Robert Rodriguez Not Yet Committed to ‘Deadpool’

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Robert Rodriguez is being so coy about Deadpool it’s almost adorable. Though it was widely reported nearly a month ago that he was in serious negotiations to direct the X-Men: Wolverine Origins spin-off, word comes today that he is still, alas, noncommittal.

It’s a great script,” Rodriguez said, referring to the screenplay penned by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick (Zombieland). “I’m just working everything out.”

Apparently, Rodriguez has yet to decide if he’s going to pursue Deadpool next, or a pet project like Sin City 2 (or an as yet unnamed third option). Perhaps recent news that the Green Lantern sequels might be filming back to back, a la The Matrix and Pirates of the Caribbean, has him running scared? After all, if Ryan Reynolds is all tied up with Green Lantern sequels, who in the world could possibly play the titular merc-with-a-mouth, Deadpool?

Anybody, that’s who.

First of all, the character rarely takes off his mask and when he does, his face is severely disfigured to the point of looking like raw hamburger. Secondly, no self-respecting comic book fan considers X-Men: Wolverine Origins’ depiction of Deadpool to be either faithful or worth revisiting. So what if Ryan Reynolds played the character in that movie? So what if he wasn’t terrible for the ten minutes or so he was onscreen?

The truth of the matter is, you could hire one guy to be Deadpool’s body — say, Ray Park (Star Wars: Episode 1, The Phantom Menace) or Doug Jones (Hellboy) – one guy to be his wise-cracking, fourth-wall-breaking voice — say, Danny Devito (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) — and nobody would know the difference.

Robert Rodriguez fans should take solace in the fact that he has confirmed that he’s still in talks with 20th Century Fox, the studio producing Deadpool, and seemed supremely enthusiastic about the prospect of filming it. Frankly, it would delight me to no end to see Rodriguez direct a movie from a script that wasn’t his. He’s incredibly talented and creative, but when not reigned in, his movies tend to get ridiculous and self-indulgent at about the halfway mark (Planet Terror). Here’s hoping he commits.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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  1. I hope he doesn’t do it. There are not many directors that I would say I strongly dislike, but he is one of them.

    With that said I have liked one film by him only one and that is Sin City and I would much rather see him make a Sin City 2 than any thing else.

  2. i think his fans(yes daniel he has fans lol)want him to go with SC2, Miller is ready for it, we’re all ready for it

    • I know he has fans anthony you don’t need to explain that to me I’m just simply not one of them, but I liked Sin City and I want a sequel and I think it’s kind of screwed up that he keep putting it off even though the fans have been begging for it for so long now.

      • i know, i watched an interview with him and trejo at the Con, and it seems to me that he’s leaning towards SC2, because of fan pressure lol.

        • I agree with Daniel in terms of lettng somebody else helm Deadpool. Anthony, your right he’s got lots of fans AND I’M ONE OF THEM but I just don’t want his talent to be tarnished by Fox and their meddling. They promised Matthew Vaughn that they would’nt interfere but look a what is happening that pile of fecal matter. I think Rodriguez is watching what’s going on with X-MFC AND Green Lantern so he may be getting cold feet. I say he should just stick with SC2.

          • What’s Fox doing with First Class? Vaughn wouldn’t go back to Fox unless he was 100% promised no interference. He walked away from X3 for that reason, he’d walk away again.

            Fox loves Rodriguez. They let him do whatever the hell he wants. I mean have you seen trailers of Machete?!!? Fox wants Rodriguez for Deadpool because it seems they want to make Deadpool as a more modest budget cult film… rather than mid summer tent pole. Which i think is the right way to go. Rodriguez could make a great Deadpool film for 50 million. Smaller budget, less financial risk, less need for “suits” interfering with the film maker.

            And as for Reynolds? The guy won’t drop out of Deadpool… not after championing the character for like 8 years. As long as all the pieces are in place for Deadpool to start shooting as soon as Reynolds has finished Safe House, which should be around March/April, so it doesn’t interfere with Green Lantern promotional work, there should be no problem and Warner Bros cannot do a thing about it. Reynolds has a contract with Fox too remember. He isn’t WB exclusive.

            • Money talks, WB VS FOX is bound to happen for Ryan Reynolds.

  3. Really hoping Ryan Reynolds gets to be deadpool.He is basically made for this character.Plus he actually loves the character,so his input on different factors would be welcomed.As much as I love Sin City,I would really hope Deadpool is made first.The Sin City franchise is a series that had (and has plenty of legs) but I have lost hope of a follow up.It seems to be on the bottom of list now.I would rather see Deadpool made with enthusiasm and creativity,rather than a lackluster follow to the classic Sin City.

    • it wont be a lackluster follow up LOL.

  4. Love the casting suggestion.

  5. Rodriguez’s presence in the director’s chair could help Reynolds stay in the role, since Rodriguez is famous for short filming times. Also, using your idea for two people playing Deadpool, you could have Reynolds do the voice for Wade, ’cause that can be done very quickly too.

