Robert Downey Jr. Signs With Marvel For The Avengers 2 & 3

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Iron Man 3 Spoilers Robert Downey Jr. Signs With Marvel For The Avengers 2 & 3

Just weeks before Comic-Con 2013, and just weeks after Iron Man 3 solidified its position among the top five grossing films of all-time, Disney and Marvel Studios are planning even further ahead than ever before. Last week Disney claimed two more release date slots for unannounced Marvel films coming in 2016 and 2017 and today they’ve officially announced that Robert Downey Jr. will continue to have a key role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Marvel is happy to announce that – after reports of tough negotiations – Robert Downey Jr. has officially signed to return as Tony Stark aka Iron Man in both (still untitled) The Avengers 2 and The Avengers 3.

Iron Man 4 – at least at this point in time – is not part of the plan for RDJ as he aims to clear up his schedule to pursue other projects. Although Shane Black teased the idea of Iron Man 4 & 5 with Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow’s mixed responses about more installments held true and Marvel aims to focus on expanding the MCU and introducing more characters from the Marvel Comics library, beginning next year with Guardians of the Galaxy.

Tony Stark Robert Downey Jr Jericho Missile Iron Man 1 570x361 Robert Downey Jr. Signs With Marvel For The Avengers 2 & 3

Despite Marvel holding the (for negotiation purposes) position that they’d be willing to recast Tony Stark, the “I Am Iron Man” quote from the film series couldn’t be truer. Robert Downey Jr. is the poster boy for Marvel Studios’ success and replacing him would be as challenging as it would be disappointing so it was inevitable he’d return in some capacity. Joss Whedon’s praise of the actor and his admittance of having every intention of working with him again for The Avengers 2 – which begins shooting early next year – played out just as we expected and the world can breathe a sigh of relief that he’ll suit up once again when Earth’s Mightiest are forced to join forces in summer 2015.

As for the idea of cameos or guest appearances in other Phase Two and Phase Three films, don’t count on it. From the get-go, Marvel President of Production Kevin Feige made it clear that the next set of films are more standalone, and unlike in Phase One where it was important to emphasize the shared continuity and build towards the main event in The Avengers, it’s no longer necessary with the brand earning its place in pop culture.

Iron Man 3 stood entirely as its own, and while Thor: The Dark World takes place partly on Earth it may follow a similar isolated story pattern while rumor has it Captain America: The Winter Soldier is the story that will bridge The Avengers 1 & 2. After that, Marvel ventures into unexplored territory with its “twisted” space-faring adventure in Guardians of the Galaxy which is not only a standalone story as well, but features an entirely new roster of heroes and villains, leading up to The Avengers 2 and then another new character’s origin story in Ant-Man.

With the Iron Man solo series on break for the forseeable future, the timing makes sense that with Phase Three of the MCU, Ant-Man steps into take over the first chapter duties.

Now to get Don Cheadle back as Rhodey. Should he (War Machine) get a part in The Avengers sequels?

More on this story (and Ant-Man) as it develops.


Iron Man 3 is currently in theaters, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016 and May 5 2017.

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  1. Listen people calm down. The Avengers was one of the best movies of last year and also is my favorite of all time. RDJ is one of the best actors out there and he’s perfectly suited for the role of Tony Stark. All of this is common knowledge. Now let me review with you guys how I perceived the MCU thusfar (but I’m excluding the two Hulk movies):
    Iron Man (2008)-Liked it; RDJ carried the movie; major comeback from him
    Iron Man 2 (2010)-Waste of a movie; RDJ once again carries this one but Favreau is less inspired
    Thor (2011)-Ok, thanks to Hemsworth, Portman, Hiddleston, and Hopkins but not as good as it could’ve been
    Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)-Properly nostalgic
    The Avengers (2012)-Way better than any of those aforementioned; great performances all around with Ruffalo being the stand-out; Joss Whedon was the perfect director for this particular film and I enjoyed every moment of it; best battle scene ever filmed
    Haven’t seen Iron Man 3 but from what I’ve heard it equals the first Iron Man (not Avengers, which is what I expected obviously)
    I expect Thor 2 to improve on the first one; I also expect Captain America 2 to also improve on the first one
    Don’t know what to expect from Guardians of Galaxy. Not much of a comic book person. I’m a movie person primarily, which is what this whole website is for. Guessing it’s a spin off and Marvel has adequately casted it, as one would expect.
    Can’t wait to see a Ruffalo-Hulk movie. I want to see a bit more Banner than Hulk (though both were fantastic in The Avengers). The one particular flaw of The Avengers was the underdevelopment of Hawkeye. I’d like to see more development there and I’m guessing there will be more Black Widow. I’m also guessing that in Captain America 2 she will be romancing or at least flirting with Captain America, which should be interesting. I’d like to see Thanos, or whoever the villain is, be as strong a competition as Loki was to The Avengers.
    And also, as good as RDJ is as Tony Stark (and no, he’s not bored with his character, he’s one of the best actors out there), I would not say it’s his best performance. His best performance most definitely was as Kirk Lazarus in Tropic Thunder. Fantastic performance, he carried that hilarious movie also.
    I’d like to see Marvel continue with their lighter attitude. They have a distinctive DNA compared to DC and I like that. That’s what, I think, draws in more of an audience. Good job to everyone involved with that

