‘RoboCop’ Set Photos Reveal New Armor

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robocop reboot writer RoboCop Set Photos Reveal New Armor

For director Jose Padiha’s forthcoming reboot of RoboCop it’s been anything but smooth sailing. First it was a divisive piece of very early concept art (see above) that showed an extremely updated version of RoboCop – then it was a scathing “review” of the film’s script, and finally there was talk of director Jose Padiha’s struggles to work with studio MGM. Fans understandably now have doubts about this reboot satisfying their hopes.

However, some choice casting – like Joel Kinnaman as the new Robocop and Michael Keaton as the film’s villain – suggested certain elements of the production were progressing nicely. But as with any reboot of this type, fans tend to reserve first judgment until they see the suit, and are thereby given a better idea as to where the film is headed.

As we said, supposed concept art for the new Robocop armor was previously unveiled (to a mixed reaction) – but it was far from official. Now, a pair of set photos have appeared online that show that the alleged early concept art wasn’t too far off from what might be RoboCop‘s final design.

Check out the RoboCop concept art below, and compare it with the first look photos from the film’s set:


Robocop Old and New Armor RoboCop Set Photos Reveal New Armor

On a pure gut reaction it’s hard not to acknowledge how few details this current suit shares with the Paul Verhoeven-created original. Yes, the spirit is there, but where is the polished silver metal or the thin visor? Instead this suit reveals one of Alex Murphy’s hands has a one-tone color scheme, and a 3/4 visor.

When Kinnaman first talked about the design of the suit he said audiences would be able to see his face and eyes, as indicated by this redesigned helmet. Additionally the actor said RoboCop’s movements would be “less twitchy” and more indicative of how robots might move in the year 2046, something reinforced by the sleek, almost bodysuit-like design of the armor.

That being said, it’s hard to see this version of RoboCop as anything but a guy in a specially designed suit. The armor, while potentially more realistic as far as the film is concerned, bares too many similarities to a Batman or Iron Man suit to ignore. Granted, those films have grossed small fortunes at the box office, so it’s not too surprising to see MGM borrow from their lead.

Fan reaction to the set photos thus far has been pretty mixed – with some praising the natural evolution of the 1987 suit and others acknowledging the obvious copycatting of everything from Mass Effect to G.I. Joe‘s Snake Eyes. Surprisingly, there’s actually more concern over whether or not RoboCop will run in the film than with the look of the suit. When studios reboot a property like RoboCop there’s bound to be some detractors, but the fact that fans aren’t wholly against the redesign is a fairly good sign.

RoboCop Suit Comparison Batman Mass Effect Snake Eyes RoboCop Set Photos Reveal New Armor

For fans that are crying foul of the design, there is a silver lining: In the RoboCop script – if the one HitFix’s Drew McWeeney got a hold of was indeed the final version – the augmented police officer goes through three different armor versions over the course of the film. Like Jon Favreau did with the first Iron Man, Padiha presumably wants to show the evolution of RoboCop from a base design to the one that will be featured in future films.

If that is still the case, the suit featured in the photos could merely be an early version – one that is “upgraded” just in time for the film’s climax; then again, it could also be that 3.0 version, which means this is the direction the reboot is headed, and more importantly this is the new RoboCop.

It’s also important to note these are set photos and are in no way indicative of how the suit might appear on film. But since this is a major leak we wouldn’t be surprised if MGM unveiled an official RoboCop photo some time soon.

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RoboCop is slated to release in theaters on August 9, 2013.

Source: Coming Soon (RoboCop Concept Art Courtesy of Filmophilia)


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    • Wherever you got this mock up if you didn’t do it yourself, it’s brilliant, I would be 100% okay with the new look if it looked like the one in your link. That looks like an improvement on the old suit!

      The suit as it stands in the set photo looks like garbage, Robocop looks naked.

      • Agree 100%!

  1. I like it!

    • I agree. Whilst I love the old suit, i think everyone needs to chill out a bit and wait to see the final product on the big screen.

      On the flip side I also stuck up for the new Total Recall before it was released… didn’t THAT bite me in the butt hahaha

  2. It looks awful – being more like a modern armoured suit, than an overwhelmingly mechanical cyborg. The original looked like it really was more robot than man, this just looks like a rubber suit, with the current fetish for looking cool in black. The chrome of the original helps empathize the metallic-otherness, with the shape looking blocky, and more echoing than following the shape of a man. If this gives us any indication of the direction of the story, I’d not be surprised if his torso was mainly intact, leaving the option of him having his body restored. That would be a travesty, and show it has all but abandoned the source material.

    • Agree. I really don’t get how Hollywood thinks. If you’re going to depart from the original, just give it a new name. Or better still, stop with the reboots altogether.

      The original Robocop was actually moving because it was basically a robot with a man’s soul somewhere in there. This just looks like a man in a suit.

      I also doubt they will take the same risks as they did with the original. It was both extremely violent and strangely funny and quirky. However Hollywood doesn’t like to take risks with big budget movies, so expect less brutal violence and more formulaic action. In short, expect Iron Man.

