Robert Downey Jr. Signs With Marvel For The Avengers 2 & 3

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Iron Man 3 Spoilers Robert Downey Jr. Signs With Marvel For The Avengers 2 & 3

Just weeks before Comic-Con 2013, and just weeks after Iron Man 3 solidified its position among the top five grossing films of all-time, Disney and Marvel Studios are planning even further ahead than ever before. Last week Disney claimed two more release date slots for unannounced Marvel films coming in 2016 and 2017 and today they’ve officially announced that Robert Downey Jr. will continue to have a key role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Marvel is happy to announce that – after reports of tough negotiations – Robert Downey Jr. has officially signed to return as Tony Stark aka Iron Man in both (still untitled) The Avengers 2 and The Avengers 3.

Iron Man 4 – at least at this point in time – is not part of the plan for RDJ as he aims to clear up his schedule to pursue other projects. Although Shane Black teased the idea of Iron Man 4 & 5 with Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow’s mixed responses about more installments held true and Marvel aims to focus on expanding the MCU and introducing more characters from the Marvel Comics library, beginning next year with Guardians of the Galaxy.

Tony Stark Robert Downey Jr Jericho Missile Iron Man 1 570x361 Robert Downey Jr. Signs With Marvel For The Avengers 2 & 3

Despite Marvel holding the (for negotiation purposes) position that they’d be willing to recast Tony Stark, the “I Am Iron Man” quote from the film series couldn’t be truer. Robert Downey Jr. is the poster boy for Marvel Studios’ success and replacing him would be as challenging as it would be disappointing so it was inevitable he’d return in some capacity. Joss Whedon’s praise of the actor and his admittance of having every intention of working with him again for The Avengers 2 – which begins shooting early next year – played out just as we expected and the world can breathe a sigh of relief that he’ll suit up once again when Earth’s Mightiest are forced to join forces in summer 2015.

As for the idea of cameos or guest appearances in other Phase Two and Phase Three films, don’t count on it. From the get-go, Marvel President of Production Kevin Feige made it clear that the next set of films are more standalone, and unlike in Phase One where it was important to emphasize the shared continuity and build towards the main event in The Avengers, it’s no longer necessary with the brand earning its place in pop culture.

Iron Man 3 stood entirely as its own, and while Thor: The Dark World takes place partly on Earth it may follow a similar isolated story pattern while rumor has it Captain America: The Winter Soldier is the story that will bridge The Avengers 1 & 2. After that, Marvel ventures into unexplored territory with its “twisted” space-faring adventure in Guardians of the Galaxy which is not only a standalone story as well, but features an entirely new roster of heroes and villains, leading up to The Avengers 2 and then another new character’s origin story in Ant-Man.

With the Iron Man solo series on break for the forseeable future, the timing makes sense that with Phase Three of the MCU, Ant-Man steps into take over the first chapter duties.

Now to get Don Cheadle back as Rhodey. Should he (War Machine) get a part in The Avengers sequels?

More on this story (and Ant-Man) as it develops.


Iron Man 3 is currently in theaters, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016 and May 5 2017.

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  1. What “other” projects are as good or as profitable as the Ironman frachise?! This is what is wrong with Ironman 3. He is losing interest in playing his best role! Marvel should focus on great animated films! Forget the celebs and their needs.

    • Did he personally let you know he’s losing interest?

      • @Tay You can tell by his performance in Iron Man 3. He knows it was a terrible movie. This role doesn’t challenge him, he does it effortlessly, he isn’t challenging himself as an actor.

        • Iron Man 3 was a terrible movie?

          Tell that to the many billions of people who enjoyed it and stop being butthurt like a child just because you didn’t understand the plot twist.

          • ^^ There’s your answer Samantha

          • I understood the plot twist. The plot twist has nothing to do with the lack of continuity from the other films and the lazy story telling.

            Compared to the other films that TOLD Iron Man, this one seemed intent on just SELLING Iron Man.

            • Doesn’t indidicate his lack of wanting to play this character again.

            • i dont understand your constant “lack of continuity” song you keep singing? how was there no continuity? they mentioned, albeit briefly, the avengers, even killian referenced “a big guy falling from the sky with a hammer.” the end credit shows tony and bruce chatting it up, so please elaborate.