  2. I was hoping they could cast cage for IM, the guy really has a lot of expressions

    • You must be joking. Not funny.

      • Well actually Marvel considered Cage and even Tom Cruise for the role before Downey.

        • Could you imagine either one of those two in that role???!!

  3. I am so happy they signed Downey (or he signed Marvel??), that I decorated my body with tinfoil and tin cans and jumped off the couch and coffee table, pretending to fly around the room!

    • I have nothing but respect for you man if i didn’t have my school finals tomorrow i would probably do the same thing :) lol

      • Thanks Conor. Good luck with the finals. And if you need help with some of the answers, great scientist that I am, I will be glad to impart & bestow my Starkian wisdom upon you…if I can just (ugh) get out (ooof) of this (blankety-blank) tin-flippin-can….!!!!(Whew..anyone got a can opener? I. Am. Iron. Man.).

        • Uh, can opener. To open my suit. You know, cuts through metal. I didn’t mean “can-opener” like, well, darn it, who mailed me the box of Ex-Lax?! (“Can-opener” indeed! Harumph!).

          • Lol:)

  4. I didn’t like IM III. Still, I am glad that RDJ will play Stark/Iron Man in Avengers II and III. Now, I hope that Avengers II is a lot better than Avengers I.

  5. I never found RDJ to have very much range. He is perfect for these kind of roles, and tho he plays a convincing sherlock holmes he is proven weaker by the TV interpretation of benedict cumberbatch. He kills the role of ironman cauase its so much like his actual atttitude. If your gonna get paid to play yourself wouldnt you?

    • @ Trey

      That’s the same thing I said about Charlie Sheen and his role on Two and a Half men. He got a million bucks an episode to just be himself.

      Not a bad gig!

    • That has to be one of the MOST un-informed statements EVER!
      NOW I know he is not the best actor in Hollywood but your statement just seems to stem from either jealousy or stupidity

      Did you see Chaplin?
      or Tropic Thunder?

      there are more examples but I wont waste TOO MUCH TIME trying to convince
      the un-convincible or the un-informed, there are just too many smart people to talk to on this site!!

      • hahahaha… thanks. im glad i didnt have to write that. that guy really has no clue

      • The “MOST un-informed statements EVER!”
        A little hyperbolic, don’t you think? So the guy hasn’t seen all of RDJ’s performances, cut him some slack. There is probably a better way to say what you wanted to say.

    • @ Trey

      I think Tropic Thunder alone showed that he has some pretty good range as an actor. He’s had other roles that demonstrate this as well. He is a very good actor.

      • Of course RDJ has range lol: He’s the dude, playing the dude disguised as another dude.

    • @Trey
      I don’t know how many of RDJ’s films you’ve actually seen, but for a better reference on his “range”, watch Chaplin – you’ll eat your words 😉

      He’s played plenty of different characters in his life. It just so happens that Tony Stark is the role he’ll probably go down in history for (which can be seen as a good or bad thing).
      The point is, he’s not a one-note pony. I suspect his upcoming role in The Judge will also be quite the departure from what we’ve come to expect over the last few years.

      As for Sherlock Holmes, I think both of them interpret the character very differently. Personally, I think that a character who walks around nude in public and makes sex/gay jokes/references isn’t a proper interpretation of the famous detective, however, Cumberbatch has proven to master certain aspects of the character (such as his thought process and method of problem solving for example). For a modern “retelling”, Cumberbatch did it wonderfully (and that’s probably the closest I’ll ever come to complementing his portrayal ;))
      Downey, imo, played it more classical. The movies themselves are a bit too over the top with action/explosions, but that aside, looking only at the character: his interpretation is something I found very close to what I read in the books. The wit, the narcissism, the fascination and obsession, etc., as well as some other nuances that might not be so easy to pick up.

