No Truth to Robin Williams Playing Hugo Strange in ‘Dark Knight Rises’

Published 4 years ago by , Updated September 12th, 2013 at 7:21 pm,

robin williams is hugo strange in dark knight rises No Truth to Robin Williams Playing Hugo Strange in Dark Knight Rises

For months, there were rumors that Hugo Strange, the crazed, evil, experimenting doctor who vehemently hates Batman, would feature prominently as a villain in The Dark Knight Rises. When it was announced that Tom Hardy would be playing an altogether different villain, Bane, it was assumed that the Hugo Strange talk was just that – talk.

But just because Bane is in the film doesn’t meant that Hugo Strange is automatically out.

After all, there have been two rogues in both of Christopher Nolan’s previous Batman efforts, and Catwoman, typically an anti-hero, doesn’t necessarily qualify. Earlier today, Batman-on-Film tweeted about the possibility that Strange would be in the upcoming Bat-film, as well as implying that Robin Williams was up for the role.

[Update: There’s nothing to this as expected. Just someone commenting on someone else’s idea.]

Check out the tweet in question below:

batman on film tweet robin williams as hugo strange No Truth to Robin Williams Playing Hugo Strange in Dark Knight Rises

First of all, it should be noted that almost all Batman rumors ever, going back as far as Batman Begins, have been wrong. And not just sort of wrong, but completely, almost offensively wrong. Johnny Depp will play The Riddler! Angelina Jolie will play Catwoman! Philip Seymour Hoffman or Bob Hoskins will play The Penguin!

Having said all that, Batman-on-Film is known for being somewhat reliable when it comes to Batman rumors. Compound that with the fact that Williams has worked with Christopher Nolan before (Insomnia) and almost played Bat-villains twice before (The Joker in Tim Burton’s Batman and The Riddler in Batman Forever) and you have…well, just a massive rumor until Warner Bros. or Christopher Nolan say otherwise. But at least it’s an interesting idea.

bane catwoman hugo strange in the dark knight rises No Truth to Robin Williams Playing Hugo Strange in Dark Knight Rises

The question is, what kind of role would Hugo Strange play in a film that already features Bane? The two characters are actually pretty similar as is. In the comics, both Strange and Bane study Batman with the intention of breaking him, figuratively and literally (depending on the character), and both end up deducing Batman’s true identity.

I have to imagine using both Strange and Bane in The Dark Knight Rises would seem redundant, unless Nolan decides to remove the super-intelligent, “study-thine-enemy” element of Bane for the purposes of the film. But where would the fun be in that?

The Dark Knight Rises, starring Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, and Anne Hathaway, hits theaters summer 2012.

Source: Batman-on-Film [via IGN Movies]

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    • Didn’t you see the updated headline? It was updated before you posted. There’s no truth to this rumor. You got upset for nothing. :)

      • So who “confirmed” there is no truth to it? Has WB’s, Nolan or any of the other producers confirmed that Hugo Strange is not going to be in this film and have said thayt Robin Williams will NOT play him?

        • Well, they never confirmed the rumor either. :)

    • There wasn’t a confirmed actor for that character. Tom Hardy was announced as casted in the filmbut had no character associated with him. Its assumed that the character would be the head cop in charge of the squad that are after batman which because of strange’s involvement causes Hardy’s character to become a ruthless version of batman. If nolan is involving Bane then i would guess that in a twist to the original storyline that this cop would become bane eventually.

  1. Ok first thongs first. Whose been paying as me? I’m not mad I just want to know if someone is using my name it it’s a person with the same name as me? If so let me know and I’ll add something to my handle so people can tell us apart.

    Look I agree Robin Williams is a fantastic actor, who is both capable of pulling off the comedic and the serious roles. That being said the character of Dr. Strange is supposed to be somewhat older than Batman, right? He also dresses up as Batman and does bad things in Batman’s name. So occasionally he’s going to through down with Batman, and this is were I think the problem is with casting RW as Dr. Strange lies he just doesn’t meet the physical aspect of the character. Now if Nolan wants to introduce him as a third villain that’s fine. He however could be just introduce in this film and become a villain in the next movie. Fingers crossed. Or he could use him as one of the main villains in this movie, and have something like Bane end up fighting and killing Dr. Strange as he’s dressed as Batman thereby letting everyone believe Dr. Strange was Batman the whole time and letting Bruce Wayne’s identity continue to be a secret. Or something like that.

    So either they let him not be a villain this film and make him the main villain next film or they bring him in this film and he’s quickly dispatched at the end, like Two-Face. And if he helps to create Bane and he is killed by Bane it will make it very ironic, being killed by your own creation. Just like the person who invented the guillotine.

    But personally I think that if Nolan is going to have Dr. Strange fight Batman he should cast someone younger like Russell Crowe or Viggo Mortensen or better yet someone closer to Christian Bale’s age like Karl Urban. He likes doing sci/fi, fantasy, comic, and pop culture movies. Well there’s my two cents on the who RW is Dr. Strange rumor.

