‘RoboCop’ Viral Site and Images Propose a New Way to Fight Crime

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robocop director RoboCop Viral Site and Images Propose a New Way to Fight Crime

The Screen Rant team is currently at San Diego Comic-Con 2013 and they’re not alone: Sony Pictures is bringing the remake of RoboCop to the event with director José Padilha and stars Joel Kinnaman, Abbie Cornish and Samuel L. Jackson all showing up to answer questions about the movie. If you were unable to make it to SDCC this weekend, however, there’s plenty kicking off online as well.

RoboCop‘s development and production was slightly rocky, kicking off with a scathing review of the leaked script that may have contributed to Padilha’s later complaints that shooting the film was “hell” and that 9 out of every 10 ideas he came up with were killed off by the studio. With that in mind, it’s important that Sony execute some strong PR in the run-up to RoboCop‘s release, in order to get public opinion of the film back where they’d like it to be.

The latest effort in this direction is a viral site for the security development branch of mega-corporation OmniCorp, designers of the ED-209 droid that caused problems for RoboCop in the original Paul Verhoeven film, and a closer look at some of the guns and tech of the RoboCop world. Check out some of the company’s technology in the images below:


Alex Murphy (played by Kinnaman) will be recruited into OmniCorps RC-2000 program, combining his human parts with machinery to become (you guessed it) RoboCop. The website promises that details about the man-meets-machine technology is “coming soon,” so keep a close eye on the viral site for further material.

The design of the ED-209 looks a little different from the viral image of it that was released last year, but it nonetheless looks like an intimidating machine to go up against. The other tech looks cool as well, if a little basic, and there’s something amusing about the way the site tries to sell a killer robot with guns fused to its hands as a kind of home help for elderly ladies.

At the end of the day, viral sites and teasers are all very well and interesting for fans of the RoboCop franchise, but it’s difficult to judge how good the film is going to be until some actual footage gets released. Hopefully Sony won’t keep us waiting too much longer.


RoboCop is expected to hit theaters February 7th, 2014.

Source: OmniCorp

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  1. Reserving Judgement until the films teaser/trailer is released.

    I have hopes for it, but it seems like Sony had their hands in this cookie jar for a little too long. Let the director have some damn ideas about how to approach the film Sony!

    Well, shooting is probably well over by now, but who knows, reshoots? possibly.

  2. I hope it’s good because the original is in my Top 10 of all time (OF ALL TIME!!) and I’d hated for this remake to be as bad as 2 and 3 were.

    • Also, ED-209…

      I can barely make out that front frill so hopefully it’s just fabric covering that or something because the point of the grill being there was to model its design after cars and give people an easy target if they were to shoot at ED-209, therefore “blowing the engine” as Verhoeven said due to its main weakness being in such an obvious place.

      • *grill

      • So maybe in this film ED isn’t made by idiots

        • True but then it would take away from the point of ED-209′s designers being completely incompetent and corporations taking over with focus groups instead of letting real people create functioning robots.

          It’s also ironic that the original talked about industrial work in Detroit being siphoned off and now Detroit in real life has declared itself bankrupt.

  3. That’s a pretty sexy Cylon.

    • Ahahaha! +1000

    • Damned, the BSG joke is taken.

  4. I don’t anticipate this actually being any good, but I can’t imagine it being worse than Robocop 3.

    • If I see just ONE samurai robot, I’m walking out.

      • LOL… boy that will suck badly !


  6. this movie will actually surprise everyone

    • Not unless that black sex dominatrix Robocop is a ploy to throw us off and it, along with the human hand is going to be CGi’d into a proper Robocop!!??

      • Apparently the exposed hand is part of…OC’s (Why did they have to change that of all things?) public image of creating robots who “care.” They want to show that they still preserved as much of Murphy as they could. He can shake people’s hands and s***.

        I actually support the decision on that basis. It’s a pretty Robocop idea.

  7. Robocop is also one of my favourite movies of all time and when first heard about this I can’t say I was thrilled! However upon seeing the cast and director I’ve warmed to it and the images that we have been shown look interesting, will wait for a trailer before passing judgement

    Lets hope we don’t get another Total Recall which is one of the worst remakes I’ve ever seen!!

    • RoBocop has some of the best one-liners in movie history!

      • “I’d buy that for a dollar!”

        • well give the man a hand

      • Can you fly Bobby?

        • Bitches, leave.

  8. wow, ED-209 looks like a metal gear.. lol

  9. I am not reserving judgement! if they show that giant Black sextoy Robocop with a human hand on screen I hope everyone boo`s and laughs in equal measure and they scrap the whole movie!!.
    The Droid in the latest leaks looks s*** but it looks a thousands times better than the Black Robocop design!

  10. Also!! what rating is it going to be!! PG-13!! lmao!. This is going to be the biggest Turkey of 2014!

    • LOL..no comment

  11. All I need is a trailer. That viral stuff is not only boring but also only rehashing what we already saw a year ago.

  12. For me, a lot of the charm for Robocop came as a result of the era it was made in. The late 80s early 90s offered action movies that, IMHO, offered a perfect balance of cheese/realism.

    I’m being dead serious: watch the original Robocop with me and by the end I will have you convinced that it is actually one of the greatest films ever made.

    • I don’t know if I would label it, “greatest” because that puts it up there with the likes of Heston’s, “Ben Hur” or say Star Wars.

      It is still an excellent movie though with no real weaknesses to pick on.

    • It’s definitely a classic from that period…

      • It’s definitely one of the greatest in my opinion.

        Then again, my fave movie of all time is Commando. Robocop and Commando have been my two most quote-worthy movies ever.

  13. Why do some of you people keep this one 2nd hand statement alive? Padilha has since said he was misunderstood. Padilha wasn’t even filming when that statement was made…filming started in September. People are so focused on anything negative it’s unbelievable.

    He (you know, the actual guy himself, not another guy interpreting his words) has since said how awesome he thinks the movie will be and how cool the sets and everything else was. Do some research rather than relying on the same tired original story that everyone heard. Things changed after the director actually showed up on set.

    Anyone who comments on a leaked script that was not used during filming has no credibility. I can tell you from experience that this script was extremely guarded. They were signed for…even the talent had to have a script with their name on it so that every one was accounted for.

    This movie could be bad, it could be good. Just stop repeating the same garbage and commenting on a BS script….it gets old.

  14. I wonder if it’s going to be the same type of story as the original or if José Padilha changed it up a little to give it his spin on the story. Right now I am just hopeful for this movie but I also have my doubts

  15. by not being able to see his facial expressions they are de humanizing the character

    • But, until the very end of the movie when he took the face plate off, you couldn’t see his face for most of the running time.

    • But, um…isn’t that kinda the point?

  16. which i think will be a huge mistake

  17. Where’s the 6000 SUX?
    “It’s back! Big is back. Because bigger is better”

    • Hey, look Clarence, Joe has the same car as you.

    • Because they kinda already exist in multiple real forms and it’s not a joke anymore.