      Both played it very differently… it’s tough to really compare.

      • One film doesnt depict range. He hasnt done a serious role since his return. Chaplin came out in 1992… until he does something of that caliber again ill pass on eating my words, to many calories. As for tropic thunder he waa goofy as he was suppose to be. No emotional weight behind it. Not to say it wasnt a hilarious performance

        • He did The Soloist after his Iron Man comeback. And since his 1992 Academy Award nomination for Chaplin, he’s delivered many praise-worthy performances in films like Natural Born Killers, Wonder Boys, and A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, just to name a few.

        • Not very many actors could pull off what Downey did in Tropic Thunder and still be funny. I was seriously one of the best performances I’ve seen from him… hilarious.

        • @Trey – Speshlk37 pretty much got you with the ‘RDJ’ films you failed to mention. The guy does have range and he’s an excellent actor.

          • I thought he was good in “Zodiac” as well.

            • dont forget kiss kiss bang bang, such a good film

              • Kiss kiss bang bang I remember really enjoying that

          • Disagree he plays the same character in everyone of the films he named. Even in the soliest he was out performed by jamie foxx. Im not saying he is a bad actor, im just saying besides tropic thunder and chaplin his characters all mend together with similar attitudes. Which is who he is and is great out. But he is in no way the best actor in the MCU. But nor is he the worst

            • The reason I brought up The Soloist wasn’t to say whether he or Jamie Foxx delivered the better performance, it was because you claimed he hadn’t undertaken a serious role since his comeback. And while he doesn’t completely disappear into every character he plays like say, Daniel Day Lewis, he is still one of the more talented and charismatic actors working right now. Besides, a lot of very gifted, award winning actors play similar characters in different films (see Tom Hanks, Jack Nicholsen, Denzel Washington, etc.)

            • Also, I’m not sure if we were watching the same movies or not, but his sleezy Australian tabloid reporter in NBK had about as much in common with his eccentric, homosexual book editor in WB as apples have with oranges.

              • He’s been acting since 1970, so he must be a hack 😉

                • He is not a bad actor and I blame Guy Richie for the whole Sherlock Holmes situation

            • Less Than Zero

            • The only guy that plays the same character in every film he does is Tom Cruise.

              • Most of the time, yes. A notable exception being of course Tropic Thunder, again. He also gave exceptional performances in Interview with the Vampire, Magnolia, and Collateral. All roles where he was cast against type.

    • he was a drug addicted alcoholic who just turned out to be the greatest tinman that ever lived- how dare you

  6. Am I the only one who thinks that there really doesn’t need to be another Iron Man movie??

    I mean… IM3 kinda tied it up for solo movie purposes… The Avengers has such a deep catalog that we could go a long way with other characters before we’d have to revisit an Iron Man solo movie.


    • Amirite? Is that some type of new element? CALL JARVIS!! 😀

    • I don’t think your alone with being against IM4 man, personally im not all for it because I generally just think a 4th movie is pushing it when you run out of ideas for $$ but I enjoyed Iron Man 3 I had a lot of fun with it Marvel I think is very productive and I think they get smarter with every movie learning from their mistakes (what worked for the movie and what didnt ex. Iron Man 2 which I felt had a ton of mistakes and so did Jr) so bottom line could there be a fourth movie yes does it look like its happening yep could it be good and be one of the few good fourth films I think so it probably wont be happening until later though. Hr will probably only do it if he thinks the story is good.

  7. Personally I’m interested in watching rdj in that pinocchio adaption he was talking about. Maybe even see him doing other roles maybe star wars or doing more drama or historical roles

    • Agreed he’s a good actor in my opinion I’d like to see him in more stuff, I’d like to see a movie about his drug recovery maybe he could write and direct that I always felt he’d make a terrific director if he ever chose to change careers.

  8. I´ll guess 40 million each.

  9. I’m shocked, shocked to find that signing is going on in here!

    Your winnings, Mr, Downy.

    Oh, thank you very much.

    • Great Casablanca reference……!!

      • Say, thanks Heustis 😀

    • Hee-hee…”shocked that signing is going on in here!” Cute.

