No Truth to Robin Williams Playing Hugo Strange in ‘Dark Knight Rises’

Published 4 years ago by , Updated September 12th, 2013 at 7:21 pm,

robin williams is hugo strange in dark knight rises No Truth to Robin Williams Playing Hugo Strange in Dark Knight Rises

For months, there were rumors that Hugo Strange, the crazed, evil, experimenting doctor who vehemently hates Batman, would feature prominently as a villain in The Dark Knight Rises. When it was announced that Tom Hardy would be playing an altogether different villain, Bane, it was assumed that the Hugo Strange talk was just that – talk.

But just because Bane is in the film doesn’t meant that Hugo Strange is automatically out.

After all, there have been two rogues in both of Christopher Nolan’s previous Batman efforts, and Catwoman, typically an anti-hero, doesn’t necessarily qualify. Earlier today, Batman-on-Film tweeted about the possibility that Strange would be in the upcoming Bat-film, as well as implying that Robin Williams was up for the role.

[Update: There’s nothing to this as expected. Just someone commenting on someone else’s idea.]

Check out the tweet in question below:

batman on film tweet robin williams as hugo strange No Truth to Robin Williams Playing Hugo Strange in Dark Knight Rises

First of all, it should be noted that almost all Batman rumors ever, going back as far as Batman Begins, have been wrong. And not just sort of wrong, but completely, almost offensively wrong. Johnny Depp will play The Riddler! Angelina Jolie will play Catwoman! Philip Seymour Hoffman or Bob Hoskins will play The Penguin!

Having said all that, Batman-on-Film is known for being somewhat reliable when it comes to Batman rumors. Compound that with the fact that Williams has worked with Christopher Nolan before (Insomnia) and almost played Bat-villains twice before (The Joker in Tim Burton’s Batman and The Riddler in Batman Forever) and you have…well, just a massive rumor until Warner Bros. or Christopher Nolan say otherwise. But at least it’s an interesting idea.

bane catwoman hugo strange in the dark knight rises No Truth to Robin Williams Playing Hugo Strange in Dark Knight Rises

The question is, what kind of role would Hugo Strange play in a film that already features Bane? The two characters are actually pretty similar as is. In the comics, both Strange and Bane study Batman with the intention of breaking him, figuratively and literally (depending on the character), and both end up deducing Batman’s true identity.

I have to imagine using both Strange and Bane in The Dark Knight Rises would seem redundant, unless Nolan decides to remove the super-intelligent, “study-thine-enemy” element of Bane for the purposes of the film. But where would the fun be in that?

The Dark Knight Rises, starring Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, and Anne Hathaway, hits theaters summer 2012.

Source: Batman-on-Film [via IGN Movies]

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  1. Ok, wow. I’m 100% on-board with this. This is one rumor I’m hoping will be true. Robin Williams is just the right amount of crazy and intelligent. If you’ve seen him in Law and Order: SVU and Insomnia, or even that movie where he worked as a photo editor or something then you know what I mean. Wow.

  2. I havent seen Robin in a while so I vote yes lol 😉

    • Sounds like you know him personally? LOL

    • check out the movie worlds greatest dad… sad and funny too…

  3. Yes!!!!! Robin Williams is the man!

  4. Correct me if i’m wrong, but in Bane’s orgin story wasn’t strange the person who created venom and used bane as test subject. So maybe there is some truth to this rumour

    • Correcting. I can’t just now recall who it was, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Strange. Though I can see how Strange would fit in this film regardless. I doubt this is true, but it would make for an interesting twist if it was.

      • Ya i read that it was Strange on wikipedia, i’ve never actually read the story line, so you may be right

  5. I’ll take this one with a grain of salt, but BOF did claim to know about Bane before it was made official…we’ll see!

    • BOF also put out a podcast months ago stating that Catwoman would be in the film too.

  6. He was originally sought out to plan the riddler in the first set of Batman movies.

    • The Joker too!

