Robert Rodriguez in Negotiations to Direct Deadpool

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deadpool movie costume Robert Rodriguez in Negotiations to Direct Deadpool

About six weeks ago the news broke on Robert Rodriguez being offered the director’s chair for the Deadpool movie, an X-Men spinoff which will star Ryan Reynolds as the infamous “Merc with a Mouth.” Now comes a report which reveals that the Rodriguez-Deadpool marriage is at least one big step closer to becoming a reality.

A solo film for the character of Deadpool – who was completely ruined in X-Men Origins: Wolverine – has been in development since his debut in the Wolverine flick early last year. Ryan Reynolds, the perfect and natural choice for the character, played his part to perfection despite the unfortunate writing/story decisions made as to how to handle the character, but it at least served the purpose of launching a separate starring vehicle for Reynolds to play the character again later.

Ryan Reynolds stated a while back that if he could pick anyone to helm his Deadpool movie (X-Men Origins: Deadpool?) it would be Quentin Tarantino and while that’s not going to happen, it sounds like he may be getting the closest thing to Tarantino in the selection of Robert Rodriguez. The last we heard about his involvement was from an inside source claiming that the studio offered the director’s gig to Rodriguez but we hadn’t heard any concrete updates until now, with the LA Times currently reporting that Fox and Rodriguez are now in negotiations.

Nothing is finalized as of yet and it’s absolutely not a done deal, but Rodriguez has seen the Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick script and things are looking good.

With a star, director and a draft of the script already done or close to it, we’re off to a solid start with a promising group of talent for the Deadpool feature film, but we don’t yet have an official schedule. According to producer Lauren Shuler Donner, they’d like for it to shoot next year if Reynolds isn’t so busy and that means we won’t likely see the film until 2012.

So, for your X-Men movie fix, next summer’s debut of X-Men: First Class on June 3, 2011 will have to hold you over.

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Source: LA Times

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  1. cool

  2. Oh my goodness YES!
    You have no idea how much I want this film to get going.
    Now, with the right direction and director, a Deadpool movie would be fantastic.
    I just want to get rid of the horrid images of “Deadpool-but-not-really” from that one film that should never have screwed with Wade Wilson/ Deadpool (*cough*Wolverine*cough*).

    • Yeah, I would rather have Sin City 2, but this could be the only thing that would get me excited about an X-men film again.

  3. also, they shouldnt give it the title “X-Men Origins:Deadpool” just call it Deadpool

    • Agree. Disassociation is the key word here.
      Besides, if Rodriguez directs it won’t be anything like Wolverine’s movie anyway.


  5. Great .
    As long as the Times isnt just going off the original rumor and reporting it as fact.
    That has happened before .
    If it is true I am all for it.

  6. Sad I had such high hopes for Deadpool but now it’s just gonna be a mindless gore fest with crap humor just like most RR or QT films all are pretty much garbage. I really wanted something good for the character this breaks my heart. Yay guts and over exagerated fake looking blood with action so over the top it makes Xmen look realistic. RR has two modes QT rip off guy or horribly awful retarded kid flicks IE spy kids.

    • so true :)

    • Dusk til Dawn, El Mariachi, Desperado and Planet Terror all say other wise.

      He’s perfect for Deadpool.

      • planet terror was garbage, all i needed to watch was the trailer to know of its quality.
        deadpool is a comedic in your face character, he needs to be handled properly or not done at all simple as that. its not all about blood and gore you know, if you read the comics you would see there is some quality to the character and RR doesn’t know anything about character dev/quality (see predators). even his characters in the mariachi trilogy where vague/one dimensional, i hated them for that very reason… and the action was lacking and when it when it was there it felt lacking and poorly choreographed.

        i’m really happy QT isn’t doing this and i really hope RR pisses off the list as well, they need someone who knows wtf they’re doing.

        • haha i do read the comics. have been a deadpool fan since 97.

          Rodrguez didn’t direct Predators…

          The script is already written… but Deadpool fans. So it will be accurate to the character.

          Rodriguez will just be shooting. And whether you like him or not… you have to admit he has a unique and surreal shooting style. Perfect for Deadpool.

          And Planet Terror was awesome. It was supposed to be garbage. It was meant to be a homage of those cheap ass looking exploitation flicks from the 70s.

        • Criticizing Planet Terror for being too over the top with the gore and what not is like criticizing Sin City for being too over the top and the actors dialogue being ridiculous and too hard boiled.

          In other words… it’s redundant.

          Planet Terror was a homage to those nasty, over the top 70s flicks.

          Sin City the book and the film is meant to be all noirish and hard boiled.

          Rodriguez nailed what he was MEANT to do with both movies.

          • the dude, some people, just dont get it…im glad youre one of the few that does, thats like criticizing black dynamite for being the same way…over the top

              • the film was perfectly executed in every way.

                • haha agreed. Black Dynamite is beyond amazing.

        • i think you’re missimg the point of what planet terror was about. it was never meant to be a serious movie. that was retro style horror flick. but i respect your opinion. but if he does complete this project, i think this film will be very interesting for marvel. and if it works i hope he could bring back The Punisher.

