characters of the game to acquire power suits that, in heavier versions I believe, actually had wheel mechanisms attached to the suit that allowed them to convert from a small ‘human mecha mode’ to a vehicle mode.

    Just thought I’d say that, it came to me after I read that portion. It was like a trip down memory lane in my conversations with my friend. Thanks for bringing that up!

  25. No, no, no, no. Just stop. New “Tech” wont make it any better, especially flight (See Robocop 3), or transforming modes of transportation (customized suit), Terminator: Salvation tried that, failed miserable. Weapons, okay, maybe but, not necessary… Cloaking? Really? I’ll stop… Don’t need to add tech, just more dynamic story telling and character development, and for the love of Pete, they shouldn’t pull the punches.

  26. I don’t think Robocop 3′s jet pack worked that well… so making him fly for Robocop 2 isn’t exactly enticing

  27. Skip the Judge Dredd crossover and replace one of his arms with a Phantom Zone projector.


  29. Those are all horrible, horrible, horrible ideas. If that’s what you want, then you don’t want a Robocop movie.