  7. That would be flippin’ fan-frackin-tastic. I’m putting all my chips in on this one, going for broke. If Nolan fails me like Spider-Man 3, then I would lock myself up in Arkham. Isn’t it funny how we compare every movie with so many characters to Spider-man 3?

  8. absolutely 100% not true

  9. please let this be true

  10. RW as Hugo Strange? Hmmm… I like that idea.

  11. You do realize Batman-On-Film has been more wrong than right?

    • Isn’t that subjective?

      Jett has more inside sources at WB’s and specifically the Batman films than any clowns on this forum and any “journalist” on this site and other comic genre sites.

      That’s a fact!

      • Now what? Want a cookie? There´s no reason to call us clowns. Stop visiting the site if you don´t like it.

  12. OMG This would be so awesome!

  13. I’d really like this casting — Robin Williams is generally brilliant in his dramatic roles… and when he’s not, usually everything else about the movie blows as well, so I’d hardly put that on his shoulders.

    Don’t know why, but I’m surprised that the majority here are also on board for this. Hope this rumor is true, although the odds are probably against it.

  14. I thought Nolan said Robin won´t appear in his Batman flicks?

    Fun aside. Although I like the idea to see Williams in a serious (not comedic) role, I think the movie get´s a bit too loaded. Remember guys, three villains in one movie was the reason why Spider-Man 3 sucked…

    • i think it was way more than the fact that it was 3 villains, but catwoman isn’t REALLY a villain anyway. I think she’ll have her butt-kicking scenes, but it’s more for the intimate kyle/catwoman-wayne/batman aspect. plus hugo strange doesn’t need to have any more screen time than two face. Bane would be the main villain (like the Joker). But you’re concept i do agree with though. It’s a fine line between full and overstuffed as far as villains go.

      • agreed… catwoman is not a real villian (she is also a love interest)… but i would rather have strange as the main villian and bane as the second… personal opinion though…

        That being said, whatever nolan decides on doing would mosst likely be amazing… Even if he does have banes venom pumping though to his brain… it will most likely be epic…

    • Please don’t compare Marvel, Raimi and Avi Arad with WB’s, Nolan, Roven, Emma Thomas and Thomas Tull.

      Nolan isn’t going to be forced to add any characters into his films that do not fit the storyline and narrative…period.

      If Hugo Strange is in the script, then he is in there for a legit reason.

      Strange and Bane will be the main villains with Catwoman being more of the anti-hero wild card.

      They will all fit nicely into this last Nolan Bat film….no worries.

      • “Please don’t compare Marvel, Raimi and Avi Arad with WB’s, Nolan, Roven, Emma Thomas and Thomas Tull.” Yeah, I know… Nolan is God, blah blah. I can´t hear it anymore… That guy is so overrated.

        • overrated? if he is overrated, then please give us a reason why he he gets too much credit…

          and before you say he gets mentioned for every movie and by every fan, i agree, but that doesnt make him any less deserving of his fame…

          • I don´t say he doesn´t deserve his fame. But there are so many good directors out there but if any of them jumps off board of any movie or movie franchise, it takes 2 seconds until someone says “Nolan should do it”. And if a movie (no matter who directed it) sucked everyone says “Nolan would have done a better job”, etc. This guy destroyed the myth of Batman IMO. He made him “realistic” in a universe where guys fly around in colorful costumes (Batman, Green Lantern), where cities were made up (Gotham City, Metropolis). Then he says his Batman does things everyone with the same training that Wayne had could do. Like jumping on a car that suddenly stops when he hits it, jumping down a 40 story high stairway and walking away with no broken bones, getting bitten by a rottweiler dog and getting a scar that looks like he was bitten by a jack russel, etc.

            • Nolan doesn’t get mentioned for every film…or most of them…or a majority of them. He, in fact, doesn’t get mentioned any more than a number of other directors for various projects or fix-ups or what-ifs, including Robert Rodriguez, Peter Jackson, Ridley Scott, etc.