      • Glad you liked it, Goldilocks 😀

  10. I don’t it’s a surprise really (as I and some other people have already predicted this before haha), considering RDJ loves working with Joss Whedon and also Mark Ruffalo (he’s pretty much confirmed) and of course the other Avengers too. I hope we’ll be hearing the return of the other casts soon, I really don’t want to see some or even any cast changes :)

    • Same dude I want the original cast back I imagine they will come back it’s just matter of time for Fiege to get the contracts shipped out.

  11. Other than the exploding of all the suits @ the end of the film, I thought IM3 was a great movie. Shane Black has a gift for dialog and the humor is RDJ’s strong suit.
    Big deal if the Mandarin wasn’t done justice. Iron Man was a 3rd tier hero until the movies came out, now all of a sudden its sacrilege to change one of his rogue gallery? That’s BS!

    After Avengers 2 & 3 come out they should get RDJ on a cameo contract and play President Stark to tie the various phase together.
    I would love to see a Marvel team up movie with Hawkeye, Warmachine and Black Panther.

    • +1

    • What ?!?! Iron Man was a third tier hero ? WTF are you smoking ? Iron Man has been one of marvels top 5 characters since long before the movies came out. Just because you didnt like him before the movies dont make him 3rd tier. People that actually read marvel comics know better than that.

      • While not a Tier 3 character, he most definitely WAS a B lister until the movies.

        • +1

        • As the Avengers roster grew quite large, some of the more powerful characters, i.e. Thor, Iron man, et al, fell back to less use in the issues, enabling other characters to be move active. On the flipside, however, these same characters more than often also carried their own titles, meaning they made money on their own. For special occasions and formidable opponents, they would make return appearances in the Avengers again. Iron Man is the favorite of quite a good percentage of Marvel fans and was never a “B” character. Statistics based on sales alone (not popularity) place him at number 5 for Marvel.

  12. Could IM4 depend on the success of Thor/Captain America and GOTG?

    Avengers 2 will do huge numbers, probably same or more than the first but what if Thor, CA and GOTG dont do great? Could that force them to do IM4 knowing that its a popular franchise, established and has the star? Seeing how well IM3 did you know part 4 is guaranteed to be a success.

  13. This is literally all I wanted. We all know Marvel will keep making these movies until they stop making money, but for me, Avengers 3 is the end-goal. If they can keep the cast more or less consistent until then, reboot-free, I’ll be happy.

    Then they can run the franchise into the ground.

    • Or they can just end it with Avengers 3. Think it’d be better than continuing it just for the sake of continuing it, unless they have the ability to keep it fresh.

      • There is always the chance these kinds
        of films fall out of fashion with the audience.
        Such a time could be soon after The Avengers 3.

        • This is good news. RDJ returning for Iron Man, but focused into the Avengers films.I am a big fan of the character- only one in my peers before the first film in ’08 came out- and loved Iron Man. It is one of my favorite comic book-based films.

          Iron Man 2- I cannot watch it fully before being bored.
          Iron Man 3- Entertaining and witty, but underwhelming in places. At least its better than Iron Man 2. First act was really good.

          I think RDJ is great as the character but I only felt he was truly Tony Stark in Iron Man and The Avengers. Personally I think it’s because those two films truly went into the essence of the character and give him an arc. Iron Man 3 came very close- especially in the beginning- until certain parts where it felt just RDJ saying witty lines.

          Maybe just allowing the character to appear less will be more.
          RDJ can relax the role a bit and return with a fresh, renewed perspective.
          Iron Man can now be more effective whenever he is on screen and force the writers to do stop being repetitive with his arc.

          It will allow to open space for other characters. Keep RDJ effective and force Iron Man in a new route.

          • True, it’d be interesting to see RDJ very later in the road, sort of the return of the hero who started it all.

          • I agree. Downy was Tony Stark only in Iron Man and The Avengers.
            Iron Man 2 and 3 quickly faded from memory. Each were disappointing.

            Yes, this is good news for Iron Man in the sense will have a much
            greater chance of seeing the iconic Iron Man in Avengers films.
            Iron Man was the only solo film where he was throughout.

        • They’d have to really be creative if they want to continue it. There’s only so much comic booky fun can take you (I’m not trying to say it’s bad or trying to bash Marvel). This goes with every film series though, doing the same thing will guarantee you a bore fest sooner or later. Though Marvel does seem like they know this, what with Guardians of Galaxy, I’m looking forward to it because it looks different, I barely even know the characters. Doctor Strange may be able take a whole different tone for the films.

          • The success or failure of Guardians of Galaxy
            will be determinative of where the future lies
            with other Marvel characters in movies.

