‘Robocop’ Remake Script Details: Armor Upgrades, Al-Qaeda & Easter Eggs

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There have been a lot of questions about how, exactly, Brazilian director Jose Padilha will modernize the story of Robocop for his upcoming remake of Paul Verhoeven’s 1987 film. With the current international socio-political climate, and major advancements in technology (and our relationship with technology) there is seemingly much juicy material that can be mined for an interesting and relevant new take on the story.

Well, the Robocop (2013) script by relative newcomer Joshua Zetumer and Gran Torino screenwriter Nick Schenk has apparently leaked out, and some of the details about this new take on Alex Murphy/Robocop are sure to make fans of the classic version take up arms in protest. Read on to find out more, but be warned – MILD SPOILERS FOLLOW!!!

Drew McWeeny from Hit Fix was the man to get his hands on the script, and took to Twitter to let the universe know how he felt about it. The folks over at Bleeding Cool did us the favor of compiling McWeeny’s tweets into a more serviceable transcript, which you can read below:

I’ll share this one detail. In the film, when Murphy is turned into Robocop 1.0, it’s described “a high-tech version of the ’80s suit.”

Then they show a focus group scene where criminals laugh at the design. “He looks like a toy from the ’80s!”

So they redesign him to look “meaner” as Robocop 2.0, who passes focus group approval.

So they not only make sure to include the original design, they also point out it’s dated and stupid. *facepalm*

Hold onto your sides for more hilarious “Robocop” details. They outsource his construction to China. #seriously

And we meet the ED-209s in the field in Iran, where they’re used to subdue suicide bombers. #ineedallthedrinksnow

Ahhh… now they just dropped Robocop 3.0 onto an Al Queda training camp to see what he does.

“He should be programmed to incapacitate in all scenarios.” “Agreed. Let’s keep him PG-13, Dr. Norton.” No. No. No. No.

By page 54, they are already onto Robocop 4.0, who looks like a “cop on steroids painted metallic blue.”


Robocop 2013 Armor Concept Art 280x170 Robocop Remake Script Details: Armor Upgrades, Al Qaeda & Easter Eggs

NOTE: This concept art is NOT the official armor that will appear in the film.

Oh, god… oh dear god… Robocop is a Transformer. He goes from “social mode” to “combat mode” and back. Full transformation..

Okay… the two “best” lines in the script. First up is at the unveiling ceremony for Robocop in Detroit, from a TV reporter covering it.

“I think it’s safe to say that Alex Murphy is now part man, part machine, ALL COP!” Yes, I too remember the original poster, asshat.

If you can get past Robocop The Transformer, there are some interesting action beats. And I’m sure Padilla will direct the hell out of it.

But overall? Ouch. Ouch. Ohpleasedon’t. Ouch. And a big side order of ouch.

There’s more to it, but for the full breakdown you’ll need to head over to either Bleeding Cool or Drew McWeeny’s Twitter feed.

So far, I’m not freaking out about the actual plot details as much as I am the writing style of the script. Joshua Zetumer and Nick Schenk have very few actual feature-length screen credits between them, and nothing on the scale of this Robocop remake. Edward Neumeier and Michael Miner turned the script for Verhoeven’s original film into a satirical jab at everything from American consumer/corporate culture to violence in media, while still creating an intriguing and memorable central character, who they then spun-off into numerous sequels and other media forms (TV, comics).

Iron Man 3 Hall of Armor Mark I VII Robocop Remake Script Details: Armor Upgrades, Al Qaeda & Easter Eggs

Move over Tony Stark: Robocop will be getting his own armor upgrades.

The writers of this new version seem more content to… “borrow” ideas from other tech-centered blockbuster franchises, with the most of shades of influence coming from the Iron Man and Transformers films. Aside from that “implementation” of familiar ideas, the writers of the new Robocop seem equally content with dropping heavy-handed references to real-world situations and figures, rather than using the sort of hyperbolic and/or metaphorical inferences that made the original at once so clever and, arguably, still relevant to our days and times.

