‘RoboCop’ Set Photos Reveal New Armor

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robocop reboot writer RoboCop Set Photos Reveal New Armor

For director Jose Padiha’s forthcoming reboot of RoboCop it’s been anything but smooth sailing. First it was a divisive piece of very early concept art (see above) that showed an extremely updated version of RoboCop - then it was a scathing “review” of the film’s script, and finally there was talk of director Jose Padiha’s struggles to work with studio MGM. Fans understandably now have doubts about this reboot satisfying their hopes.

However, some choice casting – like Joel Kinnaman as the new Robocop and Michael Keaton as the film’s villain - suggested certain elements of the production were progressing nicely. But as with any reboot of this type, fans tend to reserve first judgment until they see the suit, and are thereby given a better idea as to where the film is headed.

As we said, supposed concept art for the new Robocop armor was previously unveiled (to a mixed reaction) – but it was far from official. Now, a pair of set photos have appeared online that show that the alleged early concept art wasn’t too far off from what might be RoboCop‘s final design.

Check out the RoboCop concept art below, and compare it with the first look photos from the film’s set:



Robocop Old and New Armor RoboCop Set Photos Reveal New Armor


On a pure gut reaction it’s hard not to acknowledge how few details this current suit shares with the Paul Verhoeven-created original. Yes, the spirit is there, but where is the polished silver metal or the thin visor? Instead this suit reveals one of Alex Murphy’s hands has a one-tone color scheme, and a 3/4 visor.

When Kinnaman first talked about the design of the suit he said audiences would be able to see his face and eyes, as indicated by this redesigned helmet. Additionally the actor said RoboCop’s movements would be “less twitchy” and more indicative of how robots might move in the year 2046, something reinforced by the sleek, almost bodysuit-like design of the armor.

That being said, it’s hard to see this version of RoboCop as anything but a guy in a specially designed suit. The armor, while potentially more realistic as far as the film is concerned, bares too many similarities to a Batman or Iron Man suit to ignore. Granted, those films have grossed small fortunes at the box office, so it’s not too surprising to see MGM borrow from their lead.

Fan reaction to the set photos thus far has been pretty mixed – with some praising the natural evolution of the 1987 suit and others acknowledging the obvious copycatting of everything from Mass Effect to G.I. Joe‘s Snake Eyes. Surprisingly, there’s actually more concern over whether or not RoboCop will run in the film than with the look of the suit. When studios reboot a property like RoboCop there’s bound to be some detractors, but the fact that fans aren’t wholly against the redesign is a fairly good sign.

RoboCop Suit Comparison Batman Mass Effect Snake Eyes RoboCop Set Photos Reveal New Armor

For fans that are crying foul of the design, there is a silver lining: In the RoboCop script – if the one HitFix’s Drew McWeeney got a hold of was indeed the final version – the augmented police officer goes through three different armor versions over the course of the film. Like Jon Favreau did with the first Iron Man, Padiha presumably wants to show the evolution of RoboCop from a base design to the one that will be featured in future films.

If that is still the case, the suit featured in the photos could merely be an early version – one that is “upgraded” just in time for the film’s climax; then again, it could also be that 3.0 version, which means this is the direction the reboot is headed, and more importantly this is the new RoboCop.

It’s also important to note these are set photos and are in no way indicative of how the suit might appear on film. But since this is a major leak we wouldn’t be surprised if MGM unveiled an official RoboCop photo some time soon.

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RoboCop is slated to release in theaters on August 9, 2013.


Source: Coming Soon (RoboCop Concept Art Courtesy of Filmophilia)


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  1. looks like a suit, robocop didnt have a “suit”. not even interested.

    lets pile on though Hollywood, keep up the creative genius.

  2. Understood many don’t like Total Recall 2012, but its robotic police looks better than this new RoboCop suit, all black or black and white versions!

    • I liked Recall. :)

  3. If this were HALO, I might say cool. This just isn’t screamin’ ROBOCOP to me. I won’t pass judgement…yet.

  4. Yah, looks too much like a suit, and so many similar parts as Iron Man’s suit…

  5. Looks cool to me I’ll see this movie

  6. It reminds me of The Phantom reboot armor


  7. My first reaction was nooooooooo!! I love Robocop so much, it was the first 18 certificate movie I saw when I was young and then became the excuse with my parents to watch every other 18 movie from then on, it means a lot to me, back to the suit, from this leaked set photo I’d say meh but then I’m sure there will be a lot of work done from now to release, I’ve heard that the suit has different modes such as stealth or SWAT mode, maybe this is the case here?

    Theyre never going to beat the original, the violence, the satire or the bad guys (can you fly Bobby?) but il wait until I’ve seen a trailer before I pass judgement

    • Yeah—Boddicker was pretty badass. I wonder if they’re going to try to incorporate satirical comedy into things like in-movie advertisements… I can see how that may be a really bad idea because it was something very unique to Verhoeven.

      I’m very excited to see this movie!

      • I just don’t see how they are going to top any of the violence in the original, ultra violence just doesn’t sit well with mainstream audiences which I’m guessing this will be aiming for, even Dredd was pretty tame considering it has an R rated certificate, I guess we are just going to end up with Robocop the tv series, with Michael Keaton as Pud Face ha

  8. I also agree with the iPhone analogy, technology is so much more advanced now, which has to reflect in movies, what was thought of as futuristic 20/30 years ago has clearly moved on, look at the tech in Prometheus compared to Alien

  9. I’m with the dissenters and it looks more like a guy in a plastic suit than it does a cyborg.

    And the problem with the iPhone analogy is….if it doesn’t READ like a cyborg on screen, it doesn’t matter one bit how much someone blathers on about a “sleek and modern look”. It’s got to look believable which is one thing the original managed to sell us on and this one currently does not.