    • Very true on all counts. Still, I doubt it’ll happen. There’re just too many factors.

      • You’re probably right. But a man can dream…

  6. Does anyone really know if Reynolds is still onboard for Deadpool..I thought I read somewhere last week that WB has stated they don’t want him doing Deadpool because it means working for DC rival Marvel..I don’t know if it’s all BS .. anyone hear enything on that front?

    • I actually reference that report in the article, about halfway through.

      • Sorry… forgive my dumb @$$ !!

    • IMDB should never be a source of upcoming films. IMDB does a great job at showing us who has been in what film or TV show and who directed it, but is the worst possible source for who may or may not do what 2 years from now and what film may or may not be made. It’s about as reliable as asking your neighbor.

      • It’s great if you use imDB Daniel

        • imDB PRO I meant but you gotta pay for that

        • I love IMdb don’t get me wrong. If I want to know something about a film made in 1999 it works great, but even with pro it really isn’t at all reliable for future projects. It’s very undependable.

      • But what if your neighbor’s, like, Ryan Reynolds?

        • Rofl Benjamin well then you might have something lol

    • Yes there is. 2012 announced it says.

  7. there’s no mention of Deadpool either let alone eadpool

  8. Actually I kinda like that Ray parks Danny devito idea. Weird.

  9. If Scott Adkins comes back with Jensen Ackles as the voice, then maybe I can forgive for lack of Ryan, but it is still a shock to see that Warner and DC won this battle.

    And if Rodriguez doesn’t take the job then maybe David Gordon Green could do it. That is if he was a candidate.

  10. The battle over Ryan Reynolds isn’t a matter of DC VS Marvel, it’s WB/DC VS FOX! WB hates Fox for what they did to them with the rights on “Watchmen” and they want to make Fox suffer for it not only THAT, they want Green Lantern to have an actor that is the “FACE” of Green Lantern not the FACE of GL AND DP. They want GL to be special so if they allow RR to be DP AND GL it takes away that “unique or exclusive” image of GL regardless of DP wearing a mask. ALSO THEY DO NOT WANT FOX TO BOTCH UP THERE SCHEDULE FOR GL sequels by him switching back and forth from DP to GL then back again between sequels of each and such. I totally agree with WB.

    • I do not agree with WB… Reynolds should be free to work on whatever films or properties he chooses as long as it doesn’t interfere with another established contract..If he can work the time into his schedule to do Deadpool then he should be free to pursue it…When I see Bale in Terminator Salvation I don’t think Bruce Wayne..I think CHritian Bale is playing John Connor..same with RR I won’t think GL if I see him as Deadpool..

      • and Reynolds played Wade Wilson/Deadpool in Wolverine(a bastardized version of the character albeit) so it’s not like this is territory he has not stepped into prior to signing on to be Green Lantern.The precedent has already been established so to speak..

      • I see what your saying, but DP and GL are too comic book characters. It would be different if DP was just and action hero and GL was a comicbook character. When the same actor portrays two famous comicbook characters it makes each character seem generic and takes away the exclusiveness of both. Bruce Wayne is a comicbook character and John Connor is an action hero BIG difference.

        • How about we agree to disagree until we see Evans as Captain Amercia and then we can continue our debate over Reynolds as DP and GL since Evans will have played HT and CA ..

          • Let’s not forget Jeffery Dean Morgan in the Watchmen and the Losers too.. Wait I’m debating this again aren’t I ?

            • Don’t forget Hugo Weaving in V For Vendetta and Captain America! Could get confusing.

              • In V for Vendetta he’s a vigilante in Cap America he’s the villain.

                • hugo is just awesome in anything he does

            • Watchmen is a graphic novel/comic book. Losers is a comic book but pretty much just an action book NOTHING SUPERHEROIC ABOUT IT at all,there are no superheroes in it,it’s not based on superheroes HOWEVER WATCHMEN IS based on superheroes.

          • I agree on disagreeing with you though we’ve agreed on stuff in the past,it’s all good. Although Evans will never be HT ever again especially not while he is also playing Cap’n America. So we will never see him currently occupying both roles.

        • Is Deadpool that famous a character is he? So you could go up to the average person on the street and ask them if they knew who Deadpool was, they would know the answer? I doubt it.

          Wheras Green Lantern is very well known.

          • I’ve actually done that and it depends on who you ask. If it’s a kid,most know of Deadpool. If it’s an adult,most know of Green Lantern if it’s a female most know of neither.

          • Green Lantern isn’t very well known lol. Not at all. Why do you think when Reynolds was cast most average people who don’t know comics were like “I thought that Green Lanter guy was black?”. His only mass market exposure is in a couple of Saturday morning cartoons… and that wasn’t even Hal Jordan.

            Deadpool might not be that well known either, but a character like that certainly has an audience.

            Green Lantern is gonna appeal to the kiddies more than anything. That’s why it’s more lucrative. Personally, i don’t know any adult who is interested in it. I’ve explained a few things about the GL mythos to my friends like the oath and all that… they burst out laughing.