      • Agreed.

        The original was a satire on greedy corporations doing anything for a quick profit along with the story of a good man doing his duty in a corrupt and warzone-esque city as well as a sort of modern telling of the Jesus story (according to either the original writers of Verhoeven, I forget who actually said it).

        This one seems like the stupidity of Darren Aronofsky when he once said he’d like to remake Robocop because “it’s not like anyone will care if I change anything, hardly anyone saw it anyway”.

        The suit would look cool if it was anything but a Robocop movie.

        I can hear the cash registers ringing already at the prospect of that look being sold as the new must have action figure.

  3. I’s too “Ironmanish” fo me. I’ma Marvl geek and I vethe movies, but it look like a cheap knock-off of Ironman.

  4. I like it. The matt black panels look suited to a gritty urban environment. The thin visor seems to be referenced with a red lazered display over his eyes. Overall I think it looks great, although maybe it’d be cool if there was more see through sections like the T1000, so that it felt more robotic and less like a metal suit covering a human body.

  5. Don’t see how this can be considered robotic, more armor than anything else (The Master Chief looks more robotic) I know robotics could look this way in the future with the robotics being so advanced and hidden (like an android) but that’s what we don’t want from this we want to see a something more like the original.

    • 100% agree on everything you just said!

  6. Looks kind of…judge dreedish no?

  7. this thing looks like ironman armor or something he doesnt look like a cyborg at all I had hoped they would have taken the original suit and used current tech to make the robotic aspects even more clearly robotic. i dont really have much hope for this movie anyways. theyre remaking ll my favorite films from back in the day and one by one ruining them! cant wait for the highlander reboot. Ugh just kill me.

    • Iron man looks more robotic than this.

  8. My computer’s retarded. Let me re-iterate.
    It’s too Ironman-ish” for me. I love the Marvel films. Hell, I’m a Marvel geek. But it looks like a cheap knock-off of Ironman. Stick closer to the original.

  9. I like the style, sleek and futuristic, but I don’t care for the all black color scheme. It needs the silvered, bare steel highlights, otherwise it looks too drab.

  10. Well the look of the suit is inspired in the sense that it looks like much of the armor we have seen in video games, comics and movies over the last 15 years. The sleek plate design isn’t so bad on it’s on, but the black makes it look like everything else we have seen the past few years.

    The lack of traditional robotic traits might make people think this is just some type of power armor, they are going to have to sell the cyborg angle in the story very well. My big question is are they going to have him fight another giant robot like in the original and what will that look like.

  11. the old suit suited for the time it was out, we need something more modern looking for the present. i personally think it looks pretty cool, only thing left is to see it in action and that the movie is R rated 😀

  12. I like the suit… but i will admit, it looks like Batman & Iron Man had a baby

  13. Is it me, or does the New Robobcop in that picture and that pose say…

    “b****, you dont have to tell me..I know I am fabulous!”

    Just saying.

    People say we want something different, when it happens they says its bad. They complain yet if they used the exact same suit or slightly altered then what happens? they complain.

  15. IMO, we’d probably like the new suit if it was meant for something new and unrelated to RoboCop. Rather reboot, remake or rebake, film makers should always keep the essence and integrity of the originals! May be kept the overall look of the original suit with a modern twist, like slimline the bulkiness and use titanium (color) with carbon fiber!

    I’m afraid to see what they’ve done to ED209 now!

    • Batman (Dark Knight Trilogy), Spider-Man, Amazing Spider-Man, members of The Avengers (except Hulk since his is a birthday suit) and Superman (Man of Steel), all have updated suites but not complete redesigns!

      Someone must’ve overlooked all those examples, and only seen Green Lantern!

      • Yeah, they all have updated suits and aren’t completely redesigned….correct. But, their suits also aren’t based on TECHNOLOGY. Robocop’s suit is literally based on the advancement of machines. Think about how far phones have come since the original Robocop film. Wouldn’t it make sense that it suit would be much more sleek and advanced just like our phones are now?

        • Yes, but a phone still look like a phone (somewhat). Here Murphy went from robotic cop to man in a rubber suit as many pointed out. What’s next? Terminators with bio-organic internals and titanium alloy body armors?

          Essence and integrity

          • Present day phones look nothing like phones did 20 years ago. Compare an old car phone to an iPhone and you’ll get what I mean by that. It only looks like a rubber suit because no actual special f/x or post production has been done yet. You didn’t really think that they would actually put the actor in an actual metal suit??

            • As they did 25 years ago in the original RoboCop, or 35 year ago in Star Wars (C3PO & R2D2), or a bit closer, 4 years ago in Iron Man (not every scene), the suits might not be made of metal but real actors were actually put in actual suits.

              • Yes, I’m aware of this. But as you just said, they weren’t actual metal, which was my point. Meaning, the “rubber suit” complaint is invalid, cause they’ll make it look like metal in post-production.

                • In the same token, none of my mentioned characters needed post production special effects and they look as good even after years later. Ditto to your comment to iPhone 5 right below. A green or blue “wet suit” would’ve been significant enough for CGI. Why bothered with this rubber suit?