  10. IF there are multiple versions I could see this being the base armor before a silver top layer is added. But yea right now it just looks like a million other things bottled into one generic suit.

    I missed that Kinnaman was cast as the lead somehow

    • the suit is going to be black, either mode its pretty much going to be black, how can ya’ll want the original suit if this aint the original? this is a REBOOT, so its going off the original story but with a different spin and completely different outlook. so that means no theme music from the original, no original suit, even alot of the characters from the original have been changed around This is Robocop for a new generation so no its not going to be the same, if you dont like it, dont see it, but i personally want to see how this turns out, and trust me as a kid i was a diehard Robocop fan, but as a grown up i’d invite some change as long as its not ridiculously stupid.

      • +1

  11. That’s the problem with these cheap sneaky unofficial photos taken on sets when nobody is looking, the veiwer isn’t supposed to be seeing things this way, it’s like seeing your girlfriend first thing in the morning, sometimes horrific, however, when she’s ready for a night out, stunning!

    • LOL!!!

    • You need to find a girlfriend who looks stunning in the morning! :-)

      • Haha It’s cool, il just get her rebooted, recast and remodelled then enjoy the Special Extended Directors Cut Triple Play Blu Ray DVD Digitial 3D Anniversary Edition of her

  12. The 80′s Robocop is what he is supposed to look like! This is a slap in the balls to all fans of the original series. You don’t see Christopher Nolan making Batman looking all that different. Judge Dredd still looks the same! If you tamper with a masterpiece, you get what you deserve. I will not be watching this movie.

    • I place this next to Interdimensional Alien Ninja Turtles

    • I am not calling the original Robocop MOVIE a masterpiece, but that costume was far superior to this new garbage. I can’t imagine anyone complaining if they had kept it the same or similar to the original design.

      I loathe the moment I come face to face with the Short Circuit reboot images.

      • Johnny 5 is still alive! …and I think they should ask him to return for the remake.

    • Nolan’s Batman is nearly unrecognizable. If he didn’t have the pointy cowl you wouldn’t be able to tell it’s Batman. His armour was so segmented you couldn’t even see the symbol on his chest.

      • nolan batman costume sucks so much, and the voice…

        • @ dylan_dog

          I agree, with TDK costume anyways & Bale’s voice as Batman. His voice wasn’t as bad in Batman Begins imo.

  13. Man this suit looks like something out of the silverhawks cartoon!

    • Hah, nice reference there.

  14. I don’t know why I was worried about this movie. Its irrelevance should have been obvious all along.

    He looks like The Guyver.

  15. His armor should be a lighter color like the original so no i don’t approve of this mess.

  16. original one was simple is had that charm it looked cool and something, this one looks like they are trying to make it something i don’t know what but it feels wrong..

    • it looks just like guy in the suit…

  17. below the torso is sucha rip off of iron man’s armor

  18. Don’t like it. I mean, it’s cool armor, but its not Robocop. And that, in a nutshell, is why I DESPISE reboots. Everything has to be changed, modernized & updated. Leave the Robocop look the same. We love Robocop for his old school look & his old school story.

    • Amen to that!

      • yes!! Totally and bang on

  19. I don’t get the argument that it just looks like a guy in a suit,look at the old one. Clearly a guy in a suit, one that looks mostly plastic except for the plated areas.

  20. Judging by the close up shots in the trailer, I would have to agree. There is Murphy in some kind of police armor seperate from the Robocop suit.

  21. What do you guys think?


    I think, and that a big THINK, it coudl work.

  22. I think it’s a good design, but the all black thing has to go. Just something as simple as making the chest, shoulders, and legs silver goes a LONG way into making him look more like Robocop.

    Example: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mafi42LdeN1r123mho1_1280.jpg

  23. If you look closely at the 1st shot, he does in fact have a thin visor. It’s red in color so it doesn’t show up well against the black face shield, but it’s there.

  24. Oh dear.

  25. After further review.

    How come I have a feeling that his armor is one of those “CGI” adapt to the situation”

    Regular, Combat, Stealth, Cloaking, Battle, and Can of Whupp Ass..

  26. The choice for a black suit is probably the director’s mention to the Brazilian Elite Squad B.O.P.E.’s uniform ,from his most well-known movie.

  27. If you zoom in there at least the signature line across the eyes, but in this version its dark red.

  28. This is clearly not the finished suit. The Omni Corp viral video showed parts of the suit that had a glossy, metallic finish, as did the teaser poster that came out a few months back. The only similarity was that it was black. I refuse to believe they would be stupid enough to actually give Robocop a basic rubber suit and do nothing to it in post production.

  29. Meh. The armor looks fine to me. But just like the vote up there, I need to see the thing in movement, as in the final film product before I pass judgement, if any. Sure, the old armor is classic, and just by a passing glance you can say it’s Robocop, but that was in the 80′s. In the 80′s when you say robot, people automatically think bug chunky piece of metal in chrome/silver color that walks and talks kind of weird. Nowadays, real life robot designers always designed their robots to be sleek and stylish, although the weird walks and talks remain, only less. I do hope this isn’t the final armor design. Maybe in the final product they alter the armor somehow. I love the original Robocop, but I still want to see this new film.