              • @ Jeffro

                Sure, but remember you asked…

                - In every single Marvel movie, right up until the Avengers… you either saw Clark Gregg, or Samuel L. Jackson in some capacity. It helped remind you that all of them are one big story.

                None of that in Iron Man 3. Something that was continuing… stopped.

                - In Iron Man 2, the only hope for Tony is to create a new element.


                … a new ….


                Y’know, something out of nothing. Only God and Howard Stark have figured that out.


                … the only solution to his chest was supposed to be becoming God, and then the next movie they take out the arc reactor like, yeah… whatever… f**k you!

                - Jarvis controlling 40 suits, and then Tony’s whole “I am Iron Man” thing.

                … I can go on if you wish Jeffro.

                • ^^ Sorry, that last one isn’t a continuity issue.

                  That one is more of a gaping hole in the narrative.

                • Actually that was the point. It was meant to be it’s own standalone thing. Coulson and Fury can’t show up, because they have there own things to deal with in the other movies. Maybe once phase 2 is done, you and all the other haters will understand. Everyone had problems with Iron Man 2 as well until the Avengers came out. Everything happens for a reason.

                  As for Tony removing the Arc Reactor, he did it because he want to live without relying on it. The people behind the movie have all said that they meant to do that and it is Joss Whedon’s problem to figure out what to do with it.

                  Also I think it was partly done to add closure to that part of Iron Man if RDJ decided not to return.

                • you can go on if you wish, but you have not really proven your point.
                  so, as i understand it, there is no continuity because nick fury or agt coulson don’t show up? that’s your argument? the fact that they showed, briefly, a couple of clips from The Avengers, and the kid asks about them, and the fact that tony is chatting with bruce during the post credit scene, show plenty…


                  continuity (see i can be condescending and arrogant too!)

                  in IM2, he didn’t create the new element from nothing. he shot a beam into a prism with a peice of metal in it. if anything, he performed some alchemy. is he supposed to do this in every film now so it shows some continuity?

                  “… the only solution to his chest was supposed to be becoming God, and then the next movie they take out the arc reactor like, yeah… whatever… f**k you!”

                  i don’t really understand you comment there. who is saying f you, and to whom is it being said? the arc reactor didnt do anything to him but keep the shrapnel from his heart. it didn’t increase his strength or anything, so having it removed (due to advances in tech, as explained, briefly, in the film) doesnt change who tony is. he can still wear the suit/s if he wants. don’t know if he will or not, we will have to wait and see

                  how does the fact that jarvis controlled the suits, briefly, fit in this debate? tony still had control as well

                  let me be clear. i am in no way trying to convince you that IM3 was good. you either liked it, or not. it’s quite obvious which side you are on, but you have failed to make any kind of valid argument, imo.
                  i await your retort.

            • agreed sorry but im3 just seemed lazy and the “twist” while funny ruined it for me, I really wanted the mandarin to be ben kingsley when it turned out it wasn’t him I lost interest

          • @Dazz Yes Iron Man 3 was a terrible movie. And if you enjoyed it, then…you have an interesting taste. Or you may be younger than the age of 12.

            • Insulting people who enjoyed the movie just because you didnt. Classy stuff Samantha.

              • I don’t see why we can’t all agree that yes the movie had its good moments, I think everyone got the chills when they saw the “House Party” show up, but on the other hand it only lasted a few minutes, which was a massive let down.

                The movie also had its horrid moments, such as the terrible job they did with the Mandarin. Yes it can be viewed as an interesting plot twist, but those who say that need to realize just how integral the Mandarin is to Tony Stark/Iron Man.

                Not doing another Iron Man movie is a good thing. Give RDJ time off from Iron Man and expand the beautiful universe that exists within Marvel. GOTG and all the phase 3 projects will show this, and people will realize that Iron Man doesn’t need to have a solo movie every couple years.

                • he is not integral to THIS version of Iron Man, THAT is the thing people dont seem to realize.

                  • You can put your pom pom’s down. This movie was forgettable just like the second one.

                    I compare the marvel movies to calm of duty games. Essentially the same thing every year with only minor changes playing it safe while bringing in the sheep who praise it. Im3′s strength was tgat it followed the avengers thats it.

                    • it’s forgettable, yet, here you are again talking about it. again.

