‘RoboCop’ Set Photos Reveal New Armor

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robocop reboot writer RoboCop Set Photos Reveal New Armor

For director Jose Padiha’s forthcoming reboot of RoboCop it’s been anything but smooth sailing. First it was a divisive piece of very early concept art (see above) that showed an extremely updated version of RoboCop - then it was a scathing “review” of the film’s script, and finally there was talk of director Jose Padiha’s struggles to work with studio MGM. Fans understandably now have doubts about this reboot satisfying their hopes.

However, some choice casting – like Joel Kinnaman as the new Robocop and Michael Keaton as the film’s villain - suggested certain elements of the production were progressing nicely. But as with any reboot of this type, fans tend to reserve first judgment until they see the suit, and are thereby given a better idea as to where the film is headed.

As we said, supposed concept art for the new Robocop armor was previously unveiled (to a mixed reaction) – but it was far from official. Now, a pair of set photos have appeared online that show that the alleged early concept art wasn’t too far off from what might be RoboCop‘s final design.

Check out the RoboCop concept art below, and compare it with the first look photos from the film’s set:



Robocop Old and New Armor RoboCop Set Photos Reveal New Armor


On a pure gut reaction it’s hard not to acknowledge how few details this current suit shares with the Paul Verhoeven-created original. Yes, the spirit is there, but where is the polished silver metal or the thin visor? Instead this suit reveals one of Alex Murphy’s hands has a one-tone color scheme, and a 3/4 visor.

When Kinnaman first talked about the design of the suit he said audiences would be able to see his face and eyes, as indicated by this redesigned helmet. Additionally the actor said RoboCop’s movements would be “less twitchy” and more indicative of how robots might move in the year 2046, something reinforced by the sleek, almost bodysuit-like design of the armor.

That being said, it’s hard to see this version of RoboCop as anything but a guy in a specially designed suit. The armor, while potentially more realistic as far as the film is concerned, bares too many similarities to a Batman or Iron Man suit to ignore. Granted, those films have grossed small fortunes at the box office, so it’s not too surprising to see MGM borrow from their lead.

Fan reaction to the set photos thus far has been pretty mixed – with some praising the natural evolution of the 1987 suit and others acknowledging the obvious copycatting of everything from Mass Effect to G.I. Joe‘s Snake Eyes. Surprisingly, there’s actually more concern over whether or not RoboCop will run in the film than with the look of the suit. When studios reboot a property like RoboCop there’s bound to be some detractors, but the fact that fans aren’t wholly against the redesign is a fairly good sign.

RoboCop Suit Comparison Batman Mass Effect Snake Eyes RoboCop Set Photos Reveal New Armor

For fans that are crying foul of the design, there is a silver lining: In the RoboCop script – if the one HitFix’s Drew McWeeney got a hold of was indeed the final version – the augmented police officer goes through three different armor versions over the course of the film. Like Jon Favreau did with the first Iron Man, Padiha presumably wants to show the evolution of RoboCop from a base design to the one that will be featured in future films.

If that is still the case, the suit featured in the photos could merely be an early version – one that is “upgraded” just in time for the film’s climax; then again, it could also be that 3.0 version, which means this is the direction the reboot is headed, and more importantly this is the new RoboCop.

It’s also important to note these are set photos and are in no way indicative of how the suit might appear on film. But since this is a major leak we wouldn’t be surprised if MGM unveiled an official RoboCop photo some time soon.

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RoboCop is slated to release in theaters on August 9, 2013.


Source: Coming Soon (RoboCop Concept Art Courtesy of Filmophilia)


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  1. Robocop Begins

  2. So much for the original intent of ROBOcop. You know, the almost perverse merging of ROBOTIC and what’s left of human? It’s hard to feel pity and sadness for a character that is obviously all there and just wearing a suit. LAME.

