Robert Rodriguez in Negotiations to Direct Deadpool

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deadpool movie costume Robert Rodriguez in Negotiations to Direct Deadpool

About six weeks ago the news broke on Robert Rodriguez being offered the director’s chair for the Deadpool movie, an X-Men spinoff which will star Ryan Reynolds as the infamous “Merc with a Mouth.” Now comes a report which reveals that the Rodriguez-Deadpool marriage is at least one big step closer to becoming a reality.

A solo film for the character of Deadpool – who was completely ruined in X-Men Origins: Wolverine – has been in development since his debut in the Wolverine flick early last year. Ryan Reynolds, the perfect and natural choice for the character, played his part to perfection despite the unfortunate writing/story decisions made as to how to handle the character, but it at least served the purpose of launching a separate starring vehicle for Reynolds to play the character again later.

Ryan Reynolds stated a while back that if he could pick anyone to helm his Deadpool movie (X-Men Origins: Deadpool?) it would be Quentin Tarantino and while that’s not going to happen, it sounds like he may be getting the closest thing to Tarantino in the selection of Robert Rodriguez. The last we heard about his involvement was from an inside source claiming that the studio offered the director’s gig to Rodriguez but we hadn’t heard any concrete updates until now, with the LA Times currently reporting that Fox and Rodriguez are now in negotiations.

Nothing is finalized as of yet and it’s absolutely not a done deal, but Rodriguez has seen the Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick script and things are looking good.

With a star, director and a draft of the script already done or close to it, we’re off to a solid start with a promising group of talent for the Deadpool feature film, but we don’t yet have an official schedule. According to producer Lauren Shuler Donner, they’d like for it to shoot next year if Reynolds isn’t so busy and that means we won’t likely see the film until 2012.

So, for your X-Men movie fix, next summer’s debut of X-Men: First Class on June 3, 2011 will have to hold you over.

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Source: LA Times

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  1. YES YES YES YES YES YES — Damn I sound like that shampoo commercial.. But WTH– YES!!!!! This is the best news to happen to the Deadpool movie so far!- if you can’t get Quentin Tarantino you can never go wrong with Robert Rodriguez!!!! R.R. is one of the best action film makers around– This — actually wait- only if Marvel allows him- and so does Fox btw- allow him to be Robert Rodriguez; or else whats the point of having him? I hope he didnt sign on unless he gets to do his thing on this.
    I’m talking blood guts gore, great film editing, and imbed that unorthodox style of his into a very unorthodox character. There is nothing predictable about Deadpool, and nothing predictable about Rodriguez, thats why its a match made in heaven.

    btw I’ve cooled off on Reynolds being Deadpool. His role as Green Lantern might make it hard to see him as another hero. Especially if Lantern is a big hit.

    • @Wepz, I really hope Marvel or Fox treat Deadpool as a Punisher kind of franchise, but Fox did introduce Wilson in Wolverine. Based on the financial gain of Wolvie, Fox may decide to keep aspects from that specific version of Deadpool. I just don’t agree with Reynolds being Green Lantern at all. I don’t care if he does a good job, I just think it’s awkward. Yeah, about Rodriguez…I enjoyed From Dusk til Dawn in a totally different way than, say, October Sky. The effects reminded me of Evil Dead(which is my fave stuff evuhhh), and it gave Clooney enough credit to be Batman(which didn’t turn out right). Planet Terror was cool IMO. Why’s everyone calling Deadpool smart and witty? The comics are written that way, but Dead Man Wade himself is a little off, isn’t he?

      • Reynolds himself is a Deadpool fan and has been involved with writing the script. I personally see no problem with him doing GL too.

        He knew Deadpool was gonna take a while to get off the ground… so he took another lucrative job. That’s it.

        He has been claiming since 2002 or 2003 that he loves Deadpool and wants a proper fourth wall breaking Deadpool flick. He wouldn’t decide not to make Deadpool now that he is at the home stretch.

        And Dusk til Dawn is awesome. Anyone who doesn’t like it needs to remove the bug from their ass. It’s just pure, ridiculous, B-movie fun. And George Clooney was totally bad ass.

  2. Oh Damn did I hear someone say that RR was QT rip off? LMMFAO. I think the only really good QT films have been films where QT is supported by a second director; Killing Zoe, True Romance, From Dusk Till Dawn. I do give him that his ability to rip off everyone else, QT that is, does translate relatively well for one time viewing.

