Rumor Patrol: Will Robin Appear in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’?

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robin the dark knight rises Rumor Patrol: Will Robin Appear in The Dark Knight Rises?

Christopher Nolan has mentioned on several occasions that he has no interest in featuring the character of Robin in any of his Batman films. However, that hasn’t stopped some fans from passionately defending the iconic sidekick’s place in the Caped Crusader’s mythology or offering suggestions on how he would best fit into Nolan’s version of Gotham City.

Since The Dark Knight Rises is being crafted as the concluding chapter of a trilogy, there’s been a lot of speculation over how this storyline might wrap up. The Dark Knight hammered home the notion that Bruce does not want to continue wearing the cape & cowl forever and as a result,  justification for introducing Robin has reached a fever pitch.

If you fall on the pro-Robin side of the debate, some encouraging news has just appeared on the web site of Michigan’s WILX. Crew members from The Dark Knight Rises have been scouting locations for the film in Grand Ledge and in addition to detailing where they’ve been looking, WILX also claims to know what they’ve been searching for:

“They looked at the Ledges as well as a water treatment plant located inside the park. Sources say the area is being considered as a hideout for Batman sidekick Robin.”

Now obviously this isn’t any sort of official confirmation, but it is slightly more credible than some other recent rumors. If this does turn out to be true, will we finally have an answer regarding which role Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be playing in the film? Our own Rob Frappier recently explored that question and speculated that Dick Grayson (the original Robin) was certainly a possibility, but that his Nightwing alter-ego seemed more appropriate for Nolan’s universe (and Gordon-Levitt’s age).

Following the time frame of Batman’s career that’s been established in the comics, this would be a logical point to introduce Robin – but I highly doubt Nolan feels obligated to adhere that closely to the source material. Personally, I always thought the character seemed at odds with the current franchise’s sensibilities – but Nolan does love to throw his audience curve balls.

batman and robin2 Rumor Patrol: Will Robin Appear in The Dark Knight Rises?

Even if The Dark Knight Rises doesn’t have an ending as definitive as Bruce giving up his Batman persona, having someone else primed to inherit the role of Gotham’s protector from him does make a lot of sense thematically. So even though I’m not sold on the idea of Robin making an appearance, I do understand how he might potentially factor into this story in a very organic way.

The other thing to consider is that even if Robin is in the film, he’ll likely be presented in a completely different manner than we’re accustomed to seeing him (much like Two-Face and the Joker).  In fact, I believe one of the major reasons Nolan was so excited about The Dark Knight was the opportunity to reinvent the Joker. Might the same be true for Robin?

We’ll keep you updated on how this pans out.

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters on July 20, 2012.

Source: WILX

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  1. I hate these rumors.

  2. You guys know what I think of Nolan and his Batman movies. I´d love to see Robin in TDKR, but I´m afraid to see what Nolan turns him into. Probably a homeless 15 year old boy who prostitutes himself for food and/or money…

    • Or only exists in Batman’s dreams…well the dream within a dream

      • Or in Alfred´s dreams…

  3. Jett from Batman on Film has just now stated the below in response to the rumour which is in line with Nolan and Bale’s past comments:
    “I can assure you that Robin — be it Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, or Damien Wayne — will not appear in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. THESE FOLKS simply have their facts wrong.”
    Nolan has explicitly stated that he will never feature Robin in his films. Bale has given the same opinion as Nolan that, if Nolan was forced to bring Robin into the films, he would never again play Batman. He was quoted as saying: “If Robin crops up in one of the new Batman films, I’ll be chaining myself up somewhere and refusing to go to work.”

  4. I had heard Bale said in the past he wouldn’t do it if Robin was in this at all.

    • Actors always say BS like that, but that all changes when they see the $$$$

      • its been confirm the whole robin was not true on comicbookmovie website

      • or when threatened with a breach-of-contract suit

  5. I seriously doubt it
    I man yeah it would be cool to see him and all, but Nolan said that this is the early stages of Batman.
    The only way I see Robin in it is because Warner Bros. forced him to do it.
    if Robin is in it im sure JGL wont play him, unless hes Nightwing

  6. No robin in Nolan movies
    Case closed

  7. I have a feeling that DICK GRAYSON will, but not Robin.

    • the only way i can see Dick Grayson is mention in the movie is only in a newpaper or TV advert saying “Come and see the Flying Grayson’s”

