5 Tech Upgrades We Want to See in ‘Robocop 2′

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Technology Upgrades for Robocop 2

The 2014 reboot of Robocop borrows a lot of elements from the original 1987 cult-classic, although there are some striking differences. While the new film does give Robocop some sweet technological upgrades with which to take down the criminals of future Detroit (e.g. Robocycle, retractable visor), it doesn't, in our opinion, take things far enough to make this version seem all that "new." This is a cop of the future, after all.And so, provided the film does well enough at the box office to warrant a sequel, we have proposed a few movie-centric tech upgrades we'd like to see Robocop get in the sequel. Read on for our choices.

Rocket Boosters - Iron Man

5 Upgrades Robocop 2 - Iron Man Rockets

While no filmmaker on Robocop will admit it, the design of this 2014 version shares a lot in common with Iron Man. From the retractable visor to the sound effects, Robocop is basically Iron Man without the rocket boosters…and Jarvis (more on that in a bit). So...why doesn't he have rocket boosters?As a billion-dollar project, Robocop should have the most efficient form of travel, not an archaic, but still cool-looking, motorcycle. He should be able to patrol the ground and the skies with the same efficiency of the unmanned drones in the film. Granted, such an upgrade will require a lager budget for Robocop 2, but that's what sequels are all about anyway: upping the ante. We say embrace the similarities, and go full Iron Man.

Customizable Armor - Transformers

5 Upgrades Robocop 2 - Wheel Suit

Okay, bear with us on this one. We're not trying to say that Robocop should be fully transformable a la Optimus Prime, but if he could adapt his suit to certain needs, that would make him a better combatant - it would also make for action sequences that are more exciting to watch onscreen. We think Robocop's design is limited by the fact that he needs to look like a human - but it doesn't need to be.If, for example, a robotic hand won't get the job done, then perhaps Robocop's arm can, for lack of a better term, transform into something like the power loader's arm from Aliens. Or if Robocop needs to get somewhere fast (and he doesn't already have rocket boosters) maybe he is the motorcycle.  Too silly? We say, too awesome.

Cloaking - Predator

Robocop 2 Tech Upgrades Predator Active Camo

Although Robocop is, at his most basic, a civil servant, it couldn't hurt if he was a little stealthier. Sure, the black armor helps Robocop stand out a little less, but what about taking things a step further? What if in the sequel Robocop has some form of tactical camouflage? He's already 95% robot, so it stands to reason that there could be an additional covering for Robocop's face and mouth to make him completely invisible…in certain circumstances of course.That way, Robocop can minimize conflicts and arrest criminals without actually broadcasting his whereabouts. As it stands, he's like one big wrecking ball barreling down the streets of Detroit. Now imagine him as the Predator, stalking unsuspecting criminals using the tactical camo built into his suit.

Better Weapons - Dredd

5 Upgrades Robocop 2 - Dredd Gun

Yes, most know Robocop as the gun-toting cyborg policeman, but his arsenal could certainly use a 21st century upgrade. Rather than a taser gun and a sub-machine gun, we'd like to see Robocop brandishing futuristic weaponry. It doesn't have to be something like the rail gun from Eraser – although that could certainly work – but rather a series of useful tools that give Robocop an advantage.He could use mini drones for back up, Fringe's amber to restrain criminals - or any number of James Bond-esque gadgets - anything that makes Robocop seem more like a cop of the future. Even something as basic as Judge Dredd's gun from Dredd, where bullets are only one piece of the arsenal. The criminals of future Detroit might use bullets, but that doesn't mean Robocop has to.

Superior A.I. - Almost Human

5 Upgrades Robocop 2 - Terminator AI

To be fair, Robocop does run "simulations" of his current situation in the reboot, but those simulations don't seem to help him in any appreciable way. Rather than just highlight where enemies are in an environment, which his current simulations do, it would be cool to see Robocop calculate his various options as far as engaging criminals. Then once he has calculated every possible scenario, Robocop could choose the best based on success rate, casualty percentage, etc.In other words, we would like to see some A.I. implementations in Robocop that are closer in concept to Terminator - or more recently Dorian from Almost Human. Superior A.I. routines could go a long way towards making Robocop not just a more efficient cop, but less of a blunt object. In the reboot he is a far cry from what we would call subtle or efficient.

Honorable Mentions

Robocop 2 Technology Upgrades

There you have it, a few upgrades we'd like to see Robocop get in the sequel. On a less serious (wait, was this serious?) note, here are a few potential, sillier upgrades for Robocop 2:
  • Twitter Updates - #yourecomingwithme
  • Inspector Gadget-style Equipment – "Go Go Gadget Search Warrant!"
  • Drink Dispenser – Like a walking Coca Cola Freestyle machine
  • T-1000's Liquid Metal – Why not just cut to the chase?
What upgrades would you like to see Robocop receive in the sequel? Let us know in the comments belowAlso make sure to read our review of Robocop (2014) to find out whether we think the film is deserving of a sequel.Follow Anthony on Twitter @ANTaormina
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  1. maybe every police officer should have a robocop partner almost human style and the police officers have dredd style guns and armor.