          • @Dazz Also yea I’m a bit butthurt. When watching the Iron Man 3 trailer and seeing all the Iron Men come out to play and then get maybe 15 seconds of lame action? Yea big time butthurt for me. What a horrid third act. Did anyone actually believe Peppers died when she fell? Lol. RDJ cracking a joke 20 seconds after the love of his life dies? Lol.

            • Still doesn’t mean RDJ was uninterested. And as far as the Pepper thing, that was RDJ’s contribution.

            • The fact that they didnt show that much of the suit/s is what made me really like the movie. This movie really showed the human side of Stark, which i Loved. If the movie was all action it would be the same as the first 2 and Avengers. IM3 was the best of all the Marvel movies, IMO of coarse.

              • Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

            • lol. lol. And for my final point, lol.

          • Personally, I think anything that was wrong with IM3 can attributed to Shane Black. He’s not a CBM type director

            • And Favreau was?

              • Not at the time, but I think he has a better feel for CBM’s. It takes a diffrent, special kind of director to pull off a CBM.

          • If she doesn’t like it, she doesn’t like it. No need to throw an insult because of her obvious difference in opinion from yours. If anyone’s butt hurt it seems to be you for your response to Samantha’s initial post.

            • Thimmy – She just insulted him for liking it. Elitist fans who think their opinions are fact are the worst.

              • Well, I guess what comes around goes around.

          • @Dazz
            Tell that to the millions of people who DIDN’T like it

          • beacuse a movie makes a billion does NOT make it a good movie man smh i hated ironman was boring and whack…curiosity is why it made a billion…a case of quanity over quality so back off samantha

            • She insinuated that anyone who liked the movie was juvenile and had questionable taste in film. If anyone needs to back off, its her..making stupid sweeping statements like that

              • Really, I didn’t catch that in her initial post. She said she thought it was “terrible”.

          • Im3 was mediocre at best. You have to realize that.

            • actually, no i/we don’t.

              • You’re right sub par is more accurate.

              • it was not in anyway shape or form mediocre. but it was not great. still went and saw it though and enjoyed it. each to there own an all that

          • Billions of people saw iron man 3. that doesnt mean they enjoyed it. Dont confuse box office success with it being a good movie. Thats like saying twilight was good because it made a ton of money in the theater. And who wouldnt understand that plot twist ? I understood it when they did it in batman begins and it was extremely prdictable in IM3. Im not saying IM3 was a terrible movie. It was just a little tired and recycled.

        • And RDJ practically plays the same role in all of his movies.

          • False.

            You need to see Natural Born Killers.

            • And Tropic Thunder. And Sherlock Holmes for that matter. Also, sometimes a riff on his seemingly manic personality can be perfectly appropriate for the role (see Zodiac and A Scanner Darkly).

              • ^^^ Tropic Thunder. Good call. If not for a guy named Ledger I think Downey actually had a shot at the oscar for that one.

                • You mean if not for Ledger getting a postmortem sentiment induced Oscar nod? Face it, he wouldn’t have even been nominated if he hadn’t died.

                  • I don’t agree with you. I still think that he would have been nominated.

                  • ^^in your opinion.

                  • +10

              • Sherlock Holmes is typical RDJ with a British accent.

                • Albeit a quite convincing accent. Which can be a challenge when improvising on set as Robert Downey Jr. tends to do. The nationality of characters are often changed for that very reason due to many actors finding that too challenging of a concept.

          • Have you seen Chaplin?

        • A movie can be great for different reasons. Not everyone watches movies because they’re good, they can also just be entertaining. The plot twist in Iron Man 3 is brilliant. How often can the viewer really say they were surprised by a twist? Rarely. I was laughing my ass off, and I loved the movie. It didn’t make sense a few times, but who the F cares? It’s a superhero movie, for crying out loud. A guy with an iron suit, does that make sense? No, so stop whining.

          The fact that you don’t like what happens in the movie, doesn’t make it a bad movie. I personally think The Godfather sucks. Obviously, it isn’t a bad movie; I just think it is.

          Iron Man 3 is a very succesful movie. If anything, you should be glad it was made. This only means that Marvel’s formula is working and that we’ll be seeing a lot more movies in the future.