                  • Save it. Some people don’t get others OPINIONS, yet want others to see theirs.

                    • I could say the same thing about you. Especially since you replied to MY post. Not the other way around.

                  • I’m sure they’ll explain it all in the “Making Of” featurette. Just be patient and wait for an actual trailer or an official photo. Imagine if someone snuck a picture of you while you’re on the toilet and put it on the internet and everyone said they hated the way you looked in it without actually allowing you to pull your pants back up and take a good pic.

            • Green Lantern’s suits were 100% post production special effect. You like?!

              • Nope. Hated it. The Robocop suit isn’t 100% post production though. Judging by the picture.

        • You said it on your own, it looks like a SUIT. It looks like a guy in a suit, not a robot with humanoid form. This is terrible.

          • The old one looked like a guy in a suit. It’s just that 25 years ago we didn’t have a hundred different movies with characters in armored tech suits to compare it to, so our minds had no pre-concieved notions. We weren’t looking for armoured characters we were looking for robots. Now days, movies like “Iron Man” have left an indelible impression on what we percieve as robotic armour as opposed to a robot.

            Realistically, the only way that it will not look like a guy in a suit is if it isn’t a guy in a suit. It would have to be a mocap performance on a cg body, like in “I, Robot”. Otherwise, it will always look like a suit, because that’s what it is.

  16. I’ll reserve total judgment for seeing it onscreen, but I’m not encouraged by the look. It seems to be following the trend that most remakes are these days by sucking out anything unique or interesting looking. This suit, whilst more “updated” is unimaginative in design, something that a throwaway thug might wear in a space marine video game. I hope to god this is just one of the stepping stone versions on the way up to the finished suit.

  17. Why haven’t people learned by now to not judge ANYTHING based on random, unauthorized, set photos. It’ll look amazing once all the post-production is done on the film. If it looked exactly like the old one, this wouldn’t be a REMAKE would it? The suit needs advancement, bottom line. What would you think if someone in a movie that took place in the present day or the future suddenly pulled an oversized Nokia cell phone out of their pocket? It’s the same thing. For goodness sakes, we have phones now that are more advanced than the original armor. Everyone needs to just calm down.

    • It seems like the phone metaphor is heavily used and Avatar really found one of its true fans here. As you said, “calm down.” 😉

      • Phone metaphor = best example

        But take whatever example you’d like…phones, TVs, computers…whatever, just technology in general.

        I don’t get the Avatar comment.

        • I don’t get your insistance here and comments for Jon above.

          OK, most of us should get your point by now. We’re all just expessing our opinions.

          As for ‘Avatar’, iPhone 5? got your true believe in post production CGI.

          • And I’m just expressing mine. 90% of the people on here are bashing it, and I’m not going to until I see what it looks like in the film/trailer, cause that’s what makes sense.

  18. I am okay with the suit I guess, but they at least should have given us some chrome.

    • I’m sure they will. This is just one, random, set photo. Doesn’t really prove anything about how it’s gonna look, or the evolutions it will go through in the film.

  19. It’s a behind the scenes set photo, geez. Don’t complain until a trailer is released.

  20. Reminds me of some Crysis (game) artwork…

  21. THis is not THE robocop armor, it is just an armor murphy is using as a human. A tactical armor, probably inspired by the Elite Squad armor from the directors previous movie.

    • That makes sense actually, and it explains the non-robotic hand.

    • I hope you’re right.

      Although the human hand could be a nod to the original where they were able to save one of his arms or something like that but then on of the OCP guys says to get rid of it.

  22. Guess I’ll be rooting for ED-209 this time.
    A cop shouldn’t look that… stylish.

    • That’s the first thought that came to my mind. The G.I. Joe Accelerator suit, along with following the Nolan Dark Knight look. One could easily throw in countless other body armor looks from countless videogames and movies that deal with the distant future.

  23. it would be cool if his armour was just like an iPhone…glossy white and aluminum. You can have some blue highlights to look like an old school police car and even a sheriff’s badge on his chest.

    Robocop, in the original film, was not supposed to sneak around downtown Detroit in the middle of night like Batman…he just waltzed right up to criminals and said “Halt” becuase he was unstoppable. No need for Robocop to look stealth…he’s a symbol of the corporation and the cops, make him look bold!

    • I like that idea. He should have a paint job like a cop car, big badge decal on the chest, that would look cool.

  24. The comparisons to what has been seen and done already,
    including the most high profile iteration of the like in Iron Man,
    are so obvious and readily made one has to think it was deliberate.
    While imitation is the sincerest form of flattery it cannot copy success.

  25. Um…Did anybody check out Jon’s link above (first one on this page). Tell me that doesn’t look BADASS!!!! If they’re smart that is the way they’ll go.

  26. Could they really not figure out a way to make the suit blue? Is it really that hard to make the suit blue!? I have no faith in this movie.

  27. It does look a bit bland. I can’t remember very well though but wasn’t the suit supposed to sort of “morph” into a fighting mode or something according to script leaks? Maybe these images are just his walking around casual mode.