Robert Pattinson Confirms Twilight’s ‘Breaking Dawn’

Published 6 years ago by , Updated August 22nd, 2013 at 4:59 pm,

As if Twilight fans needed another reason to get excited about the hit vampire movie franchise, Robert Pattinson, who is the series heartthrob both off and on-screen, is here to fuel the excitement. At Cannes on Tuesday, Pattinson confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that a fourth movie will happen, based on the fourth book in Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.

Pattinson said he’s committed to star in the fourth (and presumably last) installment of the series, but he is unsure as to when studio Summit Entertainment are going to start production on Breaking Dawn. The Studio is currently busy with the second and third Twilight movies, as well as Pattinson’s schedule being jam-packed (playing a vampire sure has opened up a lot of doors for the young star).






Breaking Dawn would see Edward Cullen and Bella Swan dealing with their marriage and subsequent pregnancy.






I don’t think it’s a surprise that there are plans to make Breaking Dawn – if New Moon and the third Twilight sequel, Eclipse, are both as successful as the first movie was (which I see them being), you can guarantee Breaking Dawn will get made.

For you Pattinson fans out there who want to know as much as you can about what he’s up to, he is getting ready to finish shooting New Moon on Friday in Italy, which is shooting simultaneously with Eclipse. Once New Moon’s shooting wraps up, he then plans to take the weekend off before he heads for a planned 8-week shoot of a movie called Remember Me. As Twilight fans will know, New Moon sees Edward as, “a voice in Bella’s head,” says Pattinson.

He continued with – “You’re playing a figment in Bella’s imagination so I was trying to do it in a 2-D way. I hope it doesn’t translate onscreen as being boring.” After his two month shoot, Pattinson will then head back to Vancouver to finish shooting Eclipse, hopefully before October.

rob pattinson kristen stewart Robert Pattinson Confirms Twilights Breaking Dawn

Since they are shooting New Moon and Eclipse at the same time, it’s clear that the studio has every bit of faith in the franchise. I have said it before, but Twilight could have gone either way at the box office – flop or success – and for some reason it just clicked with general movie going audiences, and was a huge hit. My guess is you’ll hear about Breaking Dawn going into production when Eclipse wraps up (maybe even before that), and it will get released in the fall of 2011.

So are you glad Breaking Dawn is being made into a movie? Did you like the Twilight movie, and are you looking forward to the three sequels?

New Moon is scheduled to be released on November 20th in the US, and November 27th in the UK this year. Eclipse is set for a June 30th, 2010 release.

Source: THR

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  1. I’m a fan of Twilight but not it’s fans. It’s going to be pretty embarassing going to see the movie w/ a bunch of teenage girls.

  2. I don’t understand why are you covering everything based on Twilight so much on Screen Rant, unless I’m mistaken and majority of people who come to this site are teenage girls. The first movie sucked anyway.

  3. They dont leave anything out, this is a site that gives movie news.

  4. A fourth movie before the second comes out? More bad decisions by this franchise.

  5. No bad decisions here. Not only was Twilight a very good movie made from very good books, but the following movies will most likely be just as good and will be huge hits. The huge fan following alone will make sure of that. The fan following I saw at Comicon 08 alone proves that, and that was before the movie ever came out. This by the was is not coming from a teenage girl but a 40 year old guy who felt the books were very well written. I admit they were a bit heavy on the romance aspect and lighter on the Vamp/Werewolf side of the coin, but that’s just what those books are about. Take them for what they are. As far as why they would talk about this movie on SR…why wouldn’t they. SR is for every type of fan, any age, that likes a great website that is the best at talking movies.

  6. twilight sucks. not only did it ruin everything about vampires, but it’s nothing but the female fantasy put into words (and now on screen unfortunatly).

    how homo is it for a guy vampire to “twinkle” when they’re in the sun?

  7. @Foopher
    It’s the skin of a killer… weren’t you listening…

  8. But yes that was a very convenient/homo loophole in the standard vampire myth.

  9. @Huggybear

    Because we cover sci-fi/superhero/fantasy movies and Twilight qualifies.



  11. @Vic

    Fair enough. I’ll just ignore the next 2 mill articles about twilight for the next 5 years :)

  12. I am 35 years old.. I am A HUGE Twilight series fan.. True The Twilight movie was a tad on the Cheesy side.. the books are far better ~ BUT i am very very glad to see that Screenrant acknowledges that visitors of this site enjoy ALL TYPES of movies.. sad that people categorize movies as you do. Just because its a movie about teenage love.. doesn’t mean it cant be appreciated by an adult audience..Romeo and Juliet for instance.. a story of teenage forbidden love… A Classic story that not only appeals to Teenagers but to ADULTS as well..