          Do you really think actors should only take roles if they are challenging? If that were the case, 99% of the roles played by actors wouldn’t have been done. Actors can also just enjoy working together, or enjoy playing a character. Also, Robert Downey Jr. isn’t losing any interest at all, he just thinks that his fellow actors should get paid more. Now that’s class. He was responsible for Gweneth Paltrow’s role in The Avengers. Initially, she wasn’t even in there.’

          I can continue talking for hours, but going to stop now.

          • “The plot twist in Iron Man 3 is brilliant.
            I can continue talking for hours, but going to stop now”
            yep best you do

            • The problem with the twist in Iron Man is that it didn’t really change anything storywise… Beside being shocking, going from fake Mandarin to Killian was just like swapping apples for oranges.

      • Disney owns marvel now….


  3. …and an awful lot of money will exchange hands. Not sarcasm and cynicism; RDJ is a very shrewd businessman. He’s got game and knows how to play his hand. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.

  4. Interesting that this announcement is on the heels of the Man of Steel release.

    Thank you Superman. Healthy competition will live on.

    • No doubt.

    • Very true :)

    • More interesting to me was Disney announcing a day or two before Man of Steel opened that they’d locked down Summer 2016/17 dates, as if to let WB know.

      • You gotta hand it to Disney:

        Nobody knows psychological manipulation quite like they do.

      • I think WB knew those dates ahead of the announcement.

    • My immediate thought too

    • Competition is good ideed.

    • +1

  5. This is great. Avengers 2 and 3, and recast him if they want to do an IM4 anytime soon. He’s done enough for Marvel, he can’t do this forever.

  6. Great pic! Kind of surprised in Avengers 3 and am curious about contract specifics…

    • Right?! :)

      As soon as I heard word, I knew what image I wanted from the series :)

      • Yeah. RDJ pretty much wins life. :)

      • Yeah. RDJ pretty much wins life. ☺

      • Yeah, RDJ pretty much wins life. ☺

    • This is the BEST news we could have hoped for! Im kind of over iron man, we really DO NOT need any more of those! Marvel has enough characters that they can introduce and eventually we will get an actor that can and will take over as the face of Marvel but for the foreseeable future it is RDJ, so 2015 and what maybe 2018 or so RDJ will be 53 by then or close to it! He did his part in making Marvel a household name and this is his retirement plan, He deserves to be in those movies and Marvel, im sure is rewarding him handsomely for his part in their success.

    • A safe assumption for the contract specifics
      is Downy obtained the roughly the same terms
      he had for The Avengers for each of the next two.

      RDJ would not accept less, especially in light of IM3
      box office results, and Marvel would likely not pay more.

      • Yeah, RDJ pretty much wins life. ☺

        • Not bad for a guy who was once losing life. And hopelessly too.

          • + infinite

            He made an incredible come back with Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. At least I think that was his come back film.

    • Yeah, RDJ pretty much wins life. ☺

  7. lol… was there any doubt in our minds? XD hahahaha. at least they have it set in stone and we are getting the real iron man playing iron man

  8. YES!!!
    Excellent news!!!

  9. I didn’t think there could be an Iron Man 4 after the third one pretty much closed the book on the character’s solo outings.

    As far as his most profitable role, I’d imagine Sherlock Holmes wants a word too because a third movie in that franchise will more than likely come up in the next 5 years.

  10. Despite there not being any negotiations for a fourth and fifth Iron Man movies, this announcement does make me believe that there will be additional films to the IM franchise eventually. They’ll just happen after Avengers 3, which is a long way in the future.

  11. :D *happy dance*

    • Awesome! I’ll join you!

      *doing the happy dance*

    • How do you do that with your legs? Creepy! :-)

  12. Iam fine with this, downey cant be iron man forever and the director who did iron man rise
    Of the technovore should get a crack at it. Shane black and drew pearce blew it with ridiculous
    debacle at end of film.

    • ?

  13. Thank God!!!!! He will be needed in order to keep Marvel relevant, RDJ is the Christian Bale of MCU. And yes Stark should be allowed to introduce Rhodey to his new buddies, unlike Avengers 1, its only right.

  14. I think after 3 Iron Man films and 3 Avengers films, I think Robert Downey Jr will have stayed long enough for people to know that HE IS IRON MAN.