    Anyway RR is an artist. His 10 minute how to vid’s are cool and he wouldn’t do them unless he truly believed in his art. I thought what they did with Deadpool at the end of Wolverine was lame and Wade Wilson defelcting bullets with his swords was even lamer. Ryan Reynold’s so doesn’t fit the part. Brad Pitt, Fight Club or Twelve Monkeys, would so fit. In any case Deadpool is an awesome character who couldnt possibly wokr in a serious film so I hope this is balls out black comedy. RR is the man for the job as far as directing is concerned. He’s grown into one of my favorite directors.

    • Oh Damn, he never said rip-off. He was just referencing the fact that they are both self made directors with similar style.

      Nice try; Killing Zoe, True Romance, Dusk till Dawn? You don’t get points for naming obscure (if not good however) films. You know Pulp Fiction was on your top 3 movies list for a minute. Just cause it goes mainstream you’re scared to give QT his credit?

      Ryan Reynolds is actually the new Brad Pitt dude. Sorry to let you know like this, but he’s talented and he’s got a 24/7 washboard. Sounds like the new BP to me. Oh and I like the line “Deadpool is an awesome character who couldn’t possible work in a serious film so I hope this is balls out black comedy”, really? A black (or dark according to recent PR standards) comedy is at it’s definition serious. A dark comedy IS serious subject matter – levied by comical writing. Deadpool is one character like the Punisher that would work well in that very genre.

  3. I’m more of a meh whatever when it comes to Leo. I hated him back in the day but The Departed was so good I can’t hate him. The Departed, Body of Lies and Inception make me respect him as an actor i’m not a fan and would never push for him in a film but he has earned my respect. I didn’t like Blood Diamond don’t get the appeal.

    • i didnt like the departed, only reason i saw it was cuz Jack. Infernal Affairs was far better, furthermore marty should be ashamed and give back his oscar for best picture for that movie. i know im gonna draw fire for this post LOL.

  4. To me “Blood Diamond” was about another arrow in the quiver to shoot at those that would conspire to make a common rock a precious commodity controlled by a monopoly…

  5. @the dude sorry for the confusion I wasn’t comparing QT and RR to Bay I was just listing some of the directors I think are awful. Bay is nothing like the other two in ‘style’ (I use that term loosely) I just mean I consider him to suck as well. I’ll admit they are both a little better but not by much.

    Deadpool kills people left and right but the comics don’t show an amzingly over the top amount of gore. They show gore but nothing on the level of those two. RR could give deadpool alot of jokes but I don’t expect them to be funny I’ve never seen anything comical come from him even though I’ve seen him try. Deadpool kills and makes jokes but he has layers there is alot more to the comic than meets the eye and RR is not good with layers. He is a everything is on the surface type of guy. His films are not smart or witty and don’t contain anything under the surface. He makes eye porn which means lots of gore , foul language, brutality and lame cheap jokes mixed with sone dirty jokes. Nothing more it’s cheap entertainment with nothing more behind the curtain.

    • Ahh ok i get ya.

      It’s all about opinions and you are entitled to yours. But in earlier posts in this article you seem to be claiming your opinion as fact man.

      I know there is layers to Deadpool. But like i was saying earlier. Rhette Reese and Paul Wernick are Deadpool fans themselves. They “get” the character. So does Ryan Reynolds, and he helped with the script too.

      All Rodriguez needs to do is translate that to the screen. And IMO his surreal, stylish shooting style is a great match for the “look” of Deadpool. The depth and characterization comes from the script mainly.

      As for the gore? Well in Deadpools mainstream comics they are not that gory. But in the more adult ones like Suicide Kings there is plenty of limp severing and blood. At the end of the day Deadpool is an assasin who uses guns, grenades and swords. It’s gotta be over the top and gory to some extent. It needs to be totally different to any mainstream comic book movie out there in a visual sense. Rodriguez could do that most definitely. Now, whether you like that or not is opinion.

  6. @the dude
    While I think Ryan Reynolds was the wrong choice for GL I think he is the absolute perfect guy for Deadpool he was born for the part. There is nothing wrong with him working for DC and Marvel.

    He’s ok for GL but he isn’t the best option there were at least ten better options.

    • I totally agree with you on GL.

      I’m not a fan of Hal Jordan (i’m a Guy Gardner… guy :D) Hal to me, is boring and uncharismatic. But i think that’s why they chose Reynolds. The Hal we seen in the GL film won’t be comic book Hal. It will be Ryan Reynolds’ Hal. A bit more charismatic and likeable. Similar to what Marvel did with RDJ and Tony Stark. RDJ brought some of his natural humour and charisma to the role.