              Batman, by the nature of who he is when not out fighting crime, IS more realistic than, say, a Superman (godlike alien) or Spider-Man (proportionate abilities and strength from spider bite) or Thor (techno-magical god) or Hulk (radioactive Mr. Hyde) or Flash (Speed Force-powered runner) or Wonder Woman (clay-molded demi-goddess) or Human Torch (ummm, self-explanatory). He is a human…granted a rich, exceedingly fit, extremely well-trained genius…but still human.

              So, yes, he IS more possible than MOST superheroes, especially in Nolan’s more (not COMPLETELY) realistic world.

    • No, 3 villains would have been fine for Spider-man 3. What made it suck is the rushed job and casting of Venom. Venom should have showed up at the very last as a teaser for the next movie. If they would have replaced Lizard for Venom it would have been awesome. A lot of people didn’t like the Harry Osborne Green Goblin 2 but I would rather be complaining about that than a terrible Venom.

  15. Yeah in One Hour Photo, Robon Williams was pretty creepy. And was great in Insomnia. But I’m on the fence right now about him in TDKR, I mean I know he can play it seriously if he really wants. And Nolan can right seriously for Williams. I understand the fact about the prevous Batman films and his connection to them. But to see him in this new film would, for me, be kinda odd man out. I don’t doubt Robin’s acting talints but it’d just be kinda weird. I would hope that he wouldn’t play it as basic “Robin Williams fashion”. Ya know, just wacky.

    • Actually, in his dramatic roles, Williams is the OPPOSITE of wacky. He does great when he doesn’t have to be “on”. He could easily pull of Hugo Strange’s particular brand of sinister crazy.

      • agreed

      • That’s exactly what I’m saying. I know he can play it straight when he wants, but now that it’s out it was just a rumor then the fans don’t have to worry about anything. If it where true I just wasn’t sure I personaly, would want to see him in it. I just wouldn’t want to see wacky Robin Williams in it. That’s all.

  16. that would be pretty awesome!

  17. Man…oh man…I hope this rumor turns out to be true.

    Williams does great work when he plays serious dark, demented, and sinister roles. Watch his characters in One Hour Photo, Insomnia and Death To Smoochie. All great work by Robin.

    He has been wanting to be in a Batman film for quite sometime ever since the Burtons 89 film when they wanted him for Joker and when Sh*tmaker cast Carrey as Riddler. Being passed up way back then, maybe a blessing in disguise, since he may have the opportunity to work with Nolan again in this last Bat film directed by Nolan.

    Robin Williams would OWN as Dr Hugo Strange!

  18. after watching 1 hour photo, and insomnia… I think that he could pull i off, even though he is fat (most aging men are), joker fell in acid and nolan just gave him scars and some warpaint, I likethis rumor…

    Maybe a teamup of bane and strange, vs batman and cat woman? I think that could work… who thinks that may work?

    batman goes to one side of the city to take on bane, while catwoman finds strange on the other side and they both kick some butt?…

    • I’m sorry Brandon, but you did see The Dark Knight right? It wasn’t Nolan’s version of Joker that fell into the acid. That was Burton’s version. But I DO see your point. Sorry to come off as snarky, just pointing out.

      • In all fairness, in the comics he falls in the acid…but Nolan killed it anyway

      • Ford, I think Brandon wants to point out that Nolan´s versions of some characters differ from the source material and that he´d have no problem with a fat Hugo Strange.

        • thank you scapegoat… u seem to understand…

          • You´re welcome.

      • that was the point i was trying to make, nolan doesnt go through every detail on batman and his villians, so if RW gets the gig, nolan would make it work…

        I said (or at least meant to type) IN THE COMICS the joker fell into acid, but nolan just gave him scars and some war paint…

        sorry for the confusion… 😀

        • Okay, you don’t need to attack me for something that wasn’t clear in a comment. Now that you corrected your thought it does make since and I guess you didn’t notice that I DID agree with you Brandon.