  15. It’s interesting that he signs right after IM3 crosses the 1.2 billion plus mark to become the fifth highest grossing movie of all time.
    I think Disney/Marvel knows what they have in RDJ, a literal cash cow.

    • I love when people misuse “literally”

      • Never heard of a cow made out of cash before? aha

        • It’s a figure of speech.

          • I know, it’s just when you put ‘literal’ in front of it, it makes it a real cow. Very bad joke I made lol.

            • Lol…

              I gotcha……

              • Actually, Stark, since “cash cow” is already figurative, it is
                possible to have a literal cash cow. Your English was correct.

                • Eating my own words right now!

                  • It was still funny anyway.

                • hang on…

                  … so you can literally have something that is figurative?

                  • my mind is bended literally

                  • Yes. In the sense he used it he
                    meant a “guaranteed” cash cow.

                    Which would have been a better
                    adjective to use to make the point.

                    • But doesn’t literal mean actual or real?

                      Like I can literally have a bed made out of cucumbers?

                      I’m not guaranteeing that I have a bed made out of cucumbers?

                      Or wait, maybe I am… dammit…

                      … now I just bent my own mind.

                      Where’s Baroness? I need to stare at an ass for awhile…

                    • Thanks for making me laugh, Good Doctor :D
                      This is the English language. It’s rules tend to
                      surprise and confuse when we least suspect it.

                • @ Robert Palmer

                  Thanks for clarifying that for me. I thought it was correct.

                  • You’re welcome, Stark.

  16. HELLZ YEAH!!!

  17. good news. After Ironman 3 I lost interest in solo Ironman movies. Ironman 1 is still the best movie of him.

    Now more interested in new characters, starting with Ant-man and hopefully Black Panther too.

    Maybe one day we’ll see Hank and Wasp joining the team. Lets wait and see

  18. GREAT news!!!! To me all the Iron Man movies were good and the charisma that Downey brings to the role is irreplacable….sometimes I feel like he really is Iron Man. Personally, I would be fine if he was Iron Man until his late 60′s, I think it would be great to watch the character age on screen like that.

  19. Huh well kinda bummed i mean i LOVE RDJ as Iron Man but part of me wanted Whedon to live up to his I’ll kill characters Mwahahaha-ness he has going on and i kinda hoped Iron Man would have be killed by Thanos cause we know Thanos is one bad MFer. Bust still glad He’ll be back

    • He still could be….I don’t think Thanos will be in Avengers 2. Looks like he’ll be the main baddie in #3.

  20. He makes $50mil a movie. And to someone that believes RDJ is all about the art and NOT about the $’s should give their head a shake. Most actors of successful franchises (Shatner on Star Trek to name ONLY one) ‘pretend’ to lose interest, and talk about their contracts being up… THEY’RE HOLDING OUT FOR MORE MONEY! Who can blame RDJ. He makes more with one Avenger’s movie than he did the entire total of his first 25 years in movies.

    • Eh, I don’t know about that. As a rule Marvel are stingy compared to other studios. Downey got the biggest paycheck because he’s entitled to like 3% of his films’ net gross, but other studios also give that to A-list actors for tentpole flicks.

  21. Great! At least he can finish out the series. Having him recast in the middle of everything would really put a damper on Phases 2 & 3. That’s the issue with Batman and Justice League: Bale’s rendition is still fresh in everyone’s mind and recasting could be an issue.


  22. Yeah IM3 wasn’t great, but the character is still profitable and enjoyable. I probably won’t go to see an IM4 if they did one but him with the avengers is enough to get me a ticket.

  23. Glad to know that he signed on for avengers 2 and 3.

  24. Better make him worth the return.

    IM3, in all honesty, was poorly handled in my eyes. Not just because of the twist, and the twist itself would’ve been cool if Ben Kingsley was playing mind games with him. But he wasn’t. What we got was a fire breathing version of Jim Carrey’s Riddler, and that only worked in Schumacher’s Silver Age based film.

    Does the man make the suit or does the suit make the man? It’s the suit; they failed to show why Tony can be a hero without Iron Man, it always saved his ass like the random repulsor beam he shoots out of nowhere to hold off an Extremist soldier.

    RDJ wasn’t enough to distract me from the quality. So please, do yourselves a favor and sit down, take a time out, and think about what you’ve done. We all make mistakes

    • And Shane Black’s “mistake” still made more money than you’ll ever see in your life.