  8. This is what I would like to see: I understand that Nolan doesn’t really want Robin in the films, as his batman is a loner, but what I would like to see is a story within the film where the flying Grayson’s are in gotham city for an extended showing at the circus and throughout the film we see glimpses of them. Then in the second and final arcs of the film we can have the murder of Dick’s family and he subsequently living on the streets by himself as he tries to cope. Then since Nolan’s films are darker in nature, he could do something even Apart from the comics. Now correct me if they have done this in the comics, as I have never really bought any but I keep up as much as i can, but Nolan could have Dick Grayson become a vigilante himself in response of his family’s murder. batman in turn would have to hunt this new vigilante down while at the same time being hunted/wanted himself. Then when the moment of truth comes and Bruce/Batman realizes that this Vigilante is a teenage kid ( a good kid at that) just trying to get vengeance for his family’s senseless murder. Bruce Wayne instantly sympathizes with him and decides right then and there to take responsibility for this young man who has no one and nothing left. Giving Bruce an even more greater purpose in his life and helping Dick Grayson, the way that Alfred helped him. I think a beautiful ending to the franchise ( at least Nolan’s interpretation) would be the final scene having Bruce bring Dick to the newly rebuilt Wayne Manor and showing him the signed adoption papers, officially making him a member of the Wayne family.

    • Something like this could actually work. I have to admit that I didn’t think of this possibility. Bravo!

    • I really don’t think they will use Robin if this is true, I think they would go with Nightwing to make it seem less ridiculous.

  9. it would be cool if dick grayson popped up somewhere as a cameo.
    what would be cool is bats recruiting DG towards the end of the movie and at the end we see them both standing near a ledge then fly off.

    • bale is a PoS, i hate him and his egotistical attitude, its no wonder no one gets the clown to do anything b/c he’s so full of himself the worthless PoS. i think him and james cameron would make an excellent couple… that’s if bale doesn’t beat the crap out of him ;)

      • you do realize christian bale is one of the leading actors in hollywood right now, right? you haven’t seen the praise he’s garnered for his role in the fighter, huh? he may be a prick, but he isn’t the first prick in hollywood who is also a top level actor. calm down the hate bro

      • What?? Seriously, what are you talking about? James Cameron? Take your meds dude.

      • jwalka…

        I’m betting A LOT of the actors and actresses you love and admire are obnoxious pricks, morons, druggies, cheaters,…or who knows what else. You hate Bale? Fine, but don’t assume he’s ANY worse than ANYONE else in films or t.v.

        Plenty of people apparently DO get “the clown” to do things…hence, “The Fighter”. Get your facts straight if you’re going to get yourself into a frothing, rabid fury.

  10. IMO putting Robin in the film is an awful awful idea. However as bad as that idea is putting an Adult Dick Greyson in it is even worse. Dick is a kid when he starts and if they are gonna do anything they should at least get that part right. I don’t want to see the same mistake batman Forever made. I don’t want to see the mythos ruined that badly. Nolan may have made some changes but nothing he’s changed has been all that drastic it’s small things some of which has actually been improvements. An adult Dick is a massive mistake and a massive change to the story and I wouldn’t be able to forgive him for that.

    • yea until you see the film and like it. just like everybody did with heath and the joker this could be that defining character that makes this film. and NO ONE KNOWS THE STORY YET it could take place years after the dark knight no one knows for sure

    • ditto to what Daniel said

    That is the sound of a ridiculous rumor crashing and wobbling to a stop on the floor of the internet…

    Its gonna be a looooooooong year….

    • Schledang? I love it… :D

      • Thanks! I’m a writer and former musician myself, so feel free to use the term, my brother!

        • You’re a writer AND a former musician? Wow! You are something special. Make sure and tell everyone about your achievements, you’re very important.

          • Hey “Jack”,

            FYI, you’re well on your way to being banned from commenting for your series of insults to other commenters here. It’s your call – chill out and we’ll be fine, keep it up and you can find another site to hang out.


            • Thank You, Vic…slayer of trolls! lol

  12. IF, and this is a HUGE freaking IF, they were to have a sidekick in this one, it would have to use either Dick Grayson as Nightwing or Jason Todd as Robin.

  13. One thats not gay

    • … Watch the gay stuff Cream Puff…

    • … Watch the “gay” stuff Cream Puff.