            Whereas Deadpool appeals to older people. Like action junkies, martial arts fans, comedy fans and it’d also have a bit of satire/parody and a pretty unique and un-cliche origin story.

            • I agree with that but after actually talking to people, kids were more familiar with Deadpool than GL!!! But I do see GL becoming way more popular than DP for kids because he’s more of a “kid friendly” character.

        • But Deadpool could just be taken for a action hero.

          That’s why i think if Deadpool is done right, it could be like Blade. That should be the aim of it. Forget it’s a Marvel comic book movie for a sec… it could just be a satirical action comedy. Same way people didn’t look at Blade as a Marvel comic book movie… but a action packed vampire hunting movie.

  11. I think Robert wants to focus on sin city 2 since he has been promise to sin city 2 from 2007 if i’m not mistaken and I also hope he put 100% putting effort on sin city 2 plus not only sin city sequel, robert did say he is already confirm that after sin city and spy kids reboot he wants to get back on doing another predator movie so in my opinion I think he might not directing deadpool.I admitted if Robert direct deadpool the movie its going to be amazing because he knows how to play with every action sequences of his movie.

  12. the only reason i say reynold’s should be deadpool is because of his acting in blade 3, his character in that movie and deadpool are almost identical. that and i really like him as an actor.

    if they do go ahead with the movie they should limit RR role as director, by this i mean pretty much tell him wtf to do instead of letting off the leash and they shouldn’t put ‘xmen origins’ in the title as it will without doubt ruin the film (since most people won’t even bother watching it, thinking it will be like wolverine (at least comics fans wont))

  13. just use the deadpool voice from ultimate alliance

  14. It would be awesome if Ryan Reynolds and Robert Rodriguez did this film together. It would be a great combination. Plus, I’m not saying that Ryan is the only guy that CAN play Wade, but he sure as hell is the only guy that has, and he did it very well. And being a huge Reynolds fan, I’d love to see him do Deadpool because he fits the character perfectly. And as mentioned somewhere above, getting Rodriguez to direct would most certainly increase the possibility of Ryan pushing through with doing both Marvel and DC Characters.

  15. Jensen Ackles would be a great choice for this part!

  16. WHy can’t Reynolds just do the voice? From what I understand this is one superhero who keeps his mask on almost all of the time. It would only take a few weeks to do al the voice work needed.

  17. Did he seriously just bash GL ? Drsam hold me back hold me back. Themselves fighting words

    • Was that aimed at me? lol i’m not bashing GL. I’m just being realistic from my experiences. People my age and my demographic find the idea of a “power ring” and an “oath” hilariously cheesy… and not the good kind of hilariously cheesy.

      I’m just saying i think Green Lantern has more mass appeal in that it can be marketed to kids, but a movie like Deadpool would appeal to the adults more. He’s got a tragic and compelling origin story. He uses gallows and satirical humour. Then there is the martial arts and gun play and explosions. Deadpool is more of the cult hit. Green Lantern is more of the lucrative, happy meal selling movie.

      And there is no problem with Reynolds doing both. None whatsoever. Especially when you consider that Deadpool doesn’t even need to be considered a superhero/comic book movie.

  18. GL has many adult story lines and is one of the most complexly written super hero comics there is. The vast majority of GL readers are adults. You say the idea of a man with a power ring and oath is childish and laughable but that’s an over simplification I could be said about any hero if you over simplify them. Batman considered one of the darkest hero comics and probably the most adult super hero comic there is but if you want to over simplify things the idea of a man in tights dressed in a bat with a little boy in girly cloths is pretty damn cheesy and laughable.

    The idea of a nut job in a colorful costume sounds kind of lame.

    By the way I’m a huge fan of both Batman and dead pool.

  19. Whoa! Just got here.

    GL more kid friendly? Maybe but the stories most certainly are not. I think the current Geoff Johns run has been cerebral, violent and utterly excellent.

    GL appeals more to adults who have grown up with these characters. Deadpool I would argue is more aimed at the teen market, cracking wise and being all cool, that certainly seemed to be what they were aiming for in Wolverine.

    GL is a more fantastical story than some superhero comics and flicks, but not really more than Superman.

    A Deadpool film is going to have a considerably smaller audience than GL, the character of Hal Jordan, while never quote reaching that of Batman or Superman, is still one of the mire famous comic book heroes of all time.

  20. Granted they made a guy with adamantium claws who decapitates,eviscerates,cuts off limbs,slices and dices people into a “kid friendly” character and they’ll prolly try to do it with Deadpool too but it would be much easier for Hollywood to make GL a kid friendly character because unlike Deadpool he isn’t a blood thirsty wacky mercenary that shoots people in the head and slices throats. But GL does have some very adult themes and stories,the character himself just isn’t as bloody and gritty as Deadpool.Deadpool’s weapons are guns,swords,knives,explosives,etc., GL’s weapon is his ring.