      • And? What are you trying to say here?

        - That people are sheep and will just show up and buy tickets for something popular regardless of the quality?
        - That as long as it makes money, it doesn’t have to be good?
        - Shane Black has money so other opinions hold no value?

        I actually enjoyed the film, but the “It made money!!!” defense is one of the laziest, least thought out comments ever. If that is all you have to work with, please go reform your strategy and come back later.

        You know what else makes money… Transformers. McDonalds. The Koch Brothers. McAfee. EA. Are they beyond criticism?

        I guess so, “because money.” according to your advanced thinking.

      • Money is a sad, sad thing to reference when the conversation is about substance.

        • *ahem*

          ^^ I take that back.

          Both money and substance can only exist if we allow them to.

      • In point of fact, you have no idea how much money
        Ultimate ACW: 007 Reloaded will ever make in his life.

        Plus you assume making more money than another person
        makes one a superior person and even compensates for
        mistakes made as if money disproves they were made.

      • An extremely efficient trailer and good marketing did that.

      • Made money?
        I’ll give you a couple of reasons why the film made money without being good.

        -Robert Downey Jr. is the poser boy. Each of these film’s with him are very attractive and entertaining to watch. He made the film fun. It was not the characters, the uneven plot, the action…it was him being himself.

        -The Marvel Brand and the success of the Avengers that made that brand. This film follows the successful Iron Man series but even bigger is last summer’s The Avengers which now made these lesser known characters famous or at least recognizable and popular.

        Shane Black and RDJ made the film funny. Ben Kingsley objectively was amazing. But nothing more. After the first act the film became a comedy, self-parody film. The drama was missing. The character was missing. The action is forgettable.

        The film was underwhelming. Not bad. Not good. A meh.

        • Iron Man 3 marketing made it feel like it was a sequel to The Avengers.
          Riding that wave explains the unexpected box office specially internationally.

  25. IM3 was crap. Not because of RDJ. The best thing they could ever do is have Ironman wake up on the next movie and say IM3 was a nightmare.

    • “Crap”…..Way to exaggerate….The people who comment on this site are prone to hyperbole. It wasn’t an earth shattering film but it thoroughly entertained most people.

      • Yeah, but Marvelite thought it was “crap”. I kinda agree that IM3 was a huge wasted oppurtunity. I left the cinema thinking it was pretty rubbish too.

  26. wow I never noticed how much Iron Man 3 was disliked until reading these comments. When I went to see the movie with my brother and cousin, we all thought it was a good movie. The packed crowd seemed to agree, they were laughing and really seemed to enjoy it, they even all clapped at the end.

    Did I miss something? Or is it something that only hardcore comic book fans would find bad. I’m just really confused as to why people don’t like it. I though it was a step up from Iron Man 2, and it had a lot of great humor in it. Plus some of the action scenes were really good. So if someone can explain to me what sucks in this movie then….maybe I can join the hate bandwagon!!!!!

    • I haven’t seen it but comic book fans are agreeing that they really messed up Mandarin in the film, apparently it was a slap in the face for fans. I’ve also been hearing some people were annoyed about jokes being sprung at the worst times. Again, I haven’t see it yet, just some things I’ve read on Screen Rant. I’ll probably get it on blu ray or something, was never really into Iron Man other than the first film, so I might enjoy this one despite the flaws it may have.

      • Man, fans have to stop feeling entitled, if that is what they are complaining about.

      • *some* comic book fans. I really enjoyed it. There are problems and plot holes, but it was fun overall. And I actually sort of love The Mandarin in the movie.

    • Majority of the general audience liked the movie. Its mostly comic book fans and movieheads in general who nitpick these films to death.

      iron Man 3 was loved no matter what people here say. A movie doesn’t make 1.2 billion without serious repeat business. And people don’t repeatedly see movies they don’t really like.

    • I don’t read Iron Man and extremely disliked it as an audience member

  27. Best news! I literally threw my hands up in the air to shout “YES!”

    The first three phases are definitely one story with many movies. They can re-cast for Phase 4 I suppose, most of the actors who have key roles will probably move on along with RDJ.

    Or they can just make completely new movies, with new heroes for Phase 4 :)

    Anyway, I’m happy RDJ is back for the two movies :D