  14. I didn’t want Robin, but if Levitt is playing him I would be down to see Robin in TDKR

  15. I seriously doubt Nolan would use a teenage or younger version of Robin – but it would be cool to have a twenty-something version. Of course the use of “Robin” could be just to throw people off since the production knows this sort of thing is bound to surface.


    • if they had a twenty-something Robin, he would be way older then Barbara Gordon who is still a kid in the movie. anyway the whole Robin is not true from what i read on comicbookmovie

      • mace,

        We’re reporting this as rumor, but the LAST place you should look for confirmation on anything is CBM.


  16. Welcome to the crazy Bat rumor of the week.

  17. Red hood

  18. I don’t care Nolan brings in. And I actually want Robin. Yes the character is irritating at times but he’s an integral part of the comics. Also I have complete confidence in Nolan. After having seen all of his movies you just can’t help but being in awe of his work.
    Bring on the birdie.

  19. I think if they add robin they should hold off until the 4th installment of the franchise.
    Batman needs to be in his own trilogy by himself first then once they have the trilogy established they can risk adding Robin. I think the introduction of robin at the climax of the film could be good or after the credits. Kind of like the introduction of Nick Fury in Iron man or the climax of Pirates of the Caribbean 2 when they introduced Barbosa.

  20. Haha. Funny thing – There are 2 Robins in the Rumor Patrol posts!!

    For the trolls its Batman’s Robin and HIMYM’s Robin Scherbatsky.

  21. It could work, but have Joseph levitt play a darker nightwing to help batman fight bane & another bad dude. If they made joker cool I’m sure they’d remake nightwing cool.

    • If they made the Joker cool, then why not make Robin cool?

      • Joker has always been considered cool; he has always been considered Batman’s arch-nemesis.

        What an odd comment…

  22. mace has a point, isn’t barbara slightly younger then dick grayson, if so then that will screw things up big.

  23. if Robin had been introduced earlier it might have worked weel, Tim Drake is my favorite DC character. Being alive for 7 Batman films to be made my only question is when will Robin be done justice!

  24. why does everybody hate Robin? lol

    the ending of the dark knight rises is going to be Bruce going to the circus

    • This isnt The Cape lol no offense

    • @ Mr. Bronson

      I don’t.

  25. I think Nightwing would be really cool just because love the character and JGL. Also I think that the Riddler would be a good choice, maybe as Edward Nigma who is a business revile of Bruce Wayne.

  26. I think the Tim Drake version of Robin could be done in a way that works. Unlike all of the other Robins, Tim sought out Batman. Even in the comics, he has probably grown into his own more successfully than even the original Robin, Dick Grayson. Tim figured out who Batman was, even when he was just a kid. He’s a rather brilliant strategist, and I could see him working, even in the “Nolan-verse” Batman world. In many ways, Tim is a true Batman-lite character who has some of Batman’s best traits without the worst faults. If they were to insert a Robin into “The Dark Knight Rises,” then he’d be the best one, but I certainly wouldn’t bet money on seeing it happen.

  27. @ J-Money, that’s a good idea on how to bring robin into this movie. When I was a kid, I connected with robin from the start do to the fact that i was a kid and for the first time I saw a kid kicking ass in comics. If there is one man that could pull it off it’s Noland. I would love to see him in this, but if he is not already in the script, then he should not be put in now for the sake of robin fans. We saw how that worked out for Sam when he gave the fans Venom when he him self did not want it.

  28. what if Joseph levitt is playing batman. think about it, how chocked would u be if batman gets his back broken in the first half houir of the movie and levitt replaces him as batman. i know its unlikly but it is somthing to think about.

    • Jesus dude did you even go to school?learn to spell and use grammar. I’m seriously worried about the future of this country.

      • You are going to insult his use of grammar, when you can’t follow simple puctuation and capitalization rules?

        • BAM!

  29. I have odd theory, I think JGL will play nightwing but in 10 years later seqence or something like that.It can go like this, At the end of the film Bruce gets an invitation the see the flying graysons, then it cuts to 2 years later and you see Batman and robin standing on a rooftop,then 10 years later you see bats and nightwing team up again to fight an adversary like Mr Freeze or the Peguin , then it cuts to Dick putting on the cowl and Damien as his robin.