    • In that first paragraph it should say things not thongs. Sorry

      • Oooh, nasty. 😛

        Either it’s because the i is right next to the o on the keyboard, or because you’ve got thongs on the mind. :)

  2. I still think Hugo Strange winds up in this film. I suspect we will hear more casting news come March. Robin Williams may not wind up playing him, but I think he will be in the film. It would be epic to see Williams play him regardless!

  3. Ok I’ve got it. Jason Statham as Dr. Strange. What do you think? I mean he can fight and he’s older than Christian Bale. Plus if he grew his beard out he’d kind of look like Dr. Strange.

  4. Update makes me sad

  5. I think Selina Kyle is an alias for Talia. Like Ducard as Ra’s.

    • That sounds like wishful thinking to me.

  6. I think that Terry O’Quinn (Locke from Lost) would be a great Hugo Strange.

  7. Wow just an idea. One simple idea caused these rants. AMAZING lol 😉

  8. No need for Hugo Strange for TDKR, he already the main villain for Batman: Arkham City

    • how do u work that out, thats just a video game so that has nothing to do with The Dark Knight Rises. if they want to use the character in their movie so what. u know they using Catwoman in Batman: Arkham City and also in The Dark Knight Rise lol.

  9. well nolan is good at miss using batman characters, so i can see him using an iconic villain like Dr strange and wasteing him w/ a cameo appearance

    • How did Nolan misuse Batman characters? Yes, I wish Two-Face had been onscreen more, but otherwise, the portrayals have been great? What have you not liked, and (more importantly) WHY?

  10. I like robin Williams, and I like the idea of Hugo Strange in the movie. But Damn. Am I the only one who thinks RW is a little old to be playing Strange? Also, going back to the two female leads. There was alot of speculation about Catwoman and Talia, and a little about Vicki Vale. But one of those is now confirmed, and I think the second female lead should be Batgirl. Somethings gotta make up for Alicia Silverstone’s mess in B&R.

  11. I have a feeling this is totally false… but at the same time I would love to see this Hugo Strange character in the film. Williams could easily pull this off. He is UBER creepy in one hour photo IMO and pretty good in Insomnia as well. I haven’t read any of the novels or comics but from what i’ve heard and read on wiki, Strange presents an interesting dynamic to batman. I have a feeling he will play a substantial part in this movie… Nolan is too smart to leave such a great character out of his final batman film. While I know he will do justice to Bane and Catwoman (bleh), it would seem as tho he needs a mastermind behind all of this which is where strange fits in. However he might end up just melding the characters of bane and strange into one which IMO would be a bit disappointing. Yes robin williams is old and fat and not physically fit but I don’t think thats the point of hugo strange. He apparently is supposed to be brilliant so all he needs is his brain :]

  12. I think Hugo Strange should be the guy funding Banes venom. Since Hugo is old. Oh and RW is great shape actually. But not in enough shape to put on a mock Bat suit

  13. Its a shame for Robin Willimas would be awesome as a psycho in a Nolan-verse Batman Tale.

  14. Actually…Hugo tested drugs in Arkham to create monster men…so Bane could possibly be the result of one in the movie

  15. If you check the newest trailer of Dark Knight Rises, you’ll see Robin Williams’s face at 00.12-00.13 second frame and the writing EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH DR HUGO STRANGE on GCN report at 00.49-00.50 second frame. So, yes, he will show up.

  16. Ok, if im not mistaken, bane served a jail sentence for his father. He was already super smart and a amazing fighter. The prison did studies on him with venom and he ended up running the prison. Dont think strange was involved but i might be wrong. If strange is there ill be surprised. Go on imdb, full cast shown and no rw. Just like no jon lovitz as penguin. Youtube has tons of fan made trailors and pics. 99% are bs

  17. There’s Only Two Roles that Robin Willaims fits Such Dr. Hugo Strange [see Insomia]and Arnold Wesker\The Venlqust see [One Hour Photo]and that seems to be the roles that Robin Willaims can Nail fantastically on the Big Screen,

    But in Regards to The Riddler how about Damian Lewis [Just Watch TV’s Holmeland] The Picture Perfect chioce and Edward Norton [Just look at The Narrator in Fight Club and Derek Vinyard in American History X]and not forgerting Jude Law [Dr John Watson from Sherlock Holmes Meets Harlen Maguire from The Road of Perdion],

    Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy but this time being based off the Comic Books, Jack Black [King Kong film]or Paul Gimatti from Shoot Em Up as The Penguin,Dommnic West or Micheal C Hall as Harvey Dent\Twoface,Simon Pegg Hot Fuzz\Paul as The Mad Hatter,Eva Green [Casino Royale Remake] as Seliana Kyle\Catwoman and Tom Hardy as Bane,Miheal Clarke Duncan as Killer Croc.

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