      • Ditto!

      • wtf are you talking to ? pay some respect to the locals or piss off simple as that, you don’t like someone’s opinion then don’t comment and if you do make it constructive prick.

  7. This is a great start Hope they go with an R rating after all Deadpool is an assassin , Wolverine was way too kid friendly but I trust with RR involved it won’t disappoint

  8. ohhhhh nice

  9. One step closer is also one step closer for me to the ticket booth.

    One thing : Skim that script, look for any part, big or small and put Michelle Rodriguez or Danny Trejo in it. Thank you.

    • Michelle Rodriguez for Domino maybe? Or Lady Bullseye (but why would she be in it? ahahaha, so yeah, Domino.) Danny Trejo as hmm… let’s see… Cable, maybe? Nah… UHm… let me think…nope.. can’t think of anyone for Danny.. But seriously though, Michelle Rodriguez for Domino.

  10. I think Henry Rollins would be a better Deadpool. Anyways, whatever. Just please do Cable justice.

    • um you have to be kidding….

  11. @the dude maybe for you but to me those films all prove my point he’s a QT ripoff. The onlything worse than a bad director is a copy cat of a bad director. Each of those films contain exactly what I just said I don’t like him for. I hate over used unrealistic cheesy gore. I hate over the top action. I hate overtop ridiculios martial arts. I hate cheesy films in general. I liked Sin City the only film these guys ever touched that I liked. They are not what made it good though in fact it would of been better with out them. The comic it was based on and the awesome cast made it great.

    Also to the above suggested actors Ms Rodriguez and the other clitche RR actor please no.

    • A Deadpool film NEEDS to have over the top violence and gore. It needs to be so over the top it borders on parody/satire. Deadpool is a satirical character after all.

      Also, Rodriguez is a master at handling budgets. He could make Deadpool for 40-50 million. A sure fire way to get it Rated R.

      Whether you like his style or not is opinion. But the guy deserves respect. He isn’t a copycat of Tarantino… at all. He’s similar, but he has his own distinctive style. And that distinctive, over the top, surreal style is PERFECT for Deadpool.

      The character depth/development comes from the script, which has been written by Deadpool fans including input from Reynolds himself.

      • yeah! Input from Ryan means it’ll be close to the source, because as we all know, Ryan is so dedicated to the character. I just can’t wait for them start making this.. and see Ryan in costume!! =)

  12. I think there already is a movie called deadpool.

  13. nevermind the movie is called The Dead Pool. It has Clint Eastwood on it.

  14. THE Deadpool. It was a Dirty Harry flick. Jim Carrey said the eff word in that movie wooooooo

  15. Also, any ideas for casting Cable? Sean Bean?

    • Michael Biehn would rock as Cable.

      But i doubt Cable will be in Deadpools solo film. Maybe a sequel if it gets it.

  16. No we don’t have to admit RRs style Is perfect for Deadpool in fact it’s completely wrong. Deadpool kills people sure but it doesn’t need to be overtly gory. RR does to much gore and it’s cheesy looking and overtly fake looking. Also Deadpool isn’t just about killing people. It’s funny and it’s smart two thing RR knows nothing about.

    If your gonna say something as simplistic as the director just shoots well you don’t understand film making at all. Even a great script can be turned to crap because of a bad director. Directors cut thing and add things to the script all the time. They over see so many aspects of the film that they can make or break it.

    Planet Terror was crap. Just because the style is suppose to be garbage doesn’t some how make the film good. It makes the creator an idiot for wanting to make a crap film.

    • Look whatever man, it’s your opinion.

      But i like Rodriguez… and so do a great many peoples. Fans and peers alike.

      And i know all about Deadpool, been reading his books for years. A Deadpool film needs to be surreal, violent bordering on satire/parody.

      The script will obviously include the tragic origin and show that Deadpool is actually a deepy fractured person.

  17. dude, Michael Biehn would be perfect. Josh Brolin for Black Tom? Idk. I’m merely going by his look lol. The only thing that could make me happy from this movie is if Deadpool just tore down the projection screen and killed the entire audience.

    • you have issues, clearly

      • I’m just sayin’ breaking down the fourth wall is more than just looking at the screen and saying “It’s like some kind of hot tub time machine.” lol

        • Imagine Deadpool facing the camera… and shooting it… and then asking the audience “are you guys still watching?” or how about “bang bang bang bang!!! okay, I’mma stop shooting you now and continue on with what I’m doing.”

          It’s that sort of randomness that makes Deadpool awesome…

  18. Robert Rodriques + DeadPool = Instant Awesome…
    If only it did’nt have to be connected to the X-Men’s now sh*tty Canon(it was going really freakin well all up until they gave the series to Brett Ratner(Look at me I’m a dream within a dream) that was Strange…).

    • it’s not connected to the X-Men canon. Shuler Donner and Reynolds have already said it’s gonna be a “reboot” of the character.

  19. And your simply wrong about everything.

    Actually I don’t bash everything I can point out several things I have not bashed and several things I’ve had good comments on. You just only remember the bashing that’s your fault not mine.