  3. Looks bland and generic, i.e, rubbish.

    While it seems more futuristic than the 1987 suit, it just looks too much like a costume. The thing is, barring a couple surface details, the original suit STILL looks futuristic; we’re a long way from the type of cyborg depicted in the first movie.

    Instead of rebooting (God, how I hate that word) “Robocop”, why not make something NEW using that design? The remake nobody wanted now gets a design nobody likes to go with a script nobody takes seriously.


  4. The suits fine, to me it all has to do with a great storyline, plot and geat action. I just hope they focus more on Murphys’ personal life (him, his wife, his son, maybe even his parents, friendship with his partner lewis, etc,.) then as for when he turns to Robocop i hope they make him the meanest(but still nice) toughest, robot ever on screen with running abilities, i hope he can jump off buildings and land feet first, run up buildings, take alot of heavy hits and blows with barely a scratch, and the GUNS yes the guns have to be awesome. in other words a robotic version of Superman would be cool -minus the flying(thats for Ironman)

  5. The fact that they’re rebooting it means they don’t “get” the original at all.

    • Of course you won’t, dear Chris. Of course.

      • @The Realist LOL! I see what you did there. Hahaha

      • No offense, but first of all do NOT call me Dear. I don’t know you. Second of all, I said I wouldn’t see Amazing Spider-Man and I Still have not seen that steaming pile of garbage. AS for RoboFLOP here, I’ll stick to the Original. This just looks Stupid.

  6. Why a reboot/remake?

    I’m getting tired of all these origin movies… Why not make an old-fashioned sequel? You can ignore the original sequels of Robocop, and make a sequel to the first movie. Maybe even reshoot a few scenes of the original with the new actors (like they did for Back To The Future II), and then take the story into a new direction. There’s nothing wrong with the first Robocop, you could even make it a double-bill.
    6pm: ROBOCOP
    8pm: ROBOCOP 2013.

    • Atleast ignore Robocop 3.

  7. I cant see too well so I blew the pic up and UGH!!!! its worse than I thought. What I thought was a helmet with a visor now looks to me like some sorta fish bowl helmet where the visor goes all the way back past the crown of his skull!! wtf! I hate this s***. When they first announced this thing I remember a lot of fans did manipulations of ironman armor to man fan art for the new robocop and s*** they werent far off at all! Did one of them get hored for this?

  8. Oh geez everyone hates something before seeing the final product. Makes me want to not even read anything on here anymore. It’s 2012 for God’s sake not the 80′s… Things are going to look more futuristic…

  9. I think this looks more like under armour or some kind of special forces type thing. It might be armour they put on under the metal skin.

  10. More like RubberCop.

  11. I’m sorry, but that suit just looks frickin stupid.

  12. It looks so generic.
    It must be silver, to seperate it at least a little bit from Batman/Snake Eyes.

  13. I’m going to have to wait for an official image, but if that is actually what Robocop looks like…I don’t like it. I’m hoping it’s Murphy in SWAT gear before he becomes Robocop.

  14. I can see Tony Stark crying lawsuit any second now….

  15. and lets not forget the pg – 13 rating people. that means we wont see Boddicker shooting away murphy’s humanity with a shotgun. so far the suit is lame. hopefully the 3.0 looks better. still got my fingers crossed. but it doesnt look good.

  16. I’m not exactly sure about what anyone thinks but I thought that this ‘new’ robocop suit really resembles the already used new Judge Dredd suit in the new remake?…

  17. I think the suit will be fine. It might look rubbery now but give it some CG flare and it will improve trust that. Seriously I think the suit will be the last thing to worry about. The story and the cast is my concern. Can they possibly capture the first films tone and mood of the successfully.

  18. In the original, did they ever give a reason as to why part of his face would still be exposed? His heads the only thing left, youd think it be heavily protected (ironman type helmet) always wondered if it was to show the human inside the machine regardless of inherent risks. I mean if he gets shot in the face he’s pretty much done. Read somewhere this version of robocop is supposed to go through three different suits, wonder if this would be the first or the final version.