Of course, we don’t know much about the action in the film, which is an area that helped Padilla’s Elite Squad become the all-time highest-grossing film at the Brazilian box office. Between that, and a cast that includes Joel KinnamanSamuel L. Jackson, Hugh Laurie, Michael Kenneth Williams, Gary Oldman and Jackie Earle Haley, there is a ray of hope that this remake will be more enjoyable than the Total Recall remake (read our review), which also attempted to translate a clever Verhoeven film into a modern day blockbuster, but only managed to create a hollow action flick, instead.

Robocop will be in theaters on August 9, 2013.

Sources: Bleeding Cool and Drew McWeeny

Early Robocop Concept Art Header Image via Film O Philia (NOT actual armor design in film)


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  1. how can you possible ruin one of coolest 80′s movies!
    ??! this one is quickly lookin like an EPIC FAIL. I hope I’m wrong.

    • How is this ruining the 80′s version? Will the 80′s version be altered at all or will it still be the same movie it has always been? This new version may be bad, just as good or even better, but it will never take away what the original was.

      I know it’s cool to hate on remakes these days, but come on, if you only like the 80′s version, this new one will do nothing to change the original. Heck, it might even get viewers who have never seen it interested in seeing the original and have them seek it out. That’s what happened with me with THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL. I had never seen the 50′s version, but after seeing the Keanu Reeves version, I went out and bought it.

      If you choose to never see this one, then all you will have is the 80′s version and it will not change. Don’t hate just for hate sakes. You are not being forced to watch this one and they are not erasing the original from the face of the Earth. They are just making a new one.

      • Agreed. EXCEPT……every time one of these remakes gets the Greenlight it takes a lot of talented people from every department that goes to make a modern feature film and keeps them occupied (and well paid I hasten to add) for a year or more turning out a sub-standard product that usually goes on to recoup it’s budget thus raising the eyebrows of a lot of lazy UNtalented people who see dollar signs and who then go and Greenlight another 5 or 6 of these movies. I fail to see anyone screaming for another Green Hornet or Fright Night.

        • I would love to see a remake of Fright night part 2

      • I love your response Imaginejim!

  2. #sadwhatley

  3. I don’t like the thought of them mocking the original design. And that concept, although pretty cool, really doesn’t say “Robocop” to me. It looks more like a generic computer game character. But I’d have to judge the actual version as this concept may be way off base.

    I get the feeling he’s gonna be made of composite materials and be less like a robot in armour and more like a human with high tech artificial limbs and synthetic life support. I wonder if instead of gears and motors, he’ll have composite bones and synthetic tendons and muscles?

    • more like “Metroid”

  4. Drew McWeeny

    One of the worst writers on the internet.

    Also, it doesn’t say transformer at all in the script, he is totally overreacting. If Robocop goes from ‘Combat Mode’ to ‘Social Mode’ maybe it simply means his helmet retracts or his weapons change.

    • I hope he doesn’t have loads of gadgets like ironman. All Robocop had was a bloody big gun. They tried putting a jet pack on him in “Robocop 3″ and that seemed pretty pointless. I just want him to be super agile unlike the 80′s version.

      • All of Robocop 3 was pointless lol.

        But I agree. I don’t want him to be Iron Man.

        • Correction: Robocop 3 was not pointless. It provided the plot for the Dark Knight Rises. Including the final battle of police vs. criminals in the street and the hero flies in to blow up a single tank to win the fight

          • Uh, yeah, right.

    • I think he could be more like Alcatraz from Crysis 2, very strong, agile, fats, lots of stamina and endurance.

  5. Y’know,

    I’ve learned not to listen to articles that include what sound like crazed rants from ‘inside sources’ and just to wait and see how movies actually turn out. For one thing, I didn’t see any mention of the new red visor that’s actually been confirmed as a design element.