    I don’t comment on everything either I can show you multiple topics just this week alone I havnt said one word if I go back further I can point out hundreds of topics I’ve ignored.

    Fanboy? Of what exactly you ‘claim’ I comment on everything does that make me a fanboy of everything? Or am I only a fanboy of the things you disagree with me on?

    QT and RR making great films is far from fact. You’ll notice plenty of people out there who agree with several on this site alone. QT and RR make eye porn nothing with substance just mindless gore sex and violence.

    • Wait… you think QT just makes eye porn with no substance? Wha…?

      Now with RR i can understand that criticism. But QT? Then you go on to say your opinion is fact?

      Jeez, get over yourself man. People like you give movie/comic geeks a bad name. Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons was based on you.

  20. What makes me an expert Truth? The same thing that you think makes you one. I’m a deadpool fan he benefits from his humor and Witt something RR is lacking. As far as QTs Oscar win Is that suppose to impress anyone? Oscars have been worthless for a long time. I love how the same people b**** about the Oscar choices year after year but as soon as some one they like gets called in on bad film making they pull the Oscar card.

    I’ll admit Pulp Fiction was among his best work but hardly a good representation of most of his work. RR has no films that in my opinion that are worth watching. Unless you think Spy kids is just amazing. I’m not exactly on my own in thinking planet terror sucked. It’s not exactly considered a work of art by most. The films acting was sketchy at best the script was awful the story was idiotic and there was nothing of substance in the entire film. It was simply eye porn.

    Deadpool is a smart witty comic things that RR doesn’t even know the meaning of.

    • i think the film will be a fun ride, just like the comics.

  21. daniel, youre making a lot of friends on this topic…

  22. Yea I think I’m going to go ahead and call RR and QT and Bay films or anyother filmmakers films what ever I want. If you want you can go ahead and ignore my comments personally I don’t care what you think about my views. So enjoy RR and QT films and I’ll enjoy not watching them and I’ll enjoy my freedoms yay bill of rights.

    • lol. it could be worse, DeCRAPrio could be attached to this project, thank god he isnt

      • anthony,

        What’s the last thing you saw DiCaprio in? He’s a great actor who’s really matured and become seasoned as time goes on.


          • vic, Inception..i didnt go see it for him though, before that, Shutter Island, again, not for him. he just isnt my type of guy i guess, never cared for the teen beat, tiger beat heart throbs lol. Scorsesse will get him his oscar i think, if he continues to work with him.

    • You are comparing RR and QT to Bay? WOW… that’s… that’s something… and here you are acting all pretentious saying we are all wrong? lol amazing.

      Rodriguez has got a very polarizing style. Everyone knows this. But the guy still deserves respect even you don’t like his style.

      He shot El Mariachi on his own for like, 7 grand. It’s a great indie action movie and he proved you don’t need the backing of a studio to make movies.

      He shot the opening scene of Sin City with his own money so he could show it to Miller and Willis and Rourke… they ALL loved it.

      As for Planet Terror? Like already said, it was MEANT to be cheap looking and trashy. He accomplished what he set out to do with that film.

      He would be great for Deadpool IMO. Deadpool needs to have insane violence and action. Deadpool needs to have satire and self parody. Deadpool needs to have an ironic humour about himself. Deadpool the character is a manic depressive… it’s just on the surface he acts funny and tells bad jokes… that’s what Deadpool is. A clown who laughs on the outside but is crying on the inside. I think Rodriguez could also nail that ironic, jet black humour.

  23. I know Anthony lol it’s sad sone people are acting like I kicked their dogs. I hate RR and QT good for me. They take it so personal. Meh not like I care what anyone else thinks. There are maybe 4 people on this site that matter to me in anyway what so ever. Anthony your one of them. Your a decent guy we disagree alot but your cool

  24. Deadpool ======> PURE AWESOME

    Rodriguez… not so much…

    • the faculty is anothe good RR movie lol, back when hartnett was somewhat actually cool.

  25. They really ruined deadpool in x-men orgins wolverine but as long as the movie stays true to the comics it will be great. Also Rodriguez is a great director, and can’t wait to see X-men First Class next summer.

  26. I don’t see any real reason to slam RR on this. The man has made some pretty fun action films and a pretty good comic book adaptation… so.. no matter how you feel about Planet Terror and its intentions I see no reason to hate at this juncture – add in the Zombieland writing team and suffice to say, an X-Men movie set up over at Fox could A LOT worse than this.

    @Daniel F, I don’t want to begrudge you your opinion (it’s yours after all) – I will say that making absolutist statements like “QT and RR suck” as opposed to opinionated statements (I feel that QT and RR suck) might be riling people up. Just a thought.

    I remain more optimistic about this than I am about X-Men: First Class.

    • i think youre right there kofi, for me i cant say anything objective, i am a great fan of both RR and QT, for me to give my solid opinion on this would be biased, though i guess my opinions on the Decaprio viking incident is biased lol. ijust dont see the dud playing a hardcore menacing viking really.