    Thank you Screenrant for posting unbiasedly


  13. my comment on categorizing movies was meant for those who feel Twilight series only appeals to teen audience ;o)

  14. omgomgomgomgomg yaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy

  15. I am in love with these books and actually started reading them because of the movie comeing out. i was going to read them before, picked up twilight read the back thought it sounded stupid then saw a preview for the movie a year later and was oh ok i was wrong. and now i am hooked. yes i am a young adult, I am 22 but my mom is 50 and when we saw a “stupid lamb” T-shirt at our mall, not for me or my cousin but for herself. twilight appeals to everyone you have to choose to like it.

    but back on topic YAY BREAKING DAWN! I was rather upset at the rumors that they werent going to do it, how can you make 3 books into a movie but not the last and fourth book into a movie?

  16. phil conners don’t be embarassed have fun with it. and hey think of yur self as lukey i mean i’m a girl and if i were u i would be like hell yeah i am surronded by girls. and hey if they are yur age and they might be cute. when a sad part comes along they will have a shoulder to cry on. IDK unless yur gay.but hey i think that gay people r fun to hang out with.

  17. @heather

    what? so u are sayin datnew moon is going to be all the books combined or wat? i’[m so me out here.

  18. @huggybear lighten up. if u don’t like the web site then u might consider a diff. one

  19. @ mouse

    no what i was saying is they were going to make “twilight” “new moon” and “eclipse” into movies but they weren’t going to make breaking dawn into a movie.

  20. i love edward cullen

  21. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG i can’t wait till New Moon comes out and Eclipse is in close to be birthday :) If they don’t make Breaking Dawn into a movie i will be so upset because its one of my favourite books in the Saga! Plus why would they only make the 3 books into a movie and not the last one ?????? plus i want to see who they pick to play Renesmee :)

  22. I read all of these books. I am absolutely devastated, but not one bit surprised that these movies will be made. My fear that the tweenage girls of today actually swallow this tripe and moon about hoping their skinny little boyfriends might suddenly develop charm and behave in a gentlemanly and chivalrous fashion towards them. EDWARD BE MINE!!! will echo throughout the schoolyards, and thousands of tweenaged unplanned pregnancy babies named Edward and Bella will enroll in kindergartens in 5 years time!

    Please educate yourselves and start reading decent literature now! Try to remember, a book is a gateway to imagination. Don’t stop with TWILIGHT girls! Start reading great vampire literature, or even the literature that was canabalised to create Twilight!

    There is more to life than concrete babies with magic growing skills, leaving your parents to wither and die while you stay young with your 100 year old boyfriend drinking deer blood!

    I suppose everyone thought Barbie was the be all and end all once too, but we did grow out of that…oh wait, Paris Hilton! :) LOL

    Enjoy the film.

  23. omg that seems sooo close but it takes so long for the right day to come!!!!!! they should finish filming the series they can’t stop now!!!! oh well can’t wait for the movie to come out!!!!!

  24. ….. or should i say movies!!!!!!

  25. I am hoping that they will make the Breaking Dawn movie as well and can’t wait to see how New Moon and Eclipse turn out with different directors! As long as they stick to the books as much as possible for a movie, I think they both will be great movies, but I am really looking forward to Breaking Dawn!! I hope they do not cut too much out of it though, even if it has to be a four hour movie!!

  26. I don’t get why everyone is so frickin’ obsessed with twilight. Sure, the books were somewhat entertaining, but the movie was lame. The acting was aweful. Get over the fantasy and move on with your life. You people are way more sad and pathetic than any star wars geek or trekkie will ever be.

  27. I think the only ones who are taking Twilight too seriously are the ones attacking it. It’s a phase just like any other. I have read all the books and am a die hard fan…if you think it’s so stupid, then why bother looking up the articles and judging those who actually enjoy it? That’s what’s pretty pathetic in my opinion. And i’m sorry but what exactly are teenage girls supposed to learn from “great vampire literature” that’s going to help them in their everyday lives? And how is that any better than what their learning in Twilight? It’s all fiction! From all the twilighters out there….leave us alone! Let us enjoy our vampire love story, and if you don’t like it….STOP LOOKING IT UP!!!!

  28. Forget renesmee…I wanna see how they play out the wedding night…lol lol

  29. Im realy not the best reader and i asked my elder sister to read me new moon it took us ages to finish it and i really dont want to bother her and ask her to read me eclipes to so would somone be able to tell me wat happens in eclipes just like who does bella choes jacob or edward?