    • Good point, remember the teaser poster from last year? Had the red visor on it as does the final suit. That pic up the top is clearly just concept art.

  6. Looks like a mechanical Venom. I’m all for an upgrade on the suit, but will have to see what this one will provide to the story.

    • Oh, my god…yes it does. That or it looks like Shaquille Oneal in “Steel”…too funny

  7. I don’t mind them laughing at the “80′s” look of robocop, I think all of these remakes could use a little self aware satire, however the idea that this movie is just going to reference the hell out of other sic-fi robot movies without bringing anything of its own in is worrisome. Unless they reference it so much that it becomes a satire… I don’t know what to think

  8. They should use Jason Hazelroth’s Robocop Concept Art. There’s no better way to balance the classic look with modern flare.

  9. I also am not liking that concept art. It would be a shame if the “upgrade” made him look more related to HALO than RoboCop. As for the “so 80s toy line”. I’m a little skeptical too but I think they can get away with it.. The only possible (and legit) explanation is that the OCP execs loved a TV show called ‘TJ Lazer” (which is where a running gag in the original, RoboCop/Murphy did a spinning gag with his gun wild west style, like that of a character from a Saturday Morning Kids Show) … but the line itself is on shaky ground.

    It’s an overreaction right now…unless they are sticking w/ that Power Rangers /HALO look which is a mistake.

  10. Robocop needs to be a man in a metal suit just like the 80′s version. If they are going to borrow, borrow from Nolan’s Batman and make the suite somthing more like Kevlar. I don’t want him transforming that would be stupid… He needs a big gun some artifical limbs and Kevlar metallic suit. Murphy, is that you?

    • i agree they should use the kevlar batman concept for a suit, just with Robocops original helmet, BAM perfect, oh and i still wonder about this dudes voice, hopefully he can sound like Weller did in the original,They better not have robo on some “YEAH DUDE” type of nonsense

  11. I think this guy is taking things out of proportion a bit… then again, I haven’t read the script, but from that transcript it sounds more like fanboy rage than anything else.
    Still, it aint good news…

  12. This has been a bad idea from the beginning. Getting REALLY tired of studios remaking old films that really don’t need to be remade instead of using new ideas. The original Robocop was a great movie and this is going to be a terrible movie. Won’t be getting my cash, I can tell you that much.

  13. It sounds like a joke and I hope so.

  14. I’m still of the opinion that if all reboots stuck 100% to the source material all of the whiners would still be whining, but about it being TOO similar instead of not similar enough…

    • STILL? Well, I guess we’ll never know.

  15. Oh man… All that stuff is just rumors. That ‘inside source’ is probably a guy sitting in his mama’s basement reading comicbookmovies.com…

  16. holy god: i was near a heartache, but after i´ve read that it is not the suit,i was really happy,damn. because it looks bad. i have made my own suit on mind,inspired from the shoulder-part on the viral-site of the robocop-movie. now this is a reboot,but also a new interpretation from the iconic robocop. i have high hopes,that this will be even better,then the original.

  17. I’m trying to get my mind wrapped around the peoples outrage about this remake over say the upcoming Godzilla remake, or Total Recall. Either of those movies, almost nothing negative has been said. And also at this point we have no real substantial info on the plot details, just a ranter who read the early script. Why not do it? I look at the director and the cast and think, well they are taking this seriously. And by the way its not a sacred movie by any means. Robocop was an ok idea done with great execution. I’d like to see an update so the idea can be given a better fleshing out and the Robocop brand can be strengthened and interest can be renewed for a visually dated property.

  18. i don´t believe that mcweeny guy. he seems to me like a über-troll.

  19. This Drew McWeeny sounds hysterical and not in wildly the funny sense.
    Consequently, his reaction is by definition irrational if not entirely fictional.

    • *the wildly funny*

    • He’s hysterical in neither sense.
      If you’re really concerned with avoiding irrationality, attack the basis for his remarks, ie this script he’s supposedly reading, and not the man.