  19. As long as this doesn’t follow the path of previous multi-villain Batman flicks. “Returns” was good, but everything after that was simply too much. Riddler and Two-Face in “Forever”. Freeze, Bane and Poison Ivy in “B&R”. This is a very slippery slope Mr. Nolan is on. He has to do this just right. Now that said, this particular collection of rogues is promising, and can play off one another quite well. So . . . we’ll see.

  20. Yeah, He would make a good Strange. They could play it as him being the one to help Bane release all the bad guys from Arkham. In the Knightfall series, that is how Bane broke the bat. He had everyone released, waited until batsy ran around like a chicken with his head cut off trying to round them all up. Then he attacked and broke him in too. Next time, he should make sure he kills him.

  21. wouldnt this have been announced with bane and catwoman if true?

    • They might want to space out the announcements a little. There’s still a rumor going around that there will be another female lead.

      • Wouldn’t it be one heckuva twist if that other female lead was playing Catwoman? :)

  22. also it was announced selina kyle is in, not catwoman. so maybe hugo could be the 2nd villain. who knows, probably just another false rumor

  23. How do we know what “RW” stands for? Maybe it’s Robbie Williams. Or Robert Wagner. Or Roger Waters!

    • Gene,

      LOL. :-)


    • ha

  24. If anyone was paying attention, there were technically 3 villains in both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

    In Batman Begins, there was Scarecrow, Carmine Falcone and Ra’s Al ghul, plus throw in a bit of Victor Zsaz, and that makes 4.

    In Dark Knight, you had Joker, Two-face, Scarecrow and the Asian and American crime bosses. Lots of villians.

    Nolan has the ability to use lots of characters without filling the screen with unnecessary appearances like earlier Batman and Spiderman.

    In fact, if you compared any other superhero movie with the shear amount of DC characters and storylines that were in The Dark Knight, no movie comes close.

    Nolan can pull off Hugo Strange, but I think Robin Williams would make an excellent Scarface. if a director can pull off this demented puppet master, you would have a great movie.

    • Him playing Scarface is a great idea! He’d be perfect for that dual role.

      Haven’t thought about Scarface in a long time but he is awesome in the Batman: The Animated Series.

      • It would be a waste of a role for Robin to play Mr. Scarface. That is where you need Jeff Dunham.

    • Are you seriously counting Zsasz as a villain? Why don’t you just include Joe Chill too,that would make 5.And don’t forget about the fake Ra’s.Now that’s 6.

      So if they include Hugo Strange along with Catwoman and Bane,plus maybe a few other B list villains,what you could have is a recipe for disaster.

      I’m still not too exited about Bane or Catwoman,and would have preferred Black Mask,Hush,or a really well done Riddler.And Talia would’ve been a much better choice than Catwoman,imo.

      Furthermore,I’ve been wondering how they are even going to pull these characters off.Is Catwoman going to be just a thief,or is she going to have acrobatic abilities? Either way,I’m not seeing how she fits into this world.

    • The Riddler, or rather Edward Nashton, was also hinted at being present in The Dark Knight, although he wasn’t shown.

      • The Riddler’s alias of Edward Nashton WAS used in the viral sites- that’s probably where you got the idea.

    • And you could even add in Ra’s Al Ghul/Henri Ducard as two, as played by Ken Watanabe and Liam Neeson.
      Even the corrupt cop Flass was a bad guy. To a much lesser extent, Joe Chill was even a bad guy.
      So I don’t think it’s how many bad guys are in it, but how they’re used.

    • I am not to familiar with scarface, but of what I do know, he could definitely pull off the two voices…

    • u mention very lesser known villian not the main villians

  25. this is a great idea.

  26. maybe Hugo makes the venom for Bane? prolly not thats stupid actually to do but smart
    i dont really care now as long as Bane is in it

  27. Arron Eckhart was originally announced as playing Harvey Dent ,
    NOT Two Face , so the whole Selina kyle thing doesnt mean anything.

  28. I think Robin Williams would be great as Hugo… Maybe Bane and Hugo will team up /because/ they are both obsessed with finding out the Batman’s identity?

  29. Well, I guess it was fun to think of this as possibly being true while it lasted. :)