Robert Sean Leonard Leaving ‘House’ After Season 7?

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Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital may be losing their friendliest physician, as Robert Sean Leonard has just announced that House season 7 will be his final season. How will House survive without Dr. Wilson?

In the midst of filming the House season 7 season finale, Leonard spoke with TV Line and abruptly announced that, “This is my last season of House. I’m shooting my last episode now. Contractually this is it.”

While the addition of the word “contractually” may give the appearance that Robert Sean Leonard isn’t completely finished with the David Shore medical series, it’s clear that Leonard’s recently announced return to Broadway in Born Again has put things into perspective for the famed thespian.

…when this play first came up I knew the only way it could work is if the show was over because the run [would overlap] with House‘s shooting schedule. And when my contract was not renewed this season… The long and short of it is, I don’t know. I would love to make more money. Money is nice. I also really miss [living in] New Jersey. I also really miss theater. I miss my friends. Gabby misses her family. I’m sick and tired of living in a place I don’t feel at home. There are very pressing, strong things pulling us in both directions at the moment, so I really don’t know what we’re going to do. It’s going to be a family decision, but it’s not one we have the discomfort of making right now because we’re not being offered options.

Continuing, Leonard states that he believes House season 8 will happen, and that he’ll probably continue as Dr. Wilson – but he’s not completely sure:

“I assume they’ll make another year of House. And I assume I will do it. But I can’t say for sure. My wife and I are really strange people. We never spend any money. I got my first car when I got out here — a Jetta — and I’ve been driving it since the pilot. We haven’t spent much of the money we’ve made.”

Since many might believe these statements from Leonard are an attempt to obtain a pay raise for next season, it’s refreshing to know that money is most definitely not an issue here. Instead, it appears that his comments speak to something more personal.

house season 7 small sacrifices1 Robert Sean Leonard Leaving House After Season 7?

With Comcast’s acquisition of NBC Universal, the future of House has always been in debate. With the newly-formed Comcast/NBC, many cost-cutting measures are being implemented – including its entertainment division. While House airs on Fox, the series is actually produced by NBC. In an attempt to cut the direct cost of production on the series, NBC would like Fox to pick up a good share of the overhead.

Since NBC/Comcast and Fox are in dispute regarding this matter, none of the actors – except Hugh Laurie – have been contracted for another season.

Leonard speaks on this matter:

“[There is] no deal for House next year because Comcast bought NBC Universal and no one has a deal. If I do House next year it’ll be under a new umbrella. But legally and contractually, I’m free after this [season].”

If Leonard does decide to leave House, there is no plot element in the House season 7 finale that hints at Dr. Wilson leaving. Although, even if Leonard eventually signs on for another season, there will still be a big chunk of Wilson-free episodes in House season 8, as his current Broadway schedule overlaps with the intended production of next season. No matter what happens, it appears that Leonard is looking to eventually leave the series – whether it be this season or next.

As House fans know, Dr. Wilson is an important element in the series – even if he has been largely absent for this season. In terms of story, Wilson is used to display a more human side of House. On top of that, he routinely plays the part of House’s proverbial conscience and is integral for progressing certain plot elements.

If Wilson leaves, his absence will certainly be noticed long-term. While I’m sure the producers could find additional characters to take on the sub-plots Wilson is known for, I’m not sure if it will work as well.

NOTE: We will be speaking with House creator David Shore tomorrow, so expect to hear more information about Leonard’s recent comments.


House airs Mondays @8pm, on Fox

Source: TV Line

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  1. This is one instance where I believe a supporting character role makes or breaks the show. Roberts departure spells death for House in my opinion. It wasn’t the same when his character quit and it will certainly be worse if he’s gone for good.

    • First Lisa Edelstein, then his entire old team, then missed “Transplant” because the baseball game ran late, so only 10 minutes or so of transplant aired, now Robert Sean Leonard might leave? Hugh can’t do it alone, Omar Epps was my least favorite character, he isn’t enough to make “House” nearly as good a show as it has been. I am afraid unless the writers do magic, it may be the final season of House. I know I have been disappointed so far. Oh yeah, the new asian woman that is his team now stinks. She’s part of the reason it’s going down hill so far in season 8. She definately needs to be replaced. I hope the writers work hard because I’ll sure miss “House” if the series ends this way.

  2. Welp, I won’t be watching this show any more if he does.

  3. Make sure you ask Shore about Lisa Edelstein’s status as well. Many believe she is also leaving/will be killed off.

  4. Yes please, ask Shore about Lisa Edelstein. I could´t watch this show without her

    • Eu concordo com voce HOUSE SEM A LISA EDELSTEIN NAO VAI VALER A PENA CONTINUAR A ASSISTIR A ESSA SERIE. Sinto com se tivesse perdido sete anos da minha vida, pois não deixei de assistir nem um episodio des do piloto da serie e agora eles estão acabando com a serie porque HOUSE MD não seria teria o mesmo sucesso sem a CUDDY E O WILSON

  5. Sounds like this guy is a tightwad

    • He actually watches his money instead of spending stupidly and frivolously, and this bothers you???