      • I said he SOUNDS hysterical. I said his REACTION is irrational.
        I was not attacking the man.I was commenting on his remarks.

        • Semantics. How he sounds, and his reaction, are reflections of his ability to interpret the facts, which again are from the script that should be our focus. So ultimately, you are attacking him.
          This all begs the question of why your particular overreaction occurred, but I guess the facts are out on that one.

          • Judging how he sounds and his reaction is not judging him.
            And I did not over react. You are the one flying of the handle.

            • Now I’m hysterical.

              That’s right, it’s everyone else.

              • At least you admit you’re hysterical. Thanks.

  20. the mcweenie dude sounds like the comicbook-shop owner and geek from -the simpsons- : )

    • ha ha ha, That emoticon totally made your comment. So much better than the one calling him a “mom’s basement guy” up above.
      Smiley face: genius!

  21. If true, this sounds horrible and no amount of “A” listers will save it.

  22. A remake of Robocop is not exactly an articifial intelligence idea.The 80′s version worked just fine for it’s time.Instead of remakes which seems to be taking Hollywood by storm why not just do a sequel or a new crime action film based on those movies.Perhaps something like what James Cameron did with Alien/When he took a great movie and made a better sequel called Aliens.A better movie title will be Robocops based on a police force with high technology,cars and weapons to fight cime.It’s a new invention of an old idea.

    • Have they said anything about the environment Robocop will be policing? It seems like they just want ED209s and cyborgs to patrol suburbs, which of course could only make them less safe even if done in the name of security. In the first movie it was funny that a big corporation would see the necessity for Robocop to pacify a city they’d presumably helped run to ruin with economic piracy. “Aliens” was about just that; aliens, plural, meaning things has escalated from “Alien”. I don’t think we’ve heard any justification for Robocops as you say, except the corporation in the remake likes selling the idea of selling them at home as well as abroad. You’re right: the 80s version worked just fine for its time. This one wouldn’t even make sense back then.

      • *delete first use of “selling”


  24. Screenrant’s review of Total Recall was that it was a descent action movie that looked great on the big screen but was not a must see in the theater. I love how it went from that to ‘souless’. As for Robocop, Hollywood should leave this one alone. Some things just don’t need to be remade.

  25. It’s Iron Cop!

  26. From the looks of the screenplay(unless it’s getting another rewrite), This looks pretty bad.

  27. The cast has me sold. But, if Robocop looks anything like this, I won’t watch it. It’s just retarded looking. The cool thing about Robocop in the original is how much they humanized him.

  28. but the cast is a dreamcast: 1.g.oldman as a builder(don´t know it exactly)of r.c. 2.samu.jackson as the head of omnicorp 3. j.e.healey as the trainer of r.c 4.j.kinnaman as robocop(don´t know his movies,but he has got the perfect chin). can it be better,if the director do his job right then his r.c could get a newstart in the pop-culture like nolans batman and joker interpretations or like the avengers did. everybody maybe not everybody,but the most people knows and likes the avengers.

    • SAM JACKSON IS A MEDIA MOGA -BIG TIME CELEBRITY TYPE, Hugh laurie is the CEO of omnicorp( the dick jones from the original), Jay(insert last name) is the head of marketing( the Bob Morton of the original) Michael k. Williams is murphys partner( officer lewis in the original) Gary Oldman is the scientist who creates robocop( in the original it was the woman with glasses remember?) I still think this movie will slay, i just hope they take out some of the crap McWeeny mentioned in his tweets, (the different robocops, the transformation)<— that stuff aint necessary

  29. I loved RoboCop & am looking forward to his return – let’s be honest – if it wasn’t for Iron Man being a smash , there’d be no RoboCop movie getting made.
    The minute we first saw Iron Man it was obvious Marvel had borrowed some ideas from RoboCop – so only right he borrows some ideas back for his return.
    But will the new movie be as dark, violent and gritty as the original one or will they go for Robo-Lite ?!?!