            Notice they are keeping that out of
            the continuity of The Avengers, etc.,
            hedging their bets not to spoil what
            is working now in case GOTG fails.

    • They don’t have to end the MCU after the Avengers 3, but they can give Thor, IM, and Cap a rest for a bit and build up DareDevil, Punisher, and guys like Black Panther in a more grounded group of films. Go a different direction after the more SciFi/Fantasy elements of the Avengers series.

      • Yep, I had the same idea for Phase 4. I wanted them to do the Shadowland story arc with all the street-level heroes, but they kinda need Spider-Man to make that work. I think they could pull it off without him though.

      • +1

        That would be awesome. Really curious to see how long this universe continues.

      • Though if they were to go into that direction, it’d be an intense change in pacing for the audience. From Avengers action to grounded city, wonder how it would turn out.

    • I’d really love it if they built up the Civil War storyline over the next Avengers movie and in the Phase 2 and Phase 3 standalone movies, culminating in Avengers 3 where the civil war takes place.

      I would really, really, love to see that!

      But hey, I’m sure they have a good plan for the next two already. Marvel Studios has surprised me with how consistently well-made and well-thought-out their movies are.

      • Without Spider-Man, X-Men, and Fantastic 4 properties in house I wouldn’t want them to do it. But who knows… they’ve done a great job at butchering some classic story arcs so fat.

        • *far

        • Yeah, besides the polarized attitudes of Tony Stark and Captain America, Spider-man is a very crucial part of the Civil War arc.

          • Which is why they should make a deal with Sony, then Garfield can get in the mix… after Phase 3.

    • I am already sensing the next Thor and
      Cap films will be their last solo efforts.
      IM is already done and had its three
      driven by better box office results.

      • @Robert Palmer – You might be sensing it but your senses are wrong, there will be a “Thor 3″ & “Cap 3′, count on it. I do think those third films will be the end though.

        • A sense of events is not a guarantee by definition.
          Nor is a stated certainty that is actually a prediction.

  14. Best news ive heard all day

  15. This is great news but please don’t let Shane Black near another comic book movie, stick to what you know

  16. Of course he does!!

    I was way too happy when I read that… 😉

  17. It was just a matter of time before this deal was done, wise move by Marvel of course. With ‘RDJ’ now being re-signed expect the other pieces from the remaining cast members to start to fall into place. I expect to get a lot of news, announcements and updates between now and next month’s Comic Con.

  18. Hopefully by only signing RDJ for the Avengers sequels, this is a sign that Disney/Marvel are stopping with all this sequels and are opening room to expand their universe, and show more heroes.

    • these* sequels

    • True, just like ‘Iron Man’, ‘Thor’ & ‘Cap’ should end after the third films. That’s why it would be wise and in Marvel’s best interest to introduce much needed characters like ‘Black Panther’, ‘Namor’, ‘Luke Cage’, ‘Dr. Strange’,’Iron Fist’, ‘Ms. Marvel’, ‘Inhumans’, ‘Scarlet Witch’, ‘Quicksilver’, ‘Antman/Giant Man’, ‘Wasp’ etc and keep it moving. Even without the likes of ‘Spidey’, ‘X-Men’ & ‘Fantastic Four’, Marvel studios still has a vast library of charcters to bring to the big screen.

  19. Meh.

  20. Recast??? Marvel (and their Disney overlords) should know better. RDJ owns that role and anyone else would PALE in comparison.
    Thank God the cheapskates at marvel (and their Disney overlords) got the job done.

  21. Smart move for Disney for signing RDJ with the success of Man of Steel Disney will need all the help they can get… I like The Avengers but i love Man of Steel story wise.. The Avengers were quite predictable for me… plus superman handled an invasion on his own while the avengers took a team effort

    • @emma_frost – Please, stop kidding yourself. Marvel need all the help they can get, when they make films that start grossing 1.2 or 1.5 billion come back and talk, until than stay in the background and continue to watch Marvel steamroll the box office. MOS was pretty good, the action scenes we’re excellent, the story though was too back and forth, no cohesiveness in it what so ever. I could have done without all those damn annoying flashback scenes, way too much for my liking. The scenes on Krypton was vibrant and exciting, they should have shown more of that. Overall MOS was good but not great, similar to “IM3″, now “The Avengers” was a great film period.

    • I agree.
      RDJ is certainly a big part of their successful films.
      In this capacity, they can now use him a little bit more effectively. I mean between Avengers 2 and Avengers 3 with no Iron Man? His return alone will attract audience even if they are tired of the films.