    • Then he would sound like Kenny from Southpark.

  19. Looks like “Iron-Robo-Bat” – the design of the original Robo-Cop was iconic and superb – They should’ve incorpotated it somehow into the new design – like the design of Karloff’s Frankenstein Monster , nothing’s ever came close to it – and all other movie versions have failed to hit the mark.
    Not sure at all about this look.

  20. Why does everyone want that old stiff toaster? I hated how slow he was.

  21. Is the rating for this PG-13? I take it that means 13 year olds can watch this movie? Well, they did that to the tv series and that was awful! Robocop 2 was ok, 3 was the worst! After seeing this, I’m hoping (as suggested earlier) this is Alex Murphy prior to his ‘operation’!! If not, this film is going to suck a large one

    • @ ChrisTypeR

      Robocop 2 was good but imo i thought Robocop 3 was decent enough. But imo, the Robocop Prime Directive movies were worse. I didn’t expect much outta the tv series as censorship got stricter during the 90′s. I tried to give Terminator:TSCC a shot but i prefered the films,even T3 & T4 over the series.

  22. Before I start I should perhaps explain that from spring 1982 right up until late October 1983 my uncle Raymond, on my dad’s side of the family (who sadly passed away last June) worked as a stage hand on the American 80s show Falcon Crest. So I think that perhaps I’m slightly more qualified than most of you to comment on how the new Robocop suit looks!!Raymond was also lucky enough to act as a stand in for Robert Foxworth! but I digress……I’m afraid that I’m going to have to reserve judgement, for now at least, until I’ve seen a full frontal image.

  23. I don’t get it. Why would Robocop be all black, he doesn’t need stealth, he’s no longer a regular person that can be taken down with fire power from the average criminal. Isn’t Robocop, since he’s a corporate product that’s the first of his kind, designed to draw attention and be highly visible, so that OCP maximizes investment in future Robocops? Also isn’t he supposed to be a walking visual deterrent to violent criminals, a walking example of shock and awe, a walking weapon that bulldozes through violent criminals in a highly visible display that the other violent criminals are supposed to see, putting them on notice?

    • With theatrical zeal running through my veins I can appreciate why the new robocop suit is causing so much heated debate!! but in this day and age does it really matter whether the actor playing the titular protagonist is black??.

  24. The new Robocop looks really good the new suit is well thought out. I agree the hero in recent movies dressed in black or a armor outfit is starting to become overplayed, but Batman was a flesh and blood hero and Iron Man almost 100% human. They couldn’t remake Robocop too look closely to the original. Personally I have to see the first trailer to make a full judgement about the movie.

  25. The original Robocop had a grotesqueness about it that really added to the inhumane concept. This one looks to have completely lost that.

    I’d want them to do something interesting to better capture the originals uniqueness at the time, like have his spine or some organs visible or something.

    • An excellent point. There was something a bit grotesque about how Murphy ended up.

    • Exactly this. You could see the abomination that he was. Also the police theme. This looks like a military suit. I guess they will use the exposed hand for him to touch someone during the film, probably his wife.

  26. Peter Weller has mentioned before how he worked to invision how Robocop walks,moves,etc. like when his moves, his body follows.

  27. I see that they found a use for those horribly crappy GI Joe Uniforms nobody liked. Maybe they thought nobody would notice. The chinese ferarri looks better than his suit.

  28. Why? no filming in Detroit? Hamilton is not Detroit…. and why make Robocop look like a GI Joe? Lame now he’s got his hand? Magic… He’s needs to be a bit more raw, rusty and more mechanical. I really hope it’s not a total let down to the Originals that were heavy Detroit Post industrial, corrupt and drug ridden wasteland vibes, I really liked that stuff. Fingers crossed it doesn’t end up over the top cheesy like transformers…. Keep it RAW please.