  2. Robo looks similar to Iron Man for good reason. The original was inspired by Iron Man and Judge Dredd. I’d hope robo would look like Iron Man.

  3. I think He needs to loose the human hand and the black bodysuit. He needs to look a bit more like the original Robocop.He also need more lethal weapons,loose the stun gun and bring back Robo’s auto pistal.

  4. I would prefer they keep the black suit myself (it just too damn cool)…BUT because a lot of fans didn’t like it I would meet them in the middle and give the suit a more dark gun-metal gray look. The gun is just fine the way it is. Just as modern cops make a choice between pepper spray, taser, or bullets, I think it’s best that RoboCop has the same choices depending on the moment … except pepper spray of course that would just be stupid! Instead have something like a stunning pulse emitter that disorients instead of incapacitates. I would give him retractable forearm launched mini-missles but nothing overboard. More along the lines of an armor piercing low yield explosive and limited to just 2 in one arm.

  5. Mini gun

  6. I want a sequel. Period. A little redundant there. Sorry. Still just rumours and no announced sequel. That’s unfortunate. The movie was far better than I thought it would be. Too bad Michael Keaton isn’t back for Round 2, but the ones we kept are cool with me.

    I find the situational analysis upgrade a little silly. Why bother seeing him run through the best scenario before it plays out? Kinda defeats the purpose. Point is, that upgrade is already IN the film, just not in red, black and white.

    No rocket boosters. It’s something that makes him UNIQUE from Ironman. Keep it.

    An armour upgrade would be nice. But what fun is a physically invincible hero? Dunno. I guess the writing team will just have to get a little more creative that way. Really explore how the man inside is/is not the weakness if the body is impervious.

    If you’re going to ask for rockets, don’t put them on the man, put them in the bike. How about some retractable armour for that exposed flesh hand. Call me crazy but that thing should have been ripped apart by the end of that giant robot trashing frenzy.

    Address how he doesn’t get fried “alive” inside that suit despite explosions cooking his armour.

    Address what happens as the organic parts of his body wear out. Those lungs weren’t looking so hot inside their plastic shells.

    The problem with doing a sequel is that it’s hard to upgrade your villain too. This one was fantastic.

  7. frankly, a lot of these are pretty over the top and wouldn’t fit with the remake’s more sophisticated tone. however, i do have a few upgrades and not all of them are for murphy. first it should be based on real life developing and advanced tech. we are currently creating invisibility tech that still needs tuning, but for the movie let’s take it a step further and imagine an acoustic cloaking system. you’ll notice in the movie that his motors make a lot of noise and his feet land really heavy. if they created a field around him that canceled out all the sound around him, combined with the invisibility would be the ultimate stealth package. now in this version murphy is a detective, so he should have tools for crime solving as well as combat. i’m thinking some sort of super hacking software for computer forensics, possibly transmitted with magnetic waves, in case there’s no formal way to uplink to it. we all ready saw him digitally lift fingerprints off of a gun, and remotely access camera footage, so maybe this is something that was there to begin with, but we didn’t see in the first movie. now for more firepower, i’m thinking dual shoulder mounted belt fed shotguns, on sort of miniature remote weapons platforms, loaded with 12 gauge air burst gas grenades. air burst rounds are explosive projectiles set to detonate at a certin time and distance after being fired, by computer and these are common today in 25mm. a 12 gauge impact grenade called the frag 12 was recently developed and believe i saw a belt fed shotgun once. that’s all i’ve got for murphy, so far, but i’m thinking that in the sequel omnicorp might try to capitolize and expand on the robocop program with other cops. i imagine a “model 2″ robocop that’s essentially built for war, and armed and armoured to the teeth. mostly i expect them to be all around bigger. first i thought they’d have a forearm mounted machine guns with motorized telescoping barrels. the motorized ammo chute wraps around the arm, from the wrist to the elbow were it loads in to the gun. the chute gun and fixed barrel are all inside armoured housing. this would give a bulky look to his arms. it should load in a smaller high velocity round like the 5.7×28 which is used in the advanced fn p90. possibly a .410 gauge shotgun version of this on the other arm. i thought 10 or so inch blades coming out of his knees and elbows would be a good melee system. now for the armour, while he’d have the same plate armour as murphy though maybe heavier, i thought he could have an electrostatic ballistic deflector shield. basicly it’s waves of free airborn electrons that repell the like force of the electron shell of the atoms of the incoming projectiles.

  8. I would like to see a more liberated RoboCop from the control of omnicorp. Murphy’s mind is basically upgraded with computer technology. He can multitask like no other. He can fight crime and get into investing through stocks and with the help of zealous private investors, he can fund himself.

  9. Auto 9 pistol, Cobra gun/rifle, and a . MISSION COMPLETE. #ThankYouForYourCooperation

    • Bennelli M4 Shotgun with XRAIL 23-round extension barrel. BOOM. Semi-auto shottie.