Rumor Patrol: Will Robin Appear in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’?

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robin the dark knight rises Rumor Patrol: Will Robin Appear in The Dark Knight Rises?

Christopher Nolan has mentioned on several occasions that he has no interest in featuring the character of Robin in any of his Batman films. However, that hasn’t stopped some fans from passionately defending the iconic sidekick’s place in the Caped Crusader’s mythology or offering suggestions on how he would best fit into Nolan’s version of Gotham City.

Since The Dark Knight Rises is being crafted as the concluding chapter of a trilogy, there’s been a lot of speculation over how this storyline might wrap up. The Dark Knight hammered home the notion that Bruce does not want to continue wearing the cape & cowl forever and as a result,  justification for introducing Robin has reached a fever pitch.

If you fall on the pro-Robin side of the debate, some encouraging news has just appeared on the web site of Michigan’s WILX. Crew members from The Dark Knight Rises have been scouting locations for the film in Grand Ledge and in addition to detailing where they’ve been looking, WILX also claims to know what they’ve been searching for:

“They looked at the Ledges as well as a water treatment plant located inside the park. Sources say the area is being considered as a hideout for Batman sidekick Robin.”

Now obviously this isn’t any sort of official confirmation, but it is slightly more credible than some other recent rumors. If this does turn out to be true, will we finally have an answer regarding which role Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be playing in the film? Our own Rob Frappier recently explored that question and speculated that Dick Grayson (the original Robin) was certainly a possibility, but that his Nightwing alter-ego seemed more appropriate for Nolan’s universe (and Gordon-Levitt’s age).

Following the time frame of Batman’s career that’s been established in the comics, this would be a logical point to introduce Robin – but I highly doubt Nolan feels obligated to adhere that closely to the source material. Personally, I always thought the character seemed at odds with the current franchise’s sensibilities – but Nolan does love to throw his audience curve balls.

batman and robin2 Rumor Patrol: Will Robin Appear in The Dark Knight Rises?

Even if The Dark Knight Rises doesn’t have an ending as definitive as Bruce giving up his Batman persona, having someone else primed to inherit the role of Gotham’s protector from him does make a lot of sense thematically. So even though I’m not sold on the idea of Robin making an appearance, I do understand how he might potentially factor into this story in a very organic way.

The other thing to consider is that even if Robin is in the film, he’ll likely be presented in a completely different manner than we’re accustomed to seeing him (much like Two-Face and the Joker).  In fact, I believe one of the major reasons Nolan was so excited about The Dark Knight was the opportunity to reinvent the Joker. Might the same be true for Robin?

We’ll keep you updated on how this pans out.

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters on July 20, 2012.

Source: WILX

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  1. Joseph Gorden Levitt will have a very brief roll. In arkham, as the Joker. You’re all gonna disagree, but I think he’s got the demeanor to somewhat replicate Heath’s charecter. He is wearing make up after all.

    • Watched the film yesterday Robin is in it you were all wrong unlucky ..

      • Haha yeah thats what i was thinking, it wouldnt surprise me if Nolan makes a Robin or Knightwing franchise now. After all he did say Robin would never appear which he has and also he said he’s done with Batman but never said anything about Robin. I’m thinking in 3 years time you’l see another film starring Robin

        … Hopefully :)

        • Well I’ve been thinking the exact same thing when I saw the movie

  2. Robin won’t be appearing, I agree with Vic, if any mention was made of Robin from the production, it would have been for this purpose – to create buzz for the film.

    I’m hoping JGL will be playing Alberto Falcone. i’d love to see Nolan’s take on the character. In TDK we had two distinctly different types of villains; the mob and the freaks. Alberto Falcone is perhaps the only villain in the Batman universe to cross over and assume the mantle of both ‘mob’ and ‘freak’. And just google image Alberto Falcone, JGL looks exactly like him.

    Plus don’t forget, if Nolan does indeed choose to portray Selina Kyle as the illegitimate daughter of Calmine Falcone (which would tie the film back to the first one very nicely), the introduction of Alberto Falcone makes a hell of a lot of sense.

    But c’mon, stop acting like excited children, Robin will not be in it…maybe a Dick Grayson CAMEO but not Robin. Or Nightwing. Nolan wouldn’t be that stupid, they’ve already stated they’re not “infinitely blowing up the baloon”.

  3. The Daily BLAM! posted a follow up, after contacting the reporter at WILX. He claims that he was told by multiple sources that they were scouting the location for “Robin’s Cave”. Perhaps Robin’s Cave is the working title of The Dark Knight Rises?

    • See this as misdirection by Nolan and co. to keep details secret.

  4. JGL is the perfect embodiment of Dick Grayson, I mean just look at his build and persona. He’s definitely cast as some variation to the Nolanverse of Batman. I just hope Nolan does a throwback to the Schumacher films and adds nipples to the new suits in this movie.

    • dude, nipples? really?!

      • Tony…

        I assuming (desperately hoping) that Tyler S. was just trying to be funny. I’m guessing once the effects of the alcohol wore off, he realized just HOW MISERABLY he had failed…

        • Oh god

          • I’m sure Tyler’s joking. 8)


    • … Is you for real?

  5. Ok, how bout this people, JGL to play Richard Grayson in the film. Grayson to become a macho friend with Bruce (matching him physically). As this is Bales last Batman what better way to end it as to kill off Batman with Bane snapping his back as in the comic, with Dick Grayson taking over from him as Batman / nightwing, to carry on the mantle as the (new) dark knight rises and to defeat Bane and continue on as protector of Gotham.

    Anyone know if Chris Nolan wanted to do a third batman whilst filming TDK?  Or was it after the success of TDK he agreed to do it? As I’m hoping TDKR will be successful and he will want to do another.

    • Yeah this theory has been thrown out there already..

  6. JGL is too old to be Robin. Too small to be Nightwing. Not to mention it would cheapen Nolan’s take on Batman. Dark Knight is riddled with plot holes and too many characters that were juggled unsuccessfully. Batman was more of a supporting character than the main one.

  7. I’m sorry, but for some reason, Robin hardly ever works. He did in Batman Forever, but in every other version of The Boy Wonder, he makes Batman look bad, as if he’s too old to fight crime or something. Now, the way I could see this working is if AFTER The Dark Knight Rises, Nolan does a Robin spin-off without Batman in it, that way Batman keeps his dignity if the Robin movie doesn’t work.

  8. BS! This Robin rumor is based on a news crew’s assumption. How do we know these locations are being sought for one character and not another. Bane needs a hideout, Catwoman needs a lair, and Batman needs a cave. How did we jump to, this might be Robin’s nest?

  9. And of course,ROBIN DOESNT HAVE A CAVE!
    Simply Ridiculous.

  10. I think Robin means Robin Williams as Hugo Strange maybe! Hopefully lol

    • lol that’s what I was going to say. It holds way more truth to me then JGL a late 20something actor being cast as a pubecent crimefighter

    • They should do Robin but have him be a vengeaful early twenties guy who maybe wears a jacket with and “R” for Richard and become a vigilante to find and kill Tony Zucco. Something between the Nightwing stage of his life anf sort of the Damian Wayne Robin costume with maybe black gloves, dark green wrist blades. Only yellow lining on the cape sides other wise jet black with the Night Wing mask and clubs and more of the Tim Drake Robin styling with mainly red and black

      • @ Vision91

        Id like to see Robin in the next Batman reboot again done properly. I liked how his origins were seen in Batman:TAS, it was great imo. I always thought about introducing Dick Grayson in a sequel & during the movie he sees his costume being made if he proves himself ready & worthy to work alongside Batman and at the end of the film Robin walks up alongside Batman on a rooftop beginning their partnership as that was the original ending scene in Batman Forever. I wouldn’t rush the Nightwing thing till atleast Two films with him as Robin. Maybe have him abandon Batman after conflict in a sequel & later when Batman’s in trouble comes back as Nightwing but only to Bruce it’s for the last time for he’s goin travel to start his own personal training to become his own man with Nightwing as his alter-ego of-course. Maybe in Between films they can add a proper Batgirl who actually dates Dick. Reason i say that was i Liked Dina Meyer’s Batgirl costume in one episode of Birds Of Prey.

  11. I didn’t think Nolan or JGL would ever go this route.

  12. I understand that Nolan likes to recycle actors that he is familiar with and has worked with before but personally I would have chosen Javier Bardem as BANE and if there was enough room, I would have cast Tom Hardy as HUSH.

    • that would have been a great choice! I totally agree, but maybe that would be way to many characters in one film to do justice to all of them.

      • I agree, that would be a great choice of characters!

  13. I was just curious: Since we’ve been (among other debates) been going back and forth about what role JGL will have in TDKR, has anyone else heard about the possibility that he’ll play the Holiday Killer (Holiday, I believe, is his name, in fact)? He would be fantastic in that role, so anyone know of more information about this rumor?

    • No the Holiday Killer’s name is Alberto Falcone. And that Joseph Gordon Levitte has not been confirmed for that role

  14. The last time we saw (the real) Catwoman on film it was Batman Returns, and Burton’s baby. While the film was good for what it was, it had one thing going well for it, and that was a limited cast of heroes and villains. If there’s one thing that Batman Forever conclusively proved, it’s that more villains (in addition to a list of factors FAR too numerous to highlight) makes a crappier movie.

    I will never forgive that portrayal of Bane… just horrific. “BOMB!”… who the f… what the f… f… gah!

    /headthwack /headthwack (It’ll feel good when I stop!) /headthwack

    I think we’re more likely to see JGL as a cop, some new person in Gordon’s unit, maybe even one of the guys who really believes the cover story and is intent on nailing the Bat to the wall. Heck, _that_ might make a good entry to a Robin story… who knows.

    I had been hoping for a return of the League of Shadows with Talia and Ras and lots of fun stuff there, but I guess not. Oh well.

    • That was surprisingly accurate, Sir, I commend you.

  15. I just thought of this… ROBIN doesn’t have a hideout! A robin is however a bird and the only bird I can think of that would have a hide out is PENGUIN! Plus, BANE is often a choice of muscle for PENGUIN.

    • WTF? Name one comic that has Bane being Penguin’s muscle? :D Bane would shove the umbrella up to cobblepot’s rare and take over his business, he’s too smart to be anyone’s muscle. Okay, except for Ra’s Al Ghul.

  16. From personal oppinion there are tons of things I would love to see in a Batman movie. Christopher Nolan has done a good job presenting a “grown up” Batman movie trilogy, the fact seems to me that Nolan is doing what he thinks he can do within 3 movies. I wish there could be more but im guessing we will have to live with 3. Regardless of what many die-hard fans or even myself may want, Nolan is going to do what he wants and we will have to die of anticipation.

  17. If joeseph character were a cover up for robin like some rumors say that would be awesome. I know thats not the case but i think robin can be just as dark as batman if not darker. An early 20s guy would fit perfectly. His family could still die starting his war on crime but make it mature. I think they should have his family (mainly his dad) just refer to him as robin before he dies and make it so it was a nickname he had as a kid from his family. When he goes vigilante he has an R on whatever he wears but out of respect, dont have anyone actually call him robin other than his family. Then he could help batman beat bane who possibly killed his family. But make him so he isnt perminent, let him help batman but then after be done with vigilante work or go off on his own. These movies are too realistic and dark for a sidekick and a partner does not fit this batman. I think if robin is in this movie though he needs to kill someone. Nolan took batman to a draker level and can with robin too. All the robins have had issues with anger. Batman can draw that line and not cross it but Robin might not be able too. It would also squash the belief that robin is a weak speedo wearing kid. Alot of people dont know robin has had some very dark and serious storylines

  18. Id like to see Robin in the franchise again in the next reboot. His origins done more properly as Batman’s was in Batman Begins in Nolan’s franchise. That’s all i gotta say, that could be done.

  19. Now that I think about it, it doesn’t feel like a bad idea at all! If done right, and done by Nolan, Grayson could bring a little colour to the plot – in the positive sense. I have been thinking about could Levitt actually play the role of Dick Grayson, (he could even be a cop in the movies in my opinion), but I don’t know about him actually becoming Robin, wearing cape and mask.. The film could end in a situation where Batman starts training Grayson and Bruce making him his heir?

    • I mean, I don’t think that they could give Grayson a costume, would it be Robins or Nightwings. Think about it, what would be happening in Wayne industries!? Bane and the bad guys have Tumblers, there’s Catwoman driving a Batpod, wearing goggles that look like they were made by Waynetech.. If we had a twenty-year-old guy jumping around the city in a billion dollar Waynetech bodyarmor then volá – Circus is in town! I mean, what’s with Wayne industries, do they have a hole in the wall? Is Lucius out of cash? :D

      Thou I could still see Grayson in the film, helping Batman in the end (bit like Gordon in Begins). Maybe give him an action sequence, perhaps a ski mask and some little gadget given to him by Batman. But no full costume, and the word “Robin” shouldn’t be mentioned in the whole film.

      Even he wouldn’t be in the film, its fun to speculate :D

  20. I hope that batman dies. That would be an epic conclusion!

  21. Perhaps the small boy, known in credits thus far as “ophaned boy” is going to point the direction to be the new Batman in the far future or maybe he will be Robin to JGL’s Batman. Frankly I like JGL but don’t think he would make a good Batman OR Robin. I do think Leo Howard (Conan, Kickin It) would be a GREAT and believable Robin. He’s got the karate moves, the high flying acrobatics, the age, and the look.

  22. It Does Not Make Anysence That (Joeseph Gordon Levitt)Taking The Role Of TDK Because,It Will Totally Ruine The Legcacy Of TDK, Now That He Has Moved On From His Cape&Cowl And Left His Legacy In The City Of Gotham The Legend Of The Dark Knight, And Now It Is Time For A New Legend With A New Legacy Gothams New Hope,New Protector Long After TDK Retiernment And His Name Is Robin. That Answers The Debate Question Yes (Joseph Gordon Levitt) Will Be Robin Only Not In The Nolans Trilogy, In The Nolans Trilogy He Probally Introduced Robin In A Whole Differen’t Other Way The Way When He Is Not In His Cape, Saying That He Did A Favor For The Next Dierector To Take Over The Robin But Still In Nolans Universe, And Another Theory Is That In The Future Robin Movie’s Bruce Wayne Will Make An Apperance And Will Lead To The Upcoming Film “The Justice Leage”.