  7. @the dude

    My belief on the matter has always been that if you don’t believe in your opinion you don’t deserve to have one. Everyone believes their opinion to be true the thing is some people like to be nice and not push buttons but more often than not most people act like their opinions are fact until someone else acts the same way but disagree with them all of a sudden they get all mad and pull the “that’s your opinion card”. If it seems like I’m saying my opinions like their facts that’s because to me they are. I’m passionate and I believe in my ‘opinions’ it’s my convictions and passion.

    Mainstram deadpool comics are deadpool comics. I think deadpool should be based on what most deadpool fans have read and what deadpool comics have the most issues. I’ve read some of the more adult Deadpool comics your commenting on and they do have more gore than the regulars but they are not over the top. RR gore tends to look pathetically fake and the way it happens is incredibly unrealistic. 5 gallons of blood spraying out of a leg wound and it looks nothing like blood actually does. Also RR tends to put 3 minutes of gore every 4 minutes. There isn’t much time for story with all the over the top gore.

    I still don’t think you grasp just how much a director does. It’s much more than simply shooting what’s on paper. A ass director can change the majority of the script. Cut or add just about what ever they want. A writer can write that a guy dies from being shot. The director decides how he wants to show it. He can pit a bullet between the guys eyes or he could have deadpool blast the guy to pieces with a machine gun and have the guts fly all over the place but make it so fake that you laugh at how fake and poorly it was done. Yay for plastic and rubber covered in syrup that’s made way way to red.

  8. I said my opinions are true for me. No body walks around thinking “wow I really don’t like this guy I think he makes bad movies but I’m wrong I know he makes good movies” no what you think is that he makes bad movies. I simply say what I think instead of sugar coating my opinions so I don’t push any buttons. I’ve seen most of you guys complaining doing the same things but you don’t agree with what I’m saying so your going to get in a huff. In fact your doing it right now your making it sound like QTs films are great and full of substance and it’s not debateable. You just stated it as if it was fact but I’m the bad guy because I disagree.

    For clarification mostly I’m refering to RR as I’ve said before QT has at least made watchable films. I can stand to watch Pulp Fiction and Inglorious Bastards but I wish he’d never make another film when I see things like Kill Bill.

    • Ok that’s fair enough.

      I suppose we are guilty of thinking our opinions are facts sometimes. Whether we realize it or not.

      But i don’t try to condescend people or slam them if i disagree with them. And to be frank, you seem to do that a little bit. You don’t need to. If you fully believe in your opinion, you don’t need to belittle someone else for disagreeing, do you?

      Anyway, another reason i think Rodriguez is good for this is because Fox lets the guy do whatever the hell he wants. He’s basically had free reign over Predators and Machete. Something rare for a big movie studio these days, especially Fox. So if the Deadpool films comes out good or bad we know it isn’t because of studio micromanaging.

      Whoever directs Deadpool what i really hope for is NOT to try and make it a blockbuster. Because no matter how much i like the character, i don’t think he is suited to that. And i don’t think a Deadpool movie could be a big tent pole either anyway. Make Deadpool for about 50 million, keep it accurate to the source and rated R… and i’ll be happy.

  9. We gotta disagree again dude for me Hal is by far the most charasmatic of all the GLs and the least boring. Hal was smooth and charming and lovable. That’s why all the others loved him and trusted him even Batman until the Paralax incident.

    I’ve never actually heard anyone who claimed to like Guy lol. That new I’ve heard of Hal fans, Kyle fans and John fans but never once have I met someone who likes Guy. The only thing I ever liked about Guy was how much he started pissing his pants around Batman after their incident where Batman kicked his ass. Always funny to watch him full of fear around the bat especially when he became The Warrior (I think that’s what was correct me If I’m wrong on the name).

    Personally I love Hal and John. Hate Kyle and Guy.

    • haha we disagree again huh? fair enough.

      i won’t go into a rant about Hal Jordan. The last thing i will say on the matter is that Geoff Johns recent treatment of him is the very definition of Mary Sue…ism :D

      I like Guy because he’s sorta similar to Deadpool. In that he acts like a bit of a douche because deep down it is fueled by his insecurities about himself.

  10. Not sure where you get that impression. I came here said how I felt about RR explained why I felt that way. I didn’t belittle or insult any one who likes him. However after expressing my opinion three guys gang raped me Internet style. From there it was me trying to defend my self and my beliefs.