  22. am I the only one who hopes emma_frost is really a hot girl? I hope you are! probably a fat turd in real life

    • @jim – Now that remark was cold and uncalled for bro, but funny as hell, LMAO.

      • oh no,not cold just realistic!! I want him/her to be hot! preferably her!!!

        • I hear you man, it’s better to look hot than not.

        • and I get what she/he say about the films I love both. but he/she is right, mos was better than im3, but both could have been better but they were both good films that each has there own fantastical bullcrap that we have to live with. that’s why its a comic book fantasy

  23. no response from frost so Im guessing the latter. damn I thought this was the place to pull lol!!! joke I am not a troll!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. This is good news. RDJ returning for Iron Man, but focused into the Avengers films.I am a big fan of the character- only one in my peers before the first film in ’08 came out- and loved Iron Man. It is one of my favorite comic book-based films.

    Iron Man 2- I cannot watch it fully before being bored.
    Iron Man 3- Entertaining and witty, but underwhelming in places. At least its better than Iron Man 2. First act was really good.

    I think RDJ is great as the character but I only felt he was truly Tony Stark in Iron Man and The Avengers. Personally I think it’s because those two films truly went into the essence of the character and give him an arc. Iron Man 3 came very close- especially in the beginning- until certain parts where it felt just RDJ saying witty lines.

    Maybe just allowing the character to appear less will be more.
    RDJ can relax the role a bit and return with a fresh, renewed perspective.
    Iron Man can now be more effective whenever he is on screen and force the writers to do stop being repetitive with his arc.

    It will allow to open space for other characters. Keep RDJ effective and force Iron Man in a new route.

  25. Great, cant obviously see nobody else playing Tony Starks

  26. “[…] the next set of films are more standalone, and unlike in Phase One where it was important to emphasize the shared continuity and build towards the main event in The Avengers, it’s no longer necessary with the brand earning its place in pop culture.”

    This piece of dialogue screams out to me.
    The Avengers-successful as it was all around- was a great gimmick.

    Iron Man stood on its own and very successful.
    While the rest were not bad, they were not as near as good as Iron Man.
    They relied on a formulaic structure, continuity tie in, and cliffhangers to a better film- The Avengers.

    Everyone wanted to see it. Those not initiated were interested in concept alone. Fans of course wanted to see it. Any fans won over by a particular hero or franchise but not necessarily others wanted to see the continuation of that story and the big deal of this “avengers thing”.

    The film was able to gain attention and did not disappoint- winning more fans than those who watch each of these films and characters.

    The characters were not known very well. Now many know them.
    Personally only Iron Man (the first film) succeeded well prior to the Avengers.
    Now the company has Brand recognition and films such as Iron Man 3 can reach over a billion dollars due to “The Avengers Effect”. It would be interesting how the rest of the phase 2 films fare.

    I am interested in the stand alone stories as I hope the characters are better displayed on screen. Lesser known characters have a chance if GotG is successful. Marvel Studios now has to sink or swim to keep up the momentum.

    RDJ being featured less will prove more impactful when he returns, especially in Avengers 3 if there is no appearance throughout phase 3. The success will now depend on these characters to keep the brand name up.

  27. So does this signing mean that the lower paid cast members got raises for their roles?

    • @Brules – I’m going to assume that’s exactly what ‘RDJ’s’ signing means. I expect that the other cast members will be getting hefty bumps in their contracts, I don’t think ‘Scarlett’ though because it was already confirmed last year that she will be getting 20 million for her reprisal in “Avengers 2″.

      • Such a waste of money… Ugh.

  28. RDJ and Iron Man are the best thing about the Marvel Universe in my opinion.. He brings a lot to the role and give the whole thing a bit of old fashioned hollywood star class.

    • Robert Downey Jr. (IMO) is setting the example of the importance of playing a super hero character more consistently than any other actor who has played one. Like him or not, this is what I have always wanted to see out of actors and movie studios… continuity! My hat off to you RDJ and Marvel Studios for pulling this one. This comment, by the way, coming from a DC person.

      • Tell that to Hugh Jackman. (Seven times and counting)

  29. Wonder when the masses will get sick of this over saturated drivel.

    • @TheAvengersSucked – So what’s your name supposed to mean, you proclaiming how much you hate ‘The Avengers’ and Marvel or something, so what, big deal. You wanna know when the masses will get sick of it, who knows, but i’m already sick of you after one comment, haha. It’s like this, if you don’t like something don’t watch it, GTF outta here.

      • +1