      • Yes, if anything this makes him sensible and down to earth.

  6. Ask Jennifer Morrison too.

    • There was an interview with JMO from TVLine about two days ago:

      “I have not been contacted by anyone over there,” Morrison tells TVLine. “I would do whatever they wanted me to do… Cameron is a fabulous character and it changed my life to play her… But it’s not in my control. People seem to think it is. I feel bad because fans really want answers and I don’t have them. I wish I did. My guess would be that I will probably never be on [House] again.”

      • Thanks but it’s irrilevant. She don’t know nothing about it.

      • It’s sad that these actors become attached to the characters they play and the fans view them as family and when the producers or casters of the show feel it’s time for them to be gone they just are… they’re often not contacted or anything. They just hear nothing else about it. Think if you were working a job you loved and you were just worked out of the schedule, no phone call relieving you of your duties, not resignation, just pushed to the side =(. Poor Cameron, definitely miss her character.

  7. I started watching House because Hugh Laurie was in it, I will stop watching if Robert is not in it.

  8. House aside, Wilson and Chase are my fav, please ask about JS too.

  9. The House-Wilson dynamic is probably my favorite thing about the show.

    • Agreed. Wilson is often the only person that brings out the real House. When we see the really REAL side of House it’s because of some interaction with Wilson.

  10. I will not continue to watch if he leaves. The medical cases stopped being interesting a long time ago, and the House-Wilson dynamic hasn’t been great this season since House has been with Cuddy, the only reason I’ve been watching is for Wilson and if RSL leaves I will have no reason to keep watching.

    I really hope he decides to stay

  11. with how bad the show has gotten i’m not suprised

  12. Please tell him, that we love RSL and we don`t wanna loose Wilson.There are many,many Wilson fans out there. They are just not that rabid like the LE fans.

  13. “They are just not that rabid like the LE fans.”

    Stupid comment, I love all the characters and actors in this show, and mainly I respect them, if RSL wants to leave House, it’s his choice but yes I’ll miss wilson. I trust writers, we’ll have new characters next season and it will be good for the show.

  14. It will break my heart if RSL leaves HOUSE next season. :(

  15. David Shore? Does anyone actually believe a word he says anymore????

  16. The House-Wilson relationship is one of the main reasons I still watch the show. Season 7 only had a couple interesting episodes because of the Huddy stuff slowing things down; each of these “good” episodes involved Wilson. I couldn’t imagine the show without him, or how they’d explain it in the story arc.

  17. I’m so sad now. I love Wilson’s character SO MUCH, as House’s. He can’t leave the show!!!! ;______________________________________;

  18. I know this comment or no other comments will change his mind, but I really won’t watch the show anymore if he’s gone. I’m one of those people that is for the Gay Hilson idea and that can’t happen if he’s not on there (It probably will never happen but their moments together that are kinda gayish but not exactly it (Example: The epi where Wilson proposed to house) are what gives me.. Hope?). Plus, I’m a huge fan of him and he’s the only reason I actually watch the show (I love his characters personality and I don’t really get the others as much as I do him) If he does leave, it will have to be like Ambers leaving (Coming back in frequent episodes) :P

  19. I can see Wilson being off of House. I love the character and would miss him dearly (as most the characters)…but the two people I simply couldn’t see this show going on without is obvious House himself and Foreman (however, I can’t see him sticking around if the show goes longer than I personally project).

    There will absolutely be an 8th Season and I am confident they’ll reach Season 9. However…I can’t see them going any further than Season 10 if they manage to take it that far.

    Wonderful show, I’ll definitely miss it when it’s gone.

  20. IMO There will be a season 8 but the only 2 people who will be in it,from the regular cast, will be Hugh Laurie and Olivia Wilde( because we all know that beauty equals talent NOT!!) OK in Hugh’s case perhaps it does.

  21. Not only “how will House survive without Wilson, how will I survive without Wilson. By the way………………saw “Born Yesterday” today. Loved Robert in it.

  22. I cannot imagine House without Wilson. Not only the show but Hugh Laurie’s character in the show. Wilson ties all of House’s loose ends together. With everything I’ve been hearing about House season 8 I am getting nervous about the season to come on Oct. 3. I wish House could stay on air forever, it would never get old. However, I can’t imagine it changing too much more, I already miss Cameron; it’s not the same dynamic between characters without her. House is brilliantly written, directed and cast, no show even comes close to being competition.

  23. Wilson has played the role in house as the role of watson insherlock holmes novels which i believe r the inspiration for house . well sherlock holmes would be drained of all interest if watson goes so will house become a boring character . so guys dont worry have hope , after all the people who make the show will be at greatest loss and they know it.

  24. Well..since learning that comcast is responsible for ending one of my favorite shows especially as a ” cost cutting measure” I’ ll definately have to consider changing my phone, cable, internet provider to Verizon!!!