    • ok fair enough. again i think we all guilty of that.

      despite me thinking Rodriguez is great for Deadpool he wasn’t my first choice.

      what do you think about Shane Black? He’s got a vast amount of action experience (if not as actual director) from his work on the Lethal Weapon movies and other 80s/90s action fests. And i LOVED Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. The fourth wall breaking and self aware humour instantly made me think he could do Deadpool justice.

  11. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was amazing I love that movie. I think he is a pretty good choice. Actually he’s a great choice.

    Martin S would be a good choice but no way in he’ll he’d do it. He’s got a little bit of a stick up his butt or thats the impression I get from him.

    Matt V from Kick Ass fame would do good as well but he his busy as hell these days. Making a crappy Xfirst class film. As much as I hate the thought of RR making Deadpool and yet i have more hope for that than first class or spiderman both films seem aimed for Twilight fame.

    Paul Mcguigan would be an interesting choice. Havnt seen most of his work but Lucky Number Slevin was great and was in the style I could picture deadpool being.

    • daniel, i think youre gonna be surprised on how RR handles this one, trust me.

    • In my opinion Lucky Number Sleven was FAR from great.

      And yes, Dan, we all believe in our individual opinions until proven wrong – but all of us have been proven wrong at one point or another. The fact that we know that we are not 100% right all of the time is reason enough to qualify our opinions as being opinions and not facts – it shows maturity. Acknowledging that there is room for error in our perceptions does not make us weak – IMHO it makes us wiser.

      • well said kofi. i agre, hell i know im one of the few here that thinks Leo is talentless, but thats my opinion, i dont feel the need to back it up. he just doesnt do anything for me really, never has, or will. RR makes movies that HE likes to make he does them fast, almost always within a decent budget, and for me, they are damn entertaining, hopefully Deadpool will get dont right by him, i was surprised when i saw Sin City, to me by far his best movie to date.

  12. Anthony I highly doubt it. RR has only ever made two types of films Spy Kids and everything else. I highly doubt he will make it a really stupid kid film like spu kids so I know exactly how this is going to look like every other RR film ever made. Maybe it won’t be as awful as I expect but I won’t be at all surprised how it’s going to look nothing about it will be surprising RR makes the same film over and over with new character names.

    Before people start crying I’m obviously exagerating the exact amount of sameness. My point is RR films are all very very similar and hearing his name attached to a film you can easily predict exactly what it will look like. Sure you may or may not like it but you can hardly argue we all know what it will look like and we all know it will contain way to much gore and it will look fake and be way more than a body could possibly contain. That’s his style and it’s in every film. Nothing ever surprising.

    • daniel, youre just not giving him a chance. its not even set in stone. over the top, yes, a lot of non-believable stuff in his films, yes. he di an AMAZING job with Sin City. its his best stuff to date.

  13. Oh Wise Kofi please explain to me how you can be proven wrong that a film you thought was awful was some how good? If you watch a film think it sucks then to you it sucks that is a fact for you. I’m not sure how that can be proven wrong.

    Also of all the people on this site to be calling me out on presenting my ‘opinions’ as fact your the last who should do it. You do the same thing all the time and can be very insulting about it as well.

    By the way you just said Lucky Number Slevin was far from great as if it were fact…, how dare you.

  14. I gotta agree with you worthing when it comes to deadpool and dark comedys. Although I would say while dark comedys are of serious subject matter they are still pretty silly and make a serious subject somehow unserious. I would like a dark comedy of sorts but with a more serious nature. I would use the joker in TDK as an example he said and did some awful stuff but it was at times hilarious and captivating while still being of serious nature. I mean the magic trick really stands out. My entire theater was laughing so hard but after you got the sense that everyone was thinking omg I can’t believe I laughed at that. Also alot of laughs at the very begining during the bank heist when the guy says “is he out ” joker nods and gets the guy shot lol. Joker was funny , serious and captivating at the sane time and still despite the humor crafted an great film.

    I think taking a TDK Joker type approach to deadpool would be great add a few more jokes of course. Mostly what I mean is take a crazy very crazy character who is also very funny and give him a very serious backdrop. A serious plot and serious supporting characters with the hilarious crazy guy in the center of it all.

  15. I don’t know echo I’d like it a little more subtle lol.

    Maybe In a big serious gun battel out of no where deadpool turns to the screen and waves